hood garden

Taken by the Woods [8tracks]  [playmoss]

Follow you Down to the Red Tree James Vincet McMorrow//In a Week Hozier//Gently You+Me//In the Woods Somewhere Hozier//Run Boy Run Woodkid//Skulls Bastille//The Woods Daughter//Thistle & Weeds Mumford & Sons//Lost River Murder By Death//Spirited Away - The Sixth Station Joe Hisaishi//Smother Daughter//The Draw Bastille//Within You ThouShaltNot//Eliezers Waltz Disparition//Bottom of the River Delta Rae//Bones MsMr//Li'l Red Riding Hood Laura Gibson//The Moss Cosmo Sheldrake//Over The Garden Wall Jack Jones//Drink the Water Eisley//Little Talks Of Monsters and Men//Fukitsu Satoru Kosaki//Still Alive Mt Eden Dubstep//Into the Unknown (Theme Song) Jack Jones//Clint Eastwood Gorrilaz//Once Upon A Dream Lana Del Rey

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Me listening to Cinderblock Garden

Me: *listening to Cinderblock Garden*

Me: *dead*

  • Michael: *mouths 'i made it' during jet black heart*
  • Me: wHAT
  • Me: STOP
  • Me: IM SO EMO
  • Me: WHY
  • Ashton: -and I just wanted you guys to know that you can do anything :)
  • Me: *sharp pain where heart should be*
  • Me: fuck what was that??
  • Me: *sharp pain again*
  • Me: I think I'm .. FEELING
  • Luke: *plays piano*
  • Me: stop right there sir
  • Me: I can't take anymore I'm on the brink of-
  • Calum: *is Calum*
  • Me: fuck

they fucking did it. from a small gig to the largest show they’ve ever had tonight in Madison Square Garden. thank you boys for this awesome journey of watching you grow to be the amazing artists you guys are. I’ve never been more proud of a band before. kill it on stage like you usually do and here’s to many more.

madison square garden

in honour of luke’s last show as a teenager and the boys headlining msg i felt an imagine is necessary!

“are you nervous?” y/n asked, fiddling with luke’s fingers. you and luke were both sat on a couch together backstage with the other boys discussing the show tonight, with the quiet tune of diet soda society played in the background.
“i’m nervous but excited, i feel like once i get on stage and see the crowd all the nerves will just disappear and the adrenaline will kick in.” luke responded, his gaze focused on your connected hands.
“you did it.”
“did what?”
“achieved your dream.” y/n laughed at luke’s obvious question. “you’re gonna’ be performing in front of thousands of people at the worlds most famous arena. you did it luke.”
luke didn’t reply but simply held up both of your hands and kissed the back of your hand. a loving smile present on his face in absolute awe that he fell in love with the perfect girl. he was surrounded by people that loved him and whom he loved. his girlfriend, his friends, family. every thing that he dreamt of came true.
“guys, it’s time.” the stage manager came in, a large grin on his face as he clapped his hands together.
“let’s do this, boys.” ashton said, jumping up from his position next to calum on the couch.
everyone in the room got up from their seats, walking towards the stage, luke’s hand firmly clutching yours. the screams and cheers of thousands of people became progressively louder only causing the grin on your face to increase more if it was even possible.
“you’ve got this.” you mumbled to luke, the stage inches away from where you were stood. you got on your tip-toes fixing luke’s hair up a bit and did a teeth check ensuring there was no leftover food on his teeth.
“thanks.” he sheepishly grinned, holding onto your hips, pulling you close enough and placing a peck on your lips.
“i love you.” he smiled.
“i love you. last show as a teenager, make it worth it.”
and he did. him and the rest of the boys played their hearts off, and you swore you saw a tear in michael’s eye which he’d probably play off as ‘sweat’ but you all knew it was because of the incredibly fans and the milestone that they had completed.


Smiithsons, Robin Hood Gardens, London, 1966-72

Photo: Seier+Seier