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blurb of harry teaching you to play guitar??? a smutty one please??? ;)

CAN YOU WRITE something thats about him in the studio and he’s jokingly like “hey babe wanna go sing in the booth” and your like sure haha and then you’re actually really amazing at singing and him and the producer are amazed… my dream blurb lmaoo thankyou susie!!!!! ❤️🎶

Joined these two.  Enjoy

Two months in Jamaica sounded like a dream.  No one there to bother you, limited phone calls, text messages and emails.  It was falling off the grid on a deliciously necessary level.  Only it wasn’t for you.  Your boyfriend, Harry Styles, had been gone that long recording his first solo CD.  

To be honest, you had been slightly hurt when he informed you of the plan.  Jamaica sounded amazing and fun and holy shit did you need a vacation.  But he needed to be alone.  He needed to focus.  And you understood that.

You’d had a front row seat to his misgivings and doubts about going solo.  Did he have anything to say?  Enough to fill up an entire album?  Would anyone want to hear it?  Dunkirk had been a blessing in disguise because it allowed Harry to go off and do something different for five months.  His perspective upon his return had been cleared up entirely.

Filming the movie was fun.  He had a good time.  He’d do it again.

But music was where his heart lay.

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“In Australia, we had guns, right? Up until 1996. In 1996, Australia had the biggest massacre on earth. Still hasn’t been beaten. After that they banned the guns. Now in the 10 years before Port Arthur, there was 10 massacres. Since the gun ban in 1996 there hasn’t been a single massacre since. I don’t know how or why this happened, uh, maybe it was a coincidence, right?

Now I know Australia and America are two vastly different cultures with different people. Right? I get it. In Australia, we have the biggest massacre on earth and  the Australian government went ‘THAT’S IT, NO MORE GUNS!’ and we all went, 'yeah, alright then. Seems fair enough.' 

Now in America, you have the Sandy Hook massacre where little tiny children died and your government went 'Maybe … we’ll get rid of the big guns?’ And 50% of you went 'FUCK YOU DON’T TAKE MY GUNS!’”

I hate when Jeff writes an episode

He’s really just an awful writer. The other writers have handled this season so much better.

Its one thing to ‘shift focus onto Stliles storyline’, its another to relegate Scott so far into the background that he’s practically not even in Beacon Hills. Jeffs written the last two eps, which, unlike the ones before it, couldn’t manage to include ANY of the cast other than Dylan. It wasn’t just that the Truck Heist plot was stupid, it was that it felt pointless. As in literally, had no bearing on anything.

The characters were out of character, because Jeff can’t manage to string things together. He wanted to show us the twins were super strong and Scotts pack needed them. And his method of showing that? Ugh. Make Scott, Allison and Kira all lose, so the Twins can be SOOPER STRONG and show why they should be int he Pack. He utterly disregards the fact that we JUST saw Kira defeat TWO Oni at the clinic pretty much on her own. He ignores the fact that we’ve never seen Allison lose to a werewolf (that I can recall). Like was this dude magically impervious to arrows? Because that seems kind of important.

I’m not actually bothered that Scott lost to the dude, because Scotts strengths have never been about literal strength. But I am bothered that Jeff cannot seem to understand that you could show the twins are strong without making the other three look weak. Thats a failing that a huge portion of this fandom can’t seem to shake. Someone can be strong without others being weak. Someone can be smart without making someone else dumb. 

Then we have Stalia. Which, on the surface, whatever, I like Stiles but I don’t actually care who he hooks up with. Except that Jeff, of course, couldn’t manage even that without riddling it with problems. I’m not concerned about consent- theyre both teens, they both wanted it, they were happy. But the entire scene was filled with ickiness. I couldn’t get past thinking about how musty old furniture smells, how damp and gross basements are, how there was a dead dude in the wall just wafting dead dude microbes.

I couldnt get past wondering why the hell Malia was in an institution to begin with? Did her dad put her there? Did she have a childs mind? Or was it a very adult mind since canines age faster? Was it actually important to the story? Where the hell has she been since Ep 2? Why didnt ANY of the characters go visit her to help her work through her were-coyote status? That actually seems out of character for Scott. Why didnt ANYONE ever question how the fuck a were-coyote got made, and whether theres a were-coyote Alpha out there biting folks up. I mean, really. No questions ever?

Then, theres the fact that Jeff can’t manage incorporating how others would react or cope into anything. We saw Stiles reactions, but Jeff just literally wrote the Sheriff out of the story. Sent him out of town to consult about the MRI. As if the town being murderized by his possessed son would take a back-burner. As of ANYONE would have agreed with Stiles to lock him into the same place Barrow came from. Like that idea didnt just scream WRONG. I could see if Stiles had been connected to one of the deaths or injuries and a judge had ordered him there for evaluation. But just on a whimsy because Stiles says its a good idea? No.

Jeff also can’t grasp that everyone else would have been reeling about Stiles. Instead we get a truck heist. Not a single word from Lydia about whats happening to Stiles. Aren’t they friends? No conversation between Scott and his mom about Stiles’ MRI, or his possession. Oh sure, we get to see Melissa sitting all tragic at the table pining for her NOT!son Stiles, but no actual deep personal interaction with her real son, who at that point had one best friend diagnosed as dying-possessed-missing and his other close friend as gravely injured in ICU. But Jeffs not gonna let Scott talk about that. Just stand there with Allison. Just ask his mom how its going. I hate that he gives Stiles and Melissa more meaningful scenes than he’s ever given Scott and Melissa. And I wanted to see Scotts reaction to the MRI news, dammit.

Ughhhhhh. I just HATE Jeffs writing.

End of rant.