I do not want money. I do not want fame, or power. I do not want financial success. I do not want to be taught to be happy, when I beat someone else. I do not want to be graded. I do not want to be tested. Not behind a desk. No, no. no. I do not want to be taught, that I’m better than someone, because I passed a test. I do not want to have to beat other people, to try to get a free ride. I do not want to pay anyone to learn. I do not want to be told what to learn. I do not want to be told how to learn. I honestly, do not want a diploma. I do not want your paper, that says, ‘I did it.’ I followed all the rules. I stayed in line. I was a sheep. A trained, brainless sheep. I do not want it.

A life of freedom. A life of opportunities. A life with no money. Just people. I want to walk the world. I don’t like the idea of, sitting, while traveling. It really tweaks me out. Like, buses, and planes, and trains, and cars. You all sit, while moving so fast. I don’t like moving fast. I don’t like highways. I don’t like cars. Or any of that. I want to walk. I want to truly, first hand, experience everything. I want the blisters, and bruises, and stories, and experiences, of walking. If I’m really eager, I’d want to hitchhike. Take breaks, and hang out with people. Listen to them, talk to them. Truly admire the fact, that everyone you meet, changes your life. And you change theirs.

I want to help people. I want to be helped by people. I want to be a child of the world. Learning in the school of life. Walking the beaches of life. I want to be poor, and hungry, and tired, and happy. I want to work for food. I want to pick fruit. I want to plant vegetables. I want to milk cows. I want to learn how to be completely self-efficient. I don’t want to depend on anyone. I don’t want to depend on money. I don’t want having no money, to be a burden. Like having no phone. It is not the end of the world. It is truly, the beginning.   

I want a different horizon every night. I want a different view of the sky every night. I want different trees. Different plants. Different animals. I really wanna see a moose. Out in the wild. I wanna see a bear out in the wild. I want to raft down the Mississippi, and the Colorado. I want to hike mountains, and roll down hills. I want to see everything, in it’s natural state. I mean, as much as I love the cement jungles, as much as I love the wild people there, the fact of it is, it’s not real. It’s the furthest thing from being real. It’s not natural, and it is not life. I do not want comfort. Not the comforts of today, at least. You know? I don’t want a couch. I don’t want a recliner. I don’t want a television set. I don’t want cabinets, refrigerators, sinks, ovens, dishwashers, doors, beds, anything. I simply, do not want it.

I want love, and adventure, and freedom, and air, and hula hoops. I want music, and joy, and bliss, and friends, and smiles, and laughs, and stories. I want a simple life. The simplest life. I want to take, only what I can give back. And I want to give back, more than I can take. I want to be real.

i had to repost this again…

i’m high and i’m happy and i’m free.

i got my whole heart laid out right in front of me and i finally can see the way it’s always been. the need for peace starts from within.

so i leave my possessions to the wind and i’m done with every wanting anything. well i can die satisfied, no desires do i hide not today, not today, nor for the next one thousand lives.

The hand in the forest; a Divine Moment of Truth

Very seldom do I share my DMT experiences unless its with a person who I shared a session with, but this is a great story told to me that I feel I should share with others so they may understand this type of experience. 

To take an experience like this and put it into words can be a challenge, but ill vaguely run through the story i was told.

The experience started off with following a trail, quickly after I was surrounded in a geometric forest. Before I was able to comprehend where the path has lead me, there where hands reaching out to me, many hands. I picked one and it shared me one of the oldest, and most true love storys.

This was the story of how the land and water are in love and desire to be with each other so bad. But tragically the water could never truly have the land because of the mountains, and how the land could never truly have the water because of ice. So the land created trees, to create air. In return for the land creating trees, its job was to make rain to survive. The rain would bring water to parts of the land that could not get to its true love - water. With the airs help, the water and the land would never truly be separated. It is a long distance relationship, but one of the oldest and most true. Each river, each lake, is a symbol of appreciation and dedication from the trees, bringing the love between the land and water together. Through this long love between the land and the water, they created symbols of their love - minerals. The beautiful diamonds, the amazing amethyst, and all of the beautiful minerals you may see in your life, where created by the long love shared between the land and water.

As I sit and write this experience, I cant help but wonder what story may have been told to me if I reached out for a different hand in that geometric forest. I truly hope those hands reach back for me, and other story’s that hide in that forest are reviled. For there is so much to be learned by the mystics that present themselves when undergoing this amazing experience. Its truly a never ending source of knowledge, and I am grateful to be apart of it.