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I saw a post of yours and I just need to make sure you understand that n*zis are fascists but not all fascists are N*zis


And I need you to understand that if this is about Hydra and you’re that sensitive about the distinction when there are literal Nazis within the ranks and that they recruit from racist groups, then you’re probably an asshole for sending this to someone whose family was attacked by Nazis. 

Sooooo any messages like this in my inbox again and whether it’s you or the giant purple elephant living down the hall from you with excellent internet service, they’re going to be blocked without discretion. 

The Houses As:


Trying a new thing similar to House Reactions, let me know if you like these and request some more if you do


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couldn't start the fire
Final Fantasy XV
couldn't start the fire

Prompto: You know, we did struggle a bit without you.

Gladio: Oh yeah?

Noctis: Couldn’t get the fire going.

Gladio: You coulda just cast a spell. (;¬_¬)

Noctis: Kinda overkill, dontcha think?  (´ー`)

Gladio: Hopeless. Next time, I’ll show you hacks how it’s done.  (; ̄Д ̄)