hook & eye

“I told you I could even charm a mermaid, Cinder.”

I know, technically the prompt is “Pirate” but I love to mix pirates with mermaids and Thorne and Cress fit the respective tropes so perfectly. LLC is more fond of merman!Thorne (and I will have a pic for that, too) but I personally enjoy mermaid!Cress because it fits her so well … and it’s fun to draw.  ^.^ So, be prepared for a few more pics for my Pirate/Mermaid-AU.

{ he gets in a fight // hamilsquad x reader }


In your relationship, you are always the one that holds Alexander back. You are the one constantly pulling on the hood of his sweatshirt before he can attack someone. It’s practically a full time job. His friends look to you as the one that keeps him relatively calm. (He’s really got no chill. Sometimes, you can’t even stop him. You do your best, but he’s relentless.)

Occasionally, you let him off the hook, turn a blind eye, and let him fly off the handle (”Can I please punch him? Pretty please?” “One punch. Make it count, Alexander.”). Other times, you’re pissed. It’s always the one time you don’t go out with him that you get a call from Laurens that Alex has gotten hurt.

You’re angry, he knows. You’re always angry at first when he gets into a fight. He doesn’t say a word when you’re in the car together and you have to drive him back home. He doesn’t say anything even when you make it home. You patch him up quietly if necessary. You need time to process what he’d done and he too needed to realize what he had done.

“Who was it?” You might ask, wondering if it will be someone different this time. He’s surprised to hear you speaking to him after your prolonged silence. It’s one thing he hates. He hates the way you can make him feel small. 

“James Reynolds.” He grumbled once. “Maria … got into some trouble with him.”

You looked him over once more. His eyes were full of worry. You bit your lip.

“Worthy cause. He’s a prick. You’re off the hook.”   


Lafayette never starts fights, but he’ll finish them. He always wins. He doesn’t fight unless he’s got a good reason. Unlike Alex, he picks his fights wisely. He’s good that way. You rarely ever get a phone call from one of the other guys that he’s been hurt.

His first fight was while you went out with your usual group to the club. He was sitting close to Peggy just to keep an eye on her-–half out of his own concern, half by request of Angelica. He was nursing a beer of his own when he saw a man get too close to Peggy. You were on his other side, chatting idly with Laurens. Several times, she repeated for the drunkard to leave her alone and he didn’t. Laf immediately stood in between the two and gave the drunkard a verbal warning. You immediately got up and tried to pull Peggy aside, not wanting her to be caught in the middle of what could unfold. 

The man shoved your boyfriend back, taunting him, and you knew he was in for it. Laf merely chuckled, clenching his jaw, before winding up to punch the guy as hard as he could.

Only once did he end up in jail on a different occasion. You had to bail him out which was not fun at all. He walked out of there like it was nothing, telling the officers goodnight with a little smile. You rolled your eyes and dragged him out of there (”I won! I’m no longer in jail. Mon ange, why are you still so upset?”).

His favorite line is “You should see the other guy.” 


Laurens is in a word, passionate. His passion often lead to him getting into fights of all kinds. Even if he doesn’t win completely, he does enough damage that his opponent too is at a loss. Like Alex, it doesn’t matter who the guy is–whether or not he’s taller or more muscular–he’ll take them on.

The first fight happened at a rally for a movement you both supported. He’d gotten into a scuffle with an obnoxious bystander who had made a derogatory comment. That was the first time you’d seen him so angry and you were terrified as you tried to haul him off the guy. He was an aggressive fighter. He didn’t back down, so when he had straddled the guy and laid punch after punch on him, you freaked out. 

From then on, he tried not to get into anymore fights with you around. He didn’t want you to be afraid of him (the break in your voice as you begged him to stop would forever haunt him). 

The second time, Laf and Alex brought him home. He didn’t want them calling you. He promised he wouldn’t get into anymore fights, but clearly, he’d broken it. Once he was back in his right mind, you wanted to punch him for being so stupid because really “what were you thinking, John?” but you saw the distant look in his eye. To a degree, he was proud of what he did–he wasn’t going to let that guy keep talking like that–but he wasn’t proud of how he hurt you. You could see the regret. He kept fighting down to a minimum because for one, fighting was exhausting and two, he didn’t like it when you got upset with him. 


It’s not like him to get into fights. So when you hear about the trouble that he’s gotten himself into, you’re not worried about whether he’s won or lost (He’d win every time. Herc was a big guy. Whoever thought they would have a chance against your boyfriend was crazy.). You’re more worried as to what caused him to snap. 

He didn’t try to hide what had happened whether it was a little scuffle at a club or a bar, he’d tell you. He knew you’d find out somehow and it was better for you to hear it from him rather than another one of the boys. 

He knew you weren’t mad. Never mad, just worried. When he finally came home or you came to him, you went somewhere quiet, foreheads pressed together and you waited for him to talk. You could hear his heart pounding. You knew he didn’t like to be so angry and take it all out on someone else, but he was just so furious. You assured him that it was okay.

“ … Said something rude about you.” He might grumble, looking away or something along those lines. It varied, but each reason made sense to you. You didn’t blame him for it. If you were in his shoes, you’d probably do the same. Like the noble guy he was, he was just doing it to protect those he cared the most about.