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I’ll post my baby girl once she decides to emerge from under my bed BUT here’s what u should know:
• Her name is Josie. I will be calling her Jo often.
• She is tiny. 2 years old and around 5 lbs.
• She is a short-haired dilute calico with an amber eye.
• Yes, I said eye. She only has one. She had to have an enulation because she was found with a fish hook through her left eye socket.
• She loves to be held and make biscuits with her itsy bitsy feet
• Seriously she’s so small the other cat I live with is a 15+ lb Himalayan mix and I never realized how massive he is until I met this tiny creature

Some people were replying to my original post saying I should include ALL romances, so here they are, all the Mass Effect romances laid out to make a point about the glaring lack of mlm.

(Sorry they’re in no particular character order, I just tacked on the other romances.)

14 M/F, 9 F/M, 10 F/F, 4 M/M

The Morning After

Dean woke up with a splitting headache and a horrible taste in his mouth. And he was on the floor beside his bed. He had to have been out of it to fall and not wake up. He reached for his robe on the hook by the door and shuffled into the kitchen. Coffee. Needed coffee.

Sam had his tablet out, cruising for newstories that might turn into a case. He raised his eyebrow at his disheveled brother. He let him go through the motions of getting his coffee cup and pouring before he opened his mouth.


Dean grunted his response.

“You’re wearing Cas’ trenchcoat.”

“No ‘m not.”

Sam laughed. “Yeah, Dean. You are. You guys must have gotten hammered last night.”

Dean finally looked himself over then shrugged. “Guess he hung it on my robe hook.”

Sam rolled his eyes. “Whatever you say. Dean.”

Cas stumbled in a few minutes later. His hair was sticking up in several directions and his eyes were as bloodshot as Dean’s. He was wearing Dean’s tee shirt and boxer briefs. He sat down and Dean slid the rest of his coffee over.

“You look rough, man.” Sam assessed.

“Tequila,” he answered in his gruff voice. He downed the half cup of coffee and picked at his coat still draped around Dean. After looking him over he said, “So that’s where my underwear went.”

Sam spit the milk from his cereal across the table.

Running Late (Part 1 of 2)

Summary: College AU. You grow infatuated with a cute stranger who always happens to be late for class. Unfortunately, things don’t go as planned when you finally interact with him. 

Word Count: 1,148

A/N: I hope you all enjoy this two-part series. The next part will be posted tomorrow (Wednesday). 

7:45 AM. Late again.

Shaking your head, you draw another tally mark on the side of your notebook. The seat in front of you stays vacant when the lecture begins, everyone’s eyes focusing on the front of the class. You sense that in a couple of minutes, the classroom door will fly open revealing a disheveled, yet handsome and adorable boy who’ll occupy the seat in front of you.

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The idea that the Lions mirror their paladins in significant ways is usually applied to virtues that they have, but it’s something I think is noteworthy to consider that… personality is a mixed bag. If the Lions and paladins are similar, it’s likely that the Lions don’t just seek out someone with corresponding virtues, but also corresponding conflicts as well.

I’ve discussed before that Black and Shiro both appear to be dealing with trauma, to the point that it would seem like Black’s response to Zarkon’s presence is quite likely something like a panic attack.

And then I thought about Red.

People compare Keith and Red in terms of being brash and headstrong but a very major element of Keith’s character is his relationship with isolation and abandonment. Feeling like he’s losing people he cares about.

Red is the only Lion we know of that was captured by the Galra. It’s possible Blue was if I’m right in my theory that Blue carried Keith to Earth, but it’s also possible the Blade found her before the Empire did. Either way, Yellow, Green, and Black were still safe on their respective planets and the Galra had just found Blue on Earth.

Red was already on Sendak’s ship.

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lunaaltare  asked:

headcanon that Steve never refers to sex by any regular names. It's always some weird shit like "intercourse" or "coitus" or even something extremely lame like "hanky panky". Steve once asked Sam if he wants to do the "horizontal hula" and Sam's never been so consistently soft in his life

I had my head in my hand for five minutes straight after reading this i stg!!! ok but Steve also refers to body parts by their scientific names like nobody wants to hear the word ‘testicles’ during sex. No one!

When Sam brings it up to Steve he’s like ‘it’s just so crude!’ and Sam just stares at him for 17 minutes straight and then tells Steve if he doesn’t learn how to make things actually sexy he’s never getting some again. It takes him a week. 

Viking Chain Necklace with Pendants, 9th-12th Century AD

A bronze double ring linked chain with eight pendants, four in silver, consisting of one with pseudo-Islamic inscription; two with conjoined pelta pattern to the center and with pelta border; two with geometric loop pattern; one with eagle with wings outspread; one with sunburst motif; one with two ravens facing one another; hook and eye catch to the top.

The Wait

Summary: Eileen tries to be patient while Sam figures things out.

Warning: brief smut, mostly just Saileen feels

Word Count: 1350ish

A/N: I am currently in the Sam x Eileen trash can. Join me, won’t you?

Eileen doesn’t mean to move into the bunker. It’s just one of those things, one of those changes that’s so slow and subtle she doesn’t realize it’s happening at first. And then one day she wakes up with a new, wonderful life. She can’t remember when or where it changed so much. None of the decisions she’s made over the last several months felt huge. But they add up to her hairbrush sitting on the bathroom sink, her favorite cereal in the kitchen, and Dean arguing with her about laundry.

It’s perfect.

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