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It seems that due to circumstances beyond his control, our current Aaron Halifax has had to bow out of the project.  As we have reached chapter 2 however, we are in DESPERATE NEED of an Aaron in order to move forward!

So we’re reopening casting for this character.  If you feel that you can pull off the role of a tall, powerful, grizzle-haired man of about fifty with a lined, no-nonsense face and craggy brows that suggest that here is a man it would be better to have as a friend than an enemy, please send us an audition tape!  Here’s a batch of lines for you to read in any such audition (I left a bit of narration for the sake of direction, but please just read the dialogue):

“Well, I better get hoofin’.  Store won’t open itself.  See you later, Mystery Girl.  Hey,” he added, pausing, “you see that shooting star this morning?  Came right down over the northeast fields just before dawn.  Coulda knocked a vort’s eye out- brightest thing you ever saw.  Good omen, huh?”

“Well, if Mystery Girl says it can keep till tomorrow, it can keep till tomorrow,” said Aaron easily. “I got to get back, anyhow, before Garret brings the place down round his ears.  Thinks he can rig up some new kind of relay to fix all the signal problems he’s been having, which is great, ‘cept he’s turning the whole damn stockroom on its head to do it.  I don’t understand half of what’s coming out of that kid’s mouth these days.”

“You know, moment I set eyes on him, I thought he reminded me of someone. Took me till just now to place it.” His eyes stayed on her, kindly, concerned.  "Someone I met 'bout four years ago now.  Just walked into town one day out of nowhere, just like that.  Jumping at shadows, looking at every little thing like they’d never seen the like of it before, like any second they were going to wake up and find themselves somewhere else.  Somewhere they weren’t too partial to, either.  Now, that someone… she was strong, and she got better.  Him, though… Kind of squirrelly, isn’t he?“

“The truth ~ this is how hard it was for Ole Fitzy onset cold wet and whatever power naps and thermals were key”

“The Rvenant 2016 ~ Fitzy never let a good story get in the way of the truth.

Happy new year!!  Work Hard play hard sleep hard love as much as you can ~ Thankyou for all your support and truly much love to all of the fans that have been so stalwart. Going to try to deliver you some nice new characters and stories with fantastic teams over the forthcoming year ~ I’ve had a really good time working with amazing teams this past one and am super grateful.

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Hope your years a hoofin and an allie goo-dun 😊😊

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For kitting us out and taking care of the Kings Squad presentation T-shirt for me and my lot thanks for your help and continued support with kit for the field and love for the Royal Marines lads much appreciated and respected. Also I need another 50 Fenix LD10’s… And some Rigger belts

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