A ‘Friday Night Lights’ 10-year Reunion is Happening

Texas forever!

The annual ATX Television Festival in Austin, Tex. will host a Friday Night Lights celebration this year, alongside several other television panels and reunions.

To celebrate FNL’s 10-year anniversary, ATX will host a Friday Night Lights “High School Reunion,” in association with Texas Monthly. Cast, crew and fans will commemorate the show’s anniversary and legacy on Panther Field with a classic football pep rally straight out of Dillon. There will be food, music, photo ops and a screening.

ATX has not yet confirmed which cast and crew members will be at FNL reunion. Still, it’s almost time to bust out the old Panther gear, like Buddy Garrity on a weekend. We’re goin’ home.

No word if Taylor will be attending, the event takes place from June 9-12th in Austin, Texas.

Damian Wayne has come up with his best idea yet, and he knows it. He’s spent weeks working on his little “project”, and now it is finally time for it to play out.

He gathers a group of women and men all carrying on the mantle of The Bat. Finally, with his family gathered around patiently waiting, he unveils his project: a mannequin covered in black and red leather, armor, weapons, and technology.

Jason is the first to ask, since Damian clearly isn’t planning on explaining the costume,

“What are you supposed to be? Slightly modified Robin?”

Damian responds coolly, as if he’d practiced these words in front of a mirror for hours,

“Actually, Todd, I have decided to be called Redder Robin.”

It takes about three seconds before all hell breaks loose. Jason
laughs so hard he is crying, Barbara is hiding her smile under a hand, and Stephanie is slack jawed. Tim stands up, so filled with rage that he can barley speak.

“This isn’t happening to me, things like this don’t happen to people”, he rants to the group as if they were a pannel of judges. He then turns his attention to Dick,

“There has to be a rule about this right? An anti one upping one?”

Dick looks at a lost for words, torn between laughter, anger, confusion, and shock. He has no answers, and shifts his eyes to Bruce hoping to find some.

Bruce’s face is blank, as usual with the man. The whole family stares at him, some laughing, some fuming, all waiting for a response. Eventually he sighs,

“Robin, put this charade away and get ready for patrol. Ten minutes.”

“Yes father.” Damian replies dutifully before dismantling his make shift identity. By now, most of the family has stormed off, except for Jason and Tim, who stand in silent shock before Jason bursts out laughing once more.

“I can’t believe the brat punked us. Maybe I do have a good brother.”

Tim gives “Say what you want but you and I both know you adore me” look, and Jason smiles cheekily,

“Maybe I should say good-er brother.”

anonymous asked:

Hello. I see in lots of fanfictions that Tim grew up as the Wayne's neighbor-is that a fandom thing or cannon? Pss i love your blog

Yep! That’s canon.

Tim’s family was pretty wealthy– he and Bruce both grew up in a suburb of Gotham called Bristol Township, which you can see in the upper right-hand corner of this map.

Their particular neighborhood is called Crest Hill, and it’s about fifteen miles outside of the city limits.

This is Drake Manor: