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people are jerks, but not you (pietro maximoff)

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((exciting!! first non-request!! i hope you like it lots and feel free to send requests!!)

(note: I hc the Maximoffs as Eastern-European Jews who moved to the US (which is true in the comics but never addressed in the films)).

(warnings for non-descriptive mentions of blood, bullying, xenophobia, food)

Pietro Django Maximoff has never been popular. 

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[Tear You Apart] • 1


[Summary: A married Negan takes an interest in his neighbors young daughter]

Pre-Apocalypse Negan x Anastasia 

A/N: *OC is of legal age/23* (Her name is pronounced like Ana-stah-seya not ana-stay-sia). I was inspired by a lot of the themed one shots and wanted to try doing one based on the Types of Love! It’s not the literal definition of each type of love, but more based on their broad meaning. Eros: is an erotic or sexual type of love –  SOO I know said I’d post my Jason chapter before this, but I am having such a struggle trying to finish it up & this was already done – will get Jason posted soon promise! The first few parts are super smutty, enjoy :D

Warnings: 18+, cheating, uhh swearing? the fact that it’s Negan smut? lol please respect the age tag **

(gif by @mypapawinchester)

The clear, blue sky enticed the people living in this small town. They all desired to dip into the cool atmosphere just as long as they were away from under the ruthless fist of the unforgiving sun. It’s been like this for a week now. Children ran around, jumping through sprinklers while their laughs echoed across the neighborhood. Women walked around in their sun hats covering their delicate skin with porcelain cream to shield their beauty from the heat’s grasp. The men hid away safely inside, lazily relaxing on their leather recliners while they sat in the comfort of their cool living room caves.

To be indoors was all Negan could think about as he sat outside replacing old parts of his motorcycle. He didn’t know that the weather would open up the ninth circle of hell when he decided to fix up his Harley. “Sweetie” he looked up to find Lucille walking over to him, holding a silver tray in her hands, wearing her favorite pale blue sundress which emphasized her glowing face. “I brought you some lemonade” she said, planting a kiss on his cheek.

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Characters:  Dean x Reader, Sam

Summary:  The reader made a pact with Dean and Sam to meet up on a special date.  Do the brothers keep their word?

Word Count:  2821

Warnings:  Shower smut, language

This for @winchester-writes Birthday Drinking Challenge.  I chose Four Roses Bourbon and the prompt: “Can you help me take a shower?” (I played with the wording slightly. 


Tags are at the bottom.  As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated.


“Happy birthday to me,” you say with a sigh as you sit on the edge of the bed and flip through the shitty basic cable programming on the motel TV.

The knock at the door pulls you out of your pity party. Cautiously, you pull back the curtain. As soon as you see who is at the door, you pull back the deadbolt and throw it wide open.

“DEAN!” You throw yourself into his arms. The elder Winchester laughs as he wraps his arms around you tightly. Pulling back from his embrace, you tilt your head to look up at him. “What are you doing here?”

“Did you think I’d forget your twenty-first birthday?” he says.

God, it’s good to see Dean. Really fucking good. Until you saw, you’d hadn’t realized just how much you’d missed him. You peer around his shoulder, looking expectantly for his brother.

“Sorry, kid. It’s just me,” he says apologetically.

“What? No, I’m so glad you’re here! Come in,” you say, stepping back. Dean steps in, surveying your current digs.  

“Are you hunting alone?” Dean asks with concern, you can hear it in his voice.

“I can handle myself,” you retort, automatically falling back into the role of younger kid, Dean was always the oldest. He was the one who told you and Sammy what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. You were the one that argued with him, the defiant one, the one who questioned his orders.

“No, hey,” Dean replies. “I know you can. Let’s not - I’m here to celebrate. Whaddya say we grab some dinner and I buy you your first legal drink?”

“I’d say it’s fitting, since you’re the one who gave me my first illegal drink,” you tease.

Dean laughs. “Oh yeah, that’s right. You still a lightweight?”

“Let’s find out,” you say, throwing him a wink.

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Title: 2am

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 4,098

Anon Request: Will you write a one shot where Dean and the reader are like each others weekly booty call with q lot of dirty talk?

Anon Request: Can you do a rough Dean x reader? With a lot of dirty talk and kinky? Thanks!

Warnings: some feelsy stuff, dirty talk, temperature play, smut.

A/N:  Flashbacks are in Italics. So originally, this was supposed to be like 1k, I got carried away then I fell in love. I hope y’all love this as much as I do, I cried while writing this…twice, even my sister said something along the lines of feels (that never happens). Let me know what you think :)


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Dean Winchester.

 The man was like no other man you had ever met. He was smart, handsome, loving, you could go on forever with all of the characteristics you loved about the man, but you’d be here for a lifetime.

You’ve know Dean for your entire life. You were his next door neighbor in Lawrence. His mom was best friends with your mom for years before you and Dean were even an idea. Dean was older than you by six months, and for a while, those six months were pretty significant. The difference between the big kid swing and the baby swing. He would smirk at you while his mom would push him on the swing while your dad pushed you in the little one. Dean would constantly bring up how he was older to you when the two of you were kids.

 It stopped instantly when he lost his mom in the house fire. Dean’s dad was determined to find the thing that killed Mary, and your dad, who just happened to be John’s best friend, decided to set out with him. Your mom was going to go wherever your dad went. While the three of you stayed back in motels she would take care of you. Dean didn’t talk for awhile and even at that age, you could understand why. You would talk to him everyday, even if he wouldn’t say a word back. Sometimes he would smile softly at something you said, and that was enough to keep you going. After awhile, he came around, but most of all, he stuck to your side. He protected you.

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Dance With Me.

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam. 

Word count: 2571

Warnings: A bunch of fluff and overly explained scenery (i really need to stop that.)

Prompt: “Dance with me…”

Synopsis: Its the readers birthday, and Dean plans something a little different for her… 

A/N: I wrote this for Shannon’s ( @splendidcas ) birthday fic challenge! (Happy Birthday!!!!!!) I hope you like this, it’s not my best work but I tried my best! xx

I use a bon jovi song somewhere, so if you want to listen to it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gez1E9_Sijg

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If anybody ever asked what you did in your spare time, you would almost always tell them that you enjoyed driving. For you, driving was a giant stress reliever, just being out on the open road with Dean’s cassette tapes blaring through the radio was enough to make you forget about everything. You enjoyed staring out the window, allowing the world to fly by you in colorful blurs. Your hunting life seemed to disappear whenever you were in that car and for a brief moment, you felt normal.

After the particularly difficult hunts – the cases where innocents lost their lives, no matter how hard you tried – Dean would take you for a drive. The destination was usually unknown, and you would both drive until the early hours of the morning. Or until the Impala ran out of gas.

Sometimes, both you and Dean would blast the radio, belting out the lyrics to whatever song came on, other times, you would talk, about the hunt, about Sam or Cas, about each other…. And very rarely, you would both sit in complete silence. But it was the best way to spend your time, in that car with Dean.

Tonight, however, was incredibly different, the Winchester’s had found no hunt, and the bunker seemed a lot more alive than usual. Dean filled the Impala up with gas, before giving her a wash and cleaning out the garbage that hung around underneath the seats. He polished over the scratches and made sure there were no dents left unseen.

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Rae of Sunshine- Chapter 3 Break You

Pairing: Eric/OC

Fandom: Divergent

Rating: M

Summary: Rae thought Amity was where she belonged. Even with her dark past fuming inside of her, she had always done her best to suppress it. With Choosing Day approaching she was confident in her decision to stay in Amity. That is until a certain Dauntless Leader came roaring into Amity’s gates. Once Eric has Rae in his sights he is willing to do anything to have her, even if that means breaking her and destroying the world she lives in.

word count: 3,553

The compound looked ghostly at night. Empty of all its happy go lucky worker bees and the sound of all their buzzing. The only sounds that could be heard now were the chirpings of the pesky grasshoppers and crickets that roamed around in the fields. The chirping seemed to grow louder and louder until it suddenly ceased. Almost like something had interrupted them while rustling through the thick lush of grass.

A dark shadowy figure glided through the fields, heading in the direct of the wall that kept the unknown out. The silhouette moved through the thick forest where it stopped at a very familiar spot. Rae’s old demolition site that had been abandon many years ago. It still contained all the shattered remnants of Rae’s soul, along with the old beat up car. The hooded figure stepped further into the opening of the location, unveiling her hood.

“Lovely night for a stroll isn’t it Johanna?”

Johanna was startled by the voice that came up from behind, causing her to suddenly jerk away from the hot breath on her neck. She peered into the glowing eyes staring back at her in anticipation for her to speak.

“Yes, it is. I’m glad it was nice enough for us to have our meeting you so urgently demanded. Now, what is it you want Kent?” Johanna said while straightening her back up.

“Oh come on Johanna. Don’t you like our little chats we have? Okay fine I’ll get to the point. He’s not happy with Amity lately. First the shortage of food, now Dauntless patrolling around Amity. He’s starting to become very displeased with your performance and feels like maybe Amity needs a little reminder.” He threatened.

“No! No please! We’re doing the best we can, but we have to have enough food for all the other factions, not just the Factionless. It’s been hard reach your demands. As for Dauntless, there’s nothing I can do. Their leader is growing suspicious. Please just give us more time. We gave you more than enough food last time.”

“Johanna, he’s been more than generous to Amity. I mean he’s made sure to keep the chaos out of your compound. Remember he’s the one keeping Amity from burning to the ground. And the only way to keep him satisfied is to give him your contribution to our cause. The more time given the more desperate our people become and you should know desperate people do desperate things.” He warned.

“I know. I know what your people are capable of. Please just tell me what I need to do.”

“It’s simple. Get rid of Dauntless. Give us our food you owe and then wait until your services are needed again. See easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. That is unless you decide to be uncooperative or Dauntless starts to cause us problems. Then we’ll have to take some affirmative action people will start to get hurt, go missing, burn, but you already know that don’t you?”

Johanna swallowed the malice of his words, knowing his threats we’re real. “I understand. I’ll have your supplies ready.” She declared.

Kent smiled at her submission and chuckled. “Well, I’m sure he’ll be happy to hear that. See the five factions have their system of operations and we have ours. You have a goodnight, Johanna. I can’t wait till our next meet.” He said slipping into the darkness of the forest.

Johanna narrowed her eyes as he disappeared into the murky woodland. Her mind was running in a million different directions. How was she going to get enough food together in time for the factionless on top of everyone else Amity had to feed? How was she going to get Eric and his Dauntless regime out of Amity? Did she just make a deal with the Devil?

Rae’s mornings usually ran the same. She’d typically give herself an extra five minutes of sleep, which would result in her tardiness. She was lucky it was her day off considering the amount of sleep she got last night. The events from yesterday had her head spinning all night long. Rae wiped the sleep from her eyes and rolled out of bed. She needed to get ready for rehearsals with Joshua. Rae ran through her closet before settling on her favorite yellow sundress. She moved to the bathroom to brush her teeth and quickly ran her fingers through her loose curls. Stepping into the kitchen she could already smell the sweet apple cinnamon aroma in the air. Two apple turnovers and her peace tea were appropriately waiting for her along with her tea. After devouring her breakfast, she threw on her sandals and was on her way out the door.

Walking through Amity, Rae noticed a change in the atmosphere. The genuine smiles that walked around the compound seemed a lower than usual. This was probably due to the fact that Dauntless were hovering through the crowd. While most Dauntless moved swiftly to their assigned sentry duty. Some packs lingered around the dome, taunting any Amity that walked by. As Rae neared the dome, she knew she wouldn’t go unscathed from their crude comments.

“Fuck! The guys back at home were right on one thing about Amity. The women here look fucking delicious. I mean look at those hips! Hey baby where you going?” one called out.

Some whistling followed suit but Rae just ignored their comment and moved to walk in before being stopped by a familiar face.

“Well Goodmorning Sugar. I’ve been thinking about you I wanted to get to know you a little better but you left in such a hurry last night I didn’t get to. How about tonight we meet up for some cherry picking? Hmm, what do you say?” Luke proposed as he blocks her access.

“I’m afraid I’ll have to decline your offer as Dauntless should be gone by this afternoon and I wouldn’t want to cause you anymore insoluble feelings that I can’t and would never return. Now if you’ll excuse me.” Rae quipped as she pushed passed Luke. She didn’t bother looking back at his face as she pretty much had a good visual of what it probably looked liked.

As Rae entered she was astonished by all the decorations that were already up. There were elegant paper lanterns streaming all around. She could envision how beautiful it was going to look at night lite up. She noticed an array of ribbons and flowers that also adorned the walls. It probably was a good thing that Joshua was helping out with the decoration as it looked like a lot of work was put into decorating the dome.

Rae snapped out of her mesmerized state when she heard the loud banging of hammers. She looks over to the center where the tree stood and saw Joshua and another man working on the stage. Rae started walking towards the stage before being stopped by Cara.

“Oh, my gosh Rae. How are you? What do you think of the decorations? They were all my ideas. Their way better than last years don’t you think?” Cara jabbered.

“Oh yeah. It looks really good Cara, you guys did a great job. I just came to see if Joshua wanted to go rehearse for a little bit.”

“I don’t know about that, we still have a lot to do. I’m sure your little song can wait.” Cara said. Rae raised her eyebrow at Cara’s comment. She knew Cara expected for her to roll over but Rae wasn’t about to let that happen not when she and Joshua were finally starting to reignite their relationship.

“Well, why don’t we just go ask Joshua what he wants to do.” Rae declared as she brushed passed Cara. Cara trailed not far behind Rae. Joshua looked up from hammering to see Rae smiling at him.

“Rae, what are you doing here?” Joshua said surprised. “I thought we could rehearse a little since we didn’t yesterday. Is that okay?” Rae questioned innocently. Cara was behind her with her hand firmly on her hips not looking too pleased with Rae.

“Of course! I’d love to. Besides we’re almost done here anyway, I’ll grab my guitar and we can go practice.” Joshua declared while jumping off the half finished stage.

Rae smiled at the victory she just won against Cara, “Great!”

Rae enjoyed warming up with Joshua it gave them time to joke around and laugh. It was blissful to Rae, she felt like Joshua was the only one to make her feel truly happy. That’s all she wanted with Joshua to be happy with herself and her life.

“The decorations look really great Joshua. That collar Cara has on you must be working.” Rae giggled as he tuned his guitar. “Collar? What collar? All I did was help decorate.” Joshua stated.

“Oh come on. It’s obvious Cara wants you. That’s why she pulled you away from me. To keep you all to herself.”

“Rae, no one could ever pull me away from you.”

“Do you really mean that?” Rae asked as Joshua leaned in inches from her face still smiling. “I do.” He said. Their lips were millimeters apart when the doors suddenly burst open.

“Well well well. What do we have here?” Luke said with a pack of soldiers behind him. Rae turn blood shot red from the intrusion. First embarrassment came over her but was quickly turned into anger, but she knew she needed to contain it for Joshua’s sake.

“We’re rehearsing if you don’t mind. Please leave we need to practice.” Rae defended.

“Well if that’s how you practicing mind if I chime in,” Luke said walking towards the two of them.

Joshua stood up in front of Rae coaxing her behind him. Joshua puffed out his chest to try to intimidate Luke but his efforts were futile as Luke met his stance. “Look we don’t want any problems,” Joshua stated. Luke grabbed Joshua by the collar of his shirt pulling him dangerously close. “Well, then you should be causing any.” Luke barked. “Let him go!” Rae yelled as she tried to pry Luke’s hands from Joshua’s shirt. Without any effort at all Luke’s pushed Rae away with more force than he should have, causing her to hit the floor. She hesitated for a split second and then grabbed Joshua’s guitar.

“You know what really bugs me about Amity? Hmmm? Pussy men like you.” Luke spat as he reared his fist back ready to inflict pain. His actions were prevented when a guitar bashed the back of his head. Luke doubled back holding his head with his hands in pain.

“Motherfucker! You bitch!” he screamed.

Everyone in the room was in shock by the little Amity’s actions even Rae, herself. The look of terror came over her face when she realized what she had done. Before she could even run the dauntless soldiers were already restraining her arms. She screamed and struggled in their firm hold. A stream of tears started staining her face as she looked to Joshua who was mortified by the scene. She kept screaming his name as they dragged her out of the room wondering what their plans were for her next.

She was placed in Johanna’s office, which was unoccupied when they got there. Rae was still trembling, thinking about her punishment she would face for striking a soldier. ‘What would they do to her? What would Eric do to her?’ She thought. Rae regretted not being able to control her rage but she couldn’t just stand by watch Luke pummel Joshua like that. ‘Oh god! Joshua! He saw everything she did. What was she going to do now?’ she thought.

Rae was pulled from her thoughts when she heard the door behind her fly open. She didn’t look back to see who it was she wanted to make as little eye contact as possible. By the sound of heavy boots hitting the floor, she already knew who it was. Eric was silent as he made his way to the desk. As he sat down he kept quiet and only grinned at Rae. After a minute or two he finally began to speak.

“Well sunshine it seems you just can’t stay out of trouble, can you? But I must say I was rather surprised when I heard you assaulted one of my men.”

Rae didn’t say anything, she couldn’t even look at him after hearing his words. She thought back to last night and what had happened between them. Rae came to the conclusion that, that probably didn’t help her situation. “You know, I knew you were different from the others. I could sense it, anyone in a five hundred mile radius could. You can act like your all about peace and harmony, but face it Sunshine you’re just like me, full of rage and violence.” He sneered.

“I am nothing like you!” she cried. “One of your men attacked my friend.”

“And who was this friend?”

“It doesn’t matter, the point is he was about to attack my friend and so my instincts just kicked in and I hit him with a guitar!”

Eric couldn’t help but laugh, “If that’s not a Hippie attack I don’t know what is. Did you at least try to stop him with your ‘flower power’?”

“I did! He pushed me causing me to crash to the floor. I probably have bruises now!” Rae defended.

Eric demeanor changed after he heard about Luke pushing Rae. More importantly, he thought about how Luke had his hands on Rae. He was the only one who could touch. She didn’t know this but she would soon enough. Before Eric could further his interrogation Johanna burst through the door.

“Rae! Oh, my goodness are you okay? Joshua came and got me and told me what happened.” Johanna breathlessly said.

“Joshua is it?” Eric said getting confirmation on Rae’s ‘friend.’ He would be watching Joshua very closely now. Rae kept her head down and fiddled with her hands.

“Eric! What is the meaning of this interrogation? She has done nothing wrong. You have no authority when it comes to Amity and our punishments.” Johanna claimed.

“I never said she was being interrogated. I just needed to get her side of the story and she has assaulted one of my soldiers. So since this involves Dauntless I have the authority to choose how to deal with this.” He stated.

“Eric they were just getting ready for the festival coming up this won’t happen again. Besides Dauntless is leaving today you have more important things to deal with than a small Amity incident.” Johanna said hoping he would drop the punishment and leave with his Dauntless army.

“As it turns out Dauntless will be extending their stay here in Amity.” He answered.

Rae felt her stomach flip, that meant more Dauntless, more Luke, More Eric. Her tears silently ran down her face as she looked to Johanna for some type of comfort.

“Under who’s orders?” she asked. “Mine. Is that a problem?” he question. “Of course not everyone is welcomed here,” Johanna said trying to seem calm by his answer.

“Good. I’m so glad I’ll be able to attend the festival. You know how much Dauntless loves a good party.” He said cheerfully as he got up to exit the room. “Oh and don’t think you won’t face any type of punishment Sunshine. You will, I just want to give the type of punishment you deserve. And don’t worry about Luke I’ll take care of him.” He promised as he left the room.

Rae felt her whole world crashing around her. Johanna kneeled down in front of her and tried to stop her tears that kept pouring down her cheeks. “Calm down Rae. It’s okay everything will be okay.” Johanna hummed.
“No, it won’t! Dauntless won’t leave. I can’t take much more of this. Johanna, I need a stronger peace remedy. Please! I won’t survive without it. The real me will come out and I can’t have that happen. I might hurt someone like I did today. Please, I need it! Please” She begged.

“Shhh. Okay. Okay, I’ll get you more. Don’t worry I’ll take care of it.” Johanna said holding Rae trembling hands.

Eric stalked his way to the medical station to see Luke. He was infuriated that he thought he had the right to touch Rae after what had happened back at Dauntless. He needed to send Luke a clear message stating to never ever touch what is his. He found Luke doubled over hold an ice pack to the back of his head. He stood in front of Luke looking down at him like he was the lowest of the lows.

“You know I don’t know what’s more disappointing. The fact that you got taken down by a little Amity, a girl for that matter or that you still haven’t learned your lesson from last time.”

“Last time?”

Eric swiftly grabbed Luke’s head bring him down making contact with Eric’s knee. A burst of sheer pain went through Luke as his nose connected to Eric’s knee. Eric then brought him up to his level shoving him against the hall. Blood trickled from Luke’s nose splattering on Eric’s hands. As it was Eric’s style, he wrapped his hands around Luke’s neck cutting off his air supply.

“I’m only going to say this once so listen carefully. If you ever touch her again, I’ll fucking cut off your hands and make you wear them as a necklace.” He threatened. “Do I make myself clear or do you need a little help understanding?”

“No! No! I understand I’ll stay away from her! I swear!” Luke screamed. Eric threw Luke to the ground and continued to wipe his blood on the sides of his pants. “Good. Someone come clean this fucker up!” he commanded as he walked away.

After Johanna promised to get Rae a stronger peace remedy. Rae made her way home and was met by Joshua who was waiting for her. He ran to her and took her into his arms. She didn’t cry and embraced his warm, caring arms.

“Rae I’m so glad you’re okay. What happened? Will you be punished? I wish I could have stopped them. I’m so sorry, Rae.”

“I’m okay. Eric hasn’t made his decision on my punishment yet. Did you tell Poppy what happened?”

“No I’ve only told Johanna, but I can’t say the same for the other Dauntless soldiers that were there.” He exclaimed. Rae looked defeated in that moment word traveled fast through the factions it didn’t matter which one you belonged to everyone knew everyone’s business.

“Look, Joshua, what you saw today it… Well, it…”

“It doesn’t matter. I should have stepped up more. Maybe if I had you wouldn’t have had to do that. I promised you I would protect you and the first sign of danger I failed.” He confessed.

“No Joshua you didn’t fail. You could never fail. Your one of the most important person in my life.” Rae said. Her words warmed him. Her brought her in putting his forehead against hers. They stayed like that for a while until they were interrupted by a dominating voice.

“Move along Amity,” Eric commanded causing Rae to step back in fear. He knows who Joshua is now, his name, his face. Rae’s worse nightmare was now a reality. Joshua stood there and looked at Rae. He knew who Eric was and knew his words shouldn’t be taken lightly, but he also didn’t want to leave Rae.

“It’s okay Joshua. You should go. Don’t worry about me, I’ll see you tomorrow to practice.” Rae assured him.

Eric stepped closer to Joshua, “Move along flower boy.” Joshua swallowed whatever he was feeling and stepped away from Eric moving towards Rae. In fear of what Eric would do she stepped back a yelp “Goodnight Joshua. Please just go.” Defeated Joshua said goodnight and turned away from Rae. He walked passed Eric who was grinning at the rejection. “Goodnight Joshua.” Eric sneered. Joshua ignored Eric’s sarcasm and made his way down the road.

“You don’t have to be so mean you know. He wasn’t doing anything wrong.” She snide.

“Oh but he was. He was touching you and he should know he shouldn’t touch things that don’t belong to him.”

“Fuck you! I don’t belong to you. I’m not your property.”

“You need to watch your mouth sunshine get this through your head sunshine you belong to me and I don’t like other people touching what’s mine. And if you don’t understand that yet, understand this, if I see him touching you again well use your imagination.” He warned as he caressed her cheek. He ran his thumb over her bottom lip. She flinched at his touch and tried to move away but his hold on her jaw was too strong that when she tried to move she was in pain.

“God I’m going to have so much fun with your punishment.” He said calmly as he dropped his hand from her face. “What are you going to do to me?” Rae asked quivering.

Eric only smiled and turned to walk off leaving her to her own horrific thoughts. She almost couldn’t hear him but it was clear what he said.

“Break you.”

Okay so i’m assuming Adam probably lives at the Barns or stays there a lot during the time between the last chapter and the epilogue, so now i just can’t stop thinking about him there with Ronan and Opal, discovering wonderful things about the place and finding new reasons to call it home: 

  • Adam waking up to warm sun on his skin, soft sheets tangled up in his legs, Ronan’s warm body pressed against his own, feeling still and calm and so happy
  • Adam waking up on early mornings on weekends where he doesn’t have to work until the afternoon, and walking through the fields as the sun rises, Opal silently skipping after him, occasionally handing him pretty rocks or stones she finds buried under the earth
  • Adam and Opal going back to the house. Him hosing down her muddy hooves before both of them make their way into the kitchen where Ronan is making breakfast
  • Adam in old soft home knitted jumpers and plaid pyjama pants wrapped up in blankets, and Ronan, in front of the fire place, while Opal lies on her stomach besides them, making faces at Chainsaw 
  • All three of them star gazing on warm nights in secluded clearings Ronan used to play in when he was a kid
  • Adam converting one of the old barns into a garage and fixing up old cars while Opal watches over his shoulder and gnaws on old car parts Adam doesn’t need 
  • (Ronan being totally cliche and bringing him lemonade and watching his ass while he works under the hood of old cars)
  • Ronan having a stern lecture with Opal after that one time she chewed up Adam’s textbook and he had to dream him a new one, while Adam laughs in the background because Ronan almost sounds like Gansey and Adam can’t take responsible dad!Ronan seriously 
  • Adam becoming familiar and friendly with all of Ronan’s dream animals on the farm and Ronan can’t help but smile every time he see’s Adam cautiously petting or feeding them
  • Ronan, Adam and Opal watching old movies on rainy nights and all falling asleep on the sofa
  • Ronan finding his old stuffed animals and Adam suggesting they give them to Opal. She becomes attached to this ratty old teddy Ronan carried everywhere when he was 5 and she chews off the ear like 10 seconds after they hand it to her
  • Adam and Opal discovering a tiny pond with fish that sing quiet melodies when the sun shines on them and it becoming a regular spot for them to sit while Adam teaches her to read and write
  • Adam and Ronan climbing up the trees that surround the fields and watching the sun set from them
  • Adam teaching Opal about art and he and Ronan taking her on walks through the forest that used to be Cabeswater so she can collect leaves to make collages. Ronan tells both of them loudly how shitty they are but Adam catches him displaying them on the fridge a few hours later
  • Adam giving Opal his old watch again before he leaves for college and telling her to take care of it, and Ronan, for him till he comes back

Cait reeks of alcohol, stale sweat and blood. It doesn’t matter how many times she showers, it’s a scent that may fade a bit but never totally goes away.

Codsworth smells of metal and burned oil, but somehow he also manages to have a soft scent of butter biscuits and earl grey tea. 

Danse usually smells fresh, with a hint of sweat, grease and rust here and there.

Deacon never smells EXACTLY the same but he always smells clean and fresh (unless he’s in costume). He has unashamedly used costumes to get access to hot, real showers.

Dogmeat smells like a dog, specially when he’s wet! He might be the cutest, loveliest dog in the whole wasteland, but you don’t want him near you when he’s wet. 

Hancock… Let’s be honest – he smells awful, even for your average wastelander. Just think about that rotting skin. Usually when a ghoul gets older the outer layer of skin gets scarified enough that it doesn’t bleed and fester anymore, but Hancock’s still a young ghoul and his wounds are pretty open. He knows about it and it makes him feel a bit uneasy.

MacCready smells of dirt and a bit of stale sweat, but overall, somehow, it’s not a disgusting smell. If he has the opportunity to help himself to a bit of cologne, he’ll really appreciate it, even though afterwards he ends up with a mix of scents that are too strong. 

Piper smells of nicotine, something salty that remembers of noodles (maybe broth, or soy sauce, or a combination of both) and strawberry bubblegum. It’s definitely a very particular smell.

Valentine’s clothes smell of dust and nicotine, but his body cannot catch any other scent but the one of the metal. He smells a bit like when you open the hood of an old car.

Cars [a Barry Allen AU]


a/n: DANNY ZUKO UP IN HERE, jk. Its short

Fixing his car is all Barry does. He goes out sometimes with his friends but most of the time, he’s getting his hands dirty. Like right now. The sound of Elvis bounces off the walls of the garage and he whistles along with the tune. The radio scratches a little but it doesn’t really bother him; he’s too focused on the car.

“Ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog, cryin’ all the time…” Barry hums along with Elvis, tightening a bolt; eyes scrunched in concentration. A line of grease covers his white t-shirt sleeve and he lets out a huff, bending his legs to propel the scooter underneath him forward.

He stands up, dusting his hands on his blue jeans that sit above his hips. His black and white converse scuff against the dirty concrete floor, kicking around the sandy dust. “You ain’t never caught a rabbit… and you ain’t no friend of mine!” he sings out, whipping his head around as he pulls the door of the car open.

Turning the key, the engine sputters, making a nasty sound then dying. Barry sighs, hand running through his hair. He falls on the leather seat dramatically, ass up in the air while his feet stay firmly planted on the floor. “Still working on the car, I see.” he hears from behind him, causing him to peer over his shoulder.

He crawls out of the car, hitting his head in the process. “Ow.” he mumbles, spinning around to see you; your light blue dress hangs at your ankles and you pull your sweater on your shoulders. “Well, I couldn’t find ya, so I thought I’d work on ‘er some more. Almost got ’er workin’ again.” he sighs, leaning his arms on the hood of the beat up car.

You shake your head, reaching up to his slicked brown hair, pushing it back. Geez, he always has so much grease in it. You glance around, listening to the music play. “Now you have me and Elvis to keep you company.” you smile, setting your books on the car.

A smile blossoms on his face and he wraps his arms around your waist, hoisting you up. His feet move carefully to the hood of the old car, still holding you to his chest, and he leans back, placing your ass on the metal. “Mmm, I do love your company…” he smirks, pecking your lips sweetly, hands on either side of you.

“I know you do.” you grin.

(Requested) Daddy Dean: I’ll Be Home For Christmas

(this is a continuation of my old one shot “Maybe Next Year” as requested)

“You say this every year Pop-pop,” you sighed, allowing him to rest his hand on your shoulder as you both stared out the window, watching a few snowflakes fall. “Last year they were a week late, the year before that it was almost two weeks. I think I’ve had a total of two actual Christmases with my dad and Uncle and I’m sixteen.” 

“We’ll celebrate all over again when they come kiddo, you know we always do,” Bobby said gruffly, holding back his sigh. 

 “It’s not the same, it never was,” you watched as more snow fell, landing on the hoods of all the old cars. “I love you and I love spending Christmas with you. I wouldn’t even be mad at all if I knew there weren’t other hunters out there that could take care of this instead of them. If Dad would stop running off a week before Christmas, promising he’d be home and just for once, let someone else do the dirty work, let someone else sacrifice Christmas.” 

 Bobby kept quiet; he wasn’t sure what to say anymore. He told the boys hundreds of times something like this was going to happen but Dean just didn’t listen. Silently, Bobby squeezed your shoulder, forcing a smile when you looked back over your shoulder at him, “Pancakes or waffles kid?” 

 “Honey, I’m home,” Dean yelled into the house, dropping his duffel bag by the front door and dusting the snow from his jacket. Sam pushed past him, nearly knocking him down and quickly began kicking off his soaking wet boots and shaking his hair. 

Bobby walked out from the entrance of the kitchen where the boys could hear the radio playing softly and scowled, “About damn time you two show up, at least you’re only a day late this year.” 

 Dean shrugged, hanging his jacket on the coat rack and smiled, “Hey, it’s a record for me, only a day late seems pretty good in my book.” 

“Yeah, you deserve father of the year,” Bobby rolled his eyes and turned back into the kitchen. “Now get your asses in here before the bacon gets cold.” 

Sam eagerly led the way in, grabbing the plate of food that Bobby handed him, “Where’s (Y/N), shouldn’t she be up by now?” 

 Bobby flexed his jaw before answering, watching as Dean stole Sam’s plate and sat across from him, “She ate already.” 

 “So what? Is she out playing in the snow or something?” Dean asked, shoving a huge piece of pancake into his mouth, syrup running down his chin. Sam gratefully took the second plate Bobby handed him and looked up, waiting for the answer concerning his niece. “She has gloves and a hat on and everything right?” 

 “I think she’s in her room,” Bobby turned his back on them, starting up the stove again to prepare more food. Sam and Dean exchanged confused looks, Dean swallowing his food quickly before asking worriedly, “Is she sick or something? Why hasn’t she come downstairs? Normally when she hears the Impala she comes running.” 

 “She’s not sick.” 

 Dean watched as you walked past him silently once again and took a seat on the couch next to Bobby, eyes on the TV in front of you. He and Sam looked at each other, a little hurt at cold shoulder they had both been getting for the past two hours. Dean couldn’t, for the life of him, figure out what was wrong. When he talked to you on the phone yesterday, you seemed perfectly fine. But when he went up to your room after breakfast today to say hello, all he got was an annoyed “Hi dad,” and “I’m busy right now, tell Uncle Sam I said hi too” before you had shut the door on him. 

Eventually Bobby had coaxed you downstairs, but you had stuck to his side like glue, barely at all and completely ignoring Dean and Sam. Now everyone was sat together in the living room watching A Christmas Story, which was a tradition, and you weren’t even smiling. Finally, when you got up to go to the bathroom for the second time and Bobby paused the movie, Dean had had enough, “Okay, what the hell is going on with my daughter?” 

 “You must be dumber than a sack of oatmeal if you two don’t know what’s going on,” Bobby raised an eyebrow, looking back and forth between Sam and Dean before rolling his eyes. “She’s pissed off you missed Christmas, again. And she’s got the right to be, I told you one day it wouldn’t be enough having two christmas’ and I was right, she’s sick of it.” 

 Dean and Sam exchanged guilty looks, heads shooting up as you walked back into the room. Bobby looked between the three of you before standing up with a grunt and rubbing his neck, “I’m just gonna get started on dinner, leave you three out here to talk-and no you will not come with me, you sit back down and talk to your daddy,” Bobby added quickly, fixing you with a stern look as you made to stand up from the couch. You slowly sank back down, glaring at his back as he made his way out of the room and turned on the radio in the kitchen to sound you out. 

 “(Y/N),” Dean started slowly. 

 “Save it dad, seriously,” you looked straight at the TV, wishing someone had un-paused it. 

 “People were dying, (Y/N),” Dean continued in a low voice. 

 You looked over at him, snarling, “And you know plenty of other hunters that could’ve stopped that dad.” 

 “I didn’t think it was that important to you, almost your whole life you’ve got to have two Christmases, I thought you were okay with it. Honestly, I thought you sort of liked getting to celebrate twice, I don’t deliberately plan to miss it, I just didn’t think you minded,” Dean said, wincing at the look on your face. 

 “Of course I fucking mind! I just want one normal thing in my life, is that too much to ask for dad? Every year, I have to go back to school after winter break and listen to everyone talk about all the fun things their families did for the holidays. My family wasn’t even around! I just thought that maybe we can celebrate Christmas like a normal fucking family for once instead of you not showing up!” you shouted, standing up and storming out of the room, going upstairs to your bedroom and slamming the door. 

 Dean and Sam stared at each other in silence for a few minutes before Dean let out a low whistle and shook his head, “I’m the worst father ever, aren’t I?” 

 “You never opened the present I got you,” Dean softly opened your bedroom door, holding a brightly covered package and resisting the urge to smile as he saw you had buried yourself under your covers. He and Sam moved to sit on either side of your bed, sighing when you pulled the blanket further over your head and ignored them. “I think you’ll really like it sweetheart.” 

 “I don’t want it, you ruined Christmas,” you said childishly in a muffled voice. 

Dean bit his lip, setting the present down on your nightstand and placing his hand on your back, “I know we- I really screwed up (Y/N). When you were little and this happened year after year on accident, you used to get really excited with the idea of another whole day filled with presents and cookies so after the first few times, I stopped feeling as horrible. I never planned on missing but if it happened, I thought you were okay with it. I was wrong, I was really freaking stupid to ever think this was okay. You’re my daughter, I want to spend every day with you especially the important ones. I won’t miss Christmas anymore and neither will Uncle Sammy.” 

 “We’re sorry we didn’t think about what we were doing,” Sam continued quietly, pulling the blanket back a little and placing his hand on top of your head, lightly scratching. “We’re idiots (Y/N), you ought to know that by now.” 

 “I do,” came your muffled response, making both men chuckle. 

You peeked your head out from under the blanket and looked at your dad who was smiling sadly at you, “Sorry I cursed you off daddy, sorry Uncle Sammy.” 

“It’s alright kiddo, we deserved it,” Dean laughed. 

 “Just don’t make it a habit to have that word flying from your mouth, deal?” Sam smiled, ruffling your hair. You sat up and hugged them both, staying in Dean’s arms longer than usual before pulling back and smiling, “Deal. Now let’s go have ourselves a merry freaking second Christmas.”