hook x baelfire


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Dating Killian would involve…

  • Heated, passionate kisses
  • Him teaching you how to sail his ship
  • Becoming close friends with Emma- who’s glad to have another badass female around and thinks you’re pretty damn awesome
  • Being taught how to read the stars
  • Telling him you love the leather and guyliner
  • Rough, dominant sex
  • Hating Mr Gold for doing what he did to Hook
  • Calling him ‘Hook’ whenever you’re trying to seduce him ('Oh, come on…Hook…’)
  • Becoming close friends with Baelfire (Nick)- who you originally met in Neverland while on the Jolly Roger and grew close to. He’s always looked up to you and when he meets you again in Storybrooke, the two of you hug tightly
  • Dates on his ship, alone, with a picnic
Anything You Can Do - Part 1

Idea provided by @avengersrulez1536Hey again I have had another idea so the reader is Hook’s daughter and she’s ends up on neverland with Baelfire and they have a brother/sister bond. She fights against pan and pan enjoys the challenge and he always win but she had caught him off guard when Baelfire escapes… then years later when Henry is there she takes Henry right from pan under his nose and pan takes Henry back. She meets her father and the charmings, Emma, Rumplestilskin, older baelfire (neal)and Regina and tries to help them to save Henry but Pan has other plans for her..

Note: This was quite a detailed idea and as you can see from how long this started to get I am going to have to do it in two parts. The second part will be up at the weekend :) Hope this is looking good so far!

Peter Pan x Hook’sDaughter!Reader

Words: 2,248

Warnings: Intimidating behaviour, threats, mild sexual advances (used as a distraction so nothing too detailed)

Disclaimer: None of the GIF’s used are mine so all credit goes to their creators <3

“Bae hide!”

In a hushed demand you placed a hand onto the young boy’s chest before pushing him behind some of the foliage that surrounded this part of the island. He may not have spoken out to make his presence known yet but you had been here long enough to know exactly when Pan was about to make an appearance….he never did leave you alone for that long. If you didn’t know any better you could have sworn he had some crush on you the way he followed you around like a lost little puppy.

“You stay there until I say otherwise okay?”

Your whole time on Neverland had consisted of some cat and dog chase with ‘The King’ as he liked to call it. He got one over on you once and apparently that meant it was now a daily requirement to continue doing so.

He was getting closer, you could feel it, it was like his smugness was at such a level that it radiated around the entire island. For the love of pixie dust if you could just outwit him….just once, you would be the happiest person on this island. You had dreamt of seeing that look on his face as he realised that you had bested him.

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So Jennifer Morrison is leaving Once Upon A Time after this season. If the show does get renewed for a 7th season how do you think her exit should be portrayed?

I think they should kill her and to help resolve her death for Henry, guess who pops up from heaven? Neal/Baelfire (the one I thought was her true true love).
He should help her, guide her and as her time on earth comes to an end they both look upon their son (Henry) and walk towards the light.
Henry with his author powers starts to write about his mother finding her one true love again (Neal in the after life) and how much they both love and are proud of their son.
Then an image pops up on the page of Emma with Neal (in front of a light), smiling and then end it.

He can tear the image page, put it in a frame and use it as a picture of both of his parents cause I don’t think he has one.

Anyway, for me, the show declined in interest when:

1) They killed Peter Pan (greatest villain the show had).

2) They killed Neal/Baelfire.

3) Emma went to the underworld to get Hook (like really? Just let sleeping dogs lie).

4) When they brought Hook back to life but not, Robin Hood or Neal (basically anyone else who deserves it better).

5) Regina tried to kill the Evil Queen (like for real? That was so ridiculous).

6) What happened to the only person who could help Emma properly? August/Pinocchio. Like they just left him.

It’s a good show but they need a great villain and better links between the characters to get back to what it was.