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solangelo 9?

oh ym god…… middle school

  • wills one of those soccer players that everyone loves, hes cool cuz he has an iphone 6 when its released
  • he wears those graphic ts with shitty jokes on them
  • hes trying to be a skater
  • constantly scraped up and probably still sleeps w a stuffed animal
  • NICO 
  • nico is in his scemo phase
  • constantly has MCR lyrics written on his arms in sharpie and written on black converse and so much FUCKING EYELINER and straightened hair
  • has at least 8 mcr shirts
  • but he has the Best Grades
  • graffitis shit with pentagrams bc hes THAT emo (tells ppl hes a devil worshipper)
  • also he writes really bad drarry smut (LIKE I DID IN 7TH GRADE LMAO……….. PROJECTION)
  • its in like 7th fuckening grade 
  • nico has his fringe dyed green with kool-aid and peroxide bleach
  • he knows hes the gayest bt doesnt Broadcast it (apart from wearing super super tiny rainbow earring studs)
  • will just knows hes bi and is really really oblivious to a lot of things??? probably gets asked to a dance by some chick that’s been crushing on him but he didnt realize so he just “Oh sorry! i don’t know you” 
  • heartbreaker
  • nico is crushing on him from afar
  • they actually talk to each other however over the harry potter series
  • nicos reading the fifth book and will just Lights Up and starts babbling abt it
  • nico screeches on his MCR blog about it when he gets home
  • will accidentally gets a huge throbbing 12-yr-old crush on nico
  • nicos the one who asks will to go to one of those shitty middle school dances
  • they end up just hiding behind the bleachers babbling and they probably really awkwardly kiss
  • theyre huge smiley blushy messes later
  • i love these dumb 12 yr olds

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Percy and annabeth forbidden lovers au?

  • Annabeth’s mother, Athena, was head of a multi-million architecture cooperation which Annabeth was the heir of. 
  • The first thing that Athena taught her about was her rival, Poseidon. He was the environmentalist that protested against her projects. Poseidon wasn’t as rich and powerful as Athena, but his voice moved people to join him.
  • He couldn’t even get arrested because of the peaceful protests. He knew how to avoid going to jail. 
  • Annabeth was walking along the sidewalk of the greatest city in the world, New York. Her headphones were in as she was psyching herself up for this meeting she was having. 
  • She didn’t even hear the guy running behind her say, “On your left” until he crashed right into her.
  • She looked at him with a glare. “Excuse me!”
  • “I said on your left.” He told her. “But I’m sorry. Are you okay?” 
  • “Yeah, I’m fine.” She replied, straightening herself up. 
  • Annabeth looked at the jogger and could feel herself flushing. He was really handsome. Probably one of the most beautiful guys she’s ever seen. His dark hair, golden tan skin, and green eyes. Gorgeous. 
  • “Can I make it up to you some how? Get you some coffee or tea?” He asked.
  • “Tea would be great.” She replied.
  • “Right now?” He asked, almost hopeful.
  • Annabeth took out her phone and checked the time. She could make her clients wait five minutes. Her mother’s rule number 5: Make them sweat.
  • “Sure.” She smiled. “I’m Annabeth.”
  • “Percy.” He replied. “I would shake your hand but I’m sweaty.” 
  • She nodded. “To Starbucks?”
  • He smiled and led the way. “So, where were you going?” 
  • “A meeting, but I got some time.” She added. “Are you a runner?”
  • “Not really.” He replied. “Just getting in some exercise and its better than taking the subway or bus.”
  • “Big on saving the environment?” She asked.
  • “A bit.” He replied, opening the door for her. “Are you?”
  • “I’ll save some energy and into renewable sources.” She told him. “But going to a meeting uptown in ten minutes, I will take the subway.”
  • He shrugged his shoulders. “Fair enough. What kind of tea would you like?”
  • “Earl grey, black.” She replied. “You really didn’t have to do this.” 
  • He looked at her with a smile. “I wanted to.”
  • Annabeth smiled back as her phone went off. She looked and sighed when she saw it was her mother. 
  • “Yes?” She answered.
  • “Annabeth, have you arrived at your meeting?” Her mother’s crisp voice came through the phone. 
  • “Not yet. I’m on my way. What’s wrong?” 
  • “Poseidon. He’s out there protesting the project I assigned you.” Athena told her daughter. “Now, when you get there, you need to go in the back way. If he doesn’t know you’re there, then you can get this deal done.”
  • “Mom, he doesn’t know what I look like. Besides, I could just be another client or worker.” She told her. “Relax.”
  • “Alright. I trust you. But if he gets out of line, call me.” She hung up.
  • Annabeth sighed and put her phone in her purse, not noticing that Percy came back with her tea and a huge cup of water for him. 
  • “Is everything okay?” He asked.
  • “Yeah. Apparently there are protesters outside the building I’m having my meeting in.” She took her tea.
  • “Where’s your meeting?” His head perked up. 
  • “Rockefeller Plaza.” She told him. “Why?”
  • “That’s where I was heading. My dad is leading a big protest there.”
  • Annabeth felt her brain come to a halt as she stared at Percy. He couldn’t be…
  • “Is your dad Poseidon?” 
  • Percy nodded. “How do you know that?”
  • “He’s been protesting all of my mom’s projects and making it difficult for her to get her job done.”
  • “Well Athena has a ton of money that she could use to help the environment and not build building that hurt the environment. And besides, New York has plenty of pollution already and buildings.” He rambled before staring at her. “Your mom is Athena?”
  • She nodded. 
  • Percy ran his hand through his hair. “Well…this is awkward.”
  • “No kidding.” Annabeth breathed. “So now what?”
  • Percy looked at her. His green eyes looking right into her grey ones, hoping she was thinking the same thing.
  • “I like you Annabeth. I don’t want our parents feud to ruin our friendship.” Percy started. “So, do you want to take the subway to Rockefeller together before going our separate ways?”
  • Annabeth slightly smiled. “Yeah. Sounds good to me.”


  • Ever since that day, Annabeth and Percy have been sneaking around to hang out with each other. It was getting more and more difficult lately.
  • Athena announced that Annabeth was going to take over the company within the next five years under her guidance. Her mother never looked so proud.
  • She wouldn’t be if she knew who Annabeth was hanging out with.
  • Percy, on the other hand, easily kept this information from his father. But now that he knows what Annabeth looks like, he had to disappear before she went towards any building that his dad was protesting.
  • All the sneaking around, it was fun for them. They got to be themselves and not worry about their parents. 
  • Annabeth thought it was the exhilarating. She felt a rush every time she hung out with Percy. The excitement of sneaking around and being with someone who wanted to be with her
  • Percy looked at Annabeth as they sat across from each other in his favorite dive. His smile lit up his face and her heart swelled.
  • “Isn’t this place great?” He asked.
  • “Yeah, it’s pretty great.” She said before popping a fry into her mouth. “I think you find the best food places in New York.”
  • Percy grinned his stupid grin. He has to stop being cute. “Thanks. Also, you got ketchup in the corner of your mouth.” He leaned over and wiped it away.
  • She blushed. 
  • Percy looked at her before getting up and moving over to sit next to her. “Annabeth, can I kiss you?” 
  • Her heart was pounding as she wanted to say yes. How she desperately wanted to kiss him.
  • “Yes. “ She whispered. 
  • Percy leaned over until their lips met. Her heart was pounding as they kissed. 
  • When they broke the kiss, Annabeth was bright red. 
  • And that’s how their forbidden romance started.

A Solangelo take on the bridge scene in My Big Fat Greek Wedding scene, with certain creative liberties.

“So, what’s your family like?” Nico asked with an imploring smile.

Will’s heart skipped a beat at the smile. Fifth date and he was going crazy for Nico already. This would not end well, concluded the voice in his head, who sounded suspiciously like cousin Lou. 

“Hello, earth to Will…Anyone there?” The Italian questioned, his voice alluring.

Will quickly blinked out of his daze.

“Um, yeah…” He looked towards the ground.

Family. The family that didn’t know he was out on a date with a very nice, very rich, very handsome and marginally annoying, non-Greek boy. If ever there was a topic not to stray into on a date, family was it.

Nico, bless him and everything he stood for, acknowledged the pause for the non-answer it was and instead began shooting into facts about his own family.

“Well, I’ve got two sisters, one older than me and one younger. Hazel, my younger sister, has a gorgeous set of twins, a boy and a girl and Bianca- She’s not really into the whole settling down thing, y’know.”

Will nodded with a soft smile aimed at his boyfriend- where they boyfriends? Will didn’t know if it was too soon for this conversation, but he personally thought they were boyfriends. Everything Nico said managed to sound fascinating, like they were secrets he pressed directly into Will’s ears. That was, when he wasn’t avoiding treatment from his one-time doctor. Who technically wasn’t licensed, but he could handle making a splint, thank you very much.

“I don’t see them often, but we get together during Christmas time, it’s one of the few times our step-mom’s home and her and dad throw this quite get-together, with the whole family, we all just sit around eating and drinking until eventually everyone caves in and we spend the night there instead of driving home.”

Will let his smile out fully and freely, “That sounds wonderful…I’ve never really been to a quiet get-together before,” he muttered out.

“Why’s that?” Nico pressed again, facing him as he got off the bridge railing.

Will hesitated. Nico was this great, attractive and established lecturer. People paid actual thousands to hear him speak for an hour and he wanted to listen to some pre-med drop out talk about his big, fat, embarrassing, Greek family. 

“Well, I’m Greek,” he shrugged the words out, not quite what he wanted to say, but still a beginning.

Nico gave Will a long-suffering look, even that was attractive! Gods damn him for his good-looks.

“And…?” He queried when his look still remained unanswered.

Will sighed, better to send Nico away now, before he fell in love and it left actual damage. He spoke with his eyes trained to the ground, flickering just barely to look at Nico through his long, blonde locks.

“And I’m Greek, so for Christmas my Ma makes roast Lamb and my dad and uncles all try and fight over who gets to eat the brain, while my pappous eventually eats it when they’re not looking. My Aunt Athena then chases me around with the eyeball, because she says it’ll make me smart enough for college to accept me again. You have two sisters? I have three brothers and two sisters, because my parents adopted Meg a few years ago too. Not to mention the nineteen first cousins- just first cousins- who are always there or all the girls my Aunt cares for in her shelter, who again, are always there. My family’s big and loud and all we do is eat and eat and eat, while complaining in Greek. Everyone’s in each other’s face all the time and we never just get a moment to think. And they’re always saying, Will do this, Will be that, Will fix this. Will why are you not married? Where are my Greek grandchildren?  When Will you settle down with a nice, Greek girl? And all we ever do is Greek, Greek, Greek, because the only people we hang out with are- Greeks, so we can marry more Greeks because that’s all anyone in my family does, get married to a Greek, have Greek children and eat Greek food.”

Nico paused, eyes widened, before a smirk pulled onto his face.

“Woah,” he said in that damningly attractive voice.

“Not-woah, I’m being serious. No one in my family has ever gone out with a non-Greek before and you’re- you’re just- wonderful,” he spat out as if he were offended, to which Nico raised an amused brow.

Will stopped to breathe and really stared at Nico. Nico was wearing dark, grey jeans, but they fit his legs perfectly, sculpting his muscles. His top was just a touch loose, black and silky. Dark hair touched fair skin, curly at the bottoms and his jaw was like that of a chiselled statue, sharp yet soft enough to trail kisses off of, Nico was so wonderful. 

And Will was a mess of a twenty-six year old, with shaggy hair and an uneven-tan. Who wore a stupid, orange hoodie and khaki’s to a fancy date. 

He felt stupid. Stupid Nico being so stupidly great.

“You’re so wonderful, but I’m not sure this will work-out, so…” He trailed off, hoping Nico caught on.

“Work out? What’s there to work out? I like you Will, you’re gorgeous, you’re so alive and you know what you want. Before I met you, I used to fantasise about all the different ways someone could die and I’d make stories up about all the Gods in my head, I’m not some perfect, wonderful being, but you make me want to be, Will.”

Will’s breath halted. Nico stepped closer to him, not touching him, but peering at him with dark, dark eyes.

“I’m this huge, dorky, at time suicidal shit-head and the fact that I’m willingly telling you that shows how much I’ve come to care about you in this short period of time we’ve known each other. Will, before I met you I felt like I was just going through life without living, but Will you make me come alive,” Nico whispered the last sentence and put his hand on Will’s cheek.

Will let a stunned blush engulf his face as he tried to stop staring at his wonderful, beautiful, incredibly stupid boyfriend.

“I make you come alive?” He questioned with a cheshire-grin, because that was some top-notch poetry there, he’d know, his family did run a poetry slam every second Friday at their clinic.

“Shut up,” replied the Italian with an interesting hue of red on his face.

Will laughed softly, running his fingers through Nico’s hair.

“I’ll always be here to make sure you come alive, so you better not go dying on me, okay?” He teased lightly.

“Never,” Nico replied with the same tone, leaning forward so their lips met in a chaste kiss.

I re-watched My Big Fat Wedding today and I thought of Solangelo while watching it and I don’t know, this scene just stuck out to me and I was like, Will’s Toula, bc family will drive him insane and Nico’s lucky to have a smaller amount of relatives. Obvs Nico’s not Greek in this, but everyone else from Camp Half-Blood, other than Hades children are Greek. Numbers of relatives aren’t concrete bc reasons. Also I made Will and Nico way too sappy, but fight me, it’s a rom-com movie, I can’t just have them arguing for like ten minutes.

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For the AU thingy: 5 and either Percico or Solangelo


  • percy is a youtuber. he’s a fuckin gaming youtuber. if you’ve ever watched cr1tikal, that’s basically him, but more ridiculous with really cheesy jokes slipped in every now and again, also a webcam and some hella vlogs. hes really popular becuase he just fucking doesnt react to jumpscares and also is attractive
  • did the markiplier thing where he was called weak and then just took his shirt off and fucking flexed for the camera what a loser (he gained 3k subs from that video alone)
  • ok hes more like if you combined markiplier and cr1t bc hed totally do the dumbass challenges mark does too (read: the fire and ice challenge)
  • he gets emotional on camera when he hits huge subs milestones a la markiplier
  • nico on the other hand runs at least 84 blogs. he’s tumblr famous. he’s like the late tumblr user pizza only he killed someone for the url @/ghost for his main. 
  • he runs like 3 instagram accts
  • basically his main is sad aesthetic, black n white, memes, and selfies. around 1mil followers and half of them are thirst follows 
  • hes so sarcastic @ teenage girls who lust after him (heartbreaker)
  • he runs a drarry fanblog w/ 20k followers
  • also a 21p blog w 40k
  • 3 MCR blogs
  • 2 FOB blogs
  • a shitpost blog
  • so many
  • people love him
  • his instagrams are all aesthetic and selfies
  • he probably does vlogs too and ends up at fuckin vidcon where he and percy both get fucked over (something about a booth mixup)
  • nico is subscribed to percy on a not well known youtube acct that nobody knows is him
  • along the same lines, percy is following nico on tumblr. like on so many of his blogs (percys a FOB fan but secretly gotta keep that rep) 
  • insert fighting and then Friendship
  • turns out they live p close to each other
  • and they start appearing in each others content
  • nicos just in the background of percys videos a lot. making sarcastic comments and shit
  • occasionally coplays with him and does his own commentary people love him
  • percy appears in selfies w nico and various vlogs
  • their first kiss is on camera a la a commenter dare on a truth or dare challenge
  • people ship them so hard
  • when they actually start dating they dont wanna announce it until ONE of them (lookin @ u percy) forgets to cover up a hickey in one of his videos
  • their fandoms explode
  • its hilarious
  • i love youtuber aus

On a small Convention some days ago Nico and me found the new entrance to Olympus. And I thought the gods had a better taste in humor :’) No worries next picture is again a serious Solangelo photo haha :’’’D