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Will Solace has appendicitis and his appendix bursts so he has to leave camp to go to an actual real life hospital because the only person who MIGHT be able to pull that off with healing powers alone is /him/- And Nico wasn't at camp and he gets back and someone is like 'oh yeah Will's at the hospital he had to have surgery' cue woRRIED NICO

This was a really cute request and I really enjoyed writing it! I probably would have gone on way longer but i didn’t want it to get too lengthy. Enjoy!!


When Nico walked into the hospital, some stupid get-well-soon teddy bear clutched in his hand, he began to get nervous. The initial ‘oh shit your boyfriend is in the hospital’ shock had faded, and now- he wasn’t sure what to expect. He was scared.

He’d gotten an Iris message during his visit to Camp Jupiter from Lou Ellen half an hour ago- Will had come down with appendicitis, he’d been sent to the hospital, and he was just coming out of post-op from a successful surgery. Of course he’d immediately shadow traveled home and gone straight to the hospital, but his confidence wavered just outside of the room.

In fact, Nico might just have stood there, nervous, for another few minutes had Lou Ellen not stepped out of the room and seen him.

“Hey, Nico.” Lou Ellen said, clearly surprised to see him so quickly. “Will’s awake- he was asking about you.” She smiled a little, though she looked a little uncomfortable. Nico gave a stiff nod, stepping aside to let her go and, after taking a deep breath, stepping into the room.

The fluorescents didn’t help Will’s complexion, his face almost as pale as Nico’s, a stark contrast to his usually perfectly tanned skin. His hair was messy, damp with sweat from the fever, his eyes closed and mouth drawn taught. He was clearly in pain, probably just recently having awoken from surgery, and Nico’s heart ached a little for him. Had he been this sick earlier? Why hadn’t he called?

“Lou, there’s no way you got ice that fast..” Will croaked, eyebrows drawn together as he spoke.

“Lou Ellen isn’t back yet-” Nico answered simply, going to sit in the chair next to his bed. Will’s eyes fluttered open immediately, and with some effort, he turned his head to look at Nico.

Despite everything, Will gave this sad little laugh, and Nico knew it’d probably hurt. “You shouldn’t have come all the way from Camp Jupiter for this..” He muttered, smiling tiredly anyways. Nico just rolled his eyes.

“I nearly had a freaking heart attack when Lou Ellen said you had to have /surgery/.. What kind of doctor waits long enough for their appendix to burst?” Nico asked, setting the little bear on Will’s other side and moving to stroke his hair back.

“Don’t touch me, m'all sweaty..” Will argued feebly, swatting at his hand. Chuckling, Nico continued, trying to offer whatever comfort he could.

“You look like shit.” Nico said casually, hand stilling on his cheek. “How are you feeling?”

“Hah, very funny..” Will mumbled, closing his eyes and leaning into the touch. “I feel terrible, and I’m on like.. Enough painkillers to sedate an elephant..” He grumbled, enjoying the coolness of Nico’s hand, sighing softly when Nico flipped it so Will would get the cool side again.

“Yeah, surgery’ll do that to you. You should have gone to the hospital earlier.”

Will just waved a hand. “I was kind of hoping my healing powers would kick in and it’d just. Stop, but.” He sighed. “No luck. Kayla was walking me to my cabin to get some rest and I threw up. So she did a more comprehensive exam and the pain got really bad so they took me here.”

“Mm, Kayla’s a lot smarter than you..” Nico teased, frowning when Will’s delirious chuckle made him wince. “You should get some rest..” The son of Hades muttered, fixing his blankets. “Maybe you’ll feel better when you wake up.”

The exhaustion was clearly getting to Will at this point, mumbling a question about Nico shadow traveling, which the son of Hades was glad he likely wouldn’t remember. He continued to try to hold a conversation until it was just delirious nonsense, and he was out cold by the time Lou Ellen returned with his cup of ice, rolling her eyes.

“They said he’d probably only be awake for a little while- just while the anesthesia wore off and the painkillers kicked in. He’ll be up on and off all night, probably nauseous and in pain-” she warned, setting the cup aside.

“That’s okay, I’ll keep an eye on him.” Nico assured, quietly so as not to disturb Will, who was snoring now. Will was usually a really quiet sleeper, and while the snoring was endearing, it was pretty out of character.

Lou Ellen nodded, patting Nico’s shoulder and going to sit on the couch. Nico moved his chair closer to the bed, using an extra pillow to prop himself up and taking Will’s unusually cold hand, squeezing gently.

The hospital chair wasn’t soft at all, but he was more comfortable here than he would have been anywhere else.
Rick Riordan says we’ll check in with ‘pretty much every’ Percy Jackson character in ‘Trials of Apollo’
Trials of Apollo by Rick Riordan has a lot of fans excited to see some favorite characters, and it looks like we’ll be getting exactly what we wanted!

@camphalfblood: At one point or another in Trials of Apollo, you will see what’s happening with pretty much every PJO/HOO character. [x]

This makes us think that the character appearances will be interspersed through the books rather than seeing them all together in a big group at the same time– what do you guys think? Comment (here) and tell us which character(s) you’re more excited to revisit in this new series!

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Will is a Tyrannosaurus rex Nico is a raptor… prehistoric love ensues


1. They meet at the watering hole
Will was with his T-Rex fam when Nico walks on in and since he smell weird af people get out of his way.

2. People think Nico is the weirdest of them all but Will is a small lovestruck T-Rex because Nico got some fine arms,

3. The two went on some shenanigans worthy of The Land Before Time as they fell off cliffs and found some different species. It was wild, you should’ve been there

4. Nico is the first one to make a move  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
i don’t think dinosaurs dated though so they engage in some nasty mating sessions. It was gross man.

5. They’re together when the meteor strikes and get buried alive right beside each other

send me an au and i’ll give you 5+ headcanons about it