No Leaf Spared

Dizzy and young, clasping fingers in a chilled back yard, strangers consumed by the notions of fall and hard cider. Whispers in the hallway leading to soft kisses and a mattress on the floor; easy ignorance to the changing world outside. The blissful fog embracing us dilutes our thoughts and words until all that remains is warm skin and down blankets. 

Sleepily stirring as light drifts along the windowpane, your fingertips trace circles on my bare shoulders and my gaze wanders to the trees outside your window.The few leaves that cling to their summer home are shivering as the crisp wind wanders through almost bare branches. Each leaf’s plight for safety gives me chills, and sends me nestling deeper in your arms. I bask in this temporary comfort, for I know that no leaf will be spared, winter’s ice will join us soon.