In this life, I’m usually not learning anything unless my tits are hanging out and I’m one errant exhale from falling flat on my ass. Thankfully, the #gopro can capture every moment of my learning process.
#effyourbeautystandards #honoryourcurves

Top- @maleshactivewear (this top is actually extremely supportive & flattering, but #inversions give no fucks about a flattering fit, ya dig?)

Leggings- @lineagewear

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There were so many DIFFERENT bodies at Wednesday’s @fullbeautystyle yoga class- different shapes, heights, ages, weights, colors. All of those diverse bodies were at wildly different (yet equally beautiful to witness) places in the asana journey. I always try to avoid making any presumptions about the ability or experience level of anyone in my classes. I do this because that’s the exact same courtesy I always hope to receive from my own teachers. However, I am all too aware that this isn’t a courtesy often granted to most of my fellow practitioners, especially if she/he/they vary AT ALL from the traditional “yoga body.” Many of us carry our preconceived notions about physical ability into the yoga studio and it makes us judge our fellow students or, worse, it filters into our teaching practices. I don’t hold myself above these totally normal judgments, but I feel like we have to move beyond judging books by their covers. In my mind, everyone who walks on to their mat in my presence is in recovery from the emotionally confusing experience of living. It’s the thread that ties us all together. That great similarity is so much more important than the minor differences that separate us. I hope everyone gets on that page soon- not to belabor the point, but I think that’s how we can actually start making ALL modern asana classes #bodypositive. Anyway, if you want to practice along with us, you can find the livestream from this class on the @fullbeautystyle facebook page! #beplayFULL #fullbeauty #partner #fullbeautySPORT #honoryourcurves

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Normally I wouldn’t wear shorts this short. I’ve always been uncomfortable when my cellulite shows. But you know what? Who cares? I think I look cute! And it’s fucking summer! So I’m not gonna hide my cellulite if I don’t want to! #effyourbeautystandards