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Taken by the Woods [8tracks]  [playmoss]

Follow you Down to the Red Tree James Vincet McMorrow//In a Week Hozier//Gently You+Me//In the Woods Somewhere Hozier//Run Boy Run Woodkid//Skulls Bastille//The Woods Daughter//Thistle & Weeds Mumford & Sons//Lost River Murder By Death//Spirited Away - The Sixth Station Joe Hisaishi//Smother Daughter//The Draw Bastille//Within You ThouShaltNot//Eliezers Waltz Disparition//Bottom of the River Delta Rae//Bones MsMr//Li'l Red Riding Hood Laura Gibson//The Moss Cosmo Sheldrake//Over The Garden Wall Jack Jones//Drink the Water Eisley//Little Talks Of Monsters and Men//Fukitsu Satoru Kosaki//Still Alive Mt Eden Dubstep//Into the Unknown (Theme Song) Jack Jones//Clint Eastwood Gorrilaz//Once Upon A Dream Lana Del Rey

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Me listening to Cinderblock Garden

Me: *listening to Cinderblock Garden*

Me: *dead*

Prompt # 21


Jason loved gardening. Knowing he could grow his own food if he needed too was very comforting. All of his safe houses have some form of plant life. So when he crashes at one of the Replacement’s and finds all of his plants are fake ( or like super dead). Jason starts a buying Tim new potted plants (some flower most are vegetables)and leaving them everywhere. Tim is just confused (he learned long ago to just let Jason do whatever he wants as long as no one dies) and the plants do make his safe houses look less depressing.


Princess Beatrice was one of the 500 female runners participating in the Lady Garden Campaign 5K in London’s Hyde Park, , On May 13, 2017. The event was in support of the Silent No More Gynaecological Cancer Fund, which calls for women all over the country to get involved and raise funds and awareness for gynaecological cancers.The Princess started the race at the front, surrounded by fellow women who were taking part in the female-only fun run.The Princess completed the race and afterwards posed for a photograph proudly wearing the Lady Garden hooded sweatshirt with her hair restyled into a loose side-plait.She politely stood for pictures with other runners who were thrilled to have a member of the Royal family among them.

they fucking did it. from a small gig to the largest show they’ve ever had tonight in Madison Square Garden. thank you boys for this awesome journey of watching you grow to be the amazing artists you guys are. I’ve never been more proud of a band before. kill it on stage like you usually do and here’s to many more.

Something To Do With Your Hands

🔨Cuz you need something to do with your hands I’ve seen them break the black dirt in the yard I’ve heard them working ‘neath the hood of your car They fix the leaky pipe under the sink Easy to see they can do anything🔨

You just moved to this small town in North Carolina from England, it was hard leaving your family behind, but this Teaching Job opportunity was too good to pass plus who wouldn’t want to escape the Dull British weather.

As you pull into your new driveway you spot one of your neighbours in his garden shirtless, digging up his yard, sweat dripping down his chest, which he wiped off with the towel that he had thrown over his shoulder. Suddenly, The brown haired male looked up from the ground winking at you and bouncing his pecks slightly chuckling when he saw you go bright red and you realised what an idiot you looked like drooling over your neighbour in the middle of your driveway, so as quickly as you could you jumped out your car and rushed into your house stumbling as you entered the door.

When you entered the house you went straight to the kitchen to find some food only to realise you had the perfect view of your neighbour’s front Garden and his Ass as he leaned over his car under the hood, Okay, so he Gardens and knows how to fix a car that was nothing you’ve seen guys do more exciting stuff than that. Sighing, you turn the cold tap thinking that it will help your burning red cheeks, but as you turned it nothing came out “Seriously, this is just my luck.” you swat down opening the cupboard under the sink “Maybe one of the pipes are broken.” you tap on one of the pipes that looked a bit lose and it fell straight off causing a burst of water to hit you right in the face, soaking you and your clothes.

Once again the man looks up again when he heard a little squeal only to turn around to see a soaking wet you, through your kitchen window his guess was it was just a broken pipe so he headed over resting his arm on the window ledge “You know, I can fix that.”

🔨Cuz I’ve been cooking up something so fine And I just might be wearing something you like🔨

After the time the male, Whom you now know is called AJ fixed the broken Pipe he came round a lot more to help fix things or even to lift something off the top shelf no matter how big or small the problem was he was always there to fix it.

So one day when you saw him putting up a new Fence you decided to repay the favour “Hey Mr Handyman.” You smirk walking over to him holding a tray with a jug homemade lemonade and a couple of glasses with ice and a straw in.

“You better not be tiring yourself out already.” He smirks up at you when he hears you say this, pouring the lemonade into two glasses “Hmm and why would I be doing that?” He takes a sip of his drink humming in satisfaction “Because you’re coming to my place at 8 for dinner and I’m not taking no as an answer so be there on time.” Blushing slightly you turn away heading back to your house before he could answer you.

At 8 o'clock on the dot there was a light knock on the door, Nervously you straighten out your royal blue dress before opening the door to reveal AJ in a black suit with a blue tie which matched your dress perfectly “How did you know I was wearing Blue?” He stands there speechless for a couple of seconds looking you up and down before he replied “It’s my favourite colour and actually the only colour of tie I own… wow you look amazing Y/N.”

The dinner went Amazingly, somehow you didn’t burn anything or spill any food down your dress. Well, that was till the light bulbs went out in your dining room leaving, you and AJ in complete darkness, “You know, I can Fix that.”

🔨When you kiss me, Kiss me slowly And if you need something to do with your hands🔨

A couple of weeks after the Dinner you and AJ were closer than ever but still no one tried to make a move on each other till one night he was fixing your garage door when you came out with a glass of your homemade lemonade that he loved so much “You’re a Doll Y/N, I honestly have no idea how you make this so good.”

You giggle watching him chug down the drink like it was oxygen “Well that’s my little secret.” as you wink at him you notice a light pink appear on his cheek under the the dirt smudges.

“Why do you work so hard AJ.” You pick up a rag of the side, standing up on your tip toes wiping the dirt off.

“I need something to do with my hands.” It wasn’t till you looked into his crystal blue eyes you realised how close you two were next to each other and soon enough his lips were lighting brushing yours like he was afraid to break you

“If you need something to do with your hands, I have the Perfect Idea.”

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