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Because I am the biggest SAP on this planet, here is a sappified version of the beautifully sappy dance scene from Trollhunters <3 (WATCH IT IF YOU HAVEN’T!!) I am a lost cause. I had a fun little Angor Rot epilogue to this set, maybe I will update it later :D More fanarty goodness to come, gotta hit some of the beloved trolls, hee hoo haa hee.

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who are villans of homestuck and what are their motives/goals?

Black Queen/King/ Agents of Derse: To Destroy Skaia and prevent the creation of Bilious Slick

Bec Noir: Angry Boy, wanna fuck shit up

Doc Scratch: Bring Lord English into Universe A2

Condesce: wants to revive her race so she can rule it

The Felt: Does what Doc Scratch tells ‘em

Jack English: Go coco banans

Gamzee: Wants to help his mirthful messiahs

Lord English: to destroy everything

Heiress Jane: OBEY

Grimbark Jade: to assist the Condesce

Aranea: To change the Alpha Timeline

ICP/Guy Fieri: To rule the world

Lil Cal: Hee Hee Hoo Hoo Haa Haa

Eridan: to survive

Vriska???(debatable): wants to be the hero


The week went by quickly as you and Jimin entertained yourselves. As you got dressed for school on your first day back from break, you spoke on the phone with Elena, who seemed to sigh into the receiver.

So you two aren’t officially dating, but you fucked like 20 times in the span of a week? She asked and you sighed.

I would prefer you don’t make me sound like a slut. You murmured as you walked down the street, but Elena just laughed.

Hey, have a healthy sex life, that doesn’t make you a slut, I’m just saying you seem to be really into him and yet neither one of you thought to have that conversation. You listened to her and sighed yet again.

Yea, well I thought it was implied, but when he was talking to his manager he said he was at his friend’s place. You muttered and Elena let out a laugh.

Ooooh, friendzoned. She replied and you scoffed.

Shut up. Like I don’t feel shitty enough. You mumbled.

Awww, sweetie, well if he doesn’t see how amazing you are, then he’s not worth your hoo-haa. She said and you made a disgusted face.

HOO-HAA?! You screamed a little too loudly for the street corner you were standing on and people looked at you with confusion and uncomfortable glances. Ducking your head in embarrassment and scream whispering into the phone. Please just say he’s not worth my time or something. Elena responded with a fit of laughter.

Right, right, well he’s not worth it. So go have fun in class and tell the kids I say hello! Elena responded and you ended the call. You sighed once more before straightening out your clothes and walking into the school. The wave of excited children and screams seemed to wash out any bad feelings as your students filtered into the classroom. They all seemed to be happily bouncing, talking loudly with each other in their little voices, and hugging their friends as if it had been years since they had last seen each other. The class was comprised of only 16 students and you nodded to each one as the bell rang to get into their seats. Because of their age, they all sat in groups of 4 at 4 different tables.

Alright, students, how was everyone’s week off? You asked and a loud myriad of replies were screamed back at you. Laughing, you shook your head and held up a finger to tell them to be quiet. One at a time and remember to raise your hand. You said to them and several students hands shot up. The morning went off without a hitch, you talked to each of your students about little things that had happened during the week and as the day drew closer to lunch time, the kids became restless with their coloring pages. You watched as some of the kids poked others, but you didn’t know exactly how to keep them calm. Your aide walked up to you and whispered in your ear.

Can we do a short English lesson to maybe preoccupy them until lunch? She looked at you with desperation in her eyes and you nodded. Standing up in front of the class, you clapped your hands.

Guys, want to do a short English lesson? You asked and received a roar as a reply. Laughing, you gave your aide a thumbs up. Alright, well what do you want to learn to say? You always asked this, your students would usually respond with weird questions like how do you say sloths are amazing and better pets than dogs. But today, they all remained quiet. You looked at them with a bit of concern.

Then there was a knock on the door of your classroom. Their tiny faces looked quickly at the doorway and you slowly turned to see Jimin standing there. He seemed to fidget nervously and he had a bouquet of flowers in his hand.

Can we learn how to say: Will you be my girlfriend? He asked and your eyes went wide. The students all became to get rowdy as they howled and screamed in their seats. You turned around in a hope to calm them a little, but Jimin grabbed your hand. Y/N? He asked and you turned around. In almost perfect English he asked. Will you be my girlfriend? You smiled as he looked hopefully into your eyes. Nodding, Jimin’s beautiful smile graced his face and he pulled you into a hug. Before he could kiss you, you stopped him with a finger to his lips.

The kids are here. You whispered and he chuckled, turning red with embarrassment. The kids continued to hoop and holler at the two of you as you blushed and tried to shush them. The bell rang and all of the kids forgot about you, scrambling towards the door so they could go eat their lunches. You laughed at their short attention spans and rolled your eyes.

Looking over at Jimin once the last child had left the room, you chuckled.

I was starting to worry that you weren’t going to ask me out. You mentioned to him and he looked at you with wide eyes.

How could you think so lowly of me?! He exclaimed and you laughed a little harder at him.

Well I just thought you would end up leaving like most guys do after a week of fun. You said as you wiggled your eyebrows, but Jimin shook his head.

No, I just wanted to ask you the right way. Plus, I have to make sure none of your students think they can date you. He replied and you laughed even harder.

Jimin, they’re 4 and 5 years old! You exclaimed, but he responded with a shrug and a smile. Giggling, you gave him a small peck on the cheek and he frowned, pointing to his lips in the most adorable way. Looking to make sure there were no tiny faces peering from the hallway, you pecked him on the lips and he smiled. You spent the rest of lunch laughing and chatting with your idol boyfriend. He was fun and flirty, yet naive and childish. He made you laugh until you cried and he was the only person that could make you smile when you were sad. Everything about him was perfect. 

Although you couldn’t believe it, it was reality.  

Author’s Note: SUUUPER ULTRA FLUFFY ENDING … Might be super cliche and rom-com esque but I don’t care I still love it. 

Tumbleweed, Her #10 - [BAP] Noir!Au

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The Indifferent : Jung Daehyun

The words that Youngjae uttered wasn’t easy to take. For someone who is confident that his ways are the righteous, it wasn’t easy to take constructive criticism. Because let’s face it, Daehyun has never been told that he wasn’t good enough. He was his own, his own boss, his own critic, his own friend.

And because he never really take other opinions well, he was always self centered and rude to most people.

But if Youngjae’s words are true, and if Youngjae’s words are true, then he might be wrong all this while. Because how could a rose raised in the field of thorns, remains a rose?

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I have so many things to draw that I WANT to draw but I have so little motivation to do anything. Miserable. I don’t even want to drink. what the hoo haa is going on with me? I swear I’ll draw again some day. Thank you all for still being around.

ALRIGHT so here goes. short list of things i picked up on about tlou 2 during the psx livestream w neil druckmann, ashley & troy; obviously some spoilers ahead, kind of; 

  • if the first game was about love and people building relationships in a time of crisis and learning to trust, tlou 2 is about hate and ellie’s in particular
  • we’re going to PLAY AS ELLIE from what i understand she’s going to be the main protagonist this time 
  • ELLIE IS 19
  • which makes joel about 53-54? i think 
  • neil druckmann, re: the apprehension people were feeling about the idea of sequel to tlou - “trust me, we all felt the exact same way. nobody loves these characters more than we do & we would not do this unless we felt we had the right idea. we played with the idea of a sequel with other characters for ages but it never felt right. the last of us has always been about joel and ellie. all i ask is that the fans put some faith in us, trust us, we will do right by you. ”  
  • they started working on this scene TWO FUCKING YEARS AGO
  • when neil first got a recording of the song from ashley it was too good! they got a voice coach to help her sing a little more scratchy and rough and authentic and find ellie’s voice 
  • brand new facial motion capture hoo-haa technology stuff idk THERES BEEN SOME DEVELOPMENT and its great there’s a whole adorable bit where ashley’s facial expressions are mirrored in ellie’s 3d model and she’s wonderful and full of freckles 
  • MOVING ON neil said “ellie is the main character in this one and she plays a little differently than joel” - im assuming more stealth? “some mechanics are evolutions and some are reinventions” they are literally like at knife point not the reveal anything goddamn 
  • ashley cries a lot. she apparently cried when neil told her the story outline for left behind and then kept crying when he told her about tlou part 2. they were at a restaurant and people stared at neil judgementally for making her cry 
  • gustavo santaolalla IS BACK!!! thank god 
  • there’s a new musical track reveal & some concept art of environments and one of ellie <3
  • neil says he cannot see the last of us without joel and ellie. “they are the heart of this game. at its core the story is about human relationships and their relationship is the most important one in it.” 

its just gone 10pm im deliriously tired but i cant sleep bc ive got that one x factor audition where the woman goes “hhooo heee ho heee hoo ha hoo heee hooo haa hooo heee” stuck in my head

Oohoo hoo hoo hee haa haa hello there old chum! I'm gnot a gnelf, I'm gnot a gnoblin... I'm a gnome! And you've been.... gnomed!!!!!

Oohoo hoo hoo hee haa haa hello there old chum! I’m gnot a gnelf, I’m gnot a gnoblin… I’m a gnome! And you’ve been…. gnomed!!!!!

Yellow Lilies Wrapped in Honey

a/n: ***dan and phil’s son is autistic and there is a scene with a large crowd of ppl (which makes him panic) in it and if u are v uncomfortable w/ crowds i added an astrid * so u can skip over that part !!

Summary: Basically just short snippets about the life of married Dan and Phil along with their two children; from Winnie who’s favorite food is tofu and garlic bread and Charlie who would rather wear yellow skirts and watch the stars all night long. (ft. their shiba inu who is ironically named Susan).

Words: 1.9k

Warnings: Mild panic attack; other than that lots of fluff that will make ur teeth ache

“Papa,” Winnie announced, climbing onto the sofa armchair to slide into Phil’s warm lap comfortably. “Look what I drew at school today.”

She shoved a crumpled paper drawing under Phil’s glasses. He chuckled. “Sweetie I can’t see it when you hold it so close to my face,” He took the drawing in his hand and held it at a distance.

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