AU: Percy’s little sister
  • Sally and Paul got a beautiful girl
  • they asked Percy to choose a name for her
  • and he chose the name “Zoe” hoping that his little sister would be as brave as Zoe Nightshade
  • Zoe grew up in a beautiful and warm house
  • she always wait till the end of the summer every year to see her big brother
  • Percy and Zoe had the best brother-sister relationship
  • she leart a lot of him
  • Zoe always loved his girlfriend Annabeth and called her “sister”
  • Zoe always said that Percy was her “hero”
  • each year they grow up their realtionship get stronger
  • when Zoe was 10 Percy died in a quest 
  • she spent days crying and without food
  • when Zoe grew up and got married she had a beautiful baby boy
  • the first name that come to her mind is “Perseus” the name of her big brother, that she lost long time ago
  • she called her baby boy “Perseus” hoping that her little boy would be like his uncle.

enjoy !! it suck i know, but it just came to my mind and it’s my first try !!

Nico di Angelo Headcanons

- He got a lot more comfortable with physical contact during the days in the infirmary with Will
- He sucks at swimming
- Piper gave him ‘the talk’
- Only Will can make him stammer and blush
- Percy was his biggest support when he accidentally kissed Will and didn’t talk to him for two weeks
- He can cook excellent pasta
- He often calls Will 'perdente’, which means 'loser’

I think that Will uses medical terms to insult people because normally he believes that someones health condition should not define them, and is very careful about it in his language, such as when he treats “a person with maniac depression“ not “maniac depressive”.

Unless that person pisses him off, in which case he switches right to “Fight me, you anemic loser.”