hook x happiness


hush little baby, don’t say a word
and never mind that noise you heard
it’s just the beasts under your bed
in your closet, in your head

CSers: Ugh I’m so mad I can’t believe Killian didn’t get to tell her, why’d the writers have to do it?

Also CSers: THEY’RE ENGAGEDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There’s no storm we can’t outrun
We will always find the sun
Leave the past and all its scars
A happy beginning now is ours

If we’re facing endless night
Take my hand and join the fight
Past the clouds we’ll find the stars
A happy beginning now is ours


I’m still crying </3

BUT GUYS only tomorrow Killian and Emma will be forever husband and wife and happy and IS THIS LIFE REAL

I’m excited but shook, like:

That lift almost got us some Captain Swan action

I haven’t seen anyone make the connection that after Emma said I love you and had this amazing kiss that their next scene was racing home to do “some more enjoyable activities with a women (Emma) on their (her) back” … until they got interrupted 

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My reaction when I put it together!!! 

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You could stay… if you wanted to,” Aurora blurted out to Killian who was facing away from her.

And do what?” Killian sneered, “Reside in your kingdom and be known for eternity as the pirate who fell in love with the Queen? No thank you, sweetheart. I have treasure to find and riches to steal.”

You could rule alongside me, be my equal, love me as much as I love you….” Aurora inhaled deeply and announced, “and help me raise our baby.”

Wha-?” Killian rose his head and was shocked enough to not look Aurora in the eye just yet.

I’m pregnant, Killian. And it’s yours,” Aurora said with happy tears in her eyes. “Stay with me, please.”


You’re always looking for something to be wrong…
… look for the good moments in between the bad ones…


One touch and I was a believer
Every kiss it gets a little sweeter
It’s getting better
Keeps getting better all the time