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Fic Rec i

Queenie_Mab aka mab-speaks

  • Upgrading the System: Percy 2.0 -E- Percy/Nico/Will goodness. Nico and Will slowly come to realize that Percy is the thing missing from their lives.
  • Nico Meets Rocky Horror (whether he wants to or not) -T- Rocky Horror and Nico di Angelo, what else is there to love?
  • Tightass Jeans -E- Will tries on a pair of Nico’s ridiculously tight jeans and it affects Nico more than originally planned.
  • Twice Baked Bros -E- The children of the Big Three are out of control and it’s up to Will and marijuana to fix that. However…the weed has some interesting side effects.
  • On the Rocks -T- Whiskey is basically the reason Solangelo becomes a thing.
  • Inheritance -E- Unfinished - Monster activity is declining and Olympus is even more test-y than usual. Solangelo but some other favorite pairings as well.
  • Shelterverse -E- A three-part series. Quest-fic. My favorite Solangelo fic by Queenie_mab and the one that really got me hooked on Solangelo fanfic. Will, Nico and Lou Ellen go on a quest for Apollo. I’ll link to the entire series on Ao3, if you love Solangelo at all, read this fic.


BetweenLines55 fics (aka mod Sarah here at fanfic-the-eighth-wonder)