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Percy negotiates air travel with Zeus after BOO, because his family wants to go on vacation sometime and this'd make things a lot easier if he needs to save the gods again.

Just imagine…

  • Percy praying to Poseidon to give him strength to talk to Zeus about flying as he heads to the Empire State Building.
  • He went up to Olympus and went to find Zeus. Only to find out that the god wasn’t there, but taking a vacation. 
  • Then Percy getting pissed and demanding to see Zeus. 
  • Zeus arriving only to be mad at the demigod that summoned him from his vacation. 
  • He glares down at Percy, wanting to know what was so important that he had to be taken away from getting his tan.
  • “I want to be able to travel in the air again.” Percy demanded, which only caused Zeus to laugh. “You laugh now, but if Olympus is in trouble and you need me to be somewhere that’s not New York, then I won’t be there.”
  • That got some other gods to stop and look at the demigod that was standing up to Zeus. 
  • “That’s all I ask. Safe air travel so I can go on vacation with my family and to save Olympus again.” 
  • Percy was staring him down, as if he was daring him to say something different with other gods watching.
  • Zeus looked down at the demigod that saved Olympus twice already. “Fine. Safe air travel.”
  • “Thank you.” Percy replied before leaving.

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Leo broke out into a fit of laughter as he pointed at a picture in he scrap book you had just given him.
“I remember this one. Frank look at your face! You look ridiculous!”.

“I think he looks cute” Hazel said pinching Frank’s bright red cheek “[Y/N] these are amazing. Making scrap books was such a sweet and good idea. Thank you so much”.

“She’s right” Jason smiled as Piper looked down at a picture of them together.

You were so happy they liked them. You had been nervous that the seven would think scrap books were a bit stupid but judging by their reaction they were grateful to you for making these for them.


PJO Ship Aesthetics: Art School Pipazel

She had always considered there to be two types of art. That which you made for others, and that which you made for yourself.

Lit by nothing but the watery light of early dawn, Hazel pressed charcoal against paper and drew for herself.

And although the lines that formed at her fingertips were for her own enjoyment, the visage they created was of someone very different from herself.