image credit for Bram and Romulus goes to: http://blogsterhigh.blogspot.com

image credit for Valentine: http://mojito666.deviantart.com/art/Monster-High-Valentine-392275186

super sneaky update is sneaky

Uuum…So, I was thinking about the fusions and how some combinations have the potential to be really off; which made me wonder what combination would be the scariest, and Hoodude and Wydowna just popped into my head. I mean, out of all the characters they’re the two I’ve seen the most comments about being creepy/freaky looking. 

Anywho, I almost didn’t draw it because I wasn’t so sure about a boy/ghoul fusion (even if technically ‘Dude doesn’t really have any genitals so ???), but wouldn’t you know, I’m a big fan of Coraline and couldn’t resist drawing a button-eyed spider lady so here we are. 

This would probably be horrifying for both parties, but I’ve seen weirder fan-fusions so why not. If anyone has any fusion combos they’d like to see I’m open to suggestions. I drew this, so nothing’s off the table.