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Drunken Mistakes [Jason Todd x Reader]

A/N: I’m sorry but no fluff here. There’s been too much fluff lol

Warning: Angst, Swearing


Your friends and family always told you to leave him. That you were just a current attraction, that it would never last. How he had you wrapped around his finger and constantly walks all over you.

You never thought about it that way. You always thought it was being flexible. They don’t know his past the way you do. They don’t know that he’s out cleaning up Gotham’s streets every night. Yes, you often bend to his needs more than he does yours.

You’re the one who keeps the apartment clean, cooks dinner, does the laundry, goes grocery shopping, all while attending school and keeping a steady job. Jason would help you if he had the time right? But he doesn’t every day its a new mission with Bats or the Outlaws.

Basically Jason said ‘jump’ and you ask ‘how high?’ But you were used to it. You love him and would do anything for him. And he loves you. One thing you pride your relationship on is that he never even glances the way of another girl.

Well at least that’s what you thought and what his friend would tell you, though you never asked to be told.

Jason had been gone with the Outlaws for a four day mission, but was getting home a day late tonight. It was often the Outlaws would get hung up and ended up getting home later than supposed too. One of them always texted or called if that was the case.

You always stay up and wait for when he gets home from long missions.

Sitting on your couch you skimmed through a book waiting for him to walk through the door, and it didn’t take too long for that happen.

Hearing the noise of keys in the lock, you pulled the book from your face and glanced at the hallway. When the sound of the door opening reached your ears. 

Setting the book aside when he came into view. “Welcome home Jay” standing to meet him halfway.

“Hey babe” He replied, but there was something off about his tone and demeanor. “What’s wrong?” asking, a confused expression making it’s way to your face.

He shifted uncomfortable, “[F/n] I did something, something bad” not meeting your eyes. Tilting your head to meet his eyes, asking “What? You can tell me”

“I-I got really drunk last night. Roy, Kori, and I all went out to celebrate the success and we all got super drunk and I honestly didn’t mean of any of this to happen it was all a mistake” his eyes bore into yours with regret.

He’s not going to say what you think he’s going to say is he?

“Jay you’re scaring me” taking a small step back.

“I’m so sorry [F/n], I cheated on you” you could feel your breath stop as tears came to your eyes. “What?”

“It was all a mistake, I didn’t want any of it to happen. It meant nothing to me, I barley even remember last night” not realizing that those words made it worse.

“Obviously it meant something if it’s one of the few things you remember!” yelling through your tears.

“NO! That’s not what I meant” He said before you turned your back. Not able to look at him. Arms crossed over your stomach as tears streamed down your cheeks. 

He reached out, when his fingers barley grazed your skin you turned and stepped away from him. “Don’t touch me!” growling shortly. Your tone was a mixture of sadness, anger, confusion, and most importantly betrayal.

“God I was so fucking stupid! I should’ve listened to them, my friends, my family. They were so damn right! What even am I Jason? Other than your goddamn door mat!” screaming at him. You’d never yelled at him like this before.

“You’re not my doormat! I love you [F/n]! You’re the love of my life!” he yelled back. Desperation filling his expression, tone, his whole being completely.

“Then why do I feel so unloved huh? Why do I feel like I’m just something you come back too? Like I’m some goddamn collectable!” You had no idea you felt like this until the words were spilling out of your mouth. He’s been using you this whole time, how can you trust what he’s saying now?

When he didn’t answer, you just shook your head. A scoff escaping your lips, “I’m fucking done” turning your back to get a jacket from the coat rack.

“[F/n] please” he tried to stop you. “I can’t loose you, it won’t ever happen again”

“Well I can’t fucking take this anymore Jason! It shouldn’t have happened in the first place. I can’t come back to a empty apartment for the rest of my life. I’m so–” You stopped realizing something, “No, I’m not sorry. I have nothing to be sorry for” Turning your back to him for the last time and putting a hand on the door knob.

“Goodbye Jason, I hope your fling was worth it” Opening the door before stepping out. Not having noticed his attempt to stop the door before you slammed it shut. You stayed leaning against the door, finally letting out a strained sob while covering your mouth.

Jason was leaning on the door by his forearms. His head hanging between his arms. Tears stinging at his own eyes. ‘How could I be so stupid? I’m such a fucking idiot’ he thought before pushing himself up.

Turning around, in a moment of rage he punched a whole straight through the wall. Before finally breaking down.

How could he hurt you like that?


**I might do a part two, but who knows at this point in life. (If anyone wants to see that send me a request or message or some sort of communication thing lol)

***I have one more open spot in my requests if anyone is interested ;)

Having a squad who are open minded, and can ramble on about some intellectual deep shit, having debates on issues but also having your funny moments, but having a vibe like no other, and just being chill, carefree, embracing who you are, feeling comfortable because you are with the same group of people so no worry to feel judged is the squad I strive for


request; hi 😊 can you do a fake text where you have a huge crush on Calum and you think you’re texting one of the other boys but you’re really texting Calum about how you were about to kiss him but something happened so you didn’t and you were left wanting to kiss him? pleasee? 😘

Torture sentence starters
  • “Oh god.. Oh please, god, no!”
  • “Please… Please..! I’ll do anything..!!”
  • “P-please.. Please don’t..”
  • “Anything but that.. Please, please! Stop!”
  • “Stop? Why on earth would I do a thing like that for?”
  • “We’re having so much fun!”
  • “We’ll have so much fun, you and I…”
  • “Look at the new toy I got for us to play with!”
  • “Shut up! Shut up!!”
  • “Oh please.. Like I haven’t heard that one before…”
  • “If I had a nickel for every time someone begged me to stop… I’d be fucking rich.”
  • “Ooh, look at that. Look at all the blood. Amazing, isn’t it?”
  • “Let’s crack open the hood and see what’s underneath, shall we?”
  • “You know what I love more than agonized screaming? The sound of people choking on their own blood. Very satisfying.”
  • “If you beg, I might just stop… Maybe. But only if you’re sincere.”
  • “Beg me, you stupid whore! Beg me to stop! Come on!!”
  • “Go ahead – beg for forgiveness. God’s the only friend you’ve got down here. ”
  • “Shut up or I’ll wrap your intestines around your throat like a scarf.”
  • “Ha ha! I love it when they scream!”
  • “Keep going… I love the sound of your voice.”
  • “Stop praying! There is no God here.”
  • “Shut the fuck up!!”
  • “Let’s play a game, shall we? It’s called, ‘how many of your organs can I remove before you die?’“
  • “Alright, here’s the deal… Since you scream every time you see me – let’s just remove your eyes, hm?”
  • “Has anyone ever told you how good you look in red?”
  • “Beautiful… Absolutely beautiful…”
  • “I’m not going to kill you… But I’m going to make you wish I would.”
  • “This is what you get! This is what you get for hurting me!”
  • “Do you like rats? I hope so. Because we’re going to play a little game with one that involves your stomach, a container, and an open flame.”
  • “Have you ever heard of abacination?”
  • “You’ve got cavities back there, you know. Why don’t remove those pesky teeth for you, hm?”
  • “Wake up! Can’t have you passing out on me.”
  • “I won’t scream.”
  • “I won’t tell you anything.”
  • “There’s no way I’m gonna tell you shit.”
  • “By the time anyone finds your body, they won’t be able to identify it.”
  • “No one is coming for you.”
  • “You won’t get away with this!”
  • “People will notice! They’ll look for me!”
  • “Stop, oh god, please! Please stop.. The pain..!”
  • “You’re insane!”
  • “Don’t worry. I know what I’m doing – I’ve got a medical degree, you know.”
  • “Shh, don’t cry. Don’t cry.”
  • “No tears now, okay? Everything will soon be over.”
  • “Stop! Please, stop! I’ll tell you anything! Just stop!”
  • “Tell me – how does this feel?”
  • “I hate you! Oh god, I hate you!”
  • “Fuck you!”
  • “Fuck off!”
  • “Oh, what a mess you’ve made…”
  • “You look like a mess.”
  • “Chin up, kid. It’ll be over soon enough.”
  • “I’m just going to borrow a few fingers, okay?”
  • “Could you lend me a ‘hand’? Yes? Oh good. I was planning on taking it anyway.”
  • “Shut up, I’m not going to kill you. You don’t deserve that kind of mercy.”
  • “You know why you’re here.”
  • “Own up to what you’ve done and maybe you’ll leave here alive!”
  • “What the fuck is wrong with you!?!”
  • “Please! Someone help! Anyone! Oh god.. PLEASE!”
  • “Not that – anything but that! P-please! PLEASE, NO!”
  • “Let me go. Please.. Please let me go…”
  • “I’ll tell you anything you want! Just please, please stop!”
  • “I’m not going to break that easy.”
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[Tear You Apart] • 1


[Summary: A married Negan takes an interest in his neighbors young daughter]

Pre-Apocalypse Negan x Anastasia 

A/N: *OC is of legal age/23* (Her name is pronounced like Ana-stah-seya not ana-stay-sia). I was inspired by a lot of the themed one shots and wanted to try doing one based on the Types of Love! It’s not the literal definition of each type of love, but more based on their broad meaning. Eros: is an erotic or sexual type of love –  SOO I know said I’d post my Jason chapter before this, but I am having such a struggle trying to finish it up & this was already done – will get Jason posted soon promise! The first few parts are super smutty, enjoy :D

Warnings: 18+, cheating, uhh swearing? the fact that it’s Negan smut? lol please respect the age tag **

(gif by @mypapawinchester)

The clear, blue sky enticed the people living in this small town. They all desired to dip into the cool atmosphere just as long as they were away from under the ruthless fist of the unforgiving sun. It’s been like this for a week now. Children ran around, jumping through sprinklers while their laughs echoed across the neighborhood. Women walked around in their sun hats covering their delicate skin with porcelain cream to shield their beauty from the heat’s grasp. The men hid away safely inside, lazily relaxing on their leather recliners while they sat in the comfort of their cool living room caves.

To be indoors was all Negan could think about as he sat outside replacing old parts of his motorcycle. He didn’t know that the weather would open up the ninth circle of hell when he decided to fix up his Harley. “Sweetie” he looked up to find Lucille walking over to him, holding a silver tray in her hands, wearing her favorite pale blue sundress which emphasized her glowing face. “I brought you some lemonade” she said, planting a kiss on his cheek.

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home frustrations.

Originally posted by iminlovewithderekhale

derek hale x reader

prompt: derek come backs and seeks you out.

warnings: swearing + smut.

A/N: just a little fyi, this is very loosely edited but fuck, daddy derek is back!! my husband, my lifeline, MY HEART!!!!

the continuous tapping of your pen against your notepad sounded around your small bedroom while your music played quietly in the background of your thoughts. you needed to study yet your mind was elsewhere entirely.

all of your friends were out probably getting themselves killed but refused to let you join the fun - all because of the spanish test you had in the morning. it was stupid but you couldn’t defy your alpha and what scott said went, no questions asked, no matter how much you pleaded your case.

your tapping quickly stopped as you heard a strong knocking at your door downstairs. sighing, you closed your notebook with a thud and laid your pen on top of it before you stood up and headed down the stairs. the knocking came louder as you got closer, almost impatient and demanding.

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The Arrangement: Part 5

Title:  The Arrangement: Part 5

Summary:  He’s a mechanic. She’s a lonely woman with more money than she knows what to do with. Fate brings them together and sparks fly. But only for six weeks. That’s the arrangement.

Need to catch up? The Arrangement Master Post

Author: Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Dean Winchester x Female Reader

Word Count:  2971

Warnings: NSFW, explicit language, sexual content, angst

Author’s Notes:  This is a multi-part series. Shifts between multiple points of view.

Originally posted by justjensenanddean

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Car cat passed

Around 16 years ago my favorite customer and her sister were walking from their car into the store. She hears a faint meowing and stops to see if she really heard it or if it was her imagination. They wander through the cars to listen for it. After 10 minutes or so they pinpoint the car that’s meowing. They come into the store asking if we’ll announce over the intercom for the owner to come up front. They ask my coworker D. D doesn’t want to do it. They go back and fourth a little while until I walk out of the cash office and my favorite customer sees me and asks me to announce for the customer with the car. I get the info on the car and low and behold it’s coworker D’s car. I tell her there is a cat trapped under her hood. She says it will leave when it wants to. The customer asks her to open her hood so she can rescue the cat. D says no she isn’t going out. The customer tries to talk her into it. D isn’t budging. The customer asks me to talk to her but me and D don’t really get along so that doesn’t do anything but aggravate D more. The customer talks to most of the staff and still D isn’t going to open her hood to let my customer rescue this cat. She even says if it’s there when she gets off she’s just going to drive off with it on her engine. That sets off my favorite customer and she calls animal control and the police. The cop that came to the store talked to D for a good 15 minutes before he convinced her to open her hood. It was the tiniest kitten I have ever seen that was on her engine stuck in the wiring. Who knows how long it was there. The cop suspected it rode to the store on D’s engine when she came to work. So of course my favorite customer had to take him home and care for him.

I’m sad because she just sent me a Facebook message that Buick has passed of old age.

TL/DR my favorite customer hears kitten meow in coworkers car and it takes 2 hours and a policeman to convince coworker to open hood to rescue kitten and after 16 years it has passed of old age.


Heart Wrecker

Here it is, the second part to Heartbreak Hotel. I hope you like it, I’ll be up in the morning to edit and revise. Goodnight from me! -S

She was lounging on the bed with her eyes closed when Harry quietly returned home and forced himself upstairs, despite the heartache he knew he would feel, as a wave of familiarity punched his guts upon entering the house. He had longingly stared at the exact place he had left the girl he’d once dreamt of marrying; he had chewed and spat her heart out as if he never cared for her in such a burning manner. 

It was far earlier than usual, only a couple minutes before midnight and the house seemed emptier than usual, as if someone had lost their will and reason.

He climbed the stairs with hooded eyes and opened his bedroom door, expecting it to be empty, having strict thoughts of opening the closet doors and crying himself to sleep, not because he missed her, but because it was impossible to love her like he used to.

She opened her eyes, his heart lurching painfully when her glossy orbs met his stunned ones. A small glow of happiness planted itself inside him as he closed the door behind him and took a couple steps in while maintaining eye contact. Abruptly, she turned away from him, on her side of the bed, and laid an arm over her eyes. Her lamp was turned off, and it seemed like the dark aura only revolved around her presence.

“You’re still here,” he whispered.

She had to turn back around, narrowing her eyes angrily at him. Who was this person in his bed? She wasn’t the girl he’d left crying at the door, and she certainly wasn’t the one he’d been in love with to the point he was willing to toss his heart to her. She scoffed coldly.

“Did you expect me to just leave? We might be broken up, but last I checked, I’m still paying half the rent. So please, Harry, turn your light off and go to sleep. I’ll be gone in the morning. Got nowhere to go anyways.” The last part was mumbled so discreetly, it was almost inaudible to his pink ears.

He shredded his shirt and changed into pajamas when she maneuvered herself away again. Her cheeks glistened even from the angle her body was in. It was a peculiar feeling: having sympathy for someone you’d ignored for weeks. As his pajamas were half way up his thighs, he tilted his head to get a proper look at her trembling figure under the covers and he swore he caught a tear red handed dripping off her already moist face.

He was almost reluctant to sleep besides her but while running a hand over his face, he quietly climbed into bed and shut off his lamp.

As if in sync, his leg shifted underneath to seek her warmth, as if the past weeks where he learned to isolate himself had never occurred. There was a rumbling in his chest of sorrow, and heart strings being tugged when he glanced over at her now motionless body with wide, awake eyes. Harry raised a hand, hovering over her hair, desperate to feel her soft tendrils in between his fingers while she snuggled into his cold body.

Why was this so difficult? This is what he wanted: to lose her, to get rid of her. He did it. So why was accepting his loneliness so damn hard? He let his hand drop.

He cleared his throat. “Do y’want to sleep in the guest room?”

“Why?” she immediately snapped. “I paid for this bed, didn’t I? If anything, it’s mine and not yours. You should sleep in the guest room.”

“Yes, but I figured y’would want to on account of-”

“Well, stop acting as if you know everything about me. You don’t! And if you have such a problem sleeping besides your ex girlfriend, then get out and sleep somewhere else.” Her tone sent shivers into his spine.

It was unfair but his somber attitude towards her was suddenly washed away as he furrowed his brows and stood from the mattress. 

Her back was still to him, better than nothing, and he began to shout angrily, something he regretted profusely since that day. It was her fault she wasn’t alluring, her fault she wasn’t enough for him, her fault she couldn’t amount the other girls. Suddenly, all his anger was rushing back to him at such a speed, he nearly fell off balance when he properly stood up to glare at her.

“Y’don’t have to be such a bitch about it. This is why I don’t love y’anymore.”

There were two things he wouldn’t forget. First, her face when she found out he didn’t love her and second, just now, when he told her the reason why he didn’t reciprocate the feelings. Her eyes had gone wide and watery under the moonlight, jaw slack and eyebrows raised. She looked successfully broken.

He trudged out of the room before she could stutter a reply. As the door slammed, there were no motions of sympathy for herself. She deserved this…all of it. The lack of love, the incompatibility, it was all on her.

He had slept well that night. Better than he had in a long time.

The next morning was quiet and a part of Harry still hoped she had left before he had gotten up for work. He couldn’t risk barging into his room where she had slept the night before going to the bathroom for a quick shower, so he only brushed his teeth and traveled downstairs to make himself breakfast. Seeing her wrapped up in the blankets, if she was still here, would only force his heart to clench and shrivel like it had when he spied her last night. He could wait until after breakfast to shower with the slightest amount of peace in his mind.

While the bagel was in the toaster and coffee brewing still, there were footsteps behind him and he nearly vomited from the anticipation of seeing her face so early in the morning. Her tired eyes would be tattooed into his head all day and ruin his mood to bury himself in his work.

It wasn’t only her footsteps.

There was another object with her, gliding across the hardwood floor smoothly as if on wheels. He swallowed the little pride he had left and face her. She stood in the threshold of the kitchen, eyes casted down and clearly irritated with redness with her hand wrapped around a suitcase.

“I’m leaving. You’re paying all of this month’s rent.”

It was weird seeing her around the house in her own clothing considering she never let herself miss him while engulfed in his massive shirts and occasionally his sweaters. She even wore her own socks this morning, paired with boots and jeans. She still hadn’t lifted her head to stare at Harry with proper pissed off eyes and that mouth in a hard line. He hadn’t seen her upset too many times during the span of their relationship thankfully, but knew she wouldn’t release her inner demons at him.

“Okay,” he replied quietly, swallowing with a great deal of difficulty. “Do y’need, erm, help with your-”

“No,” she muttered nasally. “You’ve done enough.” She blinked at the Espresso machine that had ceased its dripping. 

This was it. Here she was, finally walking out of his life as if the past three years had meant absolutely nothing to her. She was crumbling with every step she took and he could see that as she slunk through the kitchen and past him. Every step she took was another hammer to his chest, knocking the breath out of him.

They had feverishly made out against that wall after his first show. They had confessed their love for eachother the first time when he had her pinned against the front door. She had met his parents right on that sofa, the one she had just brushed her hand over as if she remembered the same. The memories were piling on him and he could barely see with the water in his eyes, drowning him in guilt.

Damnit, he was hers.

When her hand touched the handle of the front door, he stomped his foot.

“If you fucking think-” he growled, “that I never loved you, you’re wrong.”

She froze, door half open. Harry didn’t care, now wasn’t a time to anyways. If he was breaking her heart, might as well break it some more and implant some fresh fingerprints of himself all over.

“You didn’t as much as I did,” she whispered back, feeling a wave of sadness wash over her body as she continued to open the door and roll her suitcase out.

“That’s not true,” he protested loudly. “I loved you so much. It hurt to love you, do you hear me? It hurt!”

“It doesn’t matter now.”

“It does matter!” he shouted, aggressively wiping his eyes. “It matters because I’m fucking sorry okay? I’m sorry I don’t love you anymore and I’m sorry for breaking your heart! But don’t you ever think I-”

She whirled around and slammed the door shut. “Sorry doesn’t mean anything to me! You mean nothing to me, Harry. The minute you stopped loving me, you should have told me! But no, you fucking kept it from me, making me think all this was my fault. As if you didn’t come home at night because you didn’t want to see me because I didn’t reply to your text as soon as I could! It was never me. It was always your fault!” She was fully screaming now with tears gushing down her cheeks without hesitation.

Harry fell quiet as his head dropped into his hands, shaking excessively as if somebody had lowered the temperature to below freezing. “I’m sorry, damnit. I’m sorry.” he kept repeating and sniffling. “Never wanted t’hurt you.”

She watched him cry into his palms as a whole set of fresh tears slipped down her skin. She stood straight, wiping the new tears with her sleeve. 

“Good bye Harry,” she said as she made a motion to head towards the door again.

Before she could open the door, a hand had knocked against the wood and forced it shut. Arms were around her waist and her head neatly pressed up against his chest as his own head fell to her shoulder, body wracking with sobs when his grip tightened.

“Harry what are you-”

“I’m sorry,” he cried, pressing quick kisses to her bare shoulder. “I didn’t want you t’blame yourself or hurt you so I never told you. I-I thought I was just going through a rough patch or something. It was all my fault.”

She nervously grabbed his shoulders with a pounding heart and attempted to pry him off. “Harry c’mon.”

“But I did love you,” he insisted tearfully. “I truly did. More than you’ll ever know.”

“Harry please let go-”

His mouth traveled up to her ear and then neck, leaving kisses upon kisses on her bruised skin, shaking his head so his curls tickled her cheeks. She had made a sound of protest before he initiated the contact but allowed his mouth on hers with such a pressure, her own tears mixed with his. He sucked in her lower lip and suddenly his warm hands had cupped her cheeks, mimicking the hotness she’d felt when they shared their first kiss in this very spot in this very position. That night, years ago, she had felt him pour his love into her body until he was drained, and now he was pouring his apologies into her.

He released her lower lip with a smack and then kissed her upper lip with a soft whine and the pad of his thumb began to draw circles into her cheeks. Eventually, she relaxed into his arms and pressed a few kisses back before pulling away, resting her head on the door. 

They were silent, except for the labored breathing and after a few seconds, Harry broke the silence. “I never meant to hurt you. I only hope you find a guy better than me.”

Her heart dropped. “That was my good bye?”

Harry moved away, taking a step back and crossed his arms behind his back. 

Y/N opened the door quietly and grasped her suitcase again, sighing deeply at the bright blue sky. She laughed humorlessly.

“It doesn’t get better than you,” she mumbled, shaking her head, reaching into her pocket, jiggling her car keys as she finally shut the door. “It doesn’t get better than you Harry.”


Request: Maybe a fic where Negan finds the reader (or a short girl with curly hair named Miranda? pretty pls) from “before” in Alexandria (not a community member, a traveler who convinced the guard to let her in). She was like, his cute little teenage neighbor who had a huge thing for him that he ignored bc she was only 16. But now she’s legal and less shy and just a smidge flirtatious. Like she says things that are borderline innuendos and pick up lines. And keeps joking about daddy issues. - Anon

Pairings: Negan x Miranda (OC)

Warnings: language. smut. (oops I did it again)

Age 16

Running a hand through your long and curly hair, you let out a loud and guttural sigh. Tracing the outline of your current drawing over again, you glanced up from your sketch pad. Your street was calm as you swayed back and forth in your hammock chair on your front porch. The late afternoon air was crisp, and you smiled as you heard a few birds whistle beautiful tunes. Checking the time, you sighed and leaned back as to let the chair swallow you whole.

Your dad never came home this morning, and you had a pretty good idea why. He had been shacking up with some woman almost every night of the week, and would go out drinking without as much as a goodbye. Ever since your mother walked out on you, your dad had completely changed. With no siblings to care for or spend time with, you were left utterly alone for the majority of your time. You had grown accustomed to it, however.

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