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Could you explain Labyrs' accent in the Japanese version? Never really questioned her having a Boston accent in Japan haha

She speaks in Kansai-Ben in the Japanese version (well, mostly she has the accent, she doesn’t use a whole lot of Kansai vocabulary), the dialect spoken in the north-eastern half of the Japanese Main Island Honshu. It’s the second most prominent dialect in Japan (besides Kanto-Ben, which is spoken in Tokyo and seen as the Standard Language), and used to be seen as the “court language” when Kyoto was still the capital of Japan. As a result, different levels of Kansai-ben have different connotations; some are seen as archaic, “old-people language” or connoted with old Samurai-movies, others are strongly associated with comedy duos and seen as sort of a “hick language” due to that. (Which makes it kinda hilarious whenever Labrys is around Teddie, since she forms a Manzai-dynamic with him, playing the straight-man “Tsukkomi” role to his terrible “Boke” humor; just like what such Kansai-connoted comedy duos would be like.)

In P4U, it is explained that Labrys’ speech-patterns are a minor aspect of the base personality of the little girl that was used for her that came out in her due to the unusual size of her Plume of Dusk, which means that girl must have lived in Kansai for some part of her life (though she definitely didn’t live there anymore by the time she came to the Hospital; the nurses and doctors in the flashback don’t speak in Kansai-ben). It’s sort of a glitch; little details like these weren’t supposed to carry over from the base, but because Labrys was loaded with a whole Plume of Dusk crystal, rather than just a shard, she started out with a lot more “soul” than most other Anti Shadow Weapons did.


10 Stunning Crater Lakes Around the World

Crater lakes appear when a caldera, a cauldron-like crater formed by the collapse of land following a volcanic eruption, becomes filled with water. Featured above are some of the most stunning, naturally formed crater lakes around the world.

  1. Crater Lake (Okama), Mount Zao, Honshu, Japan
  2. Kelimutu Crater Lake, Flores Island, Indonesia
  3. Crater Lake, Mount Ruapehu, New Zealand
  4. Crater Lake, Mount Pinabuto, Luzon, Philippines
  5. Quilotoa Crater Lake, Ecuador
  6. Vulcan Point within Crater Lake, Taal Volcano, Luzon, Philippines
  7. Viti Geothermal Crater Lake, Askja, Iceland
  8. Crater Lakes in the Albertine Rift, Africa
  9. Kerid Crater Lake, Iceland
  10. Crater Lake, Mount Mazama, Oregon, USA

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BEST OF THE MARINE CORPS - May 2006 - Defense Visual Information Center by expertinfantry on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
US Marine Corps (USMC) Marines with 81mm Mortar Platoon, 2nd Battalion (BN), 4th Marine Regiment (MAR REGT), attached to the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU), fire an 81mm M252 mortar tube during a live fire training exercise