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Walk in the Light: The Green Arrow 4x01 Review

Hello Arrow fans! How was your Wednesday night? Quiet? Uneventful? Completely worry free?

HA! Didn’t think so. Let’s just take a minute to scream.

Okay. Moving on. First things first… HELLO!!! I missed you all. So happy to be back and thank you for taking the time to read my review. Sorry Part 2 is so late. For those who missed Part 1, you can read my Death Theory here.

Last year, Oliver hung up the hood and escaped into tranquility and bliss with Felicity. 

As we embark on Season 4, Oliver must figure out how to be Oliver Queen and The Green Arrow. For three years, these two personas have been at war and now a balance must be achieved. How does Oliver Queen walk in the light… so he can become the light?

Let’s dig in…

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