Honestly I only want a third Percy Jackson movie just to see who would play Nico and Bianca Di Angelo, and Zoë Nightshade.

Though they’ll probably fuck it up again and end up making them all wrong.

Okay but that add on to my post really got me pissed off

Not the actual add on itself but the realization of the lack of friendship development in HoO

Like okay Leo and Annabeth could have been cool friends but I barely remember any interaction besides Leo thinking she was scary, or that she kind of got him or whatever

Frank and Annabeth had that one thing with the Chinese handcuffs and that’s literally all I can remember in terms of developing a friendship??? Not even a great development but something I’d love to have seen more of BC Annabeth x frank would be amazing

But seriously now I’m angry at all the great friendships that could have developed nicely in HoO but never did

Thank god he at least developed pipabeth …