Creepypasta Headcanon

《Creepypasta x female Headcanon》 When they see their old best friend

Jeff the killer:

•Would probably be on a killing spree when he sees you and confront you and take you with him, definitely possesive

•Kinda creepy at first since he doesn’t want to lose you, but once you know it’s him you’ll hug him and wouldn’t let go for a while

Eyeless jack:

•He would just take you with him even if you didn’t recognise him at first, but once you do you would squeal and hug him

•Very protective and would want people to know not to touch you


•Would stare at you for a while wondering if it was really you, but once he got over the shock he would approach you

•You would immediately recognise him and jump into his arms, he would catch you and never let you go


•Wouldn’t believe it at first and just look at you for a while until you would notice him, once he knows it’s you he would run up to you

•You would also recognise him and literally cling to him as he hugs you


•Wouldn’t waste any time and glomp you probably sending both of you to the floor

•Would cling to your limbs like 24/7