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“All Eyes on Me” Oil

The purpose of this oil is to attract attention. It calls on romantic and lustful energy and should be used for a night out or whenever one wants to be the center of attention. This attraction oil is a version of a “come to me” oil.

  • Cinnamon leaf oil
  • Ginger oil
  • Orange oil
  • Rose essential oil
  • Sandalwood oil
  • Lavender oil
  • Patchouli oil
  • Jasmine oil
  • Grapeseed oil
  • Jezebel root piece
  • Cinnamon stick piece
  • Jasmine flower bud
  • Rose petals

“All eyes on me,

All eyes on me.

When I arrive,

I’m all they see.

My beauty and grace

Increase by 3.

I am the sun,

So shall it be.”

*Note* I used 3 drops of each oil, but I used 9 drops of the jasmine oil to balance the scent. If I do this in the future, I’ll only use 1 drop each of ginger and cinnamon leaf.

This is my anointing/dressing oil for candles* in my money and business spells, reinforcing my intent. The best part, it’s super cheap and only as complicated as you make it.


  • Basil
  • Ginger
  • Cloves
  • Cinnamon Stick(s)
  • Carrier Oil(I use olive oil)*


  • A Bottle/Jar(no cork tops!)
  • Citrine*
  • Incense/Smoke(I use cinnamon)*
  • Music that talks about money/makes you feel rich*

Light your incense, cleanse your space, put on some music!
Cleanse your tools and set out all of your materials.
Add basil, ginger, cloves, and cinnamon stick(s) to the container.
Feel the properties of the ingredients in your fingers.
Match them with your intent.

Next, add the carrier oil and fill the container till there’s just enough room to let you shake it up.
Seal the bottle and dance.*
Shake the bottle as you dance your energy into the oil.
Set the bottle down after some time, place the citrine on top of it, then continue dancing over the bottle until you feel you can stop.

Occasionally shake the bottles at least once a day for a week and it’s ready.

((*Notes: Grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, and I mean technically any oil if you’re not planning on wearing it will work.
*Citrine is optional
*Incense are optional/used for cleansing
*If you are unable to use music or dance then meditate instead.))

Yesterday night I’ve been drinking sparkling wine with the beautiful Erzulie Freda. Here’s the recipe for preparing a Love Oil I’ve dedicated to her (this is for a tiny bottle, about 2 ml).

  • 💧 Base oil (I used olive but you can use whichever you prefer)
  • 💧 4 drops of rose essential oil
  • 💧 2 drops of jasmine essential oil
  • 🍃 A pinch of ginger
  • 🍃 A pinch of cinnamon
  • 🍃 3 / 4 ground cloves
  • 🌸 3 / 4 cherry blossom petals
  • 🌸 2 / 3 Veronica agrestis flowers (or forget-me-nots)
  • 💎 2 / 3 tiny rose quartz stones

May you find the love you’re looking for!

Astrea 🔮 🌙  🌸

Magickal Oils for Students (from one college student to another)

The combination of these oil recipes from Llewellyn’s Complete Formulary of Magical Oils” (by Celeste Rayne Heldstab) helped me through my studies and tests immensely last semester.

Mix the oils chronologically, in the order they are listed in. I use disposable pipettes for each oil. Don’t forget to combine a healthy amount of base oil with the essential oils in each recipe: I recommend using sweet almond oil, which is affordable, long-lived, and versatile. Label your master bottle (I use 12 mL amber Boston round bottles) with the day of the week, the hour, and the moon’s phase. If you wish for an increase in positive energy to achieve your goals, mix these oils during the waxing moon. Full moon is preferable.

Knowledge Oil

(this smells just like books! It’s incredible!)


-Clove, a few drops

-Add a few grains of Frankincense resin to each bottle

To be able to understand and put to use all that is heard or read, apply a drop to the temples and back of the neck each morning after your bath or shower. (In my experience, it made little difference what time of day it was as I was desperate.)

Memory Oil

(a fresh smell that brings a whole new dimension to the “book smell” of Knowledge Oil when the two are combined)

-¼ part Clove

-¼ part Coriander

-¼ part Rosemary

-¼ part Sage

To increase focus, clarity, and retention.

Fast Action Oil 

(the citrus in this adds a sharp kick to any mixture, and is esp helpful for staying focused)

-1/3 part Dragon’s Blood

-1/3 part Lemon

-1/3 part Rosemary

-Cinnamon, a few drops

Add to any other oil to speed its effects

Magical Charge for Oil

Oil of wonder; Oil of power

Increase in potency by minute and hour

I conjure you now; I charge you with strength

I give you life of infinite length

And boundless magical energy

As I will, charged you be.

salemmacabre  asked:

Hey ^_^ I was just wondering if you know of any reliable websites to buy herbs (and other witchy items) in bulk from? The organic markets near me are so expensive and the mega-marts are way too far. Any help at all is highly appreciated. Thanks :)


Originally posted by disneyboost

From one witch to another, I’m on this website RIGHT NOW thats got the best prices for bulk herbs I’ve ever seen. 

Monterey Bay Spice Company or http://www.herbco.com/ is the name. Low priced hearbs, teas, and oils with low shipping is their game, I’m telling you girl. They have different versions of each spice, oragnic, powdered, cut and stifed. It’s beautiful. 

Of course you can go to different etsy shops or amazon sellers, but if you want one website that carries all the good, essential herbs (for a really good price) http://www.herbco.com/ is the place.

Witchy things you can keep in your bag/purse/school bag

Mojo bags: x Mojo bags are great to carry around and can be made for anything

Stones, crystals rocks: little tumbled stones are discrete. you can even enchant them to boost their power. 

a Vial of Flying Devil oil: a powerful protection curio is always great to carry right? x

A pocket alter: x x x x

Portable scrying MIrror: you never know when you have down time to scry. just black out a makeup mirror or a baby picture frame. i blacked out an old watch and now i always have a scrying mirror.

 of course you can add anything you want but i thought this would be great for those who are in the broom closet or just like to carry witchy things your bag. <3

Misfortune Hex Potion

After gaining a lot of inspiration from @witchthatiam: Banishing Powder With A Punch post, I got a little creative and creating a potion for hexing, Black Witch style. 

For those not into hexing, that is completely fine, and can still use @witchthatiam amazing banishing powder to get rid of those against you. So I CAUTION to hex at your own risk. I’ll pass on the recipe, but this Witch isn’t going to give the instructions on how I use it, what I do in the shadows, stays in the shadows.

(using some inspired main ingredients)

- Coffee Grounds

- Salt

- Pepper

- Cinnamon

- Paprika

- Brimstone

- Jezebel Root

- Olive and Castor Oil as an base

I was lucky enough to find Brimstone (sulfur) and Jezebel Root (picea) at an local shop, but you have the freedom to use different ingredients, to add your own twist to your hexing oil. However, if not wanting to use for again, I suggest again to use @witchthatiam‘s banishing powder recipe, or even use the potion as an banishing oil!

- The Black Witch

Hoodoo Cleansing Spray

This is an easy cleansing spray for clearing out static energy that’s built up from your work and everyday life. The spray can also be used to cleanse negative energy. This is really helpful if you can’t burn incense or sage.


  • Sweetgrass oil
  • Frankincense oil
  • Almond oil
  • Rain water

Put the water in a bowl and stir in a decent amount of sweetgrass oil. Add five drops of frankincense and three drops of almond oil.

Pour the water into spray bottles and shake lightly. You should cleanse your space while chanting, playing music, etc.

Powerful High John the Conqueror candle spell
This video is about High John the Conqueror root. control any situation.
Attraction Oil

Despite its diverse usage – in other formulas – my recipe is specialized toward what I most often use it for. Love. That isn’t to say that this recipe could not be used for other things (with some minor tweaks), it’s simply that I use attraction oil almost solely for matters of the heart – possibly because I believe the heart to bring that which is truly needed and not just wanted.

With that being said, this is my base recipe – which I then add specialization to, but it can be used fine as is – its “raw” form.


  • (5 -10 petals) Dried, crushed Rose Petals (Red and Coral being my personal favorites)
  • (½ to 1 tsp.) True Cinnamon Powder (or a Ceylon Cinnamon Stick) 
  • (½ Tsp.) Anise Seed
  • (1 tsp) Rosemary (dried)
  • (1 tsp) Lavender (dried)
  • A pinch of Magnetic Sand
  • A few spritz of a heady perfume – I use Poême
  • Carrier Oil (of choice)
  • (¼ cup) Castor Oil
  • (Optional: Orange Blossom)

Combine carrier oil and castor oil in a small saucepan and warm over medium heat. Once warm, remove from heat and allow to sit for a few moments. Basically, so as to not deep fry the ingredients you”ll be adding!

Once cooled, but still too warm to touch – add in the dry ingredients except the magnetic sand (and the cinnamon stick, if you chose to use one). Add the sand (and stick) to the bottle in which you intend to store the oil – I prefer a dark bottle (amber or blue). After the oils and herbs have cooled to the point where they will not burn you if splashed, transfer it ALL to the bottle.

Do. Not. Strain.

Add in a few spritzes of perfume directly into the bottle, cover and shake thoroughly – then and before use.

Alternately, you could add your dry ingredients to the bottle and then pour the warm oil over it – but I prefer to see my oil before I bottle it.

WARNING: Perfumes are most often alcohol-based, making them a fire hazard. In all my years, I’ve never had a problem using this for anointing candles, but regardless – USE CAREFULLY.

Replace Pain with acceptance and self love

Made this small jar to carry me around to help me get over the pain and trauma from my past and replace it with self love. Thought this might be helpful for others and wanted to share it with everyone.

Ingredients(from bottom to top)

Lemon Powder - To break away at the wall and the negativity that I’ve been holding on too. 

Sage - to cleans the wounds the any tragedy left behind so I can start to heal and build off of the past and not be stuck under it.

Eucalyptus Leaf - To cleans what I’ve rebuild. To have a fresh start and to make sure all ties from the past have been broken.

Camomile - To easy myself into this new life. Let it come with peace and happiness. If parts of my past start to come up let the camomile calm them down and start the cleansing over again. 

Lavender  To bring peace to my mind. Let me sleep with ease and remove all nightmares. Let my willingness to work on myself show and attract positive energy just as the lovely scent of lavender attracts. 

Red Rose Petals - Topped off with red rose petals for self love. 

Healing Oil - Put a few drops of a Healing oil blend that I have. Not 100% sure what is in the blend but it smells lovely (not very witchy I know. Oh well)

I lit a white tapper candle and to drip wax on top to seal the bottle. This was the first time I used wax to seal a bottle and let me just say this was a lot of trial in error and a big mess. 

Before the wax was 100% dry I placed my thumb onto lightly to get my finger print on it. That way even if I do not have the bottle on me I will always be connected to it. 

********************** UPDATE ******************

I carried this with me for about two weeks and it really did help. The day that I made it, I started to feel very ill (I felt like throwing up, did feel like eating, and was very tired). Each day that I would touch it, the sick feeling would slowly go away. I can touch it now without feeling sick, but I feel it still makes me tired. 

I believe this might help you with small things but depending what you are trying to overcome, this might not be strong enough on its own. I paired this up with a 5 day cleansing bath and light candle work for healing. 

 This should never be used to replace any type of medical help. Magic requires you to be active and not passive. A big part of being active is to seek medical help when need.

Van Van Oil

This is used for purification, blessings, and the removal of negative energies in your home. Most floor washes and mojo bags need Van Van Oil.


  • 16 parts lemongrass oil
  • 8 parts citronella oil
  • 1 part vetivert oil
  • 1 part palmarosa oil
  • A handful of lemongrass

The first two are the most important. You can leave out the other two if you have to, but you’ll have a more powerful oil if you can get a hold of all 4 ingredients.

Blend everything and bottle it. Let the mixture sit in a dark place for at least a week.

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