Like the Back of my hand

Solangelo Soulmate AU

based on @let-gavin-free‘s au: Soulmate au where when you write something on your skin with pen/marker/whatever the hell you want, it shows up on your soul mates skin as well.

Word count: 1,555

tags: #solangelo, #will solace, #nico di Angelo, #soulmate au, #pjo, #katealot

Sample: Will felt that tingling sensation on his forearm that he knew so well. He glanced down and grinned when he saw the intricate pattern of a sunflower appearing in black ink on his skin. Lately his soulmate has been really into flowers. Not that he was complaining or anything…

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anonymous asked:

Genderbent/cursed prophecy 7??

  • After nearly escaping an evil sorceress, all of them felt different the next day. 
  • The first to notice was Hazel when she went to the bathroom to get ready for the day. Her hair was short, her breasts were gone, and her voice was deeper than normal. 
  • She ran around, trying to find someone who was up.
  • Leo was up, as she expected, and he didn’t even notice his new body. His curly hair was down to the middle of his back. 
  • Hazel got his attention and he jumped back, thinking she was an intruder. But Hazel proved that it was her. 
  • When everyone else woke up, it was craziness. Everyone was freaking out about their new appearance. 
  • Hazel was the one who called a meeting to get everyone to calm down. She told them that they can get over this curse, they were still themselves and a prophecy to complete. 
  • They nodded and tried to be normal as possible. 

lyppiebrazhai  asked:

How about one where Will gets jealous cos this new camper was hitting on Nico? Optional: before nico came out and solangelo happened , lou ellen was laughing cos it was a girl and she guessed nico was gay? Oblivious!nico. Please :)))?

  • Will was going to find Nico to see if he wanted some one-on-one archery training. 
  • That’s when he saw Nico talking, no, flirting with the new camper, Alex. 
  • He didn’t know what to do besides go back to his cabin. But he was too shocked to move.
  • Nico finished his conversation and walked towards Will. “Hey.”
  • “Hey. You know the new camper?” 
  • “Yeah. Alex is pretty cool and unclaimed and scared.” 
  • “Oh, well, I bet everything will change soon.” Will added. 
  • “Did you want something?” Nico asked. 
  • “No. I just wanted to say hi.” Will told him.
  • Nico smiled and continued on his way. 
  • Will kept a closer eye on the new camper, Alex. He always saw them talking and Alex flirting with Nico. It wasn’t something that Will wanted to see.
  • Lou Ellen walked over Will. “You’re staring.”
  • Will jumped and looked at her. “Geez, you wouldn’t cough or something?” 
  • “Nah. Also, it’s really creepy that you’re staring at them.” She eyed her friend. “Are you jealous?”
  • “What? No!” He blushed slightly. “I am not jealous of Nico and what’s that camper’s name.”
  • “Her name is Alex. And her flirting will get her no where.” She told him, crossing her arms. 
  • “Why do you say that?” 
  • She raised an eyebrow. “He’s oblivious to her flirting and he’s gay. Well, I’m like ninety percent sure that he is.”
  • “So…so there’s a good chance that he’s not into her?” Will asked hopeful. 
  • She nodded. “Yeah. And he’s coming this way. So, good luck trying to flirt with the oblivious person that he is.”
  • She walked away, smiling to herself.
  • “Hey Will.” Nico smiled. “I was wondering if we can have one of our one-on-one archery sessions?”
  • Will smiled and nodded. “Sure. Oh, what do you think of the new camper?”
  • “She’s alright. Kind of weird though. She’s always talking and batting her eyes and flipping her hair. I think she might be Aphrodite’s daughter.”
  • Will chuckled a bit. Nico was oblivious. “She was trying to flirt with you, Neeks.”
  • “W-What?” His face paled and looked at him. “Flirt with me?”
  • “Yeah.”
  • “I don’t want to flirt with her. I just wanted to be friends!” He told him. “I don’t want to lead her on.”
  • “Then you better tell her. But first, archery lessons?” Will asked hopefully.
  • “Yeah.” Nico smiled.