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Looking back to prepare for the coming F/W ‘17 collections…here’s a revised take on Undercover. Here’s the stuff I loved:

-Contoured headbands are sick. Roots are athletic (like Gyakusou) or medical?
-Shades of beige + earth tones + mustard
-Cozy textures
-I can really get behind hooded composite blazers again. Seems v exciting lately
-Stacked wool layers
-Knit ‘set-up’s 
-The leather sleeve down is tickling my every 2013 Sufu itch
-Yeah, the crazy oversize look has been done over and over but I’m coming around to it. 
-The first time I’ve thought that that shiny crinkly polyester that Japanese brands love to use looks A+

Youth in Rebellion (working title/au

hey everyone Mr.E here back from month long break. I didn’t mean to be gone so long but i realized after writing for 2 years, that despite the fact there were moments i didn’t write for periods of time, I never actually took a real break from writing and while I didn’t mean to miss Starco week (and I’m trying to catch up) i think i needed it. so I’m back, almost done with the bad boy au. but first I needed to get this out of my head.

So I am a huge fan of the whole gentleman thief archetype. Katio Kid or the Phantom thief kid is my favorite anime character of all time and any time he comes out, it’s always my favorite episode. 

The second half to this idea was the fact one of my favorite game series Persona has finally released the 5th game *i waited 9 years people and no persona Q doesn’t really count * and what do you know it’s all about thieves doing good. 

So I’m hooked but i’m fusing the two concepts because I am not even going to try to explain persona (and it’s a rated M game so yeah) I decided to simplify it.

So in this AU, Connor is a new student who finds an ancient mask that grants him supernatural powers. He decides to rob and teach lessons to those who abuse their power and their positions. Marco is a private Investigator asked to look into this sudden rash of thefts and Nova is suspecting Connor. (they are not friends in this version)

So here’s a small preview. I’m still working things out but i wanted to get this out of my head so i could finish starco week. Let me know what you think, any of your favorite parts or any ideas you have. Italics means flashaback have a great week and I’ll have a story up soon. a special thanks to @artgirllullaby who helped me with the idea and @hains-mae for drawing a really awesome Nova pic that inspired her outfit here

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BTS of season 4:

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