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An Audience with Shaw

The elvish agent entered the agency with her hood up, flashing her badge to any agents who stopped her, causing them to step back and to allow her to pass.

With that, she quickly entered her target’s office, taking a seat before the Master, the leader of the Alliance’s intelligence agency could sit.

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He blinked, noting the agent’s presence. “….Agent Rook. I…..” The younger man thins his lips. “I-”

“Master Shaw, as of this moment, I am certain Lord Bennas has already forwarded his briefing, if you have not seen the statement in the Courier.”

The spymaster exhales and nods. “I have. Frankly, I find all of this business to be folly. Yes, the casualties could have been avoided. But this was a media mess, not a fucking travesty. It’s like the Alliance forgets its own history, the travesties we committed to stop horrors. If only the Lord knew what the Alliance had committed. Regardless, they deemed it necessary to punish you. What is your take.”

The ex-warden’s gaze fixates on Shaw. “I accept any and all punishments presented.” Her voice was forced. It felt so stupid to submit to a man SO YOUNG. So -human-. 

“That does not answer the question.” A sigh. “Morrowbranch…..you know the city wants your head, right? Some of the other directors think I should throw you to them for this, rather than risk the city committing a deeper investigation into rest of our operations.”

You humans would. So willing to cover your hide. Her thoughts tormented her. Why did she trust this idiotic, short-minded species with such things. 

“I’m not going to, though.”

Elyza’s mind goes blank at that.

“….Excuse me sir?”

“It was my decision to bring a Warden on. Because I Saw what they did in the Outlands. I don’t regret it. That said, you’re now a risk. People want your head. We need to diminish the risk.”

“And that means….”

“That means you need to die. You forced one woman to do so and did it once. Only fair you do it again.”

A long exhale and a moment of silence. “….As you wish, Master Shaw. Though I am going to do this my way.”

“….I don’t want another soul transfer. Do it traditionally.”

I wouldn’t let that bitch touch me anyway. “I already have someone in mind to do so.” 

 “Good. Now.You will be repositioned to a less visible role. You will still have influence on your division, but you will be moved to a position with more of a focus on the wrangling of underground movements, barring the Crows. Your relations with the collective are a start. But you will no longer be acting in the capacity of a director. You are allowed to inform your agents as you see fit.”

“….Are you going to replace me?”

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“In some capacity. The paperwork is too much for one person. I am pulling an old contact who should be able to handle a far more public approach than you to step in for Spectre. He should mix well with Major Morgan.”

A single nod. “Understood.”

“In the meantime, take care of that disappearance, then get off the grid for a time. A month preferably.” 

An annoyed sigh and a nod.  “Understood, sir. Any recommendations?” Preferably something that will keep me busy.

“Yeah. Take a fucking vacation. You were just imprisoned twice in amonth. You have never taken a break since you started.”

“Wardens don’-”

“Maybe they should. That’s an order.”

A long silence before Rook offered a single barely noticeable nod, her gaze drawn elsewhere. Idiots. Showing weakness in pursuing such a venture.

“Good. Now. anything else?”

“No, sir. Just make sure that fool Dewdancer gets no word of this. He has leaked enough shit. And I assume repercussions are being developed for Miss Elthron?”

“Yes and Yes. Now. You are dismissed.”

Rook silently stood up and exited the property, head down. She was not surprised by the outcome. It was better than a complete demotion. But she was not convinced it was a the wisest decision. She should be allowed to chase those feathered fools and remove their heads from their bodies the next time they step in the city. In the time she was being asked to complete this, dozens more would die. But whatever. 

She would follow the folly of human law for now.

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Hello Gorgeous- Pietro Maximoff x Reader PT 1

Masterlist, Part Two

Hi! I’ve been wanting to start this series for a while, and with school ending, I’ve finally gotten around to it. This is my first public fic, so I hope you enjoy it, and I would definitely love feedback!

Description: Reader is hurt in a fight, and she is taken into S.H.I.E.L.D for her injuries, and ends up being there longer than expected, gaining new friends and falling for a certain speedster.

Warnings: Swearing, Violence.

Sweat dripped from your forehead as you sprinted down the concrete path, vision unreliable, due to the jet black skies settling in this late. Your thin navy blue hoodie was over your head, making you look even more suspicious. skin covered in goosebumps, you cried out to the stout thug stood in front of you as you came to a stop. With him, a woman, around your age, you assumed. Blonde hair, perfectly pretty, yet tears streamed down her face, her mouth crinkled downwards in pain after the man had shoved her to the ground. 

“Hey dirtbag, what the hell do you think you’re doing?” You said, clenching your fists, your knuckles turning white.

“’Dirtbag? What the hell do think this is, Kid? A cheesy cop movie?” the thug scoffed, kicking the woman in the stomach, causing her to yelp.

You had done this a million times before, but somehow you always managed to be completely terrified and completely calm at once. After all, no one expects a petite young woman like you to do what you can do. You knew you could take this guy, that would be simple. But sometimes reminding yourself that you were simply a tiny little cinnamon roll was not the best way you could convince yourself that you were ready to take a punch. Nevertheless, you put on a mischievous grin and stretched out your neck. “So, is this how you usually spend your Saturday nights, Sir?” You swung one foot in front of the other, gesturing to the man casually. “Taking advantage of women in dark alleyways in the only places that no one in New York ever wanders?”

“Almost no one… Then there’s you. What’s your deal, baby? Lose your way to your boyfriend’s house? I’m sure that he wouldn’t really want his girl to be taking on grown men in an alley.” He took a step towards you, so close you could smell his horrid breath while it hit your face with warmth.

“I’m afraid that my personal quarries are the least of your worries.” You chuckled slyly, as the shadows of the night hit your face to cleanly reveal your crazy grin. straightening out your arms, and pointing your crossed feet, with a flick of your wrists, you rose from the ground. The man looked puzzled as he backed up slightly. 

“What the..?” He scratched his head.

Many feet above him now, you brought your knees up closer to your abdomen, and one arm was pointed to the ground to brace you for your next move. You kicked out your legs, pouncing onto the man. He collapsed with a groan. Moments later, he was back up again, ready to swing at you. As he wound up, you shot your hand out to him, snapping your wrist and swinging your arm to the ground. The man lifted off the concrete and smacked down back onto it by his side. He again stood, huffing and puffing, looking just about ready to do some serious damage. That is, if this fight included knocking someone’s house down. With another jut of your wrist, you drove him up a brick wall in the narrow alley, and just when you had him right where you wanted him, your powers crapped out. You knew what was bound to happen before the events even occurred. The thug was twitching downwards slightly as you shook out your wrists, as if they had run out of juice or something. “…Oh fuck me!” You whined right before the man fell down on top of you. Your eyes bulged out of your head at the sound of a bone popping, and as you tried to force the man off of you, the gesture was replaced with a shriek of pain. Your wrist. Regardless, the fight had to be finished, and this woman had to be taken to safety. You pried the man off of you with your other arm, grimacing. You struck a bolt of energy a him, before he began to fight again. “Damn pest.” You spat, holding your wrist. He fell backwards laying out on the ground. From there, you walked near the woman, hearing her whimper softly. 

“You… How did you do that?” She gasped, while you pulled her up with your good arm.

“Y’know, I was always a pretty weird kid.” You said, helping her walk with your good arm bracing her back. 

“Are you,… are you gonna be okay?” She stared at you.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine. Goes along with my other weird shit. I heal faster.” you panted. “Hey, where to?” You said, looking back to her.

Before she could speak, a young man announced his presence from the other side of the street. He waved, running over. 

“Miss, I saw all of that. You need to get to a hospital.” His eyebrows were raised in concern. You narrowed your eyes at him, studying him closely. He wore a light zip up jacket, with no hood, but a badge that read, ‘S.H.I.E.L.D’.

You waved him away, mistakenly with your injured arm. “No, I’ll be fine.” You grunted. 

“Ma’am if you would just-” He reached out to you.

“I said I’m okay.” You spoke louder now. A few more people approached, all in similar clothing to him. Not one of them looked mean-spirited, but how could you be sure? A woman, hair strung up into a tight ponytail, placed a hand on your shoulder, in which you shook off. 

She then spoke, “Hey, that’s definitely broken. You can’t just leave it. Come with us, we can get you somewhere safe.”

“I can get myself where I need to go, now if you’ll excuse me, I actually have to get this woman home.” You tried to walk past them, causing a commotion.

“Ma’am we can help you. Not only with your arm, but we can teach you to manage your powers. You can trust us.” Another gentleman spoke out.

“Not interested.” You responded quickly. Man, this wrist is making you woozy. You shook your head and stretched out your eyes, again trying to walk through them. They settled you back where you were, but just the teensy push was enough for your body to officially say, “Bitch, take a second.” Your good arm fell out of grasp of the injured woman as you dropped to the ground, your eyes fluttering shut.


Your eyes snapped open to the sound of a light cough. the male who first approached you before stood in front of you. You looked around the room. It way a bright room, as if you were in a hospital, but clearly, you were not. You didn’t know how you knew, but this wasn’t what hospitals felt like. You wanted out. This was not your type of situation. Anxiety built, breathing hightened, and you began to lift yourself from the bed, crying out in pain, having just been made aware of the cast on your wrist. 

“I wouldn’t move that much if i were you.” He glanced at you. 

“Where the hell am I?” You said, spitting metaphorical fire.

“Avengers Tower, in New York.” He answered. 

“I want to leave.” Your breath shook.

“Not a problem, just as soon as that heals, but don’t be too quick to pack your bags, it’s not all that bad.”

“No, I want to go. Now.”

“Ma’am, that’s not-”

“Let me Go!” You rose, triggering the entrance of 3 other familiar faces from earlier. You struggled as they held you down. You shrieked, kicking everything. Another approached with a needle, and as they went to puncture your neck, you blasted energy at him, forcing him into the wall. 

“The Blue Jay is hostile, I repeat, Blue Jay is hostile.” The pony-tailed one spoke into an earpiece. Two large guards entered slamming a brick-like set of technological cuffs on your hands, leaving you unable to fight off the second needle coming your way. Your vision went dark and the last thing you heard was your own foul mouth shouting some very colorful threats at everyone in the room.


That’s just about it for part one! make sure to check back to my blog for updates on the story, and feel free to give me any feedback you have so far. uwu <3



McLaren 675LT JVCKenwood Concept Debuts at CES

McLaren Automotive and JVCKenwood unveiled today an innovative design study, the McLaren 675LT JVCKenwood Concept, created for the CES 2016 consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Concept is based on the new McLaren 675LT Coupe and features a host of new technologies and celebrates the 25th anniversary of their Formula 1 partnership.

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FANDOM BADGES pt7 (previous post x) (a ships war free post): 9 new badges that you can use on your theme, in the description box. Feel free to use them. You’ll find the code to put in your description below. Please, don’t remove the credit and like or reblog if you use them! :)

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