hook albert

There’s multiple dimensions of the Dream of Lynch’s world. There’s the psychoanalytical dimension (Jung: “"Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes"), and the spiritual dimension (Tibetan Buddhism: “enlightenment is awakening to the illusory, empty, and dreamlike nature of experience”), which are both the domains of Cooper’s “dreamwalking.” But there’s also the sociological/cultural dimension, articulated by the language of black American activists (”stay woke”). The American Dream, made possible by white supremacy and settler colonialism, and exemplified by the idealized, white middle class existence of Twin Peaks, is equally a part of this Lynchian dreamworld.

Albert is generally cast as the odd scientific-rational duck at the Philadelphia office for not being “wired in” to Cooper/Gordon/Chet’s dream reality/modi operandi, but that’s not due to any lack of perceptiveness on Albert’s part. It’s that his ability to penetrate the Dream is on a different track than Cooper’s. Albert is highly perceptive and responsive to specific dreamscapes, namely, these American Dream-scapes that would mask the horrific reality of abuse, sex trafficking, drug trafficking, unchecked and environmentally destructive industry, colonialism, and racism that support this Dream-scape that killed Laura Palmer. And just as Albert is often out-of-sync with Cooper’s dream reality, Cooper is very, very out of sync with Albert’s dream reality, as evidenced by his disastrous faith in the purity and “goodness” of a town that is very clearly rotten to the core.

(This lack of overlap between their dream realities also has a lot to do with Cooper being a white man and Albert being Puerto Rican and Jewish.)