hooded figures in the dog park

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Mom, what do you do to calm down and relax? I feel really shitty rn, and I was wondering if you had any tips?

Ok friend, I have just the thing for you

Go to your App Store, and download a game called Tap Tap Fish/AbyssRium. It’s a really cute game (and it’s free!!) where you have to tap to level up a ‘lonely corallite’, and as you progress, you can buy more fish, and more corals. The colours are very soft and gentle, and it’s very relaxing watching the little fishies swim across your screen. I’ve found it very good for anxiety, as all it involves is tapping the screen, which you can do as leisurely or frantically as you want. Also, when you close the game, you can leave it shut for as long as you want, and nothing will happen! You’ll just open it up again, and you’ll have gained some more energy.

Look at these soft colours! They have seasonal events too (I took this picture during the Halloween event) where your corallite will be decorated, and you can unlock new, seasonal fish! The current seasonal event is an Easter event, where you get flower fish, like this one:

Sweet little flower fish!

Plus the corallite will sometimes have a little text bubble beside it, that says things like “are you taking care of yourself?” and “I’m so glad you’re spending time with me!” (and also “It’s high moon”. Can’t decide if that’s an Overwatch reference, or just a coincidence)

The music is also super relaxing too, but if you want something a little more distracting, then go to YouTube, and look up the pilot episode of Welcome to Nightvale. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a podcast set in a quiet little desert town where every conspiracy theory is TRUE. The president of the school board is an omnipotent glowing cloud that rains dead animals (ALL HAIL THE GLOW CLOUD), and there is a cat hovering 4 feet off the floor in the men’s bathroom named Koshekh, and there’s a dog park that people and dogs aren’t allowed in. Only the hooded figures are allowed in the dog park.

And the best thing? It’s all normal. There’s no yelling and screaming and freaking out about all of the weirdness. The voice of Nightvale is a total cinnamon roll called Cecil Palmer (voiced by Cecil Baldwin, what a babe), who falls in love with the perfect, gorgeous scientist named Carlos who moves to the town during the first episode. You get to follow the story through Cecil and Carlos’ relationship, and also the rise and fall of Strexcorp, and Koshekh having kittens (!!!!) and the tiny city at the back of the bowling alley.

Cecil’s voice is just so smooth and calming, and WTNV is so well written and sweet and endearing.

That’s my perfect recipe to relaxation!

🐕 ‘Don’t Go in the Dog Park’ Ward 🚷

inspired by night vale, a ward to keep you from entering dangerous spaces, spiritually/physically

“Dogs are not allowed in the dog park. People are not allowed in the dog park. It is possible you will see hooded figures in the dog park. Do not approach them. Do not approach the dog park. The dog park will not harm you.”

🐕 gather: rose branches, scissors, a taglock of you, your preferred warding incense, a small witch’s bottle, salt, a box to lay this spell in. 

🚷 place the witch’s bottle on one side of the box, your taglock on the other.

🐕 create a salt line down the middle

🚷 cut the tips of the rose branches’ thorns off. this is so they warn you but do not hurt. leave as much of the thorn there as you can.

🐕 lay the branch, your “fence” over the salt line

🚷 let the incense smoke waft over your side of the fence.

🐕 seal the box.

🚷 do not disturb the “dog park”. doing so will damage the ward

🐕 if you wish, you can cut the rose branch in three pieces, if you want to have a “gate” and the option to enter dangerous places

Gravity Falls and Night Vale Exist in the Same Universe (and something HUGE happened) Theory

Bear with me, listeners: this is gonna be long.

- They both started on the same day: June 15, 2012

- They are both “weird” towns filled with paranormal wonders.

- Alex Hirsch once said himself that if you put a red pin on a map every time something weird or paranormal happens, they become more clustered once you get close to Gravity Falls.  Night Vale is located “somewhere in the Southwestern United States” (I always think of Arizona).  That’s pretty close to Oregon, if you ask me.

- StrexCorp vs The Blind Eye Society

  • Okay, I’m pretty sure that the Blind Eye Society has more sects that are outside of Gravity Falls.  There have to be other memory guns and other people who just want to forget all of the crazy sh*t they’ve seen.  I think there’s a sect of the Blind Eye Society somewhere in Night Vale, and the only place where it could be is the infamous Dog Park.  All I know about the Dog Park is that dogs and people are not allowed in the Dog Park, and it doesn’t exist, but it does, and sometimes it occupies other dimensions.  And that no one is supposed to speak of it.  Also, that it is sometimes a meeting place for hooded figures.  The Blind Eye Society is chalk full of hooded people.  This could be another reason why it’s so shrouded by mystery: the people of Night Vale probably saw something weird and had their memories erased.  I’ll bet they’ve all been inside there at least once, but the Society makes sure that they never venture in there again—by means of other mind games, I’m sure.
  • I also think that Bill Cipher is heavily involved with StrexCorp.  Hear me out.  I think a lot of fans agree with me when I say that Desert Bluffs is basically what Night Vale could have been if they were unable to keep StrexCorp (and the Smiling god) away from them. We heard in “Triptych” that Kevin actually used to hate StrexCorp as much as Cecil did and seemed like a kind, caring individual.  Then StrexCorp went and turned him into…well, the Kevin we all know.  But later in his life Kevin will be broken, beaten down by whatever StrexCorp did to him, and inform Cecil that StrexCorp is a terrible thing.  He seemed so traumatized by it that I was reminded of Fiddleford McGucket.  After one glimpse of Bill Cipher’s dimension, Fiddleford was left mentally assaulted with so many terrible things that he created the B.E.S. just to forget about it, and that eventually led him to insanity.
  • …which only fuels my theory: Bill Cipher (and one of his “friends”) are basically the masterminds behind StrexCorp.  Anyone who’s watched Weirdmaggedon I, II, and III know what happens when Bill merges his dimension with ours.  I’ll bet some crazy person outside of Desert Bluffs and Night Vale made a deal with Bill involving some kind of business organization.  Bill agrees, but there’s always a twist with him, some kind of favor.  So what was originally going to be a successful monopoly turns into a freakish cult, all worshiping the “Smiling God.”  I’ve seen fanart sketches of the smiling god and none of them actually look human. Doesn’t that sound like something that would hang out in Bill’s dimension?  Or on a darker note, doesn’t this sound like something Bill would turn a person into?  Maybe the person that made the deal with Bill in the first place?  This smiling god acts like a true leader that will fix everything and bam, Desert Bluffs—despite Kevin’s initial protests—falls under its control.  But there are hints that Bill is still the one in charge—the most obvious ones being the triangle on the StrexCorp posters, as well as Kevin’s cheery, yet sadistic personality.  Also the fact that in most fanart, he’s wearing something yellow.  I’ll bet that Kevin’s even allowed Bill to control him at one time or another.
  • Another thing: Cecil and Kevin are usually depicted in fanart as having a third eye.  I for one don’t support this headcanon (but you guys can think what you want).  However, I do think that there is a hell of a lot of symbolism involving those third eyes.  This may get a little confusing, but I’ll try to explain as best I can.
    • Cecil knows all about the weird stuff happening in Night Vale—hell, he’s the voice of Night Vale, how could he not?  The important part is, he just takes it in stride.  I’m sure that in episodes he’s reacted strongly to stuff, but in the next episode he’s still sitting there in that studio, ready to speak again.  The weird stuff has become normal to him. That’s why his third eye is still intact—he knows what he believes in, and he’s not controlled by anyone.  Kevin, on the other hand, has let a higher power completely and utterly take over and destroy his life.  He’s succumbed to their fake smiles and their bloody normal.  He’s let someone else decide what he sees and what he believes—that’s why his third eye is either sewn shut, darkened, or gouged out.  Yet another allusion to the B.E.S..  He has—in a way—turned a “blind eye” to the crazy stuff and has let someone else make decisions for him.

- Cecil Palmer and Tad Strange are the same person.

  • I’m gonna start this off by saying that I’ve heard several things about this little theory—one of them being that Tad Strange became Cecil Palmer after he was tragically scarred by what happened during Weirdmaggedon.  But I don’t think that’s quite true.  In my theory, Bill was responsible for what happened to Desert Bluffs.  Now how could all of that happen if Bill died in Gravity Falls beforehand?  I think Cecil Palmer became Tad Strange, and here’s how:
    • StrexCorp invades Night Vale.  That’s the short answer, and it seems like that’s how the inevitable end to Night Vale will come to pass. Night Vale put up a fight the last time StrexCorp tried to come and they managed to hold it off.  But there are three things that tell me StrexCorp will be back: One, StrexCorp loves winning.  Two, Cecil actually says that Night Vale “did not stop the unraveling of the universe” which might foreshadow StrexCorp’s return.  The third one is the one I’m going off of: Cecil accidentally let it slip in a broadcast to recent-past-Kevin that there was going to be a rebellion against StrexCorp in the future.  Cecil was able to pass it off as a funny joke, but I’ll bet Kevin makes plans ahead of time. (See Triptych for more info.)
    • So when this time does indeed come to pass, Cecil becomes a fugitive because he believes too much in his own beloved town to ever believe in a “smiling god.”  Kevin and the rest of StrexCorp make sure that Cecil suffers a lot for his disobedience…they torture other people to draw him out, etc.  Cecil tries to gain a few followers, but there’s nothing he can do.  Maybe a few months later he seriously has no place to turn to and stumbles across the Dog Park, where the Blind Eye Society takes him in and completely erases Night Vale from his mind.  They safely get him out of Night Vale and away from StrexCorp.  So after a while, he just sort of stumbles upon Gravity Falls and makes another identity for himself from a little phrase he hears.

And here are a few other things that I found that were completely coincidental, but somehow may fit into the rest of this theory:

Triptych (the episode where Cecil finds out about Kevin’s past and future) and the Stanchurian candidate (where Tad Strange’s first appearance is) were released roughly around the same time.

There are a lot of quotes from Night Vale that would fit in Gravity Falls and vice versa, one of which being the one I’ll close with:

“Be proud of your place in the cosmos. It is small, and yet it is. How unlikely! How fantastic! And stupid. 

And excellent.”