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oh my thank you for giving me such a great reply, you are awesome haha no I didn't meant he donated the clothes, just that he made a post about the clothes he would wear :) thank you so much for being so kind! Tom is a great guy, no doubt.

Haha ok now I understand. Yes it was hilarious and lovely that he asked fans to choose the clothes. All best to you and have a hoofin day Xx

Ride On

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“Hi c: i was wondering if you could do a one-shot where (y/n) loves to ride horses, and takes Andy for the first time? Sorry if it’s too vague.”~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Yay! My first request! c: I don’t know much about horses, but I tried to make it seem like I did by doing minimal research, and giving broad descriptions. I hope I did your idea justice, because if not I will be very disappointed with myself. 

(Y/N) – Your Name


Ride On

“(Y/N)!” You heard someone call, a very special someone.

“Anthony!” You said, turning to greet the little boy that had become addicted to riding. He was about nine, and loved to ride as much as you did when you were that age. You saw a little bit of him in you, and couldn’t suppress the smile that came to your face when you saw him. His shining bright blue eyes matched his brother’s exactly, but you didn’t want to think much about Andy Biersack. He made you nervous and fidgety, and you were always glad for the part of the ride that took you away from where he watched you teach his little brother to ride and into the large fields that surrounded your family’s little house, with a stable for the horses not far from it.

Your father ran “Hoofin’ It”, a small business that taught people of all ages to ride horses. Your father wasn’t good with kids, so you always got to teach little Anthony, and got to agonize over Andy being right there, and even though you knew he wasn’t it always felt like he was staring at you. You didn’t have a problem with him, but you were ten times more awkward around him than you were other people, because you may’ve had a teensy weensy crush on him.

Okay, you had a big crush on him, but who wouldn’t? Tall with his baby blue eyes, that sculpted face and bad boy attitude with just a hint of sweetness, just looking at him made you feel like you were in seventh heaven.

“(Y/N) I convinced Andy to come riding with us today! Isn’t that cool?” The young boy pulled me down so I was level with him before whispering in my ear. “I think he’s afraid of horses.” You laughed and gave the bright eyed boy a hug.

“Alright, well, let’s see if we can’t cure him of that.” You smiled at him before doing what you were dreading most, looking into Andy’s beautiful eyes, and just as you predicted you became a stuttering mess as soon as you locked eyes with him.

No. You told yourself with resolve. This was your job, this was something you loved, and you weren’t going to let Andy’s good looks get in the way of doing your job to the fullest extent.

“Have you ever ridden a horse before?” You asked him, and his smirking face turned a little worried around the edges before regaining it’s previous, arrogant, composure.

“No,” He scoffed, “But how hard could it be?” He asked and you looked down at Anthony. You both shared a little evil grin and then you shrugged at Andy.

“You’re right, how hard could it possibly be.” You smirked before taking Anthony’s hand and going into the stall to ready your horses.

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Miss Piggy’s Calendar of Calendars for 1983 is the fourth entry in the popular line of Miss Piggy calendars produced in the early 80s.

This calendar spoofs other popular calendars of the 80s, including Gnomes, B. Kliban’s Cat, Coca-Cola pin-ups, the Audobon Society and the Farmer’s Almanac.

months continued:

September: “Fine Art Calendar”

October: “Fantazy- Cochon the Boarbarian”

November: “Gourmette Calendar”

December: “Gnoel”

“The truth ~ this is how hard it was for Ole Fitzy onset cold wet and whatever power naps and thermals were key”

“The Rvenant 2016 ~ Fitzy never let a good story get in the way of the truth.

Happy new year!!  Work Hard play hard sleep hard love as much as you can ~ Thankyou for all your support and truly much love to all of the fans that have been so stalwart. Going to try to deliver you some nice new characters and stories with fantastic teams over the forthcoming year ~ I’ve had a really good time working with amazing teams this past one and am super grateful.

tommy loving teams since 1977 RvN
Hope your years a hoofin and an allie goo-dun 😊😊

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Hey, so I was hoofin' it through DC today after our big-ass snow storm, and I noticed something funny. The closer/further in I got to the impoverished and, well, black neighborhoods, the less effort the powers-that-be decided to put into cleaning the goddamn ice off the sidewalks! Funny, eh!? Oh, wait, no, gross.

What a weird coincidence that the people in charge just happen to devote more of their resources along racial lines. But hey, what do I know, I get assholes writing in all the time saying there’s just as much racism against white people as black people, so it’s probably nothing.

PS. Fuck this bullshit, tho, for real.


Hello everyone!

It seems that due to circumstances beyond his control, our current Aaron Halifax has had to bow out of the project.  As we have reached chapter 2 however, we are in DESPERATE NEED of an Aaron in order to move forward!

So we’re reopening casting for this character.  If you feel that you can pull off the role of a tall, powerful, grizzle-haired man of about fifty with a lined, no-nonsense face and craggy brows that suggest that here is a man it would be better to have as a friend than an enemy, please send us an audition tape!  Here’s a batch of lines for you to read in any such audition (I left a bit of narration for the sake of direction, but please just read the dialogue):

“Well, I better get hoofin’.  Store won’t open itself.  See you later, Mystery Girl.  Hey,” he added, pausing, “you see that shooting star this morning?  Came right down over the northeast fields just before dawn.  Coulda knocked a vort’s eye out- brightest thing you ever saw.  Good omen, huh?”

“Well, if Mystery Girl says it can keep till tomorrow, it can keep till tomorrow,” said Aaron easily. “I got to get back, anyhow, before Garret brings the place down round his ears.  Thinks he can rig up some new kind of relay to fix all the signal problems he’s been having, which is great, ‘cept he’s turning the whole damn stockroom on its head to do it.  I don’t understand half of what’s coming out of that kid’s mouth these days.”

“You know, moment I set eyes on him, I thought he reminded me of someone. Took me till just now to place it.” His eyes stayed on her, kindly, concerned.  "Someone I met 'bout four years ago now.  Just walked into town one day out of nowhere, just like that.  Jumping at shadows, looking at every little thing like they’d never seen the like of it before, like any second they were going to wake up and find themselves somewhere else.  Somewhere they weren’t too partial to, either.  Now, that someone… she was strong, and she got better.  Him, though… Kind of squirrelly, isn’t he?“