i just wanted to so thank you to everyone that follows me and everyone I follow bc I love all of you and I just wanted to make this for the blogs that I absolutely adore and you guys make my dash 10000x better. uh so the bolded urls are my fave fave faves and the italicised urls are the people that I probably annoy on a daily basis bc I lubb them. btwdont ask me about the edit i was bored and now theres like a random mountain idk ok bye

**note I probably missed a lot of people bc I only picked 5sos blogs/or previous one, ppl that reblogged my ff/ put me in a ff and would be on here anyway, or maybe I just made a mistake and missed you

anyways ily all and you’re all rlly cool byE


5sos-unoffical, acoustic-cal, ashtonbrah, ashtonstawp, awcashton, awirwin, badassirwin, besidyou, blamecal, blazecal, blondieirwin, calumoxide, calumymas, clifforhard, comfyluke, cuddlycal, cutelucas, mukejpg,


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Hello everyone! So here are the winners on our ( huggablehemmo and cumlumhood ) awards!


Best Calum url:
calumsalittleshit / blazecalum / supcal / starbucalum

Best Ashton url:
irwinings / irweins / irwingasm / ashtonirwrin

Best Luke url:
broadhemmings / dazzlingluke / lukeamnesia / snapback-hemmo

Best Michael url:
plaidmikey / michael-cuteford / cliffordsmoan / cliffosaur

Best 5sos url:
heartbreakboobs / outofmylimit / unpredictcble

Favorite Calum girl:
loveablehemmo / discalnected

Favorite Ashton girl:
calumpillar / ashsgap / ash-teroids / omfglashton

Favorite Luke girl:
5sozfam / calumsboner / summerluke / stereolucas

Favorite Michael girl:
sassmichael / vodkaclifford / kinkyclifford / tribeclifford


Best icon:
blondieirwin / frickfrackhood / imintothebassist / bumcal 

Best theme:
ash-teroids / hoodbae / irweins / plaidluke 

Best edits:
fratboycal / vodkaclifford / irwinty / irweins

Best writer:
bitchcal / supcal / stonerlucas / damnlucas


Nicest blog:
cosycashton / 5sozfam / damnlucas / prettyboycal / summerluke / calumpillar / pizzalucas / americanhorrorshit / calumoxide / fineirwin

Hottest blogger:
hemmoslegs / grungehood / fablucas / polarlucas / calumhoodster / calumcakehood / leisuringluke / articmikeys

Favorite blog:
blondieirwin / irweins / tapcalum / irwinty / irwingasm / cosycashton / dreambig-hemmo / lukeamnesia / lip-piercings-ugh / fablucas

Thank you all so much for participating :)

Now, winners: you shall all be our friend, even if you don’t want to. Hit us up. You are obligated to talk to us. xx

so i reached 1.6K and i wanted to make another follow forever for the people i’m actually going to follow forever. i just wanted to say thanks for making my dash a really rad place and i think you guys are super cool and amazing,

this is going to be one long ass ride so buckle-up 


assholuke: ok wow what should i say about you other than brooooo.  i remember when i first followed you and i wanted to be your friend so badly, now im regretting my decision. nah kathryn you’re seriously one of the funniest and coolest people i know and im super glad we became friends even though i dont remember how we first started talking. #its like we were drawn to eachother that was weird bye.

yolucas: oh god kayleigh  how we became friends is one for the history books, we wrote a fanfic about michaels earrings. that was seriously the funniest things ever and i will never forget it. dont even get me started on your smut writing abilities because i will not survive (hope you still have that oscar). i seriously love you more than life we need to talk more because i miss you aw.

whisperlou: michelle!!!! your snapchats are killerrr everytime i open one i laugh really hard ok ur the queen. i remember the first time we talked, i was making fake tweets and you wanted one but said you didnt want one because i already made so many but i gave you one anyway. you are like the funniest,nicest, and cutest person ever and i love you a lot ok?

#-C:(faves are bolded):

5sosmerch / 5sosmichael / 5sospenises / 5sos-unofficial acoustic-cal / acidcxlum /ashtonshugedick / arrowheartcalashyawn / assstonawcashton / awirwin / bitchlucas / blazecal / blowmeclifford / bootical / calsbutt / calumbutt / calumdope / calumoons / calumoxide / calumskiwi / calumslapsmybass / calumslisp / clifforhard / cliffordvoodoo / comfortcal / cumformecalum / cumonmeclifford 


dominantmichael/ downanddirtywith5sos / fetus-calum / fletcherirwin / floralmichael / fratboycashton / funluke / f-ivesos / gotmichael / gotmuke /grunghood / hemminq / holalukey / hoodbae / humpthehemmings 


iriwins / irwinty / jetlagluke / kickassclifford / kisshemmo /lilhemmo / lukey 


masturbassist / michaelscock / mikashton / mikewar / orgascal / paradisecalum / pikacalum / pocketcalum / polarlucas / ponyboyash / punk-clifford


sarcalstic / shroomcal / slutlucas / stagelukes / starbucalum / stopirwin / stopitcalum / stupidcal / summerluke / teenageash / topcal / touchmyash / tupash / vegemiteash / vodkaclifford / watermalum 

again, you guys are all super cool thank you for making my dash interesting and fun i love you all alot.

also, sorry if i forget anyone i follow of ton of super rad people and it was hard to choose, even if you aren’t on this I still love you a lot.