Japan by Brave Lemming
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Floating tori in Miyajima, Japan.


Katsura Imperial Villa 桂離宮, Nishikyō-ku 西京区, Kyoto, Honshu, Japan by arjunalistened
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Katsura Imperial Villa 桂離宮, Nishikyō-ku 西京区, Kyoto built by Prince Hachijō Toshihito 智仁 (1579–1629). He wrote “Far away, in the country village of Katsura, the reflection of the moon upon the water is clear and tranquil.” Katsura became influential to modernist architects including Le Corbusier, Walter Gropius, and New Wave Australian Architects Philip Cox, Peter Muller, and Neville Gruzman who visited in the late 1950s and 1960s.


Osaka Castle in Osaka with autumn leaves, Japan, landmark of Unesco.; Shutterstock ID 227729509; PO: Hotels.com Korea TVC ad; Client: Hotels.com Korea by Leona
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Osaka Castle in Osaka with autumn leaves, Japan, landmark of Unesco.; Shutterstock ID 227729509; PO: Hotels.com Korea TVC ad; Client: Hotels.com Korea


Sanmon at Heian-jingu - Kyoto, Japan by banzainetsurfer


Lake Kawaguchiko herb festival

United Cutlery has taken the Honshu fighter to next level with this brand new Aizu Ring Fighter. Combining the power and size of a traditional fighter with the tactical applications of a karambit, the Aizu is one of Honshu’s fiercest designs to date.

  • Razor-sharp 7Cr13 stainless steel blade
  • Non-reflective black anodized finish
  • Ergonomic injection-molded handle
  • Includes leather belt sheath
  • 7 5/8" blade; 13 ½" overall

Kurobe Dam (黒部ダム)

Standing at a height of 186m, Kurobe dam is Japan’s tallest dam; for my ‘Manechester’ friends, that’s 15m taller than the Beetham Tower! It has a installed hydroelectric capacity of 335MW and began operation in 1963. Surrounded by mountains in the Toyama prefecture (富山県), on the misty day I visited, it really felt in the heavens.


Kanyō-ji Temple by banzainetsurfer
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2872 Kanokami, Shunan, Yamaguchi Prefecture 745-0300, Japan


Senjokaku Pavilion by banzainetsurfer

☆Dategumi Shoot in Kojima!☆

Last weekend we went to a small event in Kojima (right across the bridge on the main island of Honshu; a bit closer to us than Okayama is) to do a photoshoot of our Mitsutada and Ookurikara cosplays from Touken Ranbu!

Despite Mitsutada and Ookurikara being two of our main cosplays, we really haven’t done that many photoshoots with their normal outfits from the game. (probably because we’ve been doing lots of fun “netsuzou” cosplay, like the genderbend versions that we cosplayed the previous weekend)
Most of our photoshoots lately have been cute/silly, but our goal for this shoot was to get cool action-y photos!

We invited a cameraman who we had only met once briefly back at MachiAsobi last May because it looked like all of our usual cameraman friends were busy, but then our friend Hide ended up coming to the event too! He took some cool photos for us while we were waiting for our main cameraman to arrive.

But more than anything we just had fun hanging out with Hide and derping around together!
Check out these silly offshots he took for us!

This little ropeway thing was really fun! The picture of Mabs on the right was taken just moments before she fell backwards out of the car. At first Hide and I weren’t sure whether to laugh or be really concerned, but once we confirmed that Mabs was okay, we laughed a lot.

The photo on the right was taken later while our cameraman for the day, Yamahara, was taking photos for us. I was holding up the tails of Mabs coat and then dropping them as Yamahara was taking the photo so that the coat tails would floosh. Thank you Hide for capturing that hilarious behind-the-scenes shot, lol.

When Yamahara arrived, it was serious photoshoot time!
Recently my Ookurikara has just been looking cuter and cuter because I think I was drawing my eyeliner shape a little too big and making my fake eyelid crease too wide. This time I really tried to change up my makeup and look more intense and cool rather than cute. I’m pretty happy with the result, especially considering the type of photos we were taking this time.

Here you can see the results of my efforts to make Mabs’ coat tails floosh, lol.
She restyled her Mitsutada wig for this shoot, and her ahoge (those little pieces of hair that stick up) look so awesome now!

It started raining, so we headed indoors for some photos.
(This event was at the Kojima City Convention Center, by the way. The inside was shiny with lots of white pillars that looked kind of like Greek architecture, there were tatami rooms on the second floor, and a cool Japanese-style garden outside with a covered walkway)

It’s always a struggle not to start dozing off when you take photos laying on the floor, LOL.

(I’m so happy with my face in this photo??? I look cool??)

I’m so glad that I finally got some photos where the dragon on my sword is visible!

Yamahara is shy about being in photos online, but he let us take a selfie with his hand, LOL.

After we finished the photoshoot and changed out of cosplay, we went over to the very old department store across from the convention center and got taiyaki, french fries, and takoyaki for a snack, and chatted with Yamahara for a bit before heading back to the train station.

A lot of denim is made in Kojima, so various things around the train station are jeans-themed, like these vending machines!

There are a bunch of jeans hanging above the walkway in front of the station.
(looks like it’s been windy lately, a lot of them were tangled up)

And inside there’s this HUGE pair of jeans! (That’s a normal-sized door)

There were a bunch of other denim things (even a denim statue of Momotaro!) but I forgot to take a photo! Next time~

It was a fun day and I’m so happy with all of the photos we got! ^_^