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One of my headcanons is that Killian will find out what happened with Neal and Emma eleven years ago first (Emma will open up to him), and I cannot wait to see his face when he realizes that Milah's sweet little boy, the lost boy he met in Neverland, the one he helped, was capable of leaving his blonde savior pregnant and in jail.

I can picture Neal saying, “you would have done the same.”

Hook punches him in the face, and then he glares at him, “actually, no.”

Hook's Compliments to Emma Vs Neal's Compliments to Emma


Hook loves to compliment Emma or maybe it just slips out naturally. Here is a list of all compliments he has given her, some of these he told her directly and others I merely inferred from his dialogue.  

Hook calls Emma:

  • Kind 
  • Resourceful
  • Lovely
  • Good
  • Challenging
  • Tough
  • Would make a hell of a pirate
  • Perceptive
  • Right
  • Brilliant
  • Amazing
  • Has good form 
  • Beautiful
  • Looks good
  • Passionate
  • Patient
  • Doesn’t fail
  • Captains quite the vessel


With all those compliments, you would think that Neal should have a some for Emma as well. Well, not many, not even when they were together.

Neal calls Emma:

  • Impressive
  • Has a good name
  • Doesn’t stop until she finds what she is looking for
  • Right

He doesn’t exactly sing her praises. I wondered if there could be a reason for the lack of compliments, so I did another analysis here.

Think I missed something? Feel free to check out their dialogue to Emma here and here

"I didn't know you were magical."

This just upset me so fucking much… beware, rant ahead…

“I didn’t know you were magical.” Is that disdain I hear mixed up with a little ‘oh-nobody-cares-about-me-but-I’m-cool-with-it’, Neal?! Is that a pout I’m seeing? Are you upset? Are you not okay with it? Are you jealous that Emma has magic and you, being the son of the Dark One, don’t? Does it bother you that you left her and now you’re actually thinking about the consequences of that action? Is that why you pulled the Tamara line on her, just to test if she felt jealous too, so you could sleep better at night?!


Now I’m so glad Daddy!Charming hasn’t punched him in the face, you know why?! Because here he comes in the woe-is-me 'tude, and he’s like ’Emma, look at me’, ’we have some alone time, let’s pick on her, demeaning her magical abilities’, and to punch him in the face (or in the groin) would give importance to someone who is NOT. That’s it…

Emma has gotten over you, kid, face it. You’re still that same douche from ten years ago. And the fact that you’re clearly not okay with her magical abilities just shows how dimwitted you are when it comes to her. You really DON’T deserve her because you fail to see how great and beautiful she was without magic (eleven years ago) and how epic, and timeless, and awesome, and full of hope she is with magic (from this point on).

Seriously, GTFO, stop taunting her, stop rattling the lion’s cage, it’s not gonna give you the satisfaction to pay attention to you in the LEAST bit. She’s not obsessed with you, she’s unfazed by you, she’s OVER you. If you want attention, you know who to look for (Papa).

Besides, if you wanted her to at least be civil towards you, you shouldn’t have left her uncovered in front of the witches’ attack… you dick. Still a coward. Sorry but the (failed attempt at protecting her) fact that you stood between her and Cora wasn’t even given a chance to be turned into a damsel-rescue feat. She’s not yours to save.

I’m so done with you in the most annoying of ways…


*gifs not mine, the Neal gif belongs to the brilliant Kat!

anonymous asked:

Charming wants to protect his daughter "everything okay?" AND he jumped in front of a fucking fireball to protect her -- while you see Neal running away from the fireball, and not even attempting to see if Emma was even hurt from the Double Trouble team throwing her to the ground.... one is a protector and fighter, the other is a runner. And clearly, while we saw the pirate statue in her nursery, Killian will be a protector coming soon ;)

Awww!!! I know! It’s super-duper sweet! I get Daddy!Charming feels, he’s so dashing and fearless and I love that he wants to protect Emma but at the same time he knows she can handle herself and is a strong, confident woman, but he just makes her feel loved and safe and covered! T_T <3

And yeah, these two men (Killian + Charming) are so fucking different from her ex… I would have died if Killian had teamed up with Charming in this episode, just hope he heals okay! :D