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I’m Right Here

So this is a mortal kind of AU

“I’m right here! I’m right here! I’M RIGHT HERE!” Annabeth cried out in anguish. Tears hurdled themselves in heavy streams down her cheeks. She went in to swipe everything off his stupid, solid desk, but her hands passed right through as she knew they would. It infuriated her even more, made the cries rush out faster. Her breaths were labored, her head was pounding. She slid down the blue colored wall, pulling at her hair like a mad woman.

“I’m right here, Percy.” She bubbled out through the sobs. Her head felt like a mess, every little thought and emotion was jumbled together.

She didn’t know why this was happening to her. She shouldn’t have died. She shouldn’t be here in Percy’s room as a… as a ghost. At least that’s what she thought she was. All Annabeth remembered was driving. Driving to Percy’s and then… and then there was a crash. She’d first appeared like this, like a ghost just outside of her mangled body that laid more or less in the front seat of her car. There were police cars and ambulances. A man shaking his head saying something about how young she was…

She didn’t control where she went or when she went in this form. She’d just pop into places without her consent and always it was to see some kind of aftermath of her death on her loved ones. It was like the fates decided to play some extraordinarily cruel joke on her.

She was now in Percy’s room. The hardest place she’d been yet.

Percy sat in the black, spinning chair that normally occupied Annabeth’s body, not his. She’d spin as he talked or listened to music or attempted to do homework. She had laughed in that chair a thousand times, smiled a million times in that chair, but never did she tell him I love you. Never did she realize those smiles and laughs were an ‘I love you’ in their own, but neither did Percy. She realized that now, how much her heart ached and yearned to tell Percy she loved him. And now it was too late.

Percy sat in that chair, his head in his hands. She could hear his sobs, each new wail a knife to her heart. It physically pained her to hear them. She was right here. Why couldn’t he just see that? Why? Why? WHY?! She was just two feet away. She was right beside him, like she had been all his life.

His cheeks were rosy. His body rose and fell. His face was stained as her own.

“Please, Percy. Please, I’m right here.” She managed to choke out in between coughs that erupted from the consistent cries.

“Please.” She begged, so desperate, so absolutely hopeless.

Annabeth stood from her position on the floor and hugged Percy from behind.

“Please, Percy. I’m right here.” She whispered into his hair, no longer even feeling. All feelings had been drained out of her by a starving black hole. Despair circled and weaved its way around her heart, in and out. She was encompassed by a shroud of darkness.

Still his body shook.

“A-Annabeth. I loved you. I-I l-l-loved you so much. And I never told you.” Percy was barely capable to sputter that out.

“I loved you too, Percy. Percy, please I’m right here and I love you. I love you with a burning fire in my heart. And it’s so fierce. Percy, please. Please. Just, please.” Her throat felt hoarse. More tears fell, dripping softly like snowflakes onto Percy’s gray sweatshirt. Annabeth loved that sweatshirt. It was the same one he had lent her during October at the football game. When things started to be more than friendship between the pair.

A light, tender knock came from Percy’s door.

“Sweetie, it’s mom.” Sally’s watery voice came from the other side. It was clear that she was holding her own cries from falling from her mouth.

Percy gasped and gasped, trying to even his breathing. He wiped his red rimmed eyes with shaking hands and stood up on even shakier legs. His long stride got him to the door in just a few steps.

Sally was there, dwarfed by Percy’s size. Her tattered green pajamas hung limply on her body. Her mouse brown hair was pulled into a messy bun and her body sagged in tiredness.

Not even a moment after opening the door, Percy collapsed into his mother’s arms. Both of them fell to the floor, kneeling on the soft, tan carpet.

Their sobs synchronized and despite Percy’s weight and size, Sally held him up as if he was just a pillow. It looked as if all of Percy’s strength had been sucked out by the same black hole that drained Annabeth of everything, not that that hole would keep her feelings for long. No, they were just starting to rise right back to full intensity.

“M-mom. I was going to tell her. That’s why I called her over. I was going to tell her I loved her. It’s my fault.” Percy pushed himself away from his mom, pure horror crossing his face.

“Oh my god. It’s my fault she’s dead.” He whispered terrified. He looked at his hands as if he wanted to jump out of his own skin in disgust.

Sally was furiously shaking her head. “No! No, baby, it’s not your fault at all. It was a drunk driver that killed her, not you.” She frantically rubbed circles into her sons back in a small attempt to comfort him and rid him of such incorrect and destructive thoughts.

He choked on another sob before saying, “Mom, it is. If I hadn’t asked her to come or If I went to her house she’d still be here. I just want her here, mom. I just want her here. Why can’t she just be here?” Each fiber of his being was breaking down with each broken word. He was just as desperate as Annabeth for each others contact.

“I am here, Percy. Why can’t you see that?” Annabeth wondered allowed. She shook his shoulder, hoping for some sort of reaction. Even just the hint of acknowledging her presence. “Percy. Percy! PERCY!” Her volume raised higher and higher each time she called his name.

“Percy, you want me here and I am here! I’m right here! Look at me. Goddammit, look at me Percy! I’M RIGHT HERE!” Her voice was gone by now, nothing more than aching screeches. She was so frustrated. Percy begged for her and she was here.

“I SAID I’M RIGHT HERE!” She pounded on the wall, no noise escaping. She pounded harder. Nothing happened. She kept on pounding and Percy kept on sobbing. She was right here. Percy, she was right here.

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To everyone shaken up about Sherlock’s ‘The Final Problem’ initial screening (feat. The Johnlock Conundrum)

I haven’t seen TFP yet. In 3 days, I will find out what the fuss is about. But scrolling through Tumblr now, in my opinion, things have gotten worse, especially when it came to the whole “shipping” department. I should be writing articles for work but find myself in a mental block so hey, this might rile up my brain a bit. 

Originally posted by awkwardbluetardis

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Coke or Pepsi?

Fandom: Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus
Pairing: Jasico
Rating: C for Coke because who honestly picks Pepsi not Jason or Nico

Based off the last prompt of this post: http://douze-bisous.tumblr.com/post/95243209285/evelynwoe-finds-the-other-persons-wallet-on-the

Nico di Angelo, high school senior, was having an exceptionally good day.

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01. Your Love Is My Drug // 02. Bootycall // 03. C’Mon // 04. Timber // 05. Tik Tok // 06. Goodbye // 07. Woo Hoo // 08. Blah Blah Blah // 09. Die Young // 10. Wonderland // 11. Blow (Deconstructed Mix)  // 12. Run Devil Run //13.Take It Off // 14. We R Who We R // 15. Machine Gun Love// 16. My First Kiss // 17. Only Thing On Is The Radio // 18. Sleazy // 19. Cannibal // 20. Supernatural // 21. Disgusting // 22. Last Goodbye // 23. The Harold Song // 24. Crazy Kids // 25. Aliens Invading // 26. Dirty Picture // 27. Animal // 28. Dancing W/ The Devil // 29. Kiss & Tell // 30. This Love

It’s funny when people claim Kesha’s music to be horrible. Cause honestly I think Kesha displays a vibe, lyrical energy and charisma that not alot of people have. I mean you simply can’t have the amount of hits she has without having something unique, and talented about you. Kesha has a special tone to her voice and music that encourages positivity and a good time.

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