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You Have Me

Fandom: The Hunger Games

Word count: 2170

Characters: Finnick x reader

Warnings: Flashbacks to the reader murdering someone, general Hunger Games issues, references to depression

Summary: You fall in love with Finnick after you win the Hunger Games.

You walked into the Victor’s Village alone, twisting your hands together unconsciously.  You had sent the camera crews away as soon as you could, because having a swarm of cameras pointing at you still felt strange.

Huh. You’d killed people, and it was the cameras that bothered you. That probably just showed the type of person you’d become.

Victor’s Village was quieter than you’d though it would be. At least it meant that you wouldn’t have to talk to anyone, though. It had been so long since you had a moment to yourself.

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i bought us matching keyrings (peter parker x reader) part one

so i wrote this a while back and i was having a few issues with tumblr on my laptop so i couldn’t post it, but i wrote a lil something based on this tom tweet

“matching keyrings?” peter teased, as he held up his red and blue spiderman keyring to the light. even though you knew nothing about his secret, peter had to admire how cute you were when you found something engaging. as it turned out, your latest obsession appeared to be spiderman and despite his best attempts to keep you from digging peter knew it was only a matter of time before you found out the truth.

“not just matching parker, limited edition” you winked at him.

“where did you find these anyway?” he frowned.

“i saw them in a shop down the road and thought they were cool.” you confessed, shyly clasping your hands together. you knew peter was a massive fan of comic books, like you which is why you had expected a lot more enthusiasm on his behalf when the news of a friendly neighbourhood superhero first started circulating in queens. you, along with everyone else you knew had been tuned in to the gossip and speculation over the recent weeks over who it could possibly be. however, it had only attracted criticism and much eye rolling from peter whenever you mentioned it in public which you had just shrugged off as another of his “im too cool for all this” phases.

miserably, peter twisted the keyring around his finger, which gave it the impression that spiderman was flying through the air. it would have been impressive, if he wasn’t so worried about what you would do once you found out the truth. it had always been one thing trying to hide it from you, but another thing entirely trying to hide it from the entire city.

seeing his miserable expression, you frowned. “it you don’t like it pete, i can always give it to michelle or something” you told him. you were scared that you had done something to upset him, but you had no idea why giving him a keyring as a present would make him act this way.

peter shook his head, sending you a quick smile “no, no, i love it actually. I’m just a bit surprised that the whole city is so fixated on this one guy.” he admitted. you were about to reply when the bell rang, cutting you off. you groaned.”that’s me”  you told him, reaching out for a quick hug. peter nodded as he returned the hug. “take care of him for me” you whispered into his ear, peter could feel the ghost of a smile on your lips. as he watched you fall into step with someone else who was in one of your classes, peter could just make out the matching keyring that was attached to your bag. sighing, he pocketed his keyring.

walking home after class felt different, you noted with a frown. it was late summer in queens and your dry mouth only served to remind you how much you would kill for a milkshake right now. peter had bailed on you, which was something he had been doing it a lot recently. you weren’t the kind of person to get mad over something as trivial as your best friend leaving you to walk home alone, but you did wish that he would stop making promises that he couldn’t keep. as you hurried home, you failed to notice that the sky was turning grey and the air more humid, so when the first clap of thunder rolled out you jumped back in surprise. you internally groaned, as rain started pouring down from the sky like silver bullets. “it’s literally summer, why is it raining when i have no coat.” you spoke out loud to yourself as you did the best you could to prevent your school books getting ruined from the sudden torrential rain. you were so distracted by your bag, that you didn’t notice the figure that had been watching you from the corner of sixth street. peter, dressed in his spiderman costume, had been on his usual tour of crime fighting in the city when he had seen you walking home. he wasn’t spying on you exactly, just making sure that you got home okay, considering that he had been the one to ditch you after all. he noticed that your spiderman keyring was still attached to your bag, and couldn’t help but smile to himself. where it had started raining, the ground was slippery underfoot, and peter watched as you struggled to keep your books dry and walk without slipping over. he knew the risks of helping you, yet in that moment he didn’t care. Before he could overthink it too much, he pulled down his mask and stepped out from the corner just in front of you.

“hi.” peter said as spiderman, knowing that you were probably massively freaking out right now.

“hey.” you managed to gasp out.

“so I was just finishing up over there” he gestured somewhere into the distance “and i saw you struggling to walk in the rain.”

“yeah, i guess you’re right. It’s very slippery.” you confessed. You stood there for a long moment just looking at each other, you trying to work out who was behind the mask, and peter gazing at you like you were the most majestic human he had ever seen.

“well, both of us are getting wet here.” you coughed, breaking the silence that had descended between you.

peter laughed and then choked, silently cursing under his breath for letting you hear his laugh. “it would be ungentlemanly for me to not walk you home” he told you, producing an umbrella out of nowhere. “so please, will you allow me to escort you?”

you laughed, “i would be honoured.” you moved to stand next to him under the umbrella. you walked with him, completely at ease. spiderman had been mostly silent on the way home and you had picked up on that, not wanting to press him as you realised some of the awful things this poor man probably saw on a day to day basis.

“thank you for walking me home.” you smiled at him, you swore for a second that he even smiled back.

“stay safe. y/n.” and with that he was gone, never once looking back. it was only when he had already left, you noticed that he had dropped something on the pavement outside your house in his hurry to get away. bending down to pick it up, you couldn’t wait to show peter tomorrow that spiderman had carelessly left one of his items outside of your house. it wasn’t until you held it up to the light that you realised what it was. a blue and red spiderman keyring. slightly dented from where it had hit the pavement, but apart from that unharmed.

“peter?” you whispered, the breath catching in your throat.

anonymous asked:

How about a really intimidating/rude teenage MC? Y'know, a teen that's built on angst? That swears a lot? (But they're not all bad, they're just like that when they first people people? Thanks

Everything is platonic, no romance here. Also, there is A LOT of swearing so just be aware

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Some untitled fluff

Here’s some Clexa fluff that probably won’t be going on Ao3 cause I’m lazy. Y’all enjoy.

It wasn’t that hard to figure out Lexa was exhausted. To others it might seem like she’s bored or disinterested with the meeting going on, but Clarke knew better. She’d watched Lexa enough times that she could easily spot the slight hunch to her posture, how her eyes closed just that little bit too far, and the slight bruising under her eyes that was visible now that she didn’t need to wear her war paint. Lexa was tired, even if no one else could tell.

Luckily, the meeting seemed to be drawing to a close. The ambassadors all stood, each bowing deeply to the Commander before leaving. As they left, Clarke stepped out of her corner, dropping her good and folding her arm within the sleeves of her advisors robe, she nodded to Ambassador Kane as he left.

After the incident with Pike and Titus’ attack, Clarke had withdrawn from her ambassador duties. She accepted that her mind was too clouded by personal feelings to act as such an influential political figure, so she’d stepped down. Instead, she’d taken up the mantle of Wanheda, the Commander’s advisor in replacement of Titus. The man had accepted his execution without complaint, knowing he’d done something unforgivable, and had taken steps to prepare for after he was gone. He’d taught her as much as he could within the days before he was to die, telling her of the Flame, what it was, and what to do should Lexa die. They weren’t enjoyable lessons, but she understood their necessity.

Padding lightly towards Lexa, she gently sat on the thrones arm. The brunette jolted slightly at Clarke’s sudden appearance, blinking tiredly as she tried to maintain her facade of awareness. Clarke glanced up, making eye contact with Indra who stood guard on the other side of the room. The older woman frowned in return. Well, frowned more than what was normal. It seemed she had noticed Lexa’s odd behaviour as well. The General nodded as the blonde subtly signaled for her to leave before slowly exiting the room as well.

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Reply for the-village-witch on what Loki means to me :)

I’ve been a Lokean for a whole four months, so I’m no great authority on the subject, and my story so far isn’t quite like any other I’ve seen. But maybe that makes it a good example to share. Basically after reading about various Norse deities at the end of August, I started reading about Loki and Hela, and was totally stunned when they started leaving signs left, right and centre to show me that they’re really real. It took a few weeks to get over the shock, and it took another few weeks to work out why me, but someone online, I forget who, had said that of you’re in a desperate dark place and call out to someone, anyone, for help, then it would be Loki that answers you. Nine years ago I was desperate. I had no job and felt my life was going nowhere. I was clinically depressed with social anxiety disorder, and although I wasn’t exactly suicidal, a horrible thought kept popping into my head that I should just kill myself and hope for a good reincarnation. I found myself wishing that someone would just tell me what to do to get me out of the hole I was in. I got pissed off enough about my head rambling on about suicide that I saw a doctor and got some antidepressants and a course of cognitive behavioural therapy, and seemingly against all the odds, I got a paid job working for a charity for abused, neglected and disadvantaged children. Nobody else wanted this job, yet the manager once told me she’d taken a big risk in taking me on because I didn’t seem that confident, so for eight years I’ve wondered how I was lucky enough that she didn’t just wait for someone better to come along. Then as I read the myths I got a sense that Loki probably has a justified soft spot for children in distress (not sure if anyone else sees that or if it’s only me) and put two and two together, and realised that Loki got me my job. In contrast to my own expectations, he saw I had the potential to do what is actually a demanding, difficult job, and so he recruited me to fill an important vacancy. This means a lot to me because although I know I’m doing reasonably well at it (cue flashbacks of the times I’ve fucked something up and wondered who thought it was a good idea to leave me in charge - ooooooh, it was the Norse God of mischief???) I still wasn’t sure I was really worth a damn. But if a God can think I’m important, I can feel a bit better about my existence, so I thank Loki for that. I had noticed that if I was having an especially bad day then some colourful character would come along and cheer me up, or a car would get stuck in traffic outside with its radio playing a song I like. Loki confessed to organising that for me. He also left a string of clues for me to follow that led to the answer to an unanswered question about the myths (which I don’t want to share, sorry, but a girl’s entitled to have a few secrets, right? lol) and I feel pretty honoured to have been told about it. But I’m also having a really lousy year, so the Gods have shown themselves at a really good time as they’re the only thing keeping me feeling positive. They are the ideal people to ask about a couple of nasty problems that have shown up. One of those problems is with my job, but Loki has pretty much told me to stick with it, so I guess that’s why he’s come so obviously into my life now; he doesn’t want me to abandon my post, and I’m hopeful that he’ll help me fix the dilemma. I haven’t been able to work out why Hela contacted me too, but I suppose I’ll know when the time is right. Now I’m not entirely sure if I owe Loki some favours or if it’s the other way around (this job really does suck at times and I’ve worked til I dropped too many times to count) and I get a strange feeling that I’m going to have a very busy afterlife. But that is the story of my relationship with Loki so far!  It was me that sent the anonymous ask about visions vs. OBEs by the way; I got to thinking that Tumblr has such an awesome community (Lokean Welcoming Committee being a shining example :) ) that I might as well join! Anyway, hope that helps! Sorry for rambling on. Believe it or not I didn’t used to say much.

Spy!5sos AU

okay so calum would be the very best agent that his department had ever had, with rivalling companies and hell, sometimes even the opposition - or ‘bad guys’ you would try to call them, in the hope of lightening yet another situation where he could very probably be killed - begging him to at least fly over and see if he can be put to better use elsewhere. With his sharp mind and hypersensitive reflexes, he was honoured and literally glorified by the young and upcoming agents who aspired to become just like Agent Hood. 

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