hooded jacket

Yet here I am. (Closed iwasborntobeking)

Eleanor pulled her jacket’s hood over her face to guard herself from the rain and hide from prying eyes. She was still adjusting to life outside of Hydra’s laboratories after her escape, being sure to cover her tracks so she wouldn’t be found and be executed or sent back when she accidentally ran into someone. 

So I’m wearing a jacket with a hood, and I was holding the door for my sister and I went to walk away from the door and the hood of the jacket got caught on the door handle and I almost fell the fuck over until my dad caught the door from closing and unhooked my jacket from the door handle. It was super funny.


Pick one warm and comfortable outwear for the coming autumn.

  1. Hooded Drawstring Single-Breast Denim Coat 
  2. Hooded Loose Jacket Oversize Casual Denim Outerwear 
  3. Hooded Zipper Drawstring Waist Long Sleeve Coat 
  4. Cool Girl Zip Detail Long Sleeve Jacket 
  5. Cool Girl Tiger Eagle Print Bomber Jacket 
  6. Contrast Trim Color Block Printed Baseball Jacket 
  7. Women’s Faux Leather Motorcycle Power Shoulder Jacket 
  8. Plain Lapel Long Sleeve Zipper Long Coat 
  9. Plain Amy Green Hooded Split Front Woolen Cape