Nico and Percy/Annabeth experience in Tartarus are very different.

Not that Nico’s experience wasn’t the same or less traumatic, both experiences were traumatic enough and both experiences gave them PTSD but is not fair to compare them. Nico accidentally fell into Tartarus, it was all part of Gaea’s plan and it was almost immediately kidnaped by Gaea forces who then was given to the twins so they could use him as bait to catch the seven. In Percy’s dream, Nico had been imprisoned for 3 days so far in an induced coma, no longer in Tartarus. He was probably in Tartarus for a day, he said the Gaea forces immediately took him, (compared to the 18 days the other two were there). So while Nico almost died because being trapped in the jar, he never really was in risk of dying in Tartarus, since they only used it as a way to kidnapped him and transport him to Rome. 

What I meant to say, is that both of the experiences were different, while Nico was only there for a day or so, he saw Tartarus how it truly is, and that was enough to almost drive him insane but Percy and Annabeth, who were there for 18 days, never saw Tartarus like the absolute hell it was, their demigod brains couldn’t handle it, instead they saw a watered down (but still scary) version of it. Percy just saw the real Tartarus for a split of a second, saying this was how Nico truly saw it because he is a son of hades and even that second was enough to make him even more scared.

Both experiences were absolutely traumatizing and horrible but is not fair to compare them.

After Leo "fired on" Camp Jupiter
  • Piper: Hey. This is not the time to blame Leo.
  • Leo: Thank you, my-
  • Annabeth: You're right. There will be plenty of time to blame Leo later, when this is resolved.

Headcanon that Percy, Jason, Frank, Leo, and Grover start their own band like…

-They try to recruit Nico and Will and Will’s all for it until Nico’s all like “William.Don’t.You.Dare.”

-At first it’s more for jokes, but as they do it longer they get better, and they are known to perform at the camp campfire at least once a month.

-Jason sings, Grover plays his windpipes, Frank plays drums, Leo plays a keyboard like invention that he made, and Percy rocks at out guitar/bass.

-They got this whole soft rock and roll vibe, but sometimes they do rap, which is usually Percy jabbing at the gods.

-Their name is “The Gods Of RocknRoll” and they have this big rivalry with a band of Apollo kids.

-It gets so bad they have a battle of the bands, and GRR (The Gods of RocknRoll, yeah kind of a weird abbreviation) win.

A few of my favorite redheaded ladies of literature.

Lady Fire from Graceling.

Hazel Evans from The Darkest Part of the Forest.

Scarlet Benoit from The Lunar Chronicles.

Alanna of Tredond from Song of the Lioness.

Truthful Newington from Newt’s Emerald.

Rachel Elizabeth Dare from Percy Jackson.


from what my father can translate (bc i can’t learn italian rip) this reads: 

Q: What are the names of the children of Percy and Annabeth? 

and rick replies: 

A: Doesn’t exist. They are seventeen forever! 

so, in other news, percy and annabeth are officially immortal, guess zeus just decided to do whatever he wants, as per the usual 

*this is a joke pls don’t over exaggerate jfc*

♡ trans will solace who gets flustered and a little emotional whenever little brother austin comes to him for “yknow like… guy stuff. man stuff. advice, maybe”

◇ trans will solace who is more comfortable giving kayla The Talk than he is austin because “how do i tell him about stuff i dont even have??” “will are you a doctor or arent you” “oh!!! i forgot!” “[eye roll]”

♧ trans will solace who catches someone (a patient who is brought in after being injured) binding unsafely and tells them how dangerous that is and that they’re safe here and sends them to mr. d to “grab a binder - don’t worry, he’s basically our patron. he’ll help you.”

☆ trans will solace who becomes the Designated Helper for all trans kids at camp. he doesnt mean for it to happen, but it does, and he doesnt mind. cecil ribs him one day, joking “they ought to make another cabin out there, eh big guy? a cabin to put all these babies that youve adopted” “some of them are older than me, c.” “but youre still an excellent papa to them.”

♡ trans will solace

good trans will fic ideas besides the usual “coming out” tale;

1) binder fashion show - will is the self proclaimed Binder Boy and buys every single binder design ever. its a good thing he lives at camp and has wealthy friends (nico - “your boyfriend should be your best friend” - and cecil) otherwise he’d be suffocated by debt

2) nico (or lover of your choice, though i myself am partial to a finely aged Solange TM) having to buy menstrual products and being a total weenie about it. please consider this. bonus: cashier jokes “for your girlfriend?” and he gets steely and protective and growls “my BOYfriend, actually” and leaves the store glaring at the cashier for assuming. bonus bonus bonus; dont use the term “feminine hygiene”. keep things as gender neutral as possible. bonus bonus; “menstruation… more like, MANstruation!! hahaha geddit nico, cuz im a dude? ….nico? neeks, where are you going, come laugh at my-”

3) beach day fic, because every anime needs a beach episode and pjo is my favorite anime, obviously. you get to have fun picking out beach wear, plus everyone gets to be cute and splash around. maybe will cant go into the water because he doesnt have one of the special binders and mentions this, or hes wearing a bikini top (“its my MANkini. wait is that already a thing”) with a tank top over it so you can see his Moobs TM. bonus if a monster attacks and everyone is ready to fight, but will (who has taken down HOW MANY?? enemies with a single whistle) just waves his hand like hes shooing a bug and a flash of sunlight cuts the huge creature in half. he then goes back to reclining in the sun, calling to nico/your lover of choice to “come back over here, baby, sit with meee~!! its so nice out today, isnt it?”

4) zombie apocalypse or just apocalypse au. will Refuses to bind with bandage and thus has visible boobs. you can vaguely mention he’s transgender then go back to the zombie punching and otherwise assorted badass violence

5) any fic at all. like above, all you gotta do is find a way to throw in “nah i didnt feel like binding today” or “ugh i have a boob itch” or “he/him please” or “will wore a tiny trans pride pin” etc. all you gotta do is mention that he is trans and he continues to be trans throughout the story. you dont gotta mention genitals or menstruation or even dysphoria at all. just throw the word trans in there somewhere and you done did it and im proud of you