• Jason:I should sit at the head of the table since I'm the strongest.
  • Percy:Hahaha..Look! Mr.Serious Stuff can actually joke!
  • Jason:*thunder sounds*
  • Percy:*drenches him in water*
  • Jason:You ruined my shirt! *causes stormy winds*
  • Percy:You ruined my hair!
  • Nico:*summons a skeleton*
  • Percy and Jason:AaaAAaAa!! *runs away screaming*
  • Nico:Seriously.Kids these days...*shakes his head and eats fries*

Piper’s legs felt like lead. The rising water swirled, threatening to pull her under. She could feel her strength fading.

“No good!” Jason yelled, spitting water.

“We’re getting nowhere,” Percy agreed.

“You have to work together,” Piper cried, hoping she was right. “Both of you think of clean water—a storm of water. Don’t hold anything back. Picture all your power, all your strength leaving you.”

“That’s not hard!” Percy said.

“But force it out!” she said. “Offer up everything, like—like you’re already dead, and your only goal is to help the nymphs. It’s got to be a gift…a sacrifice.”

They got quiet at that word.

“Let’s try again,” Jason said. “Together.”

This time Piper bent all her concentration toward the horn of plenty as well. The nymphs wanted her youth, her life, her voice? Fine. She gave it up willingly and imagined all of her power flooding out of her.

I’m already dead, she told herself, as calm as the skeleton dog. This is the only way.

Clear water blasted from the horn with such force, it pushed them against the wall. The rain changed to a white torrent, so clean and cold, it made Piper gasp.

“It’s working!” Jason cried.

“Too well,” Percy said. “We’re filling the room even faster!”

He was right. The water rose so quickly, the roof was now only a few feet away. Piper could’ve reached up and touched the miniature rain clouds.

“Don’t stop!” she said. “We have to dilute the poison until the nymphs are cleansed.”

“What if they can’t be cleansed?” Jason asked. “They’ve been down here turning evil for thousands of years.”

“Just don’t hold back,” Piper said. “Give everything. Even if we go under—”

Her head hit the ceiling. The rainclouds dissipated and melted into the water.

The horn of plenty kept blasting out a
clean torrent.

Piper pulled Jason closer and kissed him.

“I love you,” she said.

The words just poured out of her, like the water from the cornucopia. She couldn’t tell what his reaction was, because then they were underwater.

She held her breath. The current roared in her ears. Bubbles swirled around her. Light still rippled through the room, and Piper was surprised she could see it. Was the water getting clearer?

Her lungs were about to burst, but Piper poured her last energy into the cornucopia. Water continued to stream out, though there was no room for more.

Would the walls crack under the pressure?

Piper’s vision went dark.

She thought the roar in her ears was her own dying heartbeat. Then she realized the room was shaking. The water swirled faster. Piper felt herself sinking.

With her last strength, she kicked upward. Her head broke the surface and she gasped for breath. The cornucopia stopped.

Art: viria

Excerpt from, “The Mark of Athena”

Luke Castellan Network

Hey guys !! i decided to make Luke Castellan Network, because who doesn’t love Luke Castellan ?!! seriously this hero need more love!

How to join

  • mbf this dork and this nerd
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  • fill out this form
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  • track the tag #lukenet for updates 

What you get

  • a place in the network
  • new friends
  • $0
  • fun!


  • the deadline is May 4, 2015
  • 13 members will be chosen shorty after that
  • feel free to ask me any question
  • credit to viria for the amazing art

imagine jason stressing out over his responsibilities as ponteus maximus and repressing everything until nico comes over and hugs him and jason starts to break down and spill out all his worries about his duties and finally letting go because bby you gotta learn how to communicate your stress

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