It’s very rainy and dreary but I was getting antsy and decided to put up with the drizzle and go photograph some things

I haven’t taken my California sea lion, Honu out for photos in a really long time!

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Green Sea Turtles (”Honu” in Hawaiian) begin their lives as omnivores, but then transition to an all vegetarian diet as they enter adulthood. They eat mostly sea grasses and algae and it is said that herbivorous turtles like these tend to host fewer parasitic organisms such as barnacles living on their shells, as a result of their vegetarian diet. Judging by the beauty and cleanliness of this dude’s shell, I’d say that the theory has some merit - photo taken at Maarehaa Kandu, Indian Ocean

Legacy: the Legend of Honu

Chapter One: Stories

There are three stories that the Waialiki family hold sacred, one for each member of Honu’s family. (illustrations beneath the cut!)

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