hoods open

A list of things that has occurred while on patrol

•Nightwing doing a swan dive off a roof because he miscalculated the distance it would take to jump

•Robin and Batgirl showing up at a Walmart, buying a bag of dog food and approximately 17 canned Starbucks mocha coffees

•Red Robin swinging around the GCPD building with an orange popsicle in his mouth, pulling it out and saying to seemingly no one “i can too deep throat fuck off Kon”

•Red Hood having his helmet open, only to have it slam shut while he’s sticking his tongue out at Batman

•Batgirl doing a vlog while chasing Freeze

•Batman slipping on a patch of ice, then going into a very elegant triple axel as he tries to right his balance

•Robin stopping in the middle of a foot chase to pet a big floofy doggo

•Red Hood and Red Robin starting a game of Rock Paper Scissors while Black Bat and Batgirl speak with Jim Gordon that ends with Red Robin being thrown out the window

•Batwoman and Batman arguing very loudly over cashmere sweaters

•Nightwing and Riddler having a very serious conversation about relationships while Riddler is being loaded into the back of a police van

•Red Hood screaming from the rooftops “I’m in a poly relationship I love my datemates very much god damn this is not a new thing fuck off Lark”

•Batman having to stop a very serious diplomatic conversation™ to take a call because one of his children blew the circuit breaker in the cave again

•Red Robin looking Nightwing dead in the eye and saying “I embrace death” after almost getting hit by a car

•Catwoman and Robin having a conversation about what appears to be household chores that ends with Robin huffing out “I do what I want, mother”

•Dramatic Shakespeare reenactments lead by Red Hood

•someone asking Batman and Batwoman if they’re dating, followed by a chorus of “oh god no” “I’m gay” “we already have a mom Jesus” “how have you not seen batman and catwoman making out in an ally yet Jesus fuck”

•dramatic musical reenactments lead by Batgirl

•everyone singing ‘spooky scary skeletons’ at the top of their lungs every day of October

•Nightwing leaping onto a ledge with a scream after he saw a spider while Red Hood laughs his ass off, only for Red Hood to scream and jump on that same ledge when another runs past

•Batman stopping to help an astronomy student find stars and constellations

•someone screaming 'the floor is lava’ and everyone jumping onto cars and scaling lampposts and buildings

•Batgirl screaming the James Bond theme as she grapples around the city

•Batman and Catwoman waltzing on rooftops

•Christmas caroling lead by Nightwing

Drunken Mistakes [Jason Todd x Reader]

A/N: I’m sorry but no fluff here. There’s been too much fluff lol

Warning: Angst, Swearing

(Part 2 - Changed [Criminal Minds Crossover])


Your friends and family always told you to leave him. That you were just a current attraction, that it would never last. How he had you wrapped around his finger and constantly walks all over you.

You never thought about it that way. You always thought it was being flexible. They don’t know his past the way you do. They don’t know that he’s out cleaning up Gotham’s streets every night. Yes, you often bend to his needs more than he does yours.

You’re the one who keeps the apartment clean, cooks dinner, does the laundry, goes grocery shopping, all while attending school and keeping a steady job. Jason would help you if he had the time right? But he doesn’t every day its a new mission with Bats or the Outlaws.

Basically Jason said ‘jump’ and you ask ‘how high?’ But you were used to it. You love him and would do anything for him. And he loves you. One thing you pride your relationship on is that he never even glances the way of another girl.

Well at least that’s what you thought and what his friend would tell you, though you never asked to be told.

Jason had been gone with the Outlaws for a four day mission, but was getting home a day late tonight. It was often the Outlaws would get hung up and ended up getting home later than supposed too. One of them always texted or called if that was the case.

You always stay up and wait for when he gets home from long missions.

Sitting on your couch you skimmed through a book waiting for him to walk through the door, and it didn’t take too long for that happen.

Hearing the noise of keys in the lock, you pulled the book from your face and glanced at the hallway. When the sound of the door opening reached your ears. 

Setting the book aside when he came into view. “Welcome home Jay” standing to meet him halfway.

“Hey babe” He replied, but there was something off about his tone and demeanor. “What’s wrong?” asking, a confused expression making it’s way to your face.

He shifted uncomfortable, “[F/n] I did something, something bad” not meeting your eyes. Tilting your head to meet his eyes, asking “What? You can tell me”

“I-I got really drunk last night. Roy, Kori, and I all went out to celebrate the success and we all got super drunk and I honestly didn’t mean of any of this to happen it was all a mistake” his eyes bore into yours with regret.

He’s not going to say what you think he’s going to say is he?

“Jay you’re scaring me” taking a small step back.

“I’m so sorry [F/n], I cheated on you” you could feel your breath stop as tears came to your eyes. “What?”

“It was all a mistake, I didn’t want any of it to happen. It meant nothing to me, I barley even remember last night” not realizing that those words made it worse.

“Obviously it meant something if it’s one of the few things you remember!” yelling through your tears.

“NO! That’s not what I meant” He said before you turned your back. Not able to look at him. Arms crossed over your stomach as tears streamed down your cheeks. 

He reached out, when his fingers barley grazed your skin you turned and stepped away from him. “Don’t touch me!” growling shortly. Your tone was a mixture of sadness, anger, confusion, and most importantly betrayal.

“God I was so fucking stupid! I should’ve listened to them, my friends, my family. They were so damn right! What even am I Jason? Other than your goddamn door mat!” screaming at him. You’d never yelled at him like this before.

“You’re not my doormat! I love you [F/n]! You’re the love of my life!” he yelled back. Desperation filling his expression, tone, his whole being completely.

“Then why do I feel so unloved huh? Why do I feel like I’m just something you come back too? Like I’m some goddamn collectable!” You had no idea you felt like this until the words were spilling out of your mouth. He’s been using you this whole time, how can you trust what he’s saying now?

When he didn’t answer, you just shook your head. A scoff escaping your lips, “I’m fucking done” turning your back to get a jacket from the coat rack.

“[F/n] please” he tried to stop you. “I can’t loose you, it won’t ever happen again”

“Well I can’t fucking take this anymore Jason! It shouldn’t have happened in the first place. I can’t come back to a empty apartment for the rest of my life. I’m so–” You stopped realizing something, “No, I’m not sorry. I have nothing to be sorry for” Turning your back to him for the last time and putting a hand on the door knob.

“Goodbye Jason, I hope your fling was worth it” Opening the door before stepping out. Not having noticed his attempt to stop the door before you slammed it shut. You stayed leaning against the door, finally letting out a strained sob while covering your mouth.

Jason was leaning on the door by his forearms. His head hanging between his arms. Tears stinging at his own eyes. ‘How could I be so stupid? I’m such a fucking idiot’ he thought before pushing himself up.

Turning around, in a moment of rage he punched a whole straight through the wall. Before finally breaking down.

How could he hurt you like that?


**I might do a part two, but who knows at this point in life. (If anyone wants to see that send me a request or message or some sort of communication thing lol)

***I have one more open spot in my requests if anyone is interested ;)

Having a squad who are open minded, and can ramble on about some intellectual deep shit, having debates on issues but also having your funny moments, but having a vibe like no other, and just being chill, carefree, embracing who you are, feeling comfortable because you are with the same group of people so no worry to feel judged is the squad I strive for


Writer - @damndescendants

Requested - nope. Send in request! All types relating to Descendants are allowed!

Disclaimer - I do not own any of Descendants’ characters and/or ideas all credit goes to the creator and producers of Disney Descendants

Pairing - Harry Hook x Reader

Summary – Harry Hook’s girlfriend, (Y/N) is kidnapped by someone on the Isle and Harry isn’t too pleased with it

Warning(s) - kidnapping, violence, swearing, fluff at the end

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Since I haven’t post in a while- I’ll make it up to you by this weird ass comic.. Well this is to be continued so ya guys can ask what’s gonna happen next or somethin lolz… Oki so I’ll leave dis… Here… And
Fell!Glish real name is glizt… Yep… Lol..

Fell!Goth (aka cupcake): @nekophy
Fell!Palette (aka puddin anddd rurik): @angexci

Fell!Sorell (aka velvet) and Fell!Glish (aka glizt): me


A Bucky Barnes One Shot

Character Pairing: AU Biker!Bucky x Female Reader

Word Count: 3,143

Warnings: Kissing, a heated moment, a bit of angst (blink and you miss it), and so much fluff. Motorcycles and Bucky Barnes… 

A/N: This is my submission for @theassetseyeliner ‘s Erin’s AU Writing Challenge! I’m so glad I chose this one! I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do!

Prompt: #50: Biker Gang/Punk Gang 


There it was again.

The same sound that kept you up every night.

You loved to keep your windows open in the fall, letting the crisp air waft in while you slept.

But your new next door neighbor was ruining it for you.

Throwing the blankets off your body, you swung your legs over the side of the bed with a huff. Going over to the window, you moved the curtain out of the way to look down at the offending noise.

Across the short lawn that separated your house from his, you saw that he and his friends were in the garage having some sort of get together. There was loud, boisterous laughter and classic rock was blaring.

And he was revving that damn motorcycle.

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Pass The Time (G.D) ♕

Requests: “Can u do a imagine where u have to stay at ur crushes house (Grayson duh) cause it was storming outside and it ends up becoming sexual after snuggling since u were in shorts and a spaghetti tank😂”

“Can you please write a smut about gray and choking. Thats all I want forever. just the whole time. Choking.”

A/N: This took me forever. You better enjoy it.

Word count: 7,700 +

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“Fucking hell!”

Your hands grasped the steering wheel tightly, you lower lip tucked beneath your teeth as you swerved past a truck, nearly grazing the edge. Rain drops and fog clouded your front window, making seeing what was ahead a hassle. Sounds of thunder could be heard from nearby and you sunk back into your seat; you weren’t particularly fond of storms like this, who was? There was a downpour as heavy as you had ever seen. Walking though a waterfall couldn’t get any wetter. The drops struck the already wet sidewalk, pitting the surface like they were bullets from above. There was no harm in it, LA would be just the same after the storm had passed. But by then it would have washed the evidence of the storm down the drains. You scowled and felt yourself sink even deeper into your seat, you knew what was coming next, it was inevitable. Thunder rumbled in the distance and a bolt of lightning cracked the gray sky into two. Jagged flashes of light cast a glow against your car. Your nails dug deep into the leather coiled around your wheel as you waited for the red light to pass, you weren’t supposed to be out right now. At least that’s what the news advised, but you just couldn’t help yourself.

Grayson Bailey Dolan.

That’s why.

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Torture sentence starters
  • “Oh god.. Oh please, god, no!”
  • “Please… Please..! I’ll do anything..!!”
  • “P-please.. Please don’t..”
  • “Anything but that.. Please, please! Stop!”
  • “Stop? Why on earth would I do a thing like that for?”
  • “We’re having so much fun!”
  • “We’ll have so much fun, you and I…”
  • “Look at the new toy I got for us to play with!”
  • “Shut up! Shut up!!”
  • “Oh please.. Like I haven’t heard that one before…”
  • “If I had a nickel for every time someone begged me to stop… I’d be fucking rich.”
  • “Ooh, look at that. Look at all the blood. Amazing, isn’t it?”
  • “Let’s crack open the hood and see what’s underneath, shall we?”
  • “You know what I love more than agonized screaming? The sound of people choking on their own blood. Very satisfying.”
  • “If you beg, I might just stop… Maybe. But only if you’re sincere.”
  • “Beg me, you stupid whore! Beg me to stop! Come on!!”
  • “Go ahead – beg for forgiveness. God’s the only friend you’ve got down here. ”
  • “Shut up or I’ll wrap your intestines around your throat like a scarf.”
  • “Ha ha! I love it when they scream!”
  • “Keep going… I love the sound of your voice.”
  • “Stop praying! There is no God here.”
  • “Shut the fuck up!!”
  • “Let’s play a game, shall we? It’s called, ‘how many of your organs can I remove before you die?’“
  • “Alright, here’s the deal… Since you scream every time you see me – let’s just remove your eyes, hm?”
  • “Has anyone ever told you how good you look in red?”
  • “Beautiful… Absolutely beautiful…”
  • “I’m not going to kill you… But I’m going to make you wish I would.”
  • “This is what you get! This is what you get for hurting me!”
  • “Do you like rats? I hope so. Because we’re going to play a little game with one that involves your stomach, a container, and an open flame.”
  • “Have you ever heard of abacination?”
  • “You’ve got cavities back there, you know. Why don’t remove those pesky teeth for you, hm?”
  • “Wake up! Can’t have you passing out on me.”
  • “I won’t scream.”
  • “I won’t tell you anything.”
  • “There’s no way I’m gonna tell you shit.”
  • “By the time anyone finds your body, they won’t be able to identify it.”
  • “No one is coming for you.”
  • “You won’t get away with this!”
  • “People will notice! They’ll look for me!”
  • “Stop, oh god, please! Please stop.. The pain..!”
  • “You’re insane!”
  • “Don’t worry. I know what I’m doing – I’ve got a medical degree, you know.”
  • “Shh, don’t cry. Don’t cry.”
  • “No tears now, okay? Everything will soon be over.”
  • “Stop! Please, stop! I’ll tell you anything! Just stop!”
  • “Tell me – how does this feel?”
  • “I hate you! Oh god, I hate you!”
  • “Fuck you!”
  • “Fuck off!”
  • “Oh, what a mess you’ve made…”
  • “You look like a mess.”
  • “Chin up, kid. It’ll be over soon enough.”
  • “I’m just going to borrow a few fingers, okay?”
  • “Could you lend me a ‘hand’? Yes? Oh good. I was planning on taking it anyway.”
  • “Shut up, I’m not going to kill you. You don’t deserve that kind of mercy.”
  • “You know why you’re here.”
  • “Own up to what you’ve done and maybe you’ll leave here alive!”
  • “What the fuck is wrong with you!?!”
  • “Please! Someone help! Anyone! Oh god.. PLEASE!”
  • “Not that – anything but that! P-please! PLEASE, NO!”
  • “Let me go. Please.. Please let me go…”
  • “I’ll tell you anything you want! Just please, please stop!”
  • “I’m not going to break that easy.”

request; hi 😊 can you do a fake text where you have a huge crush on Calum and you think you’re texting one of the other boys but you’re really texting Calum about how you were about to kiss him but something happened so you didn’t and you were left wanting to kiss him? pleasee? 😘

2AM - part 11 (A Minseok Series)

The sleep was deep between Minseok’s sheets and within his arms. The steady rhythm of his breathing pulled you under fast and the tight grip of his arms around your waist loosened as he drifted until your conscious reality faded and you woke up hours later tangled in limbs and bed sheets with the sensation of someone’s hands running along your bare thighs.

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BTS Reaction - Watching you pleasuring yourself [NSFW]

Seokjin [Jin] -

Your little moans and whimpers were what greeted Jin once he got home from practice, and to say he was turned on was an understatement. Unlike the rest of his members he wouldn’t stop you before you brought yourself over the edge. He’d watch your half nude figure through the open crack of the bedroom door, probably palming himself through his tight pants as your free hand gripped your sheets while the other continued to abuse your clit. Once you finally came he would open the door fully making your eyes widen as a blush rose to your cheeks. Jin would slowly make his way to the foot of the bed, giving you a little smirk before unbuckling his belt.

“Where you waiting on me princess?”

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Yoongi [Suga] -

You were completely immersed in getting yourself to cum that you didn’t even hear the footsteps that were coming towards your bedroom. You already knew the consequences of your actions if Yoongi caught you, but the idea of your boyfriend tying you up and having his way with you honestly turned you on so much. Eyes closed and breath running short the last thing you expected were your hands to be pinned above your head and larger ones going straight to your clit where yours had previously been. Opening your hooded eyes the first thing you saw were darker lust filled ones staring back at you, a smirk making its way up his face.

“I think kitten should be punished for starting without me.”

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Hoseok [J-Hope] -

Hoseok wouldn’t make his presence known for a few moments, just watching the way your fingers thrusted in and out of your pussy. His jeans tightened around his bulge causing his breathing to become quite ragged. He continued to stare at your fucked out form, loving the way your naked body stood out against the white sheets. He’d clear his throat slightly making you jump up, but not bothering to cover yourself as you already knew he’s seen everything already. Hoseok smirked, stalking towards you before replacing your hands with his own, making you throw your head back in pleasure.

“Let me help you with that babygirl.”

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Namjoon [Rap Monster] -

Even while you were touching yourself Namjoon still had a sense of dominance over you. He loved the way you would beg him to let you come, even though you were the one teasing your folds. He’d watch at the foot of the bed as you added another finger, hitting the sweet spot that made you see stars. Namjoon would mutter words of encouragement before biting at his bottom lip harshly. The way your juices spilled over your fingers made his erection that much harder and he almost moaned at the sight of you breathless and nude.

“Make yourself cum like a good girl.”

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Jimin -

Jimin was too tired to go to your place after practice, so instead of following his usual routine he crashed at the dorms. That proved to be a mistake as you had called him while touching yourself. Gulping down a lump in his throat Jimin listened closely to your small moans that got louder with each passing second. He closed his eyes and licked his lips, imagining your body covered in sweat and practically begging him to touch you. Suddenly he wouldn’t be so tired any more and he would race out of the dorms in the middle of the night for you to take care of his problem.

“Hold off a little longer babe.”

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Taehyung [V] -

Taehyung loved watching you getting yourself off. To him it was a sight to behold, mainly because he got to see you throw your head back, as your body withered on the bed while small moans emitted from your being. He’d urge you to thrust your fingers faster, licking his lips in the process. Eyes darkening and want taking over his body he moved closer to your clit letting his hot breath fan over the sensitive bud, making you let out a little gasp. Before you could even make yourself come Taehyung would grip your thighs and let his lips devour you.

“You look so hot right now.”

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Jungkook -

Jungkook had been pent up lately, more so than usual. Mainly because he was in an entire different country than you and had no way to relieve himself. That was until a video attachment was sent by you over text and Jungkook already knew he was going to enjoy it without even opening it yet. The sight of your fingers teasing your core did his growing bulge no justice. It was hard enough for him to be half way across the world from you, but watching you pleasure yourself while wearing his oversized t-shirt sent him over the edge. He’d lick his lips never tearing his eyes away from his phone screen as his fingers rapidly hit the keyboard.

“You don’t know what you’re doing to me.”

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home frustrations.

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derek hale x reader

prompt: derek come backs and seeks you out.

warnings: swearing + smut.

A/N: just a little fyi, this is very loosely edited but fuck, daddy derek is back!! my husband, my lifeline, MY HEART!!!!

the continuous tapping of your pen against your notepad sounded around your small bedroom while your music played quietly in the background of your thoughts. you needed to study yet your mind was elsewhere entirely.

all of your friends were out probably getting themselves killed but refused to let you join the fun - all because of the spanish test you had in the morning. it was stupid but you couldn’t defy your alpha and what scott said went, no questions asked, no matter how much you pleaded your case.

your tapping quickly stopped as you heard a strong knocking at your door downstairs. sighing, you closed your notebook with a thud and laid your pen on top of it before you stood up and headed down the stairs. the knocking came louder as you got closer, almost impatient and demanding.

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Stop That {Calum Hood Smut}

RATING: It’s smut y'all.

I actually like this one a lot! I hope you do as well, cupcakes :)


“Fuck,” you whimpered, clutching your stomach and pulling your legs up to your chest. The cramps were unbearable.

You shifted around on the bed quietly, trying to find a comfortable position that would result in less pain. Your period was a constant pain in the ass during that time of the month, and this time, it was no different.

Finally, you settled into a position that dimmed the pain down a little bit, and you eased your tense muscles. Beside you, someone shifted, and you cursed under your breath, hoping that you hadn’t woken Calum.

It had started yesterday. And you still hadn’t told him.

Something about it–you just felt awkward and embarrassed having to come out and tell him that you guys wouldn’t be able to have sex for the next week. You tried to avoid the situation, always leaving evidence–a tampon wrapper here and there, or asking him to buy you extra pads–but he never seemed to catch on, always leaving you to telling him bluntly that your vagina was “shedding its inner walls”.

Last night had been a close call. He’d pounced on you as soon as you’d both slid into bed. And granted, you’d loved the feel of his soft lips, and how his hands ran all over your body. But Mother Nature just wasn’t going to have it.

And that led you to telling him that you’d been “tired”. And he’d been fine with that; but you knew that he’d try something again soon, and you guaranteed that he wouldn’t buy the “tired” excuse for the next several nights.

Suddenly, a muscular arm snaked past you, wrapping around your midsection. You jumped, and the sudden movement caused another flood of pain to course through you, making you wince. You were glad you weren’t facing Calum.

“You scared me,” you breathed faintly. Your sleepy boyfriend merely hummed in response, nuzzling his face into the nape of your neck. Despite your cramps, a gentle smile graced your lips.

“Morning,” Calum greeted gruffly. You felt his long eyelashes tickle your skin and you sighed. He pressed a soft kiss to the back of your neck before swallowing lightly.

Neither of you said anything for the next few minutes, basking in the silence and the sensation of having one another so close. And for the briefest moment, you contemplated the possibility of an overreaction on your part.

But then Calum grew restless, his lips beginning to pepper along your shoulders, kissing the smooth skin lightly at first. He sucked on the curve where your collarbones met your neck, probably hard enough to leave a slight mark.

“Still tired?” He murmured lazily, and you could practically hear the smirk in his voice.

His right hand played with the thin material of your camisole, rubbing circles into your stomach before dipping his fingers lower. You gasped as he cupped you through your shorts and cotton underwear–he’d always been a tease.

“Um,” you began, hating how your brain was protesting. Your body was betraying you, subconsciously leaning into Calum’s chest, your thighs clamping together; damn hormones.

“Actually,” you stammered out, “Yeah. I am.”

His touch disappeared.

You looked over your shoulder confusedly, your eyebrows creased with worry. Calum sat up, swearing breathily, the duvet falling around his godlike hips.

Your bottom lip was brought between your teeth as you studied your boyfriend. His hair was fluffy and messy, and you had the strangest urge to run your hands through it. His plush, pink lips were sinful. And his body…

His chest and torso was tanned and toned, his abdomen tight as he pushed himself upright. You watched as his biceps flexed when he brought his left hand up to scratch as his head, running his fingers through his hair. Tattoos laced his skin, reminding you of all the times you’d trailed your tongue over the outlines of the designs.

You groaned internally, your toes curling into the mattress. You couldn’t afford to be turned on, you couldn’t do anything about it.

“Cal,” you turned over, fighting a cringe as you did so, your comfy position gone. Calum looked away, muttering under his breath, and you felt the slightest twinge of annoyance.

“Calum, what is it?” You asked, a bit sharper than you intended.

“It’s,” his eyes bore into yours, sleepy yet alert at the same time, “Fuck Y/N, why don’t you want to have sex with me?”

“Seriously?” You scoffed, sitting up as well and ignoring the stabbing feeling you felt above your groin. Before you knew what you were saying, you blurted, “My vagina is gushing blood, Calum!”

Both of you went silent. Calum looked at you with wide eyes, and you felt your face heat up. You hadn’t meant to say that, but your quick tongue had gotten the best of you.

Your eyes trained on your lap, staring at your fingers, before you heard a small giggle. Looking up, you saw Calum laughing silently, and you flushed an even darker shade of pink.

“I’m-I’m sorry,” Calum gasped out, breathy chuckles falling from his lips, “It’s just, the way you said it…”

He trailed off, laughing even more. Your lips turned down in a frown, and you shook your head, “Whatever.” You muttered the words, pulling back the duvet and sliding under, your back to your boyfriend. You were both annoyed and mortified at the same time.

The laughter stopped.

The bed shifted, and you felt Calum’s arm wrap around you again. He pouted in your ear, “Hey, baby, don’t be like that. I’m sorry.”

His fingers doodled imaginary circles on your stomach, easing the cramps somehow, and you cursed under your breath, hating how you couldn’t stay mad at him for long, “You’re annoying.”

“You love it,” he pressed a kiss to the spot right below your ear, sending shivers down your spine, “I really am sorry.”

You sighed, rolling onto your back and pouting up at him, “Can you just rub my tummy? It really hurts.”

Calum just smiled fondly at you, leaning down to press a loving kiss to your lips before obliging.


A few days had passed.

And you were growing steadily weaker and frustrated at the same time.

You’d always been one to get exceptionally horny while you were on your period. And you couldn’t do anything about it other than wish that by some miracle your body would run out of blood a day earlier.

Calum didn’t help much. It seemed as though every day he was walking around the house in only a pair of grey sweats hanging low on his hips, making your mouth water. He knew what he was doing too; what he thought were subtle smirks weren’t so subtle after all.

You could see that he was sexually frustrated as well, but he did a much better job of handling the situation. Calum was usually horny, but he wasn’t under a biological condition that practically enhanced his sexual desire and threw his hormones out of balance once every month. It was safe to say that at the moment, you were the wreck in the relationship.

You were sitting at the kitchen table Tuesday morning, a large breakfast mounted in front of you: waffles with whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and cut strawberries. A tall glass of orange juice stood proudly next to your plate.

You suddenly heard a yawn from the doorway and turned. Calum stood there, his arms in the air as he stretched like a toddler. His mouth formed a cute little ‘o’ and his torso stretched, causing his sweats to slip down his hips a bit, exposing more of the prominent V-line that disappeared under the hem.

You groaned silently at the sight, desperately wanting to run your hands and tongue all over his tanned and curvy body.

“Morning baby,” Calum quipped, walking over to you and pressing a quick kiss to your hair. You inhaled deeply, smelling the spicy scent of boy that lingered around him.

“Hi,” you breathed. You reached for your orange juice, bringing the cup to your lips and taking a sip, watching your boyfriend warily as he padded over to your counter, opening up the cupboards and ruffling through them to prepare his breakfast.

“You sleep well?” Calum asked, looking up at you with his soft brown eyes as he pulled out a bowl. He closed that cupboard and pulled out a drawer, removing a spoon from inside and tossing it inside his bowl carelessly.

“Not really,” you admitted as he opened the fridge, pulling out a milk carton and opening the flap before pouring the contents into his bowl, “I napped during the day yesterday, so I couldn’t sleep afterwards.”

Okay, that last part had been a bit of a lie…more like a half-truth to be honest. You hadn’t been able to sleep, but it had mostly been because you were too busy studying your sleeping boyfriend to bother yourself with anything else.

You’d been in Calum’s arms, feeling his chest rise and fall with every deep breath he took in his sleep. And then you’d propped yourself up on your right elbow, watching him in amazement and wondering how you’d gotten so lucky.

“I’m sorry,” Calum frowned lightly at your words. He placed the milk back into the fridge and grabbed his bowl, bringing it to the table and setting it down across from you. He then grabbed a box of Fruit Loops and opened the flaps, pouring the brightly coloured cereal into his bowl. You watched with a faint smile.

“What?” Calum asked, looking up at you as he spooned the first bite into his mouth.

You shook your head, your smile growing larger as you looked away, a faint blush tinting your cheeks at the fact that you’d been caught.

“Nothing, nothing,” you said gently.

“Baby, what is it?” Calum was smiling too now, chewing his Fruit Loops and swallowing them. You picked a blueberry off of your waffle creation and popped it in your mouth, hoping to stall.

“I just really love you,” you confessed to him, trying to keep a light tone.

Calum’s eyes widened a bit, him obviously not expecting you to say something like that. But then he smiled widely, grinning at you like an idiot. You took in his appearance, from his fluffy hair to his warm eyes that crinkled at the edges to his bright white teeth that were on perfect display as he smiled at you.

You laughed, “Well, aren’t you going to say you love me back, you idiot?”

Calum merely pushed his chair back, abandoning his breakfast while he crossed over to your side of the table. He grabbed your chair and pulled it away from the table, you sliding with him. You looked up at him confusedly.

“Calum, what are–?”

“I love you too,” he cut you off, leaning down and scooping you into his arms with ease. Your bare thighs wrapped around his waist as he pressed a curt kiss to your lips, and then another, and another. Soon he was peppering your faces with kisses, making you giggle like a toddler.

Suddenly, his innocent little pecks grew into longer, more deliberate kisses, ones that made your breath hitch in your throat and your thighs tighten around his hips. He kissed up and down your neck, setting you onto the kitchen table and standing between your legs, never disconnecting your bodies.

“And,” he added hotly, “I can’t wait to be lodged deep inside that sweet little pussy of yours again.”

Your eyes widened at the sudden vulgarity of his words…and how much you liked it. Nonetheless, you slapped his arm as he continued to suck on your neck. “Calum Thomas Hood!”

“You know it’s true,” he chuckled lowly, biting down on your collarbones lightly and causing you to jolt, “I know you’re desperate. Fuck, I can’t wait to pound you…make you scream babe.”

“Cal,” you breathed, trying to hold back little noises of pleasure. You were a victim of his words and his lips, he was able to stimulate you using only those things. It was a skill only he possessed, and it drove you crazy.

“Cal,” you repeated, your head lolling back, granting him more access despite your common sense, “Stop that.”

“I don’t think you want me to,” he mused in your ear, nipping at your earlobe lightly and earning a strangled sound in return. You blushed at how easily you could turn to putty in his hands.

“Shit, I want to taste you,” Calum breathed hotly, his hips bucking into yours. A small gasp escaped your parted lips, your eyes rolling back in your head. You knew you should’ve stopped before it went too far, but your body wasn’t in correlation with your brain.

You leaned into Calum, letting him continue his sweet torture of grinding his erection into you, since actual sex was out of the question at the moment. Your fingers gripped tightly onto Calum’s biceps, loving the way you could feel them flex as he supported your weakened form and kept you upright.

“Fuck baby, I want to be inside you so badly,” he admitted to you, pressing his forehead to yours and staring at you hungrily.

“I want that too,” you practically cried out, the friction getting you riled up. If he stopped now, you didn’t know what you’d do with yourself.

As if triggered by the thought, Calum bucked his groin into yours with a sense of purpose and finality before letting go of you and stepping back. Your jaw dropped as you reached for him, determined to bring him back to you, but he just smirked, taking another step back.

“Calum, what the fuck–?” You began, but you cut yourself off as he smirked.

He held up his hands as though he was surrendering–but you both knew that he did indeed have the upper hand. He looked like such an asshole, and it only proceeded to turn you on even further.

“Didn’t…?” Calum hesitated dramatically, “Didn’t you say you wanted me to stop?”

You couldn’t say anything, your lips moving to form words, but no sound coming out. Calum just shrugged, taking your silence as encouragement.

He grabbed his bowl–which was still filled with cereal–and turned on his heel, walking out of the kitchen and bringing the spoon to his mouth for another bite. Right before he disappeared he shot you the smallest yet cockiest smile over his shoulder, knowing he had you exactly where he wanted you.

And where he wanted you was spent and frustrated on the kitchen table, breathing heavily and sitting in silence as you watched him go.



You smiled at the clean, white pad as you tossed it into the garbage of your bathroom.

It was Saturday morning, and neither you nor Calum had any plans today. He was downstairs, playing FIFA on the console while you were just about to spontaneously combust from all the pent up sexual tension.

Calum hadn’t tried anything since Tuesday morning. Granted, there were the quick hello and goodbye kisses he gave you when he left for and returned from the studio. And of course, he still held you close at night, burrowing his face into your hair and inhaling the coconut scent of your shampoo.

But you were horny. And Calum was downstairs, looking utterly delicious.

You sauntered down the steps, dressed in only a pair of denim shorts and a loose grey flannel that belonged to your boyfriend. Calum was sitting on the leather couch, his eyes trained on the television.

“Hey,” you said quietly, lowering yourself down next to him.

“Hi,” he replied, smiling at you before turning his attention back to the screen.

You watched the tiny characters move around on the television for a few minutes, eventually growing bored. You tucked your feet under you, your left arm resting on the arm of the couch, supporting your chin.

Calum scored a goal, smiling satisfactorily, clearly happy with himself. From the corner of your eye, you watched him, how he stuck out his tongue in concentration, how his cocoa eyes trained intently on the screen.

He wore a grey, long sleeved sweater with a pair of black denim shorts that reached his knees. His feet were bare, and you let your gaze rake up and down his body shamelessly, being able to see all of the curves and creases in his torso thanks to the top that was a bit on the tighter side.

“You know,” he mused, glancing at you quickly and smirking, “It’s impolite to stare.”

“Sorry,” you just giggled, leaning up and pressing a soft kiss to his cheek before leaning your head on his left shoulder. He didn’t seem to mind the advance, continuing to play his game.

But there was a fire between your legs, and you were determined to put it out.

You lifted your head from his shoulder, scattering small kisses along the exposed skin of his collarbones, where the collar of his shirt ended. You snuggled a bit closer to him, giving yourself more leeway.

“Babe,” Calum whined, shifting, “Stop that.”

“Why?” You pouted, your left hand coming to run down his chest over the soft material of his sweater. You continued to pepper kisses along his neck.

“Y/N,” Calum protested, “You’re making me lose.”

Seriously? Now was the one time that he didn’t want to go at it? You couldn’t believe this, and you scowled lightly. Pulling away, you huffed and stood up, walking over to the love seat instead, giving yourself ample room for what you would do.

Calum eyed you before shrugging, going back to his game. You stood in front of the sofa, your fingers snaking down your body to fiddle with the button of your shorts. Calum took no notice.

You sighed loudly, unzipping your shorts and sliding them swiftly down your legs in one move, stepping out of them. Then you plopped down onto the couch, spreading your legs.

You left his flannel on, but undid a few buttons so that ample cleavage was showing. You felt a bit pathetic, but you were desperate. You teased yourself a bit, running your fingers along the insides of your thighs.

When you rubbed yourself over your panties, you found that you were already wet. Simply waiting and imagining your boyfriend touching you had been enough. You whimpered lightly as you rubbed your clothed clit with the pad of your thumb, the material of your plain white panties already soaked.

“Fuck,” you breathed as you teased yourself even further. From the corner of your eye, you could see Calum staring at you with wide eyes, trying to control his game at the same time, but to no avail. There was a bulge that was beginning to form inside his shorts.

Deciding to step it up, you hooked your fingers through your panties and pulled them down your legs slowly. They dropped to the floor, next to your shorts, and you ran your index finger up your slit delicately.

“Oh,” you gasped as you reached your swollen clit, your toes curling into the couch. You opened your eyes a millimetre, seeing that Calum was gripping his controller tightly, yet he’d given up trying to play.

You added another finger, your pointer and middle now running up and down your folds, collecting your arousal. Your back arched lightly, just for a bit of effect, and you breathed out, “Calum.”

“F-Fuck,” came a strangled whimper from the couch a few feet away from you. You spread your legs wider, giving him a better view of your slick pussy and how your fingers were working at you.

You hummed appreciatively as your index finger dipped downward and circled around your dripping hole. You brought your lip between your teeth, biting down hard as you slid it in slowly, letting your body grow accustomed to the slight intrusion.

You pulled your finger back out before pushing in again, this time, a bit faster. It wasn’t long until your hair was falling around your face as your eyes closed, your finger pumping in and out of you quickly.

It felt good, but not as good as you knew Calum’s would feel. You squirmed around as you fingered yourself, your jaw slackening as you whimpered out, “Calum, please.”

That did it.

You suddenly felt a large weight on top of you, your eyes flashing open. Calum grabbed your hips, flipping the both of you over so that you straddled his lap. He knocked your hands out of the way, replacing them with his own.

“You think you’re funny, huh?” He grunted as he looked at you with hard eyes, a very visible bulge now tenting his shorts. His fingers rubbed at your clit frantically, making you cry out.

“Oh!” You called, catching your breath before gasping out, “M-Maybe.”

“Yeah?” He challenged, his fingers practically flying as he continued to rub harsh circles into your clit, his left hand now joining in to position his fingers at your entrance, “Well, you’re not.”

“Please!” You cried, your hands gripping his shoulders, nails digging in, making him curse. He slid two fingers into you, burying them to the hilt, before retracting and pumping back in at a speedy pace. Your head fell onto his shoulder, body weak yet buzzing with the satisfaction of finally being touched.

“Ride my fingers, baby,” Calum ordered lowly, “Show me you want it.”

You whimpered in response, slowly moving your hips. You rocked back and forth on Calum’s tan fingers, pulling back to press your forehead to his. He stared at you intently before leaning forward and capturing your lips in an animalistic kiss. You moaned into his mouth.

“Calum,” you sighed, “I want you to fuck me.”

He chuckled, “Patience, baby. First you’re going to come all over my fingers.”

You whined at the order, rocking your hips even quicker, determined to get off so that you could have Calum in you. Calum’s fingers also sped up, his thumb digging into your clit as he rubbed different shapes, his fingers pounding in and out of you as though this was the last time he’d ever be able to touch you.

“Come on baby, that’s it,” he encouraged as he felt your body tense up, “Come for me.”

You cried out as he delivered a small slap to your clit, tipping you off the edge. The coiled ball in your stomach exploded, leaving you in a state of pure bliss as you closed your eyes. Calum milked your orgasm as much as possible. His thumb still rubbing at your clit as you trembled.

Once you came down from you high, you opened your eyes weakly, quick enough to see Calum bring his fingers to his mouth and lick off your juices. He groaned in satisfaction, his eyes rolling back, enough to make you shudder.

“Ride me baby,” he demanded.

You whimpered in response, your shaking hands fumbling with the button of his shorts, eventually undoing it. Calum shimmied his shorts off, and you pulled his cock from the confines of his boxers, both of you too rushed to yank his briefs down all the way.

“Fuck, I can’t wait to slip inside this snug little pussy again,” Calum panted as your lined yourself up with his tip.

“’S gonna feel so good baby–fuck!” He yelled as you slid down his cock swiftly. You suppressed a moan, closing your eyes and revelling in the feel of being full again.

“Oh my–Cal!” You called out, throwing your head back; you could feel him in your stomach. Calum whimpered, bucking his hips up to yours, and you took that as a sign to move. Steadying yourself using his shoulders, you lifted yourself up before dropping back down, both of you emitting curses and moans.

“Feels so good,” you sobbed, shaking your face free of any hair. You moved back and forth on his cock, your walls tightening around him, making him swear. His hands kneaded your ass, something he knew you loved.

“Pretty girl,” Calum cooed, bringing your lips to his for a passionate kiss. He nipped at your bottom lip and your fingers tangled in his soft hair, nails scraping along his scalp lightly.

“How–How did I get so lucky?” He wondered breathlessly as you rode him, “How did I get so lucky to have the prettiest little girl bouncing on my cock?”

“Calum!” You cried as he began to snap his hips upwards, hitting a spot inside you that made you shiver with pleasure. You felt your second orgasm approaching.

“I fucking love you baby,” Calum gasped, his hands squeezing your ass tightly, no doubt leaving red fingerprints. You let out breathy moans with each buck of his hips, each time his skin met yours. It was heaven.

“God, I love you Calum,” you whined. He grunted in response, shaking sweaty hair out of his eyes.

“You feel so good baby,” Calum panted as you sped up your movements, bouncing up and down frantically, trying to get you both off. You moaned, your fingers braiding into his hair and tugging as you felt a warm feeling begin to form in your stomach.

Calum leaned in to kiss your neck, suckling at patches of skin, sure to leave a mark afterwards. He nipped at your collarbones lightly and your eyes closed, your muscles tensing.

“I’m coming,” you whimpered as you felt yourself lock down on him. For the second time that afternoon, you were taken over by pure euphoria as your body went limp in Calum’s arms.

You felt him stiffen and throb within you, releasing inside of you. Realizing with a jolt that he wasn’t wearing a condom, you panicked for a moment before remembering that you were on the pill. You usually used protection as well, just to be safe, but this time birth control would just have to do.

You both rode out your highs with breathy gasps and wandering hands, grabbing the other and holding them close. Once your eyes reopened and you gathered your bearings, you smiled up tiredly at your boyfriend, who returned it.

“That was amazing,” you admitted. He chuckled, “Worth waiting a week for?”

You shrugged, teasing him by biting your lip, “Well, I don’t know about that, but…”

Calum cocked an eyebrow at you, “Oh really? Give me ten minutes and I’ll prove you wrong.”

You giggled, “You’re on, Hood.”


I hope you enjoyed it! Feedback is greatly appreciated!
[Tear You Apart] • 1


[Summary: A married Negan takes an interest in his neighbors young daughter]

Pre-Apocalypse Negan x Anastasia 

A/N: *OC is of legal age/23* (Her name is pronounced like Ana-stah-seya not ana-stay-sia). I was inspired by a lot of the themed one shots and wanted to try doing one based on the Types of Love! It’s not the literal definition of each type of love, but more based on their broad meaning. Eros: is an erotic or sexual type of love –  SOO I know said I’d post my Jason chapter before this, but I am having such a struggle trying to finish it up & this was already done – will get Jason posted soon promise! The first few parts are super smutty, enjoy :D

Warnings: 18+, cheating, uhh swearing? the fact that it’s Negan smut? lol please respect the age tag **

(gif by @mypapawinchester)

The clear, blue sky enticed the people living in this small town. They all desired to dip into the cool atmosphere just as long as they were away from under the ruthless fist of the unforgiving sun. It’s been like this for a week now. Children ran around, jumping through sprinklers while their laughs echoed across the neighborhood. Women walked around in their sun hats covering their delicate skin with porcelain cream to shield their beauty from the heat’s grasp. The men hid away safely inside, lazily relaxing on their leather recliners while they sat in the comfort of their cool living room caves.

To be indoors was all Negan could think about as he sat outside replacing old parts of his motorcycle. He didn’t know that the weather would open up the ninth circle of hell when he decided to fix up his Harley. “Sweetie” he looked up to find Lucille walking over to him, holding a silver tray in her hands, wearing her favorite pale blue sundress which emphasized her glowing face. “I brought you some lemonade” she said, planting a kiss on his cheek.

Keep reading