Jercy College AU

LGBTQPJO 3k Week: Slash Sunday (this is for you dragging me into this pit again, han)

  • Percy is studying marine biology and Jason is studying to become a teacher. 
  • They’ve seen each other across campus a couple times, always stopping to admire the “stunning boy with the green eyes” or the “hot blond guy who was always laughing with his friends” (Leo and Piper).
  • One day, Percy’s current roommate is expelled for doing some stupid shit, and Jason’s roommate decided to drop out.
  • So the two boys are put together in the same dorm.
  • Their first thought when they say their new roommate was “Oh no he’s hot.” 
  • They definitely recognize each other from those times around campus and have an awkward first encounter.
  • But after a little while of living together, they became great friends. 
  • It’s always a competition to see who could get the top bunk.
  • Their room was pretty cramped so they had a designated time where they’d both play music, eat snacks, and study together.
  • They quiz each other and mess with the other (telling the other they failed the practice test, mixing up the questions, etc.)
  • They most definitely have the most complicated secret handshake that only they can perform accurately.
  • Jason introduces Percy to Piper and Leo.
  • Percy introduces Jason to Annabeth, Grover, Hazel, and Frank.
  • All their friends think they’re dating at first and the two boys have to awkwardly deny it.
  • After a several months of being roommates the “he’s hot” feelings had escalate to a full-blown crush.
  • Percy always catches himself staring at Jason from afar and he starts to blush when he realizes. Jason does the same.
  • They both lie awake at night and think about what it would be like to hold the other’s hand, to kiss them, to date them. 
  • One night when Percy got the top bunk, Jason is sitting on the bottom and “reading” (aka thinking about Percy)
  • Percy leans down over the bed in the traditional spiderman pose and is beaming (since he actually did it without falling)
  • At that moment, Jason really wants to kiss Percy.
  • So he does.
  • Jason places his hand on Percy’s cheek (maneuvering this when one of them is upside down is harder than he expected) and let’s their lips touch. 
  • Both of their hearts are beating incredibly fast. Jason’s a bit surprised when Percy kisses back, but they don’t stop. 
  • When they finally part, Percy smiles and says, “So does this make you MJ?” 

Headcanon that the other gods (especially Artemis) visit Apollo when he’s human from time to time just to give him shit and annoy him like he typically does. Like he’s doing the lava rock wall and Artemis just pops out of nowhere and is like “Hey brother, interesting new look!” and he just gets startled and falls off while Artemis is just laughing.

For your consideration:

CHB organizing a Homecoming / Prom dance and Piper McLean (in complicity with Leo Valdez and maybe Jason Grace) campaigning for everyone to vote for Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase for ’king and queen of the camp’.

All to play a joke on them and see their faces of surprise when hear their names and have to be the first couple to have a slow dance.

Honestly though, as much as the Seven were able to get along (for the most part) during the quest, I cannot see them being stuck in the same room with each other for more than a day before someone murdered.