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Merry Men - Robin Hood (2010) OST / Wallace Courts Murron - Braveheart OST / Main Titles - Outlander OST / Northern Pastures - Two Steps From Hell / Noble Maiden Fair - Brave OST / Main Theme - Braveheart OST / The Gathering - Outlander OST / Opening Titles - John Adams OST / Fate and Destiny - Brave OST / The Legends Spreads - Breaveheart OST /Merida’s Home - Brave OST / Kingdom Dance - Tangled OST / Turtle - Cinderella Man OST / For The Dancing and The Dreaming - How To Train Your Dragon 2 OST / The Legend Begins - Robin Hood (2010) OST

Court side - L.H

College basketball was not my favourite thing in the whole world. I did not live, sleep or breathe the smell of the gym or the sound of sneakers as they ran around the court. In fact I hated basketball, I found it pointless.

“Try to look interested, babe,” Luke said. I’d been glaring at the coach for several minutes while Luke and his team discussed game tactics. I blushed and nodded.

“Alright, I want everyone out on that court, I want three shots each! Luke warm them up, Carter do some fitness and Ethan you’re doing a cool down,”

Luke smiled at me and grabbed my hand pulling me out of the change rooms with him. “Can’t I go and do something else?” I whined as Luke pulled me to his chest.

“No, you have nothing else to do,” he said his dimples cutting his cheeks.

“I do!” I said punching his arm lightly.

“What’s better than watching your boyfriend playing basketball?” Luke said.

“Having sex with my boyfriend,” I said blandly.

Luke smirked and leant down to my ear, “Don’t worry babe, you know how hungry I get after these games. You think you can keep yourself under control until then?”

I gulped down an invisible lump that had settled in my throat, he bit my ear, “Not so cocky now, are we?” He said. I blushed and played with the hem of his baggies. He laughed and kissed my forehead, “It’s cute when you don’t know what to say,” I glared at him.

“Hemmings!” The coach shouted, “Will you please tell me why the fuck my star player is not on the court warming his team up,”

Luke smirked at me and bit my bottom lip, “Duty calls, babe,” he said running off to join his team.

When practise was over, people started filing in. The team ran off the court and into their change room. I’d stayed in my seat and waited for my friends to join.

“Excited?” Lily asked. I’d nodded and bit my nail, she grabbed my free hand, “Same,” she said. She also dated one of the players, Calum.

When the lights dimmed and beams shone at the openings of where the teams ran out on, I needed to hold my breath. This was a very important match, the semifinals of the college league tournament. The opposition ran out their tunnel and their side went crazy.

Instantly the gymnasium jumped to life. The bands began their songs as the cheerleaders started their cheers. I waited patiently to see Luke run out.

Our team entered and our side erupted into cheers. Luke smiled and searched for me, our eyes locking instantly. He smirked and bit his lip, driving me crazy already. I rolled my eyes and tried to pay him no attention. When I stole a glance at Luke he had his eyebrows furrowed in concentration as they players took their positions.

I held my breath as the buzzer signalled the start of the game. Luke took off flying across the court his team throwing balls to and fro at fast paces with ease.


The first half of the game had gone our way, we were leading by 10. We thought we had them under our thumbs. Until Calum tripped and did something to his ankle, that threw our game off. Another player was put on and Luke struggled to defend and attack. The last five minutes of the game had just been Luke making his way around the court. In the end it hadn’t been enough and our team lost.

Lily ran down to join Calum who had sat out. While I watched Luke, his face contorted with anger. I waited outside the change rooms for him, when everyone had left and there was still no sign of Luke I went to go look for him.

It wasn’t that hard to find the change rooms they stunk of sweat. “Luke?” I called into the empty room.

“I’m here,” he said. Luke sat on a bench in his towel, his hair was flat and wet from a shower.

“Hey,” I said, taking a seat next to him. He took no notice that I’d sat down. I sighed and played with my fingers.

In an instant Luke had grabbed the back of my head and crashed our lips together. His actions were desperate, his tongue forcing its way into my mouth. I gasped when I felt his hands make their way into my pants, instead I stood and quickly removed my shirt and pants leaving me in my underwear.

“Good girl,” Luke said, I straddled his lap, Luke placed his hands under my ass and slowly stood up, “I’ve got you, (y/n),” Luke pushed us both against the lockers, his hands under my thighs supporting me and once again connected our lips.

I leant forward and removed my bra. Luke immediately attached his lips to my nipple working on them individually. I groaned and fisted his wet hair, tugging lightly. “Fuck I didn’t think this through,” he said putting me down. He pulled my underwear down and let it drop to the floor. The cold air in the room making me shudder. “That’s better,” he said.

Luke dropped his towel to the floor, “Baby girl, I’m in a bad mood, so please do what I say,” he said. I nodded and watched as he pumped himself a few times, getting the message I got onto my knees
and licked a stripe up his length, Luke shuddered and moaned. I kitten licked at his slit, spreading the pre-cum over his dick. “No teasing,your Lukey’s not in the mood,” I nodded and took him fully into my mouth his dick going to the back of my throat. “Jesus,” he moaned, beginning to fuck my mouth. I let him thrust deep into my mouth and hollowed my cheeks for his benefit. He nodded and sped up his thrusts, “Just like that,” he said. It didn’t take long until Luke’s thrusts became sloppy. I moaned and straight afterwards he released his hot load into my mouth, “Swallow for Lukey,” he said watching me as I swallowed. “Good girl, now lay down,”

I got onto the bench and waited for Luke do to do something the anticipation making me wet. “So wet,” he cooed, “Who made you this wet?”

“You did,” I choked out, “All for you, Luke,” Luke smirked and pried my legs open.

“So beautiful, baby,” kissed up my thighs leaving little marks here and there, when he got to my core he waisted no time in getting to work. Licking up my folds he delivered a kiss to my clit. I moaned and tried to close my legs. Luke lodged himself in between them making it impossible for them to close. He nibbled lightly at my clit before kitten licking around the sensitive area, “How much do you want me, baby?”

“A fuck lot, Luke,” I said. The vibrations from his laugh making me even more wet. I fisted his hair as he plunged his tongue deep inside of me. The familiar knot that had been forming for quite some time now was ready to burst, “I don’t think I can last any longer,” I moaned out.

“It’s alright, my girl,” he said, he picked up his pace and used his thumb to massage my clit. Luke used his tongue to spell his name out against my sensitive area.

“Fuck!” I screamed letting go, my juices spilled out and ran down my leg, Luke slurped up the juices.

“Yummy,” he said smiling at me from in between my legs, the look of him making me wet again. Juices glistened around his mouth and dripped off his chin. Luke wiped the juices away with the back of his hand.

“C’mere,” I said, Luke kissed all the way up my body till he got to my face, I lightly kissed his lips nibbling on his bottom lip. He smiled and massaged my breasts. He removed one hand and rubbed my juices along his dick, I felt him at my entrance before he pushed in. “Go crazy,” I whispered.

Luke began thrusting in deeply even before he was fully inside of me, taking out all of his anger right now. He pulled out before slamming right back into me. my hands rested on his broad shoulders leaving marks and scratches behind. “Get on your hands and knees,” he growled his eyes dark with anger and lust. I obeyed him and waited, when Luke slammed back into me it took my by surprise and I cried out in pleasure.

He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled it back, the pain only adding to the pleasure. I could feel my second orgasm rapidly approaching. Luke pulled my hair back so that I got up, my back pressed to his chest. He wrapped an arm around my waist while the other massaged my clit. “Scream my name,” he whispered in my ear his voice a few octaves lower.

“Fuck, Luke!” I screamed, “Luke!” I yelled as I came undone, Luke continued pounding into me from behind, getting himself closer to his release with every thrust.

When my orgasm was over and a new knot was forming, Luke released himself, his dick twitching inside of me, “Fuck, (y/n),” he yelled. He rested his full weight on top of me as he waited. When he had released his load he pulled out of me and lay back on the bench. I sat up and caught my breath.

Luke lay naked on the bench while his hand raked through his hair. “Why are you staring?” He asked, biting his lip.

“Because my boyfriend is fucking sexy,” I said. I lay in between his legs and peppered kisses along his jawline, “I love fucking you, ” I said

“I fucking love you,” he said back. I smiled widely and kissed him hard. “What do you say we get dressed and get to my place and continue this. I just told you I love you; we need to celebrate!” I laughed and stood up grabbing my clothes that lay scattered across the floor.

“Put this on;” he said handing me a basketball jersey, that was clean, “So that everyone will know you’re my girl,”