750 Honesty Day 😘

So I hit 300 followers exactly two weeks ago today and now I have more than double that with 750. It’s all really crazy considering I only started actively using this blog barely more than a month ago. I really love and appreciate all of you who follow me whether it’s because you read my fics or because you just like the fandom, I still love you!

But despite the fact that there are 750 of you, I feel like only 5 of you talk to me. So I’m gonna do a FAQ/Honesty Day right now. For the rest of the day I’ll be answering any and all questions totally honestly.

Ask me anything. On or off Anon. Could be about me. Could be advice. Could be headcanons. Could be about anything you want.

men are scary im sorry but this is a fact i always wonder when i meet a man like will he get agressive when he is drunk……. will he .. i dont knwo what im talking about in all honsty but men scare me im sorry you know what nothing ignore