Most likely my last rodent piece for the book, I knew that I would be including Rocket in some form or another when she passed away a couple of weeks ago. This rat was beyond special and absolutely one of my muses. She is and will always be my hero. Some animals earn their wings when they pass… Rocket was so bad ass, she got a goddamn cape. Miss her

I swear my pet rat is the laziest little thing there ever was i mean look

Every day hes like this

Oh look he has a teddy bear

And a hat

My favorite one hehe

Did I mention he sleeps like a person like im not even kidding

Not to mention my dog and him are like bffs

Looking at the view of outside

Snuggles forever

Oreo exploring as a baby

 Oreo eating popcorn as a baby

Oreo eating a noodle now because hes chubby lil fart and doesn’t like popcorn anymore >n<

Oreo! :)

Lets make my little baby Oreo famous!!


Two of the thirteen 9-day-old blue/blue hooded rat pups in my hooded-blue-rex over blue rat tank. I don’t think there are any rex furred ones in this bunch, but I should be able to tell for sure in a few days.

I pretty much love baby rats… they’re little balls of silky-feeling pudge with puppy faces. And between here and weaning they only get cuter.