‘OUAT’s’ Hook is ‘disappointed,’ ‘annoyed’ with Emma’s secret
Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) may be living out his happily ever after with Emma (Jennifer Morrison) in Storybrooke, but now that the Savior is keeping a huge secret from her friends and family, th…

October 1, 2016

Colin O’Donoghue interview pre-6.02

You can’t possibly understand how much I’m happy that Killian is aware that Emma’s going to see Archie and is supporting her choice. He knows she’s keeping something from him, knows that she can’t open up to him about it, but since she’s willing to talk to someone who can help her - he’s fine

Once again, Captain Swan is one of the most realistic relationships in OUAT.

As someone who has been there - I have been in a relationship where my other half needed to solve some issues through therapy before feeling comfortable about opening up to me about them - I can tell you exactly what it feels like to be in Killian’s shoes. And he’s nothing but great. He’s patient, supportive and willing to put his girlfriend’s needs before everything else, even if it goes against one of the pillars of a romantic relationship, mutual honesty.

And I can see that because - I wasn’t that great. I struggled accepting that the person I loved needed to confide in someone that wasn’t me. One more reason to be happy that Killian Jones is on our screen. People - real people -  can learn through him that dealing with psychological issues or traumas can entail periods of uncomfortable silence or miscommunication, even when two people love each other.


new CS vid for ya’ll! 


Once Upon a Time 6x02 “A Bitter Draught” Sneak Peek #3 - Belle wants to hide from Gold, so she turns to Hook for assistance. Meanwhile, a mysterious man linked to the Evil Queen arrives in town; the Evil Queen tries to persuade Zelena to align with her; and Emma shares her frightening premonition with Archie.