Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson have always been the perf pair, these harmonies in ‘Use Somebody’ tho…
A long, long time ago, One Direction were on their first headline tour as little puppies with great voices, wearing a lot of baggy khakis and stripes. Actually, it was less than four years ago. Hard to believe, right? The setlist of the 'Up All Night Tour' in 2011-2012 included a cover of the Kings…
Did You Know...
  • So many fans visit King’s Cross Station to take pictures of Platforms 9 and 10 that the station management erected a sign that says “Platform 9 ¾,” which, in the Harry Potter books, is invisible to Muggles but acts as a gateway for witches and wizards.

Doctors have spoken out against the new laws that prohibit them from speaking out about abuse in detention centres or risk 2 years jail time.

“I know many doctors are upset at this because they’ve been trained to care about people and normally they’d be legally compelled to report abuse in Australia…” commented Abbott. “Which is why I suggest having your soul removed. It’s simple - I did it long ago and haven’t looked back. I no longer remember the feeling of joy, or the squishy weakness of compassion. Join me and become a being of pure methodical disregard for humanity." 

"I know a few sentient lizards who are great at the procedure… all they need to do is replace your heart with a lump of coal… coal will be your all, your everything… coal is your god now. Give yourself over and forget what human rights ever meant…” he hissed menacingly as his fellow liberals surrounding him chanted “coal is your god now. Coal is your god now.”

We don’t know exactly what happened that night. We may never know exactly what happened. But we’ve heard some of the details. And they are gruesome. By pleading “no contest”, Slava Voynov is essentially saying that he did these things to his wife.

Whatever the reason was, there is no excuse for his actions, and I hope the Kings terminate his contract. There is no reason for a man who did what he did to play in the National Hockey League.