A Couple Playing Cards, with a Serving Woman
Artist: Pieter de Hooch (Dutch, Rotterdam 1629–1684 Amsterdam)
Date: ca. 1665–75
Medium: Oil on canvas

The Met

RE: You know that moment when succulent fruit's straddling "ultra-ripe" and "first-stage-of-sugar-rotting-boozy"?

floatingawayonthestars replied to your post: Sweets, if we get loads this year do you want more sloes? Also do you have anything left that you made from them last year that I could maybe buy from you to give back to the bush?

That would be amazingly fantastic! I’m absolutely desperate for sloes; haven’t found one tree in any of my local hedges! I have quite a few hooch recipes I’d like to try, so if you’re willing to pick'n'ship I’m more than willing to pay/barter for your trouble.

Actually, all of your sloes are currently being hooched! The brandy will be ready to strain later this month, when I do I’ll be sure to decant a wee bit for you, okay? XO.

stilinski and hooch by bleep0bleep (T, 4.6k, WIP, Ch 3/?)

Derek just moved back into town to look for his sister. He doesn’t have time to deal with deputies-in-training who think he’s an irresponsible pet owner. Better than thinking he’s a werewolf, though.

Stiles just made friends with the most awesome dog while running in the Preserve. The owner? Not so much. He might be warming up to him, though…

Alternate Universe - Different First Meeting, Wolf Derek, Feral Behavior, Deputy Stiles Stilinski, Mystery, Fluff and Angst

chapter three update!

I dunno what I’d do without this lil guy. He may be a pain in the butt sometimes. But he’s the best lil friend I could ever ask for. He’s finally feeling better after having a couple cracked teeth taken out and having a lump removed from his stomach. He’s as ready for spring and trips to the park again as I am.


511 (The Candidate) vs. 415 (The Testimony of Diego Munoz): lounge wear + bare feet + trauma drank. 

415: No ring, no manicure, white wine instead of red, black on black lounge wear, gun, isolation 

511: No ring, return of manicure, hooch instead of red, magenta over black lounge wear, isolation (???)

Soooo curious to know what happens in this scene and how it fits in with the rest. 


Houdini is the fifth album by Melvins, which was released in 1993 through Atlantic Records. It’s really badass.

Track List :
01 Hooch - 0:00
02 Night Goat - 2:50
03 Lizzy - 7:31
04 Going Blind - 12:15
05 Honey Bucket - 16:48
06 Hag Me - 19:48
07 Set Me Straight - 26:56
08 Sky Pup - 29:22
09 Joan of Arc - 33:12
10 Teet - 36:49
11 Copache - 39:41
12 Pearl Bomb - 41:48
13 Spread Eagle Beagle - 44:34

All rights reserved to The Melvins and Atlantic Records.

anonymous asked:

Grey-ace lesbian trans woman Madame Hooch and asexual panromantic demiwoman Madam Pomfrey being the world's cutest professor girlfriends!

Rolanda frequently stops by to give Poppy neck and shoulder massages when Poppy sleeps in the office.

Poppy often stops by before Quidditch matches with a bit of food to make sure Rolanda has eaten because she does forget.

Rolanda and Poppy happily holding hands walking around the school grounds. Giving each other coy smiles from across the Great Hall when they aren’t seated together. Heckling Dumbledore during staff meetings sometimes just because they can. Caring for Hogwarts students in whatever manner they can and becoming home-away-from-home-moms for many.

Gray-ace lesbian Rolanda and ace panro Poppy who go away to their modest cottage during the summer. They often go on walks where Poppy stops and draws any plant that could maybe be used for potions, particularly healing potions and Rolanda stops to draw landscapes that catch her eye. They spend days holed up in Poppy’s lab brewing up stock for the beginning of the school year. They spend many dusks and dawns lazily flying over the lake by their house, bathed in the soft light of the sun or even the moon. They read muggle poetry to each other and fall asleep in each other’s arms.

Poppy and Rolanda adventure together. They relax together. They work together. And they grow old together.

~Hufflepuff Mod

Rivalry, Cedric Diggory x reader

Requested by anon, I apologize for the wait!!! Also sorry it’s so short!

You could hear the cheers of your fellow Slytherins as you walked towards the Quidditch pitch, head held high. Gripping on your broom, you waited for Mrs Hooch to give the signal, staring at the taller boy in front of you. Cedric Diggory, captain of the Hufflepuff quidditch team. He flashed you a grin that made your insides flutter slightly and you shook your head, focusing on the match. You kicked the ground with force as you heard the whistle, taking altitude. Searching for the snitch, you flew as fast as your broom would let you, Cedric hot on your tracks. Avoiding a bludger, you finally spotted the snitch, casually flying in circles around one of the Hufflepuff goals. You charged towards it, holding out your hand to catch the golden ball. Cedric now by your side, you tried to push him away with your shoulder, making him yelp. Giving him one last push, you reached out for the snitch, feeling it flutter between your fingers. You had won. Grinning proudly, you got off your broom, immediately getting attacked by hugs from your teammates. Walking towards the Hufflepuff team, you smiled at them, congratulating them on their performance. Stopping in front of Cedric, you held out your hand for him to shake, only to be surprised when he guided it to his lips, kissing your knuckles gently. He winked at you before walking away, leaving you behind, flustered but smiling widely.

ok I’m still angry

people are arguing that Gillian Anderson got offered less because The X-Files are about Mulder and she’s just the replaceable sidekick and any actress could have done her job in the revival if she demanded too much money


fucking tell me

would anyone dream of breaking up Holmes and Watson?

Starsky and Hutch?

Glover and Gibson in Lethal Weapon?

Danny and Steve in H50?

Turner and Hooch?

ok, fine, Hooch is a dog, but you get my point: no-one would ever think of breaking up an all-male dynamic duo. “we can’t partner Starsky with someone else, he’d never be the same, the show is nothing without Hutch! Give him all the money he wants so he’ll come back!”

But now we’re talking about a woman, and suddenly the better half is replaceable.

Mulder is nothing without Scully. That’s why the show was so successful, Scully is literally half the reason why we have this revival in the first place – Mulder NEEDS Scully. She’s the perfect partner for him, professionally and emotionally. We have ten seasons and a few movies of Mulder proving over and over that he’ll do anything for her, and Scully saving his sorry ass. They’re iconic together.

so, please, do explain to me why Gillian Anderson doesn’t deserve the same amount of recognition for what Scully means to The X-Files as David Duchovny does.


“If it happens again, I will wait in my SUV, blast me some speed metal - 5.1 surround sound, heavy on the bass… and someone will be getting… mowed…down.“