One of my history crushes is Emile Friant, who was a brilliant French painter from 1863-1932. He was born in Dieuze but had to flee when the Prussians invaded. His works were exhibited at the Paris Salon for most of his life and he even received the Legion of Honour. Also he’s really cute and he’s paintings are beautiful :D This is his work ‘Autoportrait’


My art for @slamncram ‘s Marvel Bang, an Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. murder mystery AU, All the Ashes in our Wake.

When freelance journalist Leo Fitz receives a message that a source for his latest story wants to meet up to talk, the last thing he expects to find is a dead body. It quickly becomes obvious that it was no accident that he was the one found at the scene. Forcing his help on homicide detective Grant Ward, the pair begin to unravel a mystery more sinister and complicated than either could have predicted.

With casualties piling up, and the threat of more bodies to be found, will Leo be able to help crack the case? Or will the dark secret following him around make him the next person on a twisted killer’s list?

This is one of the best fics my amazing girlfriend has ever written, and I am honoured to have gotten to do art to accompany it. I had so much fun, and I cannot get enough of this story. It’s the perfect blend of suspense and romance and lots of things in between and obviously I very highly recommend it. It’s beautifully written.

Plus, it’s nice and long. 



Congratulations Jasmine!

Big congratulations are in order for Victoria’s Secret angel Jasmine Tookes who this year has been awarded the honour of being bestowed with the coveted Fantasy Bra, worth over $3 million, to be worn on the Victoria’s Secret runway on November 30th.

More congratulations must go to Jasmine for being the first black Victoria’s Secret angel since Selita Ebanks in 2007 to wear the reputable and prestigious bra.

She looks absolutely gorgeous, and we can’t wait to see it in motion!

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If you liked the new Godzilla, wait until Shin Gorgo and its Brexit metaphor as the government announces “WE’RE FINE” as Gorgo’s mum eats Camden.  “STOP TALKING BRITAIN DOWN WE CAN STOP A BIG DINOSAUR WITHOUT EUROPE.”

“David Lammy!”

“Thank you, Mister Speaker - Prime Minister, didn’t my honourable friends in the Treasury say the pound will crash because Ma Gorgo destroyed the Royal Mint?”



And because I’m ‘just curious’ here’s another out of the box option behind Sam’s tweet…join The King together and you get Theking…Read it from ‘I am honoured.’ as sarcastically as you can…the entire tweet…get nasty…really inject some bitchy sarcasm…now substitute 'troll’ for The King…and we all know trolls stink like shit…so it makes sense for the troll to clean his crown…

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Bless. You got class lady. I'm a bit tired of reading that we don't know what's going on behind the curtain, so to speak. To me it seems quite clear. Sam is honoured to have the support of a troll, bully and his sycophants. That's sealed the deal for me. He can have him and all his bullies. IMO IGW has set out to destroy RDM's production because of a long standing grudge and he has succeeded. Take down the lead in a very manipulative, subtle way and bingo. A glimpse into the true nature of Sam.

I think it’s interesting (not wrong, just interesting) that a lot of people think Shatner is doing this to negatively affect Sam because of a grudge he has against RDM. I personally think Sam’s just another attractive, young, up and coming male lead actor that he’s collected to fill his trophy case. Pretty gross and creepy, no?

“The staff we lost never intended to be heroes.  But in striving to do their best for others, they came to represent the best in us all. They are the best heroes.

Those who destroy may think that bombs or bullets are the most powerful force.  They are wrong, simply wrong.

I think of the lives we lost and the good they did.  And I say without hesitation:  There is nothing more powerful than the human spirit.

Today and every day, let us honour their sacrifice by giving life to the mission and the values of our beloved United Nations”.

– Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon at Wednesday’s Annual Staff Memorial Service.

Today and every day we honour our colleagues who have given their lives in the name of peace.

Photo: UN Spokesperson

… But I soon felt a very sensible Uneasyness, when I found, that you had, wantonly and voluntarily, thrown away all these Advantages, and was the declared Enemy of your own Repose, Fortune, and Honour. I cannot be surprized after this, that you are my Enemy.
—  David Hume responds in a letter (July 1776) to Jean Jacques Rousseau’s account of an argument between the two. The personal dispute between these two philosophers is one of the most noteworthy in history, where many great thinkers took sides.

The spot in Failford just outside Mauchline where Rabbie was said to have last met Highland Mary, Mary died within months of this parting and three years later Burns wrote this in her honour 

Thou ling'ring star, with lessening ray,
That lov'st to greet the early morn,
Again thou usher'st in the day
My Mary from my soul was torn.
O Mary! dear departed shade!
Where is thy place of blissful rest?
See'st thou thy lover lowly laid?
Hear'st thou the groans that rend his breast?

That sacred hour can I forget,
Can I forget the hallow’d grove,
Where, by the winding Ayr, we met,
To live one day of parting love!
Eternity will not efface
Those records dear of transports past,
Thy image at our last embrace,
Ah! little thought we ‘twas our last!

Ayr, gurgling, kiss’d his pebbled shore,
O'erhung with wild-woods, thickening green;
The fragrant birch and hawthorn hoar,
'Twin’d amorous round the raptur’d scene:
The flowers sprang wanton to be prest,
The birds sang love on every spray;
Till too, too soon, the glowing west,
Proclaim’d the speed of winged day.

Still o'er these scenes my mem'ry wakes,
And fondly broods with miser-care;
Time but th’ impression stronger makes,
As streams their channels deeper wear,
My Mary! dear departed shade!
Where is thy blissful place of rest?
See'st thou thy lover lowly laid?
Hear'st thou the groans that rend his breast?


Leonardo Magrelli was born in Rome in 1989. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Design from “La Sapienza” University in Rome (class of 2012, full marks and high honour). Currently, he studies Art History in Rome, where he plans to get his second bachelor’s degree. In 2010 he began working with the photographer Marco Delogu, director of Fotografia – International Rome’s Photography Festival, and chief editor of the publishing house Punctum Press. Aside from collaborating with the organization of the festival, Leonardo also designed many of the books published by Punctum Press. In 2011 he started collaborating with the graphic and book designer Riccardo Falcinelli. In 2014 he began working on his own, in order to focus much more on his photography. In the last few years his work has been published in several printed and online photography magazines and has been displayed in collective expositions and festivals.

The Meerror: This project shows what mirrors reflect when we are not in front of them. It consists in a series of photos taken facing a mirror, so we should see ourselves reflected in it, but we don’t, as if we were invisible. The result are real images, that exist in the world, but that we can never witness, for we are their own interference. In fact, we will never be able to observe directly what a mirror shows when we are not facing it, because every time we step in front of it, the image that was reflected a moment before is modified by our appearance. Only disappearing, we can observe reality without alterations.

Thus self-portrait and still life collide, creating images that are both the things and none at the same time. In fact, up to where is it legitimate to speak of portrait? Each one of these pictures premise it and is the result of the cancellation of a self-portrait. Yet is our very absence, an absence that turns these images into still lives, that triggers the mechanism of the image. Finally it is important to discus the legitimacy of manipulating the images.

Even if his words do not refer to digital photography, on the matter I like to quote Todd Hido: “I shoot sort of like a documentarian but I print like a painter. All my stuff is shot with natural light on a tripod. Untouched, and unstaged […]. In the darkroom I’ll twist it all around in anyway I find that works, that still feels real to me.” Moreover, in this case, only through the manipulation of the image, we are able to see what nor our eyes neither the camera lens could.

View the entire series on our website.

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May I know your thoughts on Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet?

You may indeed!

I think Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet is frankly genius. It’s a great film. And great soundtrack. And that radiohead song! I love it.

The cinematography is visually stunning. You could say it’s utterly over-the-top, but that’s Baz’s style, and it works. Where a lot of film adaptations of Shakespeare can end up sacrificing the uniquely cinematic aspect of a film, this never lost sight of the fact that it’s a motion picture.

It’s true that West Side Story did it first, but using gang warfare to characterise the feud is a really clever way of updating the setting and keeping all the tensions in play (although the whole style does look a tad 90s and dated now, I concede). Where the concept of honour, duelling and factioning has mostly died out in modern western society, gangs are uniquely capable of capturing just that extremely dangerous, toxic and hostile environment of Shakespeare’s Verona.

The real risk and stroke of genius was to make a hollywood film that modernised efficiently but kept Shakespeare’s language. Occasionally I was less than convinced by the actors’ scansion and general handling of Shakespearean text (too much shouting at the expense of subtlety), but all in all, I was pretty impressed. The beauty of it was that it completely overcame the stereotype that Shakespeare was for connoisseurs or that it was just old and stuffy and dated. Many modernised versions from around that time got rid of the words and were more adaptations than interpretations, which is fine, but Romeo + Juliet was cleverer and more artistic for keeping it. It’s true that the film uses a severely cut version of the text, but it’s harder to get the full script working for cinema, and I think it worked extremely well for what it was going for.

It was an interesting choice to resurrect the Victorian ending where Juliet wakes up before Romeo dies, but again, it worked for the fast-paced nature of the film, as well as the general high-tension high-speed storytelling Luhrmann was going for.

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about hating for the mafia AU - why?? O:

As an Italian (and an actual Italian, who speaks Italian, lived in Italy, and whose father is 100% Italian) the hatred I have for the mafia is real and profound. The various mafias of Italy are a plague on our country and people DIE every day fighting against them. Brave, amazing people like Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino, heroes who stood up to criminals and scum and died for it. The mafia does nothing but destroy people’s lives and spread fear throughout the places they touch. Not to mention they have a finger in every pie (it’s highly likely that the death tolls during earthquakes in Italy are due to ignoring building regulations which is tied to mafia rackets). 

The mafia is not what you see in shitty American movies. Mafiosi have no honour, no morals, no special code they follow. They kill children and women, they are involved in drugs and human trafficking, and the illegal dumping of toxic waste. And this isn’t just about Italian mafias: every organised crime syndicate and drug cartel is filth and scum and need to be destroyed completely, not romanticised, not popularised, not admired or indulged in like it’s a fantasy.  We keep trying to get rid of them, but it’s so hard, and seeing people just using them as an excuse to draw characters in suits is deeply repulsive and insensitive. Mafias are to Italians what Nazis are to Germans: a deeply shameful, disgusting thing we hate to be associated with.

Mafia AUs are harmful and disrespectful. If anything, write an AU where people FIGHT mafias, instead of being part of them. It’s far braver and more admirable.

Government of Canada: New funding will help more women get elected to public office
Minister Hajdu closes Women's History Month with announcement of support for project by Equal Voice

October 25, 2016 – OTTAWA, ON – Status of Women Canada

The Honourable Patty Hajdu, Minister of Status of Women, today announced that Equal Voice is receiving $1-million in funding for a three-year national project to address systemic barriers that contribute to the under-representation of women in politics. The announcement was made at an event hosted by Equal Voice as Canadians celebrate the final days of Women’s History Month.

Through this project, Equal Voice and its partners will examine how legislatures and councils function, with the aim of making them more inclusive.

This project is being funded through Status of Women Canada’s last call for proposals, entitled Support for Women’s Empowerment, which closed on May 3, 2016. Through this call for proposals, approximately 45 community organizations have been selected to receive over $8 million in Government of Canada funding for a dozen projects to create inclusive contexts to foster women’s participation and leadership in the democratic and public life of the country.

Quick Facts

  • Equal Voice is receiving $1 million for a three-year national project to address systemic barriers that contribute to the under-representation of women in politics.
  • At the federal level, 26% of Members of Parliamentarians are women. Municipally, 26% of councillors and 16% of mayors are women.
  • October is Women’s History Month in Canada. It includes the International Day of the Girl on October 11 and Persons Day on October 18.
  • Canadians are invited to use social media to tell us about the women and girls who have inspired them using the hashtag #BecauseOfHer.


“Diversity in politics leads to innovative decision-making, which is good for all Canadians. But ensuring that women have a seat at the table doesn’t happen by chance. That’s why the Government of Canada is supporting organizations – like Equal Voice – that strive to eliminate the barriers that hold back women and girls, and get more women elected to office.”

The Honourable Patty Hajdu, P.C., M.P.
Minister of Status of Women

“When women feel included in our democratic institutions, they are empowered to participate in political and public life. We know that getting women into elected office changes politics and benefits all Canadians. This new Government of Canada funding will help us to work with our partners to determine how we can make legislatures and councils work better for women.”

Nancy Peckford, Executive Director
Equal Voice

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What would “Remember those who fell” be translated to in Khuzdul, and also in Erebor runes? I have something I'm doing next year where I'd like to use this to honor someone. Thanks!

Hello Tankhera!

Here you go.

I’ve decided to provide two translations of this line. The above translation is likely the more lyrical, while the below is more correct (content wise). Seeing that the above “masalnân” refers more to actual falling (descending swiftly), while the below is the deeper secondary meaning of the English “to fall”, being “to die”.  So the above would likely be understood as those who -very literally- fell, while the below would convey the actual meaning of the line.

The choice is yours of course, but I believe the below is more accurate and appropriate (considering you wish to honour someone).

Ever at your service,

The Dwarrow Scholar

Hallow E'en was a night when the housewife must open her cupboards and spread a little feast for the family. Even the poorest household must have something special for supper in honour of the night, and here, as on other festivals, more prosperous neighbors ensured that a present of milk, butter, vegetables and other ingredients of the feast, passed to their poorer friends as well as to their workpeople.

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Stealing Freedom

On the very first loop, before the angel and Derosso and yulyana and the duchy, a rebellious teenage vestal chafes under her new lifestyle. Her position is an honour to her family, and she is grateful for it. She is thankful to the acolytes for providing for her in such a manner. But it is a very constrictive lifestyle she lives in and she doesn’t like it. Not when compared to the swashbuckling swordfighting adventures she used to have.

She’s the first vestal to learn that the crystal doesn’t really care if you sneak out at night to the city and eat ice cream, that it wont break into a thousand pieces over the fact that she brought a cat home, (even though at times it seems the acolytes might) the first to realize that love is a pure enough thing that the crystal will allow it and that her character isn’t going to be effected by casual speech with the acolytes or the occasional piece of meat.

She also learns that happiness can be as simple as a giant sisterhood, that a giant parfait is nothing compared to a host of true friends, that a big party down west might not be more important than her family. And that when it comes down to it, being a vestal is not honourable because it is pious, but because it is a duty of helping others, and there is nothing she’d rather call a duty.

She also learns that maybe the patriarchy has its head farther up its own ass then she first assumed. So when they ask her to violate her beliefs and perform the grand ritual on the fire crystal, she’s also the first to hightail it and put those swashbuckling adventures to practical use.


…I’m reaching aren’t I, it was supposed to be the teenage rebellious phase sort of “stealing independence” sort of thing but I feel like i reached. Ah well, three guesses who the vestal is.