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Once Upon A Time 6x12 Hook Emma Kiss Talk “Murder Most Foul” Season 6 Episode 12

True Love... Quotes & scenes

Quoted by lovers and villains alike, True Love is the most powerful magic!

“Who cares about magic? True love is the most powerful magic of all. It can overcome anything…” –Daniel

“Love, true love, is magic. And not just any magic—the most powerful magic of all…” –Regina

 “True love’s kiss will break any curse…” –Evil Queen

“Behold. The most powerful magic of all…True love… It’s the most powerful magic in the world, the only magic powerful enough to break any curse…” –Rumple

“True love, Miss Swan…The only magic powerful enough to transcend realms and break any curse…” –Rumple

If this definition is repeated and ingrained into us then Swan Queen will indeed be endgame; they fit and basically are every definition of True Love. So A&E don’t you dare back peddle on the definition of True Love’s now. True Love’s kiss is instant and basically happens in a first shot basis. It does not take a dozen times to kick in!

It has overcome sleeping curse, after sleeping curse, after sleeping curse.

 It broke the first Dark Curse and then Zelena’s re-casting of Dark Curse 2.0

It broke the Dark One curse until Rumple fought it to instead keep his magic.

And oh my god it was even strong enough to restart Hades’ heart!

(love Emma in the background jealous and wondering why TLK has never worked between her and Hook)

Now what have CS kiss done?

Well, it did NOT break Emma’s forgetting curse when she was in New York.

It did NOT break Emma’s Dark One curse in Camelot (why so jealous Emma?)

Actually, Emma and Hook’s only magical kiss was quite literally toxic, look at the green and how the blast is dark and damning instead of bright and renewing. Instead of boosting Emma’s person the kiss takes Emma’s magic away.

These are just a few examples of Captain Swan not being endgame.

Am I ever going to believe Emma and Hook true loves? HELL NO!

So what is Captain Swan overall?


So first of all I’m so honor that we were getting a Snowing parallel to CS, in opposed to the other way around, but I really need to talk about this moment in general because it is much more than the “As you wish” part.

If we analyze this moment for the two couples it was very similar. Both of them had a chemistry and a connection that they never felt before with anyone  (Emma had Neal, Snow had Hercules, but it wasn’t really true love back then) and then the woman stopped the interaction from going forward. Charming wanted to see Snow, in the same way Hook wanted to kiss Emma again. But they stopped and respect the girl wishes.

It was painful for them, you can see their face at the last two gifs. They really don’t want to stay behind, walk away to a farm, or find some firewood. But they did it all the same.

This is the essence of the phrase “As you wish” as a parallel to an “I love you” (as presented first in the amazing movie “the princess’ bride”), respecting the other’s half wishes, even when it contradicts your own wishes and instincts.

Snow and David met again, and Emma and Hook’s kiss was definitely not a one time thing, but their love story wouldn’t have evolve in the way it should have if these two men wouldn’t have respected their soon to be “true love” wish.


Watching Once Upon A Time while Supernatural is on hiatus.  

Couldn’t help but notice some parallels between Emma/Hook, (hetero couple who kiss and say ‘I love you’ and want to move in together) and Dean/Cas.  I haven’t finished the season 5 yet, but Emma just went to the Underworld to save Hook (why does that sound so familiar????) Needless to say, there could be more parallels coming.