nico di angelo headcanons

• cute lil italian accent!! but also pretty strong, especially when he gets mad • short, he is my smol son only 5'4 5'5
• he loves the beach & the sun & everything warm, hates winter
• can dance!! teach him a dance & he’ll do it better than you in a matter of minutes
• he has pretty eyes, caramel brown & flecks of orange i die
• loves dogs & kids (not a fan of cats)
• sometimes he shadow travels to italy & just kinda strolls & stops at a cafe & eats some food & orders in perfect italian & kinda feels like he’s truly at home
• loves new york though he loves the city vibes
• dark dark black hair, but sometimes in the right light it shines bluish • aesthetic qween lmfao his room is minimalistic & all whites & greys & random splashes of yellows & his tumblr (bc he so has a tumblr) is bomb af
• loves rap, soft rap, hard rap, all of it & r&b is his shit (kendrick lamar, childish gambino, & j cole are his faves)
• he doesn’t get mad often?? just frustrated?? good at controlling emotions
•really likes greek food
• wants kids & wants to love them & keep them safe forever
• a chicken nugget


Okay so I finnally got around to participating in @lgbtqpjo 3k week thingy??? I’ve been wanting to do this for ages but the dates completely slipped my mind and ye….

So anyway, this is for Time Travel Tuesday that I guess is set in the medieval times??? I don’t know if this really counts as a past thingy bc it’s technically a Solangelo royalty AU??? But ye here it is! I’m thinking about making this a multichapter fic so if you want me to write more please let me know!!! <3

Nico turns his head toward a skittering noise in the dark tunnels. The boy by his side tenses, wondering what dangers have come upon them this time. There was still blood on his clothes, some of it his but most of it from one of his brothers, who died that morning from an arrow piercing his heart. They lost control of their kingdom, and now Will was forced into hiding.

“It’s just a rat,” Nico says, sheathing his sword again. Nico was one of the palace guards, asked by his majesty himself to look after the next heir to the throne. There never really seemed to be a reason for Nico to be there, other than keep the prince company. Not that he was the most talkative type, but Will ranted to him anyway, because who better to talk to than the boy that was always there?

It seemed that most of the time Nico’s job was pointless. The kingdom has been in peace for so long and one of the best allies to the other kings and queens, considering their long history in healing remedies. But something has been brewing among a few of the people of the twelve kingdoms, and they’re starting to target the weakest kingdoms. They’ve already raided the kingdom of Queen Demeter, cutting off the people’s crop supplies.

Nobody was sure what the rebels intentions where, but a few theories where circling, the most popular was to cut off the most powerful of the twelve kingdoms from all resources. They’ve taken their food already, and now the healers are falling under their control.

“Where are we going?” Will asks, trying to push down his fear. It doesn’t work and Nico flashes him a look of concern.

“Wherever is safe. Hopefully we can get to Queen Athena’s kingdom before nightfall.”

“What about my brothers and sisters? My parents?”

“They’ll be fine. The other castle guards will make sure of it.”

“If it was so safe, then why am I here?”

“Because the king asked me to bring you here.”

“Why me?” Nico turned to him, his expression annoyed. Will could make him glare like that like nobody else could.

“No more questions.” Then, suddenly Nico hears something and he presses Will and himself against the wall swiftly, moving like a shadow.


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