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Hello everyone! My name is Alex Miller and I have been a cartoonist/artist for 14 years. 3 years ago I started to attend Comic Cons and found that my goal is to be a professional illustrator. Since t…

It’s Black Friday over on my Redbubble which means you can get shirts and hoodies for 35% OFF and 20% OFF EVERYTHING ELSE! :D I have a bunch of different styles to choose from like the designs below so GO AND CHECK IT OUT BEFORE THE SAVINGS END! Use the code BLKFRIDAY at checkout!


Beyond stressed out.
Trying to get my laptop fixed/pay rent next month. Here’s some stuff for sale. Might have a GoFundMe made at some point.

1. Small Unity Hoodie -$35 shipped

2. Boys do Cry Longsleeve size XLarge $25 shipped

3. Anxiety tee size XLarge $25 shipped

4. 12 x 18 canvas wrapped print $50 each shipped

Direct Message me if you’re interested
(US ONLY please)

Amythest Schaber: Art, Design & Photography | Redbubble
Art, Design & Photography by Amythest Schaber

Redbubble is having a Black Friday sale!

35% off hoodies and sweatshirts, 20% off everything else! Go through the link to see my portfolio of designs. Not into t-shirts or hoodies? I’ve set up some coffee mugs, notebooks, laptop cases, scarves, etc. Fun!

Use the code gift-amythests at checkout to apply the sale!

[Image: A mock-up of a light skinned person in a navy blue pullover hoodie. The hoodie t-shirt displays one of my text designs, which reads “I love someone who is autistic (it’s me)” in white font. End image description.]


RedBubble’s running an uncommonly good sale today (35% off hoodies!) so if you’ve ever looked at one of my tee designs and thought, “I’ll wait until it goes on sale,” THIS IS THE DAY.

Use code BLKFRIDAY at checkout.


(I own both of these designs on RB hoodies/sweatshirts), by the way, and while I’m kinda kicking myself for not waiting for this sale, they are super comfy and I love them.)

Pictured: “Ugly Astronomy Sweater” and “Craters Gonna Crate”

hoodie-even  asked:

33, 35, 37, 39 :)

33. something you want to learn

35. favourite subject
umm,,, i really liked english??? even though all of my teachers sucked,,,, 

37. favorite actor/actress
oh jeezzzz,,, i really like sebastian stan! (and tarjei, and henrik) and i like. scarlett johanssen and jessica chastain! and viola davis is amazing!

39. favorite sport(s)
i love watching football (as in soccer….), i loved playing handball, and softball!