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Imagine life under a new Curse in season 7…

Regina and Killian are a bickering married couple. They remember being in love, but now are constantly at each other’s throats.

Regina is cheating on Killian with Maleficent.

Although he suspects his wife is unfaithful, Killian sticks around and tries to make their marriage work. He feels the echo of a true and epic love deep inside his heart, and not knowing any better, believes these feelings to have been for Regina once upon a time…

At the bar where Killian works, he develops a friendship with a regular patron named Adam (Rumplestiltskin). Both men have known love and loss and abandonment in their lives and bond over their similar pasts.

GIVE ME dysfunctional Hooked Queen with all the sass

GIVE ME Dragon Queen that parallels Mary Margaret & David season 1

GIVE ME a Captain Crocodile bromance

GIMME GIMME GIMME Captain Swan just under the surface, the subtext of every moment of Killian’s life

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honestly i'll never understand jennifer morrison, she went out of her way to make emma more feminine and then she leaves ouat and suddenly she's dressed like a true gay heavy on denim pants and jacket and wearing a cap (I love the look btw)

ehh… i wouldn’t invest more of my time trying to decipher that person. she looks so happy now that she kicked ouat to the curb, many theories could come out from her behavior prior and post S6 ouat. I used to think she was so pissed after the fuckery that was the dark swan, she decided she’d had enough and so she pushed for C$ and this version of emma that fits hook the most, so she could free herself from the show and leave it to dumb and dumber to deal with the aftermath of their bullshit. But the other version is she did fall in love with c$ and believes this is what emma truly was under the surface all this time, and so she felt it was best to finish her story there before they would pick back on the hints that she was a closeted bi/gay and actually deal with the subtext, so… 

Past the clouds we found the stars

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It’s just that I miss them so much already.


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A happy beginning means that you’re ready to begin something. It means you’re ready to smile, ready to welcome life with open arms with pros and cons. No matter what she will put on your way, you’ll be there. You won’t give up.

Emma wished for a happy ending for so long, during her life. For the most of it, actually, she was alone. Then Henry found her, but she didn’t believe at first.
But even than, even after the all magic curse thing, she still didn’t believe she would have found what she needed. She knew even Neal wasn’t her happy ending, her own fairy-tale, outside the book.

Then Hook came to be in her life. He showed up on her way, grin on his face and a shiny silver hook. A pirate.
If someone told her she would fell in love and marry such a character she would have probably laugh to death, like it was the most ridiculous story to tell. But it’s until you believe, that something is actually possible. And Emma started to believe. Started to smile. Slowly, step by step, she tried, she failed, she never gave up, and, at the end, she won. She won something far more valuable than an happy ending. She earned her happy beginning. She earned a promise, a big smile to encourage her and Killian to always see the best in the worst.
They were husband and wife, now, she found her true love and she was finally feeling at home.

Captain Swan Vows
  • Hook: When we met it was just one thing that mattered to me: getting my revenge. And you did something that no one else ever could: you showed me that a heart full of love is the most precious treasure of all. And one that I don't intend to lose. They say that a captain's heart belongs to his ship. And with this ring, it now belongs to you.
  • Emma: Killian. I spent so much of my life on my own. And then Henry found me and brought me to Storybrooke and helped me find the rest of my family. But just because you learn that you come from true love doesn’t mean you believe that you will ever find it. But thanks to you, now I have.

There’s no storm we can’t outrun
We will always find the sun
Leave the past and all its scars
A happy beginning now is ours