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Simon Scorns

(hi tumblr, welcome to another one of my fics written in 1 hour and uploaded without proofreading or editing! this was inspired by this post, where i was tagged by @carryonbydefault to write this! hope you all enjoy this, @witchraftywizardry, @lmaolanguagesamiright, @ anyone else)

Baz knew he had fucked up on the night that Simon Snow came home with his tongue pierced.

It wasn’t that Baz disliked it - in fact, it was rather attractive in a grungy sort of way - but he had chosen a silver sterling tongue stud, and refused to take it off.

“C’mon, Snow, don’t be that way,” he pleaded. Everytime he tried to get closer, Simon would stick out his tongue menacingly, and Baz was forced to retreat. It probably made a funny sight. It wasn’t funny to Baz, though. “Fucking hell, what did I even do?”

“Nothing,” said Simon, stubbornly.

Baz rolled his eyes. “Don’t give me that. I must have done something. And from the looks of it, something terrible, considering you went and got your tongue pierced just to spite me.”

“The world doesn’t revolve around you,” he insisted. “Maybe I just like how it looks.”

“Sure.” Baz said. “So you’re saying you’re not mad at me. That you just put the one metal I can’t touch in your mouth. Because you like it.”


“… Alright. I guess you can change it in a few days when it heals,” he said, still not buying it but not willing to press the subject. He couldn’t think of anything he had done (recently) to warrant this, so maybe Simon was telling the truth? He was airheaded like that sometimes. “So, what are we having for dinner?”



Oddly enough, this wasn’t the first time his boyfriend had done something like this. Simon wasn’t very good at communicating his feelings, so he often resorted to petty actions whenever he was upset. But poor Baz was honestly stumped over what he had done this time.

(He was currently standing ten feet away from where Simon sat eating garlic bread, with a look of pure loathing on his face.)

“Love…” he began. “Are you sure there’s nothing you want to talk about?”

“Nope,” Simon said, taking a giant bite out of his garlic bread.


“There’s nothing!” the other boy insisted. “Except I kind of smell like garlic now. I’ll go take a bath, since it bothers you so much.”

“Thank you,” said Baz with obvious relief in his tone. He loved Simon, but it was hard to be around him while he stunk of the most evil bulb in all of the bulb family. (Except maybe onions.)

Simon walked past him to get to the bathroom, sending Baz skittering away from him to avoid the stench. He smirked as he pulled a small bottle out of his pocket and opened the bathroom door.

“What, you’re drinking in the bath now?” asked Baz.

“This isn’t for drinking,” said Simon. “This is for bathing.”

He turned the clear bottle so that Baz could read the label. When he did, Baz groaned.

“Babe, can we talk about this?”

“No,” Simon said, and poured all the contents of the vial labelled “holy water” into the bath.

This couldn’t continue. Once Simon got out of the bath, Baz cornered him, intent on fixing whatever he had done once and for all. But Simon wasn’t responding, and it burned to get too close.

“Please talk to me,” Baz begged. “I can’t take this, not knowing why you’re mad at me or what I’ve done to deserve this!”


“Come on.” He said. “Use your words, Simon.”

That finally got a reaction out of him. He crossed his arms and scowled. “Open the fridge.”

“I’m not getting you more garlic.”

“Just open the damn fridge.”

Baz opened the fridge and looked at his boyfriend inquiringly.

“Tell me what you see,” he demanded.

The cold-blooded boy leaned forward for a better look. “Last night’s chicken, lettuce, milk, ham, leftover Italian-”

“And you were the last one to go grocery shopping, correct? You bought everything?”


“Now tell me what you don’t see.”

“Lots of things? I don’t see a 3 pound gummy bear, because you ate that last week. I don’t see my dignity.”

“Look harder,” Simon commanded.

Baz sighed but did. His eyes darted to all their usual provisions, including eggs and cheese, almond milk and fruit, but he still didn’t understand what was in their fridge that could have angered Simon so much-



“Butter,” he said. “I forgot to buy butter.”

Simon leaned back in his chair with an angry expression on his lovely face, looking for all the world like a toddler that had just been denied a lollipop.

“Simon, did you go through all this just because I forgot to buy butter?”

“I always remind you, and this is the second time you’ve forgotten it! I wanted to make scones yesterday but then I realized that my loving boyfriend forgot the most essential thing on our grocery list-”

“Christ, Simon, I’ll go buy you butter right now if it means you’ll cut it out!” Baz choked out through his laughter. (He was laughing harder than maybe ever before in his life. His boyfriend was ridiculous.)

“Better get a move on, then.”

“I’m going!” said the hysterical vampire. “I’ll be home with butter or my name isn’t Baz Pitch. And will you please wash all that shit off? I want to kiss you when I get home.”

Simon scowled again, but nodded. “Only if you get the good butter.”

Baz groaned (but agreed) before sweeping out of the apartment and onto the streets. The best brand of butter was called Echiré and cost a ridiculous £10, as opposed to the usual price of £1-£2. But Simon was worth a few extra pounds, even when he was an idiot.

Baz remembered the tongue stud and how good it looked, how hot it would be with anything other than silver in it, and decided that he wouldn’t change his idiot for the world.

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could you do 52 "i don't think he loves me anymore" with some angst? + andreil

Dan gets home late from her coaching gig on Tuesday night, and they eat thai takeaway over styrofoam containers and cheap wine.

The TV’s the only light in the room, and it’s almost like the flicker of a fireplace, if they don’t look at it directly. Dan’s laughing and smooching stray noodle off of Matt’s cheek when there’s a knock on the door.

They make faces at each other. “It’s 10 pm,” Dan says. “This had better be life or death.”

Matt groans. “Don’t tempt fate.” He struggles out of the couch and passes his ginger beef off to Dan. “5 bucks says it’s Allison back from Guadala-whatever. Timezones mean nothing to her.”

“Bet denied. You know gambling isn’t the same when we have a joint bank account,” Dan complains and Matt laughs, dodging their side table and heading for the front door. He busily cracks open all of their locks and rattles the door until it unsticks.

“Hey!” he says, surprised. Neil’s scuffing their doormat with the toe of his shoe, dressed in old PSU colours. “A house call from Neil Josten, what an honour,” he jokes. Half-jokes. A visit from Neil is a confession that he missed you enough to actually do something about it.

Neil looks up at him blankly, and something is so obviously wrong that it shakes Matt. He takes silent note of the bag slung over his shoulder, the mottled redness of his eyes and face.

“Allison?” Dan calls, and Matt shakes his head without thinking.

“Neil,” he replies softly.

“Get out of town,” Dan says, voice getting louder as she floats towards them. She appears at Matt’s shoulder and grins. “Well if it isn’t our favourite competition.”

Neil usually says something obnoxious about Matt’s team not even counting as competition, but this time his mouth stays thin and snapped shut. Matt and Dan exchange a loaded glance.

“I need to ask you a favour,” Neil says finally.

“Anything,” Matt says.

“I need to stay somewhere,” Neil says, and Matt watches him gather himself like he’s finding his balance on a slick of ice.

“Where’s Andrew,” Dan says slowly. Neil looks at her, and then at Matt. He hasn’t seemed quite this small since he first showed up at the foxhole court with all his lies clenched between his teeth.

“I can find somewhere else,” Neil says, already turning to go. Matt catches him by the strap of his duffel.

“Oh no you don’t. We’ve got a couch with your name on it.”

“If Matt hasn’t destroyed it with peanut sauce,” Dan chirps. Neil looks back and forth between them again, his face in knots. Matt bodily pulls him over the threshold.

“You don’t have to tell us anything you don’t want to. We get how it is.” He looks over at Dan and she’s already nodding.

“Thanks,” Neil says, and he drops his bag heavily just inside the door. He eyes the TV. “What were you watching?”

“Not exy,” Dan replies. “You might have heard of it.” She flops back onto her side of the couch and tucks her feet under herself. Matt settles down opposite and watches Neil perch on the armchair like it’s made of something sharp.

“We can change it?”

Neil shakes his head, and his eyes drop. Matt feels metaphorical eggshells crunching under his heels. It’s never been this uneasy with Neil, even when they first met.

Neil picks at his armbands until he seems to realize what he’s doing, and he reaches under the sleeves of his hoodie to peel them off altogether. Dan shoots Matt a frantic look.

“Not to pry,” Dan starts, “but do you need us to call anyone?”

He looks up. “Like who?”

“Like…” she looks at Matt. “Your coach? Nicky, maybe? Kevin?”

“How would they help me?” Neil says flatly.

“Man, your Andrew impression is killer,” Matt grits, nerves pricking with frustration. Neil’s expression goes tight, distorted like canvas stretched to fit an oversized frame.

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business aus
  • “banged someone last night and it turns out they’re interviewing me for my new job” au
  • small business next door to each other on the high street w/ similar wares who always fight for customers au
  • rival CEOs who secretly fuck au
  • “oops i accidentally banged my new boss” au
  • “i’m hiring you as a favour to my friend you better be good” au
  • children of parents who are business rivals and they sneak off to make out whenever they’re forced to attend business meetings au
  • single parent boss who sometimes has to bring the kids into work vs employee who once complained about the boss’ toddler throwing up on their paperwork au
  • “we’re both competing for the same promotion” au
  • “i’m really really worried you’re gonna fire me can i make up for the massive mistake i made???” au
  • boss/secretary au
  • “uhoh i’m dating my boss’ child and had no idea until i took them as my date to a work function” au
  • office prank war au
  • “i’ve been working for here for about two minutes i have no idea what i’m doing you’ve been here for years please help” au
What kind of thing?

Pairing: Toni x reader
Word count: 910
Warnings: Swearing, cheating
Description: The reader finds out that Toni kissed Jughead. She’s upset because her and Toni have a thing. Toni kind of digs herself a hole.  
A/N: This is so little ahh. I should have posted it before we knew what happened with Toni and Jughead but hey, think back to last week’s episode and let me know what you think! ☺  Also I am taking requests guys!! 

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The Big Day - Jack Maynard

Pairing: Jack Maynard & Y/N
Words: 1.2k+
Warning(s): a whole world of cute
Summary: You and Jack have just got married and you needed some much needed time to yourselves
A/N: I have been at a wedding all weekend, this is inspired by it.

It had been a whirlwind of a day, the hair, the makeup, the dress, the ceremony itself. You had spent months and months planning your big day and it was almost over.
After the dinner you all had, a hilarious speech from Jack’s best man, Conor, a tear inducing speech from your dad, you had been mingling with all the friends and family that had been invited to celebrate your special day with you.
Dancing, of course, was a major part of the reception. Your father daughter dance was beautiful, your dad stepping on your toes occasionally as he whispered about how beautiful you were and how proud he was of what an amazing young woman you had become, but no matter what, you would still be his tiny baby. Your first dance with Jack had been a time you would remember forever, a beautiful acoustic song playing as you swayed back and forth, the first time you had felt truly alone with him all day. And of course, Conor nabbing you for a dance as Jack danced with your maid of honour, him whispering jokes in your ear to make you laugh, and telling you how glad he was that Jack had found the love of his life.
As the slower music had stopped, the lively music came on, dancing to Beyoncé with your bridesmaids and One Direction with the kids that weren’t already sleeping at the late hour.

After finishing a dance with your little cousins, you took a walk around the hotel where you were having the party. Smiling at every guest on the way past them, you made your way to a quiet and uninhabited balcony. After the hectic and busy day, you just needed a little bit of time to yourself, the cool breeze of the late night surrounding your very warm body.
You stood and overlooked the lake that sat beside the hotel, a beautiful water wheel and a wooden canopy with twisted metal benches underneath. In your thoughts about how the day had gone you hadn’t heard the glass door to the balcony open, and so you jumped slightly when you felt two warm arms envelop your waist.
“Hi,” a very familiar voice whispered in your ear, calming you down.
You turned in his arms, placing your hands on his upper arms and looking up at your new husband. He smiled down at you, a curious and adoring look in his eyes, silently asking if you were alright.
You nodded, leaning up to press a short kiss to his pink lips.
He tightened his grip on your waist when you pulled away, drawing you into his chest. He rocked the two of you back and forth slowly, leaning down to talk lowly in your ear.
“How are you feeling Mrs. Maynard?” he said, and you could feel the smirk he had on his lips.
You smiled at your new name, a feeling of pride at how much you love the new family you were now officially apart of.
“I’m happy, very content. I couldn’t have imagined this day going any better.” You replied.
“I am so in love with you,” he murmurs, squeezing your waist to emphasise the point.
“I’m glad because we just got married, there’s no going back now,” you joked, feeling his chest shake with a chuckle.
“Have I told you how beautiful you look yet?” he asked, looking down at you.
You smiled at his question, of course he had, when he had seen you at the end of the aisle he had said ‘Holy shit’, when your father had handed you away he told you how breathtakingly beautiful you were with tears in his eyes, and the many many times since then when he would whisper it to you at the most random times.
“Maybe a couple of million times?” you said, a smirk on your face.
“Well, you are, I’m only telling the truth.” He replied, leaning down to your level to connect your lips together. It was the first proper kiss you had had all day, not having time to do anything but quick pecks here and there and not wanting to gross out your family and friends at the altar. The kiss was slow, your lips moving in sync as comforting butterflies erupted in your stomach, more than content that Jack was the person you would be spending the rest of your life with. You pulled back slightly for air, but he was less than satisfied with that, pressing continuous kisses on your lips and then moving to your forehead, your cheeks, your nose. You giggled at this, wrapping your arms around his neck, playing with the hair at the base it.
You felt him tighten his grip on your waist, lifting you off the ground and spinning you around while your giggles increased. Setting you down, he kissed you again, a passionate kiss that you could tell there was a plethora of love behind. You were however, interrupted by a small cough.
Looking to your left you saw your maid of honour standing, a smirk on her face and a hand on her hip.
“Everyone’s wondering where you both went. It’s almost time for everyone to leave, so I think you both should head up to your room now?” she said, winking and walking off in the direction of the dwindling party.
You looked up at Jack, untangling yourself from him and intertwining your fingers together with the hand that he had held out to you. You arrived in the large room, the guests making an arched tunnel with their arms from where we were to the stairs/elevator. You both ran through it, hand in hand, to the end. There was standing both your parents and siblings. You went for Jack’s family first, hugging his mum and dad, thanking them for all their help in planning the day, you hugged Anna, thanking her for being one of your bridesmaids, squeezing her when she said how glad she was to finally have a sister. Conor was next, more jokes being made to make you laugh. The last people you hugged were your parents, thanking them for the most amazing day, your dad trying to act strong when you knew that the tears that were pooling in his eyes would leak as soon as you left.
“I’m still your little girl.” You whispered in his ear, pressing a kiss to his cheek.
You stood back, walking to where Jack was standing next to the lift. It opened and he waved his arm in front of him, allowing you to go first, “After you Mrs. Maynard.”
You both stood facing the crowd of people, waving at them.
“Get in there Jack!” you heard Conor shout, a smirk on his face about where the two of you were going now.
The last thing you saw as the lift doors were closing was your dad giving Conor the dirtiest look you had ever seen and his mum hit him on the arm.
You chuckled, glancing up at Jack as you went up to the bridal suite that the hotel had kindly offered you. He wrapped his arms delicately around you and pressed a kiss to the top of your head.

“I’m so in love with you.”

Happily Ever After


“And they all lived, happily, ever, after.” Ashton finishes, smiling softly at the now almost asleep toddler curled between us. Lacey yawns, her own smile an echo of her father’s.

“Again Daddy.” She mumbles, burying her face into my side, pulling her stuffed bear closer to her. Ashton chuckles, sending me a grin as he shakes his head.

“It’s bed time now Lace.” He replies, placing the book on his bedside table and wrapping his arm around the three year old. “Kiss Mummy goodnight.”

“Noo.” Lacey whines, trying to wriggle out of Ashton’s grip and back into mine. I smile, kissing the girl’s head before passing her back to Ashton.

“Night baby.” I smile at her. She pouts again, but smiles once I kiss her nose. “Love you.”

“Love you.” She murmurs back, Ashton winking at me as he carries her back to her room.


“How many times can one person listen to Sleeping Beauty before they get bored?” Ashton asks as he re-enters the room, dropping down onto the sofa beside me. His head falls into my lap, my hand tangling in his hair.

“It’s because you do the voices so well.” I grin, making Ashton chuckle.

“I do, don’t I?” He grins, and I laugh as I roll my eyes.

“She’s just missed you, and Sleeping Beauty. She’s making up for it.”

“What? You didn’t read her Sleeping Beauty whilst I was gone?”

“Nope. It’s strictly reserved for Daddy apparently.”


“Yeah. I tried the first night, but she leapt out of bed to get a different book.”

“That’s cute. I missed reading to her.”

“She missed you reading to her.” I agree, Ashton’s smile returning to the soft adoring one he reserved for his daughter. “I missed you reading to her.”

“You just missed not having to read.” He jokes, making me roll my eyes.

“Well that too.” I grin, Ashton’s own smile widening.

“I just missed this.” He sighs. “Our little family. Lacey. And you. I always miss you.”

“I missed you more.” I mumble, leaning down to capture his lips with my own. He hums happily, kissing me back before pulling away ever so slightly.

“I don’t think so baby.”


The end credits of the film take over the screen, and I sigh as Michael switches it  off.

“It’s all bullshit.” I mutter, Michael’s eyebrows raising in question. “The happily ever after thing. Bullshit.”

“You don’t believe in happily ever afters?” He asks, an amused smirk tugging on the corner of his lips.

“Of course I don’t, because they aren’t real. There’s a reason films always end where they do.”

“And why’s that?”

“Because they don’t exist!” I exclaim.

“Alright Y/N, calm down.” He chuckles, pulling me further into his side. “And explain to me, calmly, why don’t they exist.”

“Because nobody lives happily forever.” I sigh, spinning slightly to face him. “Fifty percent of marriages end in divorce, so there’s no way all of those couples stayed together. And if they did, you’ve got things like cancer and other things that could cause early deaths. What about if they find out one of them can’t have children, or that one of them already has children that they didn’t know about, or have been hiding? Not to mention a jealous ex, disapproving parents paren- ”

“Ever the positive outlook.” Michael chuckles, interrupting me, and I sigh frustratedly.

“Forget it. You don’t care anyway.” I mutter, attempting to get up, but Michael only tightens his grip.

“No. I do care.” He grins. “I just don’t agree.”

“Okay. Fine.”

“Princess.” He coos, hooking a finger under my chin to make me look at him. “Happily ever after doesn’t mean they didn’t hit any bumps in the road. It means that two people, who were happily in love, stay happily in love for their forever.”


“Happily ever afters do exist.” He grins, kissing me before I can protest. He smirks again as he pulls away. “Just not always in the way you expect them too.”


“You’ll get a happily ever after.” He finishes, pressing another short kiss to my lips. “I promise.”


Luke flashes me a grin as he stands, winking as the room falls silent.

“First of all, I need to thank Y/N’s parents. Not only did they create and raise the most beautiful woman in the entire world, but they’ve permitted me to marry her, and I couldn’t be more grateful. Along the same lines, I need to thank my own Mum and Dad, for accepting Y/N, for loving her almost as much as I do, for raising me to be a man she could fall in love with.” Luke pauses for a second, and I steal a glance at LIz, who sends me a watery smile.

“I need to thank my brothers, Jack and Ben, for everything they’ve done for both myself and Y/N, and for not scaring her off like you so often threatened to.” Luke’s next thanks causes laughter once again, Ben and Jack both cheering and grinning at me from down the table.

“I also need to thank my other three brothers, Ashton, Calum and Michael, without whom I’d be stuck in a job I hated, without three of the best friends a guy could ask for, and no where near as happy.” The boys applaud loudly at his words, but it isn’t hard to see the adoration on their faces. “Plus, you put up with me whining when I missed Y/N.”

Luke then turned to me, and his smile caused tears to prick my eyes before he even opened his mouth.

“And finally, I need to thank you, the most gorgeous girl on the planet, my wife.” He grins, causing me to chuckle weakly. “I need to thank you for looking twice when we first met, for giving me a million chances when I didn’t deserve one, for marrying me. Thank you for not running off with someone else when I was on tour, thank you for not running off when the boys and I did weird things. Thank you for sticking by me, for believing in me, for loving me. I love you more than anything, and you’re my happily ever after, as cheesy as that is, and I’ll spend forever making sure I can be yours.”


The sound of the door opening and closing followed by footsteps alerts me that Calum’s home. Shadow barks happily, the Labrador leaping up and sprinting off to find him. I look up from my laptop just as Calum appears in the doorway, a smile on his face as he speaks to the dog.

“Hello baby. Yes I missed you too. I did.” He speaks, before looking up at me and grinning. “And hello Angel.”

“Hello.” I hum, turning my laptop off and placing it on the table beside the bed. “Did you miss me as well? Or just the dog?”

“Nah, just the dog.” He smirks, collapsing onto the bed beside me as Shadow returns to his own bed.

“Glad to know where I stand.” I nod, turning onto my side to face him. Calum chuckles, his hand snaking under me to grip my hips.

“You know I always miss you.” He smiles up at me. I hum in agreement, pushing my fingers through his fringe. “You’re my favourite girl.”

“Such a high position. What an honour.” I joke, causing him to chuckle. “Well the feelings mutual.”

“I’m your favourite girl?” He smirks.

“Yes. Yes you are.” I nod, both our smiles growing.


We fall into a comfortable silence, my fingers continuing to rake through Calum’s hair as his thumb drags patterns across my hip. Calum begins to hum an unfamiliar tune, and I can’t help the content smile that takes over my features.

“What?” He grins, stopping his humming to question me.

“Nothing.” I smile back, shaking my head at him. Calum cocks an eyebrow, causing me to shrug. “You’ll laugh at me.”

“No I won’t.” He smiles. “Promise.”

“Fine.” I sigh, eyeing him sceptically for a second before smiling again. “I was just thinking how this is probably what happily ever after feels like.”

Calum grins, leaning up to capture my lips in a gentle kiss.

“Couldn’t have put it better myself Angel.”

She Isn't Right For You // Luke Hemmings Imagine


It wasn’t the first time you met Luke’s family. But it’s not like you see them every day. Luke was back home so of course he’d want to spend time with his family and girlfriend. Liz had invited your two over for some lunch with the rest of his brothers and dad.

You thought everything was going well until you excused yourself for the bathroom and on your way back heard Liz talking about you.

“Mum, please just stop.” Luke groaned.

“I’m just saying Luke that maybe she isn’t right for you.” She said.

“Mum, leave Luke alone. Y/N is a great girl.” You heard Jack defend you.

“I didn’t say she wasn’t a great girl. She’s amazing. But Luke… just think about what I said.” Liz sighed.

“You said that Y/N wasn’t going to take my fame too well and she was probably going to break my heart. You also said she didn’t seem too confident and clingy so she’d be a hassle.” Luke said and you could hear his angry tone.

“Don’t be so rude.” She said to Luke.

“So you were just saying that-“

“I was saying that I prefer your ex-girlfriends that’s all.” She snapped.

There was a terrible silence and you could tell there was a heavy tension. You wanted to walk in and pretend you didn’t hear anything but Luke spoke up.

“Mum, I love you. I really do. But I’m with Y/N who I love as well. There’s a reason why I’m not with any of my ex-girlfriends anymore. You say that Y/N won’t take my fame well, she will be a hassle ‘cause she’s not confident and clingy. You say that Y/N will break my heart. Mum, I broke up with all those girlfriends because they were all what you say Y/N to be. I’m with her because I know she isn’t that girl. I know she won’t be like all my other girlfriends. It’s okay if you don’t like her as much but please be understanding when I say just because you don’t like her doesn’t mean I can’t love her.”

By now you had your hands shaking together in slight fear of what could be said about you. But after you heard Luke stand up for you and defend you to his own mum, you were relieved. You felt your cheeks go slightly red and you let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding. You took this chance to walk back in at the right time.

When you sat back down with the family everyone smiled up at you but Liz just sighed. You frowned slightly but noticed Luke’s wide grin and felt that rush of relief again.

The rest of the day you tried to avoid Liz but still be polite. When you offered to clear the dishes by yourself she went to talk to you.

“Y/N?” You heard her say from the door.

“Uh.. yeah?”

“I would just like to say that I’m terribly sorry.” She said.

Your eyes widened slightly and you tried to cover up that you didn’t eavesdrop. “About what?”

“I’ve been a little hostile and rude and I know you’ve noticed that. Please understand that I will be protective over my son and especially considering the position he’s in. But I can be a bit defensive when it comes to my youngest son. He explained to me how much he cares and loves you and I understand that. I promise I won’t continue with this rude attitude. I’m just looking out for my son. But I think now I realise that you’re a perfect fit for him.” She gave a light squeeze of your hand before exiting and leaving you be.

Only moments later you felt arms wrap around your waist and Luke’s head rest on your shoulder. “You heard?” You asked.

“Yeah. I’m sorry about my mum, she can be a bit… too much.” He kissed your cheek.

“Luke, I get it. You don’t need to feel sorry. I understand why she was like that and said what she said about me.” You turned around so you could face him completely.

“So you heard what I said before?” He grinned cheekily.

“Oh yes. How sweet of you, defending my honour.” You joked.

He laughed along with you before pulling you closer to him. “I meant it though. All of it. Especially when I said I love you.”

You went up to kiss him and wrapped your arms around his neck. “I love you too.”


I hope you enjoy but I hate writing Liz Hemmings like that! She’s too amazing :)