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People are already jumping to to many conclusions. We literally know nothing and they can do anything. Bellamy doesn't have to get with anybody, we have no idea what they've been doing up there to survive. And they showed Clarke talking to bell for 2000 days with no answer but how do we know he hasn't been able to hear her even just once-but not able to respond. Everything is possible and some have already decided what is fact when it's not. Could be the delinquents on the mining ship too

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Par for the course. The 100 fandom loves to leap to conclusions based on vague whispers and a second of screen teaser.

The whole shipper mentality is just not me. Not just hooking people up with any other people they ever see, but also thinking of hooking up as either automatic endgame or disaster for their ship. All people seem to want to focus on is how it all ships out and who is boning whom.

We should be looking at SPACESHIPS not romantic ships. 

And I really don’t understand why people think they know what is going to happen based off of one tease, when most of us have trouble figuring out what is going to happen after a whole season of development. 

I like to think back to that promo shot of Octavia coming out of the shroud and how people were sure it was O coming to betray Bellamy or make him think she was dead or whatever and it was really her working together with all of them to enact their plan.


-American Horror Story

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M O R E   H E R E

fic: if we were the last, 1/2

Hardy/Miller; set about four months after the s3 finale.


Hardy leant back in his chair and rubbed at his eyes under his glasses. It had been a long day, mostly spent reviewing CCTV footage to do with their latest case, and it had led them exactly nowhere. Waste of time.

Miller had disappeared some time ago; where to, he wasn’t sure, but her coat was still hanging on the back of her chair so she couldn’t have gone far.

He stood up and stretched, then made his way to the kettle, filling it enough for two mugs.

“What are you doing?” Miller asked.

Hardy reached for the teabags and, without turning around, replied, “What’s it look like I’m doing?”

“Well, I don’t want one - I’m off for the night. Aren’t you coming?”

“Coming where?” he asked, baffled, as he turned and leant against the counter. His eyes widened as he took in her change of clothes. “What are you dressed like that for?”

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  • Friends: why do you never go through with hook ups and relationships
  • Me, internally: I'm so fucking terrified of how people perceive me and my body that I could never let anyone actually see me without makeup and clothes on because it will fall short of their expectations and they'll leave me and tell everyone the truth that I'm just pathetic.
  • Me: lol I guess I'm just not that interested in dating/having sex rn
Maybe Bars Aren’t So Bad

Summary: reader goes to a bar to get away from the fighting at her sister’s place and who might she meet there but Jensen Ackles. this is an AU where no one is famous and Jensen isn’t in any kind of relationship with the amazing Daneel.

Warnings: Smut, drinking, fighting(not Jensen),

Word count: ~1800

A/N: feedback would be greatly appreciated! I’m still iffy on my smut writing skills and its my first Jensen fic so i hope yall like it!

It was supposed to be a fun vacation to see my sister and her kids in Austin, but her ex-husband- or soon to be ex- showed up and the fighting started. We were all settled on the couch watching a movie that my nine-year-old niece wanted to watch, some Disney movie I think, when we heard a pounding on the front door of my sister’s apartment. She got up to open the door to show a very drunk ex-husband named Dylan. 

“Go away, Dylan. You’re drunk…as usual” she tried to close the door in his face. 

“No, please! don't shut me out! We can fix this!” When he started shouting I shooed the kids into my room, I knew it might get ugly and children shouldn’t have to hear their parents fighting. Once they were in there i closed the door and went back out to tell him to leave.

“Dylan. you need to choose a different time to do this. A time when your kids can’t hear you, that goes for both of you. But I’m not going to make y'all do anything. I’m going to put the movie on in my room and make it loud so that the kids can’t hear you guys. And then I’m going to go find a bar for a few hours. Get your shit together, guys. be adults.” I scolded.

“Oh, fuck off! You’re always trying to get in the middle! You can’t fix everything for her all the time! Just because you have no one doesn’t mean you need to make everyone else as miserable as you!” Dylan shouted at me. With that, I flipped him off and walked out the door, leaving them to shout at each other. 

I walked to the nearest bar and ordered a beer, I wanted to be there for a while and I wasn't looking to get shitfaced right away, I hated bars but it was better than being where the fighting was happening. 

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Now that you read The Princess Diarist what do you make of Carrison ? Do you believe he just used her like some say or that he at least cared about her just not nearly as much as her or enough to take this further than co-stars hooking up turned friends still hooking up ? People to me are being too extreme about Harrison, either he didn't give a shit or she was the love of his life, how about neither.

My view of them changed a lot after /properly/ reading the book. IMO she used him as much as he used her. At the time they were strangers and didn’t know each other well – she wanted to have an affair and he obviously was looking for someone to blow off some steam. I do think he had his eyes on her early on, enough to notice how she spoke of men and think that she was much more experienced than she actually was. That was the main difference between them. Harrison was, by all means, her first adult relationship. She wouldn’t have forgotten him, I don’t think, because this sort of thing stays with you. Do I think he was the love of her life? No. Just as she was not the love of his life. They had a thing and I think Carrie looked back on it fondly, but even in her diaries, it was more like… she had this thing she was doing, and he was married, and she obsessed more over the situation than over him. She was 19 and she said he was boring, and that he didn’t care for her and that she frankly didn’t care for him. Mutual attraction that ended in mutual respect. I understand some people think they shared this great love and were still in love but… love affairs don’t have to be about love or about lasting forever to be good. It’s still a good love story.

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okay 16yo Harry cheating the missus

Anonymous said: xfactor!Harry they fight or something like that and they aren’t sure about their relationship and what’s going to happen :( please do Harry cry a little

Okay, this literally breaks my heart. 

Before he went on The X Factor, the both of them would be so close and incredibly intimate with one another and he would be completely infatuated with her. Wanting to come home every night and cuddle her after every rehearsal, kissing her to sleep when she came to visit, staying on the phone for hours and hours and eventually falling asleep on the line to one another when they were split by distance, sharing photos on social media and talking constantly to one another. 

But, after the show finishes and he’s pushed into the spotlight, the time he has for her slowly and surely decreases, upsetting her so much more than him, but still breaking his heart. Because all he wants to do is go home to Chapel for a cuddle and a kiss and to curl up in bed with his loved one. Just the two of them. No work. No demands. Just them and their bed and a couple of kisses and cuddles being shared.

When she sees the story, accompanied by a grainy but still seeable picture, of Harry and another woman, she breaks down. She cries into the arms of her mother, crying heavily with thick tears dribbling down her cheeks. Disbelief coursing through her because she can’t believe he’d done that. And, little does she know that he’s doing the same. Crying into the arms of Liam as he screams and yells about how much of an idiot he was and how he regretted what he did. Insisting that he needed to go home to Manchester to talk to her.

She sees him run up the pathway, knocking on the door with a tight fist, calling her name and filling the silence with bangs and thuds on the oak.

“Let me in! You have to let me!” He’d cry, falling onto the step and pushing the heels of his hands into his eyes. Elbows on his bent knees as he let the wind pick up and cool down his wet cheeks. Skin hot and bothered. She’d step out, sniffling, and perch down beside him, a little distant between. “I’m an id-”

“Don’t,” she’d mumble, “you promised me. You promised me, Harry! You have me to kiss. To cuddle. To have sex with! You can’t just go and hook up with people and expect me to be okay with that!” She’d sob, catching his attention, “I didn’t think you could stoop so low, Harry. You’ve shocked me. You really have. You’ve changed into this famous guy who thinks he can do anything.”

“I haven’t changed. M’still your boyfriend,” he’d whimper, “didn’t have sex with her. Christ, I wouldn’t do that. It was a mistake. I promise. It doesn’t make up for anything but it was. I don’t know what I was doing. She was there and I was missing you,” he’d whisper, “I feel a big enough idiot as it is.”

“I can’t even bear to be around you right now,” she’d whisper, “I can’t look at you without feeling sick.”

“Don’t say that,” he’d cry, looking to her as she stared at the pavement of the front garden pathway, shuffling her trainer-clad feet on the stones, “I’m sorry. I came all the way here to apologise to you because you deserve a face-to-face apology. S’better than doing it over the phone.”

“Oh, because this makes everything so much better!”

“No. Nothing will make this better,” he grunt as she stood up and went to walk back inside the house, a frown on his face as he looked over his shoulder, “don’t walk away from me! We need to talk about this.”

“I’m done, Harry,” she’d cry, pushing her front door open, “I’m done.”

“Then I’ll stay here until you’re ready to talk,” he’d gulp, “I’m not leaving until we talk. I don’t care how long it takes.”

“No,” she’d sigh, tugging on her hair and scrunching her face up, “I’m… I’m done with you. We’re,” she’d pause to gulp, “we’re finished. I can’t, uhm, I can’t be with you anymore.”

And his chest would ache. His heart shattering as the tears fell from his eyes. His head shaking as his curls bounced, eyebrows furrowed as he stood up, lunging forward for her and pulling her to his body. Inhaling her scent and holding her in the tightest grip possible.

“Please, don’t do that,” he’d cry into her shoulder, “don’t finish with me. We can talk this over. Just, please. I love you. I can’t finish with you.”

“I can’t, Harry,” she’d sob, “this is too hard for me. You’re so far away from me. I don’t see you anymore. You cheated on me, for god sake. I can’t keep you away from your life.”

“I need you!”

She’d pull away from him and look into his eyes, “I’m sorry. Just for the time being. I need some space to think about everything. Go back to London. Have fun with your new life. Meet a pretty girl. Have the time of your life. You deserve it, okay? Someone more suited to your lifestyle.” 

“Don’t want anyone else,” he’d whisper, his voice cracking, “I want you. Please. Don’t do this to me. I love you. I can’t have anyone else. We spoke abut travelling this journey together. You promised to be by my side for everything. O need you.”

“That was before you kissed someone else.” xx


Attractive Male Character: *literally attempts to…

I once for real saw a post with someone arguing why what koth did was betrayal and deserving of death but what Quinn did wasn’t. Pretty white males truly get away with murder

Y i k e s


Skam Notification App

To all the skam fans, an app that notifies you when there’s a new Skam blog post. No need to hit that refresh button hundres times a day anymore yo. 

Get it for free, no ads or bullshit from the Google Play Store.

If anyone has knowlegde and a App Store developer lisence, hook me up and we’ll make a version for the iPhone people. 

Mvh Seb


He may be Splenda, but got damn he true to his word. Was a bit worried with him being my first POT ever, and he seemed to balk at the idea of an allowance (turns out I’m his first SB). And when we had agreed on $500 per meet, all of a sudden his PayPal account was apparently refusing to cooperate. BUT! He pulled through. 

Here’s what happened:

Spent the evening out with him at a popular rooftop spot where we powered through 2/3 a bottle of whiskey. We talked nonstop about my grad school prospects, people he could hook me up with to get me into the right school, etc. He’s actually wildly helpful and eager to help, at that. I was hardly faking interest. Honestly, all night I felt like I had settled into maybe a more composed version of my regular self which was a great comfort. As fun as the evening was with all of its enlightening info, I wasn’t about to let the date end and let him fly home the next day without getting my per meet. We left the bar, he gave me the card that saved his bottle so i could come back and finish it off (babe move). But I was worried about my first payment. I was tipsy enough to point out that I’d been scammed before (I hadn’t) and that he had (he really had) so he should understand my paranoia. He was not excited but told me to come with him to an ATM. Because his company card was from another country, the local ATMs were not reading his cards or refusing them outright, so I FOLLOWED HIS ASS back to his hotel so he could get his other cards, come back out and go to another ATM to get me the cash. I’m not sorry. I’d be more pissed if I spent an evening with him, he flew home and then ghosted me without paying me at all. He was being a bit snarky and told me I was annoying for not trusting him but I honestly couldn’t give a fuck less ya bitch gotta get her dollar. Instead, as I was leaving I turned to kiss him and this dude PULLS AWAY. I stepped back and was like kbye which of course worked perfectly. He came back in for the kiss, told me I was annoying again and ate my face some more. I think I like our dynamic. I’m the adorable pain in his ass. It’s perfect! I don’t have to pretend NOT to be a spoiled but cute lil bitch. What more could I ask for?

I was a tad worried that I’d been too pushy, but when I got home I opened my phone to a notification that he’d deposited ANOTHER $100 on top of what we’d agreed upon into my PayPal. He said “just to see if it works”, but…he’s mine now. I done did it, y’all. I’m in the bowl. 

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How do I get people to hook up with me if I'm uggo af?

you are not uggo my love, get a dating app and give it a go, I promise there’s someone for everyone! Sexual or not