Introducing my newest creation: Volpina hoodie! Inspired by the villain, Volpina/Lila from Miraculous Ladybug.

Design by @toriitorii, Made by myself.

This item is available for commission depending on commission status.


The entire hoodie is made from varying colors of Sweatshirt Fleece except for the inside of the hood which has been lined in Black Cuddle Minky. The pockets  in front are apart of the front panel of white, not lined to keep that seamless look, but the edges have been hemmed by rolling them under and stitching in place. 

The back has 3 different colors sewn to form a gradient and are satin stitched over one another. 

The ears have wire sewn into the edges to ensure they stay upright when the hood is up, but can also be pushed back for a lower-profile. 

A draw string was sewn into the edge of the hood and exit the material via 2 small silver grommets and are tied off at the ends to make sure they don’t slip into the hood on accident. 

The bottom of the hoodie is finished with Black Ribbed Knitting with built in elastic thread and attached to a Break Away Plastic Zipper. All raw edges on the inside of the hoody have been surged together.