The one where Will is the one on Ogygia instead of Calypso, and Nico gets stranded on the island..

Blessed be the boys time can’t capture

The first thing Nico hears when he wakes up, is the churning of water splashing against a rock. He lifts his head from the sand and takes in his surroundings. It’s seems he’s on an island, palm trees are lining the beach that stretches out for miles. He squints his eyes as the sun shines right in them. It’s too much and too bright; he doesn’t like it. The whole thing is very beautiful. Nico can see that. Objectively. He’s sure he would’ve loved it if it weren’t for the fact that he has no idea where ‘it’ is. Or if he were a regular human. That’s to say, Nico isn’t exactly a… sunshine-y person.

He should probably get up instead of lying on the sand like some kind of dead fish.  He brushes the sand off his clothes once he’s standing. How did he get there? Let’s start there. He rakes his memory and vaguely recalls falling out of a boat. During a thunderstorm? A fight, maybe? Did someone push him? What was he doing on a boat in the first place?

It’s all very hazy and blurry, creating one big mess of colours going into other colours and faces changing to waves of water violently moving.

He groans when he can’t remember where he comes from or how he got here. It’s driving him crazy. He’s also really hungry and he decides that if he’s going to be here until he finds a solution, he better find someone to give him food. He never thought he’d ever say that, but gods he hopes there’s people here. He’s not keen on starving. When he imagines his own death, it’s usually a lot more heroic than starvation and involving much more monsters.

So, he walks around for a few minutes, still trying to find something, anything, to show him what he’s supposed to do now and being convinced he’s dying because of this unbearable heat. For a split second when he opened his eyes, he thought he might be in Elysium. But, no, Nico’s paradise consists of far less light. This is more like hell for him. It’s certainly hot enough. But as a son of Hades though, Nico knows what hell looks like and this is not it. It’s not nearly that bad.

Relief washes over him when he notices a little house looming a little further away. He walks a little faster, wanting to know if someone lives there. And more importantly, if that someone has food and some water he can drink without coughing for half an hour due to the salt burning his chest. Nico does not understand all the hype around the beach.

Getting closer to the house, he notices a person, a man standing hunched over. Nico can’t see what he’s doing. He goes closer. It quickly becomes clear that it’s indeed a young man. With hair that glitters gold in the sun. And if his face is as impressive as his backside, he must be extremely handsome. That’s not important, though. The last thing Nico needs right now is a cute boy to distract him form the task at hand: getting the hell out of here and going back to wherever it is he comes from. Not that he would let the boy distract him if he were cute. Nico’s quite good at focusing. On important things.

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thescottishmcrdragon  asked:

Can you do some head canons for if Nico had a phase where he couldn't stop making puns?

phase? what phase? that boi always be making puns it’s not a phase mom

  • and always with the straightest face and most casually serious tone like it just some normal thing to be coming out of his mouth
  • and it trips people up all the time because there’s no vocal tell that there’s a pun. Just nico talking in his regular voice like it’s regular shit
  • so many skeleton puns So MAny
  • he’ll be fighting some monster and Nico will casually let a “looks like someone’s got a bone to pick with me.” even if no one is there to hear it
  • Percy approves of the puns most of the time, hell i think most of the crew appreciates seeing Nico feel good enough to make jokes
  • until they get used to it and then Nico’s puns sometimes pull groans from his friends and he’ll stay straight faced but later when he’s alone he’ll just grin super big 
  • people get used to Nico’s puns, and they start coming more frequently because it’s fun to annoy people with bad puns
  • and then Percy starts cracking out the water puns and everyone is so done but do they stop? ofc not.
  • the puns never stop. Nico’s sense of humor is at least 60% puns

amelabel  asked:

I see you have appreciation for Frank. So how did you feel about his "sudden" physical transformation in the books or how he was treated in general during Blood of Olympus?

ohhhh b o i;;;; okay, so ngl when frank’s physical appearance changed i was really upset bc i always imagined him chubby and i dunno i cant look at him the way riordan wants him to be. (sighs) i mean honestly if riordan wanted to change frank so badly he couldve let him have time???? like realistically???? eh


i really wish frank had a better ending;;;; like cool hes with hazel i love them but i wish he was memorable ya kno???

  • Rick writing House of Hades:okay here we go...let's see how putting a gay character in here works out...
  • Rick writing Blood of Olympus:well. I didn't get sued off the face of the earth by angry parents. Let's see how making the gay kid accepted by friends and eventually accepted by himself goes. And...let's imply a future gay relationship.
  • Rick writing Hidden Oracle:well I'm once again still not sued off the face of the earth. It's time. Everyone is gay. The main character is an explicit genderfluid bisexual. That previously implied gay relationship is official. The Hermes cabin loves Rocky Horror Picture Show. Patrochilles is canon in this universe too, btw.