ok but hear me out. the amount of strength percy’s arms have is enormous considering the fact that he could hold both HIS and ANNABETH’S weight with ONE HAND.,….,,, what I mean with this is that percy is ripped as fuck

I just like that the Percy Jackson fandom is like the hufflepuff of fandoms:

  • People who don’t know about it think it’s silly 
  • We care a lot about diversity 
  • It’s lowkey gigantic, but feels small
  • Everyone from all the other fandoms is welcome 
  • Full of really nice and hilarious people 
  • We’re just happy to be included tbh
Pjo head canon

Nico spends his free time shadow traveling across the world to save and help innocent people or bring to justice criminals and escaped convicts. In some parts of the world he is an urban legend and people make stories about him saving their lives or helping them in times of need. Some people see him as an angel and others see him as a force of nature, but no one really knows.

123. Annabeth and her cousin Magnus go to DC in pursuit of a rogue cyclops. It tears it’s way through the National Mall and the cousins are framed for the damage. When arrested and given their one phone call, Annabeth calls the only person in town she knows: her cousin Abigail Chase, Director of the National Archives.

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