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can u say a gay headcanon that's been in your head for awhile? a gay heather headcanon

i dont exactly kno wht u meant so i’ll give u one gay headcanon for each character in this au

jc: sometimes he hooks up w guys he rly likes but has to just make it a one time thing bc it might ruin his rep depending on who he dates

kurt d: gay for jc

ram mcn: gay for jc

martha s: used to have a bit of a crush on heather sweeney

heather k: shares shirts nd pants w heather sweeney

heather s: one time she looked at martha sawyer and gasped bc she was so pretty

high def: actually gay for martha sawyer

went 2 see senses fail w avery and it was really cool!! buddy threw his sweat rag into the crowd n i caught it one handed to give to avery >:) also that one guy w the mustache i hooked up w last week was there and he hung out w me the whole night and it was real Nice™

I suddenly realized it. The way to get over you isn’t by hooking up with some random guy or pretending like we didn’t happen. You and I loved each other. And then you broke my heart. I’ve been doing everything possible not to face that fact… I’m gonna kiss somebody someday. And when I do, it’ll be for me.
—  Blair Waldorf

For real though Sam needs to be dating this guy (12x11)

Can we talk about how in every scene in Camelot, starting from the moment they found her with Merida’s heart, Killian was the one taking care of Emma. 

Killian talked her down from crushing Merida’s heart.
Killian made sure she could make her own choices. 
Killian wrapped his arms around her in that clearing and made her feel safe.
Killian held her hand on the way to Granny’s, on the way to Camelot, to assure her she wasn’t alone. 
Killian wanted to screw the medieval ball and get on with vanquishing the darkness. 
Killian however, danced with her anyway and made her feel beautiful. 
Killian stopped her from using dark magic because he didn’t want her to pay the price.
Killian was the one speaking up for her when she was saving Robin, saying that it was too much stress for her.
Killian was the one who stayed up at night with her.
Killian was the one who held her in his arms when he could tell she was hurting.
Killian sat by her side and held her hands when she felt weak.
Killian went with her and Henry to the safe haven, never letting go of her on the journey there.
Killian talked her through dealing with the demons in her head.
Killian made sure never to baby her.
Killian made sure she knew he would always fight for their love and their future.
Killian got her heart racing fast enough to get rid of Rumple.
Killian made sure that when Merlin was found, the sorcerer knew their goal was to get the darkness out of Emma.
Killian spoke up for her, explained to Merlin and her family how she couldn’t sleep, how they needed to work harder.
Killian put a smile on her face (the largest smile) even in the midst of so much turmoil.
Killian stayed with her, always, and when he couldn’t, he gave her his brother’s ring, to give her something to cling to, to make her feel safe and loved, to make her feel connected to him even when he wasn’t next to her.
Killian found time in Camelot to work with Henry to get ready for their future together, so that when they returned home, he could be with his Swan and love her in a real home, her own home, something she’s never known.
Killian talked her through her fears about the future, made sure she knew he was all in, made sure she knew that all she had to do was trust him and everything would be ok.
Killian escaped from his bindings, and made sure to get Excalibur because he knew how important obtaining it was to helping Emma.
Killian held her in his arms once again, smiling into her hair, made her feel so, so loved in that moment.
Killian smiled encouragingly before Emma tried to forge the blades, as he always does, because there’s never been a moment in their entire relationship where he lacked faith in her.
Killian made sure that every minute in Camelot before his death, Emma knew that she was surrounded by love and support. 
And perhaps most importantly of all, Killian was willing to sacrifice himself, to die so that the blades could be forged and that Emma could be freed from the darkness, because that was his goal all along…to free the light in his life from the dark that afflicted her. He never, ever for a minute, stopped taking care of Emma Swan.

Now….I dare you to wonder why Emma can’t bear to lose this man. 

Sangwoo and the guy from the gay bar

I still keep thinking about why Sangwoo picked up that guy from the gay bar. It can’t be simple blood lust that has driven him.

I’ve seen people say that he did it to check his sexuality and maybe prove himself that he’s not really attracted to men (like a bisexual in denial). That’s why first he went out to flirt with girls and have sex with one of them eventually. He was still able to get it up. Then he visited the gay bar and hooked up with that married guy, but didn’t seem much interested. His faked his smile and his eyes looked pretty dead to me when they were kissing. But maybe that’s just because Sangwoo picked a middle aged man. I wonder if Sangwoo decided to take him home just after the guy tried to force him into oral sex or if he has planned it from the beginning. (I mean, if he just wanted to check whether he’s attracted to men wouldn’t he have chosen a guy his age that is more attractive? Or even a guy similar to Bum, just in case that he has a type?) So what if Sangwoo also wanted to teach Bum a lesson? Because physical punishment doesn’t seem to be enough. What if he wanted to tell Bum that he is replacable? Sangwoo could simply go out and pick up another guy to fool around with. That’s why he picked a particular man at the bar. One that is cheating on his wife. One that is quite old and lusting after much younger guys. (Even though he said that he never had a guy as young as Sangwoo. But this could be pretty much a lie because he doesn’t want to come across as someone who’s frequently hooking up with young men. That might make Sangwoo wary.) So Sangwoo would have a good excuse to justify killing him. He was a nasty old man after all, right? I mean it didn’t really work out in the end because Bum still thought he’s special to Sangwoo (jokes on you). But Sangwoo never really planned to kill Bum anyway, he just tried to scare him and fuck with his mind. Maybe that’s the reason why he picked that particular guy at the bar.

Why are you settling with him? He isn’t good for you. He’s just using you.”

I sighed. “Who says I’m settling? It isn’t because I’m still seeing him means I’m settling. You think I’m the one in love in this situation? You think that just because a girl is hooking up with a guy means she’s settling? Can it be the other way around? I definitely don’t want to hear any wedding bells with him, if that’s what you mean. He’s not the type. So relax. Stop your stigma. I’m just having my cake, and eating it too.
—  cynthia go // Friends with benefits // excerpt from a book i’ll never write #27
When Will finally comes out of the closet.

Mike: Okay, so… you’re gay.
Will: Yes.
Mike: As in you like guys.
Will: Yes.
Mike: As in you wanna hook up with guys.
Will: Yes.
Mike: Ever fantasize about hooking up with me? ;))))))))
Mike: So have y-
Will: Oh yeah all the time you’re gorgeous babe

Dance, Dance, Hug

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Peter Parker x Reader

Anono requested: Hello!!! could you do a Peter Parker imagine where the reader’s sister is getting married and she needs a date so she asks Peter because they’re close friends but while they’re there they dance and hold hands and it’s just super fluffy and cute? Thank you

“Peter please!” You begged, near getting on your knees and pulling out the puppy eyes. Peter watched you in amusement as you pleaded for him to be your date. “It’s just for a few hours. I need a date or else my sister will try and hook me up with some guy that I most likely do not want to know.” His ears perked up at the part of you being ‘hooked up’ with someone. Peter did not want that.

“Fine, Y/N; but you owe me.” He replied causing you to squeal and hug him tightly, muttering thank yous over and over into his sweater. “When’s the wedding?” Peter queried. You looked up at him and smiled sheepishly.


“Hurry up Peter, we’re going to be late!” You yelled from outside his door. Not even a second later he opened his door, jaw dropping at the sight of you and yours at the sight of him. He wore a simple suit that complimented his eyes with a red and blue striped tie. You on the other hand wore a red skater dress, the one your sister picked out for you. “Wow.” You whispered in awe.

“Y-You look a-amazing, Y/N.” Your best friend stuttered out, cheeks flushing red and throat clearing awkwardly. “S-So, you ready to g-go?” You nodded and grabbed a hold of his hand so the both of you could go jump into the cab waiting for you outside. Of course your sister forgot to get you a ride, so you had to hail a taxi moments before you ran in to get Peter. The both of you hopped in and the driver sped off, already going to the reception hall.

“So where you guys headed so fancied up?” He asked in a cheerful voice, glancing back at the two of you squished in the backseat. You smiled timidly at him, playing with a loose string on the skirt of your dress.

“My sister’s wedding; she’s getting married to the man of her dreams right now.” A dreamy sigh escaped your lips as you pictured the beautiful traditional wedding that they were having. The driver nodded and turned on his blinker.

“Who is she getting married to?” He queried once again, prying slightly but not enough to make you uncomfortable. A sly grin made its way onto your lips as you knew him and Pete would be shocked by who it was.

“Steve Rogers.” You were correct; their eyes widened and the driver nearly sped past a red light. Peter turned towards you with his mouth open. “Yup, she’s getting married to the star spangled man himself.” The driver let out a low whistle before settling into silence. Pete leaned closer to you and muttered into your ear.

“Why didn’t you tell me she was getting married to Captain America before we left?” He stated with a lilt at the end of his sentence. You shrugged and settled down into the seat, leaning your head against Peter’s shoulder.

“I thought it would be a cool surprise.” You voiced simply, soon after watching the scenery go by through the window. Peter secretly took out his phone and texted all the Avengers, telling them not to act surprised or like they know him when he arrives.

“Here we are kids,” the man in the front seat stopped the car and turned around with a grin, “have fun!” You thanked him and jumped out, pulling Peter behind you and into the chapel. You both walked in and sat down in the front next to the Avengers who discreetly stared at your best friend. The wedding march soon started and a flower boy walked down the aisle, throwing flower petals into the air and watching them float down. He giggled and walked by you, surprising you with a hug before going to sit down.

Next the bridesmaids came out, all dressed in fluttering pink and blue dresses with bouquets of white lillies in their hands. You awwed softly as a little girl jumped up and wrapped her arms around a bridesmaid’s leg. She chuckled and picked her up, letting her hold the bouquet. As they sat down your sister came down the aisle with her arm around your father’s, eyes only for Steve and his blue ones only on her. 

Peter could tell you were near tears as you clutched onto his arm. He sighed and rolled his eyes but smiled gently, wrapping his free arm around your shoulders. Your sister stood next to Steve, eyes glowering with love and white dress glittering in the lights. The priest recited words that you did not pay attention to as all your attention was on your beautiful sister. ‘I dos’ were soon exchanged and the two loves kissed happily before your sister threw the bouquet in the air. Women clawed in the air for the bouquet and soon your sister’s best friend caught it.

Peter payed no mind to the tradition as he was looking on at you and your wondrous eyes, taking everything in around you. Hopefully in the future the two of you woud be standing at that alter and exchanging ‘I dos.’

You piled your plate full of food at the reception, Peter watching you with amusement. The first dance already happened and now they were playing crappy pop music that caused you to scrunch your nose and mutter at every single one.

“Hey, I’ll be right back.” Peter yelled over the music, receiving a nod from you as you continued to scan over the food like a hawk. He begrudgingly walked over to Natasha who was making a ‘come hither’ movement with her finger. She had a small smile on her face which meant that Peter wasn’t in trouble.

“I didn’t know you knew Y/N.” She mused, unaware of the listening ears from the Avengers. Peter shrugged and glanced behind him at you who was guarding food. 

“We’ve been friends forever,” He explained, “she didn’t want to be seen without a date or else Y/S/N would hook her up with somebody.” Peter tightened his tie nervously, looking back every once in a while to make sure you didn’t see him talking to Natasha.

“You like her.” She stated when he peeked back at you. Peter snapped his head over to her and started stuttering out denies. “You do!” Natasha laughed, clutching a glass of wine in her hand. “Go dance with her, I can manipulate the DJ to play a good slow song.” Before Peter could even fight back she was gone and you took his place.

“You try some of the food yet?” You questioned, setting down your plate and cup on a table. He shook his head, causing you to shove a brownie in his mouth. Peter started choking slightly. You laughed and patted his back, unaware of eyes on the both of you. “Great, isn’t it?” Peter gave you a thumbs up before clearing his throat.

“Damn, that kid is clueless.” Sam Wilson chuckled to Bucky who nodded in agreement, watching the two teens laugh and talk.

“He’s an idiot.” Bucky muttered. Sam raised his hand for a high five and Bucky did the same. “We need to do something.” However before they could Nat came back with a smug smirk on her lips and a DJ in the back flustered.

“I already did boys.” She purred, sitting down by them as the song ended and a slow one turned on. The DJ turned towards the microphone and smiled.

“Alright ladies and gents, buckle up and slow dance your pants off to Impossible Year by Panic! At The Disco!” The part of the crowd that knew the sound cheered and jumped onto the dance floor.

“Peter we have to dance! It’s my favorite song.” You cheered, pulling him onto the floor. He glanced back at Natasha with wide eyes. She gave him a thumbs up and mouthed that he could do it. So he tried; he put his arms around your waist as yours wound around his neck and the two of you danced, forgetting about the world around you and about your sister who was taking photos of the two of you whilst Steve laughed at her.

“Thanks for inviting me to come Y/N, it was actually pretty fun.” Peter mumbled as the song ended and you both walked off the dance floor, hand in hand. You giggled as the two of you stopped next to a gazebo covered in fairy lights that looked like stars against the dark, cloudy sky.

“I couldn’t have survived it without you.” You stated, giving him a kiss on the cheek. “Thanks Pete, I couldn’t ask for someone better.” The both of you turned to silence after that, the only thing on your minds was what the other’s lips tasted like. With you being the bold one, you grabbed his tie and pulled his lips towards yours.

The fairy lights twinkled above the both of you, your sister’s cheering turning into background noise as the two of you expressed your love. Natasha shrugged and raised her glass into the air, prompting Bucky and Sam to do the same.

“To our awkward little spider getting the girl.” She voiced.

“To our awkward little spider who is an idiot and couldn’t kiss her first, but still got the girl anyways.”