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so I know I’m not a big studyblr so no one might see this but I just need to get it out? Moving from school in Philadelphia to North Carolina was a HUGE struggle for me. I did pretty well in most of my classes but this semester I was in Honors Math 2 and I was doing pretty horribly. I failed nearly every test and I was scared to ask for help because I didn’t want anyone to think I was stupid. So when our midterm came around I was positive I was going to fail so I finally mustered up enough courage to accept a friend’s offer to tutor me. We studied 2 days in a row right before the midterm and you guys… I GOT A 93 ON MY MIDTERM. In fact I got an A on all 3 of my midterms and I’m so happy I cried 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

New Studyblr

Hey guys! I joined the studyblr community a couple of weeks ago, but I wasn’t very active and sort of forgot about it for a while. I’ve decided to become more active in the community and formally introduce myself. 

My name is Ramneek and I am a high school junior in California. I’m currently taking STARS, AP Physics 1, Integrated Math III, Honors Spanish III, Honors LA/COM III, Step Aerobics, AP Biology, and AP US History at my high school. I am also taking Trigonometry and Intro to Philosophy: Ethics at my local community college. 

I love to dance and read. I have a slight obsession with stationary. I also tend to procrastinate and am a perfectionist. (Not the best combination.) I am a proud Slytherin. I love learning and haven’t decided what I want to do yet, but I am leaning towards a double major in law and physics. 

Some of my studyblr inspirations are: @glowstudies @studiousbunny @studyign @acadmia @emmastudies @clarinium @eintsein

I’m not following many study blogs right now and need more to follow. So if you reblog/heart, I’ll follow you as soon as possible. 

first masterpost! i don’t think i’ve seen anything like it before. anyway, on to the actual text.

so idk about everyone else on this site, but i’ve always been one of those people with a bag that weighs like forty pounds (true story i weighed it once). also a lot of people have kankens and i have no idea how to fit all my school stuff into one of those.

disclaimer! these are tips collected from my experience + the experience of others. it may or may not work for everyone. also it’s kind of long.

1.  only carry what you need.

- it is not necessary to carry every single book everywhere 

- it’s okay if you forget to bring your books to class once or twice. We’re all human and make mistakes

- a lot of textbooks are also online

- or you could find pdfs

- you probably don’t need a ton of notebooks

- or stacks of sticky notes however tempting that is

- things you could probably carry: a small pencil case, self-care essentials (feminine products, band-aids, lip balm, etc.), food

- things you could do without: all those extra highlighters and pens, multiple books (sorry all those other bibliophiles out there), extra notebooks + paper

2. stay organized!

- some people like binders - but they do get heavy

- personally, I use a folder and empty out all the old papers from the week every weekend

- digitalize - then you have everything on the cloud

3. minimize workload! (kind of subjective) 

- less classes = less books

- unless you need all of those classes

- then don’t

- story time!

- my school has really heavy math textbooks

- but only for the regular math courses

- honors has e-books 

- lesson learned: take honors math. don’t carry around a ten pound book

i hope this helps some of you out there! feel free to reblog and add your own tips if you have any. now stop procrastinating and go study if you’ve read this far


My favourite Columbine-related quotes:

“Columbine is a normal high school…in a normal suburb, you know basically. Just absolutely, painfully, horribly average. I remember being in sixth grade and I had to take the math test to get into Honors Math in the seventh grade. And they’re, like, “Don’t screw this up. Because if you screw this up, you won’t get into Honors Math in seventh grade. And if you don’t get in in seventh grade, you won’t in eighth grade, then not in ninth grade, and you’ll just die poor and lonely.” And that’s it, you know? You believe, in high school - and a lot of it is kids, but the teachers and counselors and principals don’t help things. They scare you into conforming and doing good in school by saying: “If you’re a loser now, you’re gonna be a loser forever.” So that with Eric and Dylan, people called them “fag.” They’re like, "You know what? If I’m a fag, now I’m a fag forever.” And you wish someone just could’ve grabbed them and gone, “Dude, high school’s not the end of…” ”

- Matt Stone

That Columbine shit is so fucking touchy. As much sympathy as we give the Columbine shootings, nobody ever looked at it from the fuckin’ point of view of the kids who were bullied - I mean, they took their own fucking life! And it was because they were pushed so far to the fucking edge that they were fucking so mad. I’ve been that mad.

- Eminem

Michael Moore: If you were to talk directly to the kids at Columbine or the people in that community, what would you say to them if they were here right now?

I wouldn’t say a single word to them I would listen to what they have to say, and that’s what no one did.

- Marilyn Manson

lmao @people actually thinking that “good stereotypes” exist. when discussing the issue of stereotypes, particularly concerning Asian people, i’ve heard many an ignoramus say, “well thinking all Asian people are smart and/or naturally good at math isn’t a bad thing! there’s no need to overreact. :-)” yeah no, that’s where you’re wrong kiddo. i remember back in middle school when we were having this giant study group at a friends house and because, at the time, i was doing well in my honors math class, some white kid asked me for help with the math hw. while helping him he literally said that it wasn’t fair that “asians are just naturally good at math,” implying that i was only good at the subject b/c i’m fucking Asian. not b/c of the fact that i spent countless frustrated sessions going over my math hw, as it was not in fact something i was inherently good at it–no, simply b/c i was Asian. if you’re not Asian, you don’t understand how condescending or belittling you come off when you say shit like this. unless you’re a genius, you’re not “naturally” good at anything b/c of your race. Asian people work at anything like any other person who encounters a challenging situation. saying we’re good at something simply b/c we’re Asian is discrediting the hard work and effort we put into our work and frankly just plain annoying. at the basic core of it, a stereotype is a sweeping generalization of an entire race. they are not only a form of ‘casual racism’ but also dehumanizing. so the next time you wanna say shit like “good stereotypes exist,” kindly remember how much of a jackass u sound like and don’t. thanks :-)


5 july 2016 || i go back to school in a little over a month on august seventeen and can i just say- this summer really flew by. usually summer feels as though it drags on but not this year. i’ve started studying again so that things will remain fresh in my mind when i go back to school, here are just a few of my review notes i’ve been writing in prep for my geometry honors class.

Just in time

Imagine your old man Chibs barely making it in time to see his newborn birth 

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You were taking slow calm breaths while Wendy held your hand and smiled at you with a shaky face. You were about to give birth to your first baby and the father was no where to be seen. 

“He’s gonna make it, don’t worry…” Wendy said while looking at Gemma pace around the room, talking to the phone or at least trying to reach out. The Queen groaned and threw her phone away from her, fixing her hair and walking towards the Hospital bed.

“They’re not answering.” Gemma said sitting next to a chair. “I can’t believe these sons of bitches. Those Lobos have them all poured into those damned guns.” You nodded and gasped at the sharp pain you were feeling on your stomach. This baby was coming fast and it seemed like he wasn’t going to wait for his Daddy.

“Hey. W-What did you say it was his name?” Wendy asked, trying to get your mind off Chibs. 

“Mathe?” Happy asked, sipping from his beer at the clubhouse, shaking his head. “You’re naming your kid after a variation of a color?” 

“Not Matte, dimwit. Mathe.” Chibs said, chugging his beer. “It means Bear in Gaelic.”  The bunch of Sons around the clubhouse laughed slightly but Chibs was too damn happy to give a damn about it. They finished the Lobos business early and now they were sitting around, drinking beer and smoking big cigars in honor of the Great Mathe, about to born. 

Juice was playing around in his laptop when his cellphone started ringing. “Shit.” He said, pulling it out and answering while still playing grand theft auto on the screen. “Yeah?” He answered before scrunching up his nose and almost throwing away the cellphone. “Yeah…” He said quietly, being interrupted by the other side of the phone, making everyone look at him. “I-I’ll tell him. Okay.” He hanged up taking a big breath and looking at Chibs.

“Who was it?” the thick accent answered.

“Is your cellphone off, brother, by any chance?” Juice asked, calmly putting away his laptop and tying his boots. Chibs checked and giggled a little, nodding.

“Must have turned it off…” 

“Yeah; Your wife is in labor and she’s about to have Mathe and she’s mad at us” Juice said gulping and smiling at the end, trying to break it off smoothly. Chibs opened his eyes wide and cursed in Gaelic. “Apparently no one was picking up their phones.”

Like a domino effect everyone checked their phones and after raising their eyebrows, all exclaimed: “Oh right.” 

“Shit, man.” Chibs said getting up and grabbing his helmet, spilling beer all over himself when he did. “Juice, come on!” He said running out of the clubhouse. Juice picked up his helmet and shrugged his shoulders.

“I’m the Godfather.” He said in a goofy voice as he ran, pretty proud of himself, following Chibs.

“Damn, the kid’s name is Mathe and Juice’s the Godfather?” Bobby asked rhetorically. “God bless that child.” Everyone laughed as they clicked their glasses for another toast at Mathe’s sake. 

“Where to?” Juice asked once both of them arrived at St. Thomas. 

“I don’t know, look for a stork.” Chibs smirked at him with sarcasm as they both looked around; When they found Tara. She was talking with some fellow nurse while smiling and laughing, paperwork in her hand. “There’s Tara!” 

The doctor turned around when she heard her name. “What’s going on?” She asked, alarmed.

“I’m the worst father every and my little lad is being born right now.” Chibs blurted out motioning with his hands while Juice only nodded behind him, still trying to catch his breath.  “We don’t know where she is.”

“I’ll need her name.”

“That would be (Y/N) Telford.” Juice answered for Chibs, patting his back. The father nodded and looked how Tara searched in her notebook. 

“(Y/N) Telford. 100 B.” Juice arched at eyebrow as Tara sighed. “Down that hall. But she got into labor hours ago, she might just be finishing…” Chibs nodded and kept running towards the block of rooms Tara pointed. The two Sons ran along the Hospital and almost made it to the room, when a security  guard stood in front of them. 

“Sir, you can’t run in the halls. I’m afraid you’ll have to…” When he started his ramble, Juice kept thinking quickly.

“Run, brother.” He whispered. Chibs stared at him as Juice looked up to the much more taller guard. “I’ll hold him  back.”

“Sir? Are you listening?” The gorilla asked. Juice nodded before jumping to him, wrapping himself around the guard who stumbled and fell leaving the whole hall for Chibs, that ran directly to room number 100. 

He looked back a few minutes seeing Juice being hand cuffed, with a bloody smile and a black eye. Chibs laughed slightly as he pushed the door open, of room 100 B. What he saw he would never forget. He was just in time to see Mathe being pulled out of you as you stood on the bed breathless, holding your new born in between your arms. He stood there as several doctors pushed the reglamentary outfit to him and covered his mouth as his smiley self stood next to you. “Hey, lass…” He said as you looked up, sweat all over your forehead and your hair a mess. He gave you an apologetic look as he leaned over and kissed your forehead. “You would never believe what happen.”

“I pushed your son out of my pussy, Filip. I don’t want to hear what happen.” You said feeling tired and sleepy. Chibs nodded and smiled at the baby blue bulge in your arms.

“Let’s see this little monster.” He said, rubbing his hands together and leaning closer, uncovering him. It was a pink bundle of joy, it what it was as Chibs picked him up and smiled down at him. “Hey, lad…” He said, as your heart warmed at this image you wanted to remember forever. “I stink of beer and your Godfather is probably in jail but I’m here…” He said. “I’m your old man.” 

The Signs Favorite School Subject

Aries: PE

Taurus: Music

Cancer: It doesn’t matter what the subject is because they’re sleeping in all of them

Gemini: It doesn’t matter what the subject is because they’re talking in all of them

Leo: Math

Virgo: Honors Anything

Libra: After School Sports

Scorpio: Home-Ec

Sagittarius: ISS because that’s the only class they ever have

Capricorn: Government

Aquarius: History

Pisces: English

How I survived high school 5sos edition:

The only reason I was able to pass all of my honors math classes and graduate early was because I had this little voice in the back of my mind telling me, “Liz is always watching.”


A Little About Me

My name is Katy, and I’m a high school student in Massachusetts. I’ll be graduating in 2019, and I’m hoping that a devotion to organization and motivation will prepare me for what life will offer (or throw at) me. As of right now, I’m taking European History, a general English class, French, Honors Chemistry, Honors Integrated Math, and I’m loosely teaching myself Russian. I’m a bullet journal user and though I love it, I should probably stay on top of it more than I do generally. I’ve actually started this blog for two reasons: (1) I really enjoy looking at studyblrs/grams/tubes, and (2) my friend said my notes were really nice and that I should start one. I’m always open to criticism and comments, and I’d really like to make some friends on here.

The Signs as random ass, out of context quotes from me and my friend’s old diary entries

Aries- “Bitch, this isn’t battleship”

Taurus- “I have to write a poem or whatever”

Gemini- “You know what happened yesterday, diary? You don’t.”

Cancer- “I thought that was CRAZY, but I agreed to it”

Leo- “I’ve always been a meme slut”

Virgo- “So I was quiet as a rat…”

Libra- “Love is a dangerous topic to attend, but I’m takin a risk!!”

Scorpio- “I heard that honors math gave her the AH1N1 virus”

Sagittarius- “I recently entered puberty (gross)”

Capricorn- “My dream was that part of my family was in a big microwave and they died because of all the heat”

Aquarius- “I’m not like full on emo, I’m only like semi-emo”

Pisces- “I’m a mermaid, it’s what I do plus I think I swim faster than you”

Yesterday, I got 50 followers. I know that may not seem like a lot, but this is my first tumblr blog ever. And, having 50 followers means that there are 50 people who are willing to see what you have posted and reblogged.

To celebrate that and give back to the studyblr community, I’ve made a sheet that has some of the commands that you can do on a TI - nspire CAS calculator. On the sheet are the commands that were covered in my Algebra II Honors class. 

If you don’t know what kind of calculator I’m talking about, click here! These calculators have a screen and a mouse pad thingy. They allow you to solve algebraic equations and so much more. They’re almost like a computer actually. In my school, these calculators are used in the honors math program, and also in some science classes.

To view it, click here.

Note: Most of these will work on calculator (1: Add calculator) unless stated. The >> symbol indicates the next step. If something is written as:  “a” + “b”, that means that you should press button a and b at the same time.

Please message or ask me if you have trouble understanding what I wrote or need some help with doing something on the n-spire. I know that they can be a little tricky to work with at times!

- Grace :) 

Hi !! My name is Kaitlyn ! I made this humble studyblr recently because I wanted to be a part of this amazing community full of people who share similar interests with me! I’m just finishing up 8th grade (only three weeks left, yikes), and I’m nervous as heck for high school hehe, so I need some motivation! 

>>I’m 14, intp, aquarius.

>>Next year I’m planning on taking honors english 9, two honors math courses, ap bio, and a scientific research course! I’m actually super excited to take science in high school!

>>I’m also really into all things korean, and I’m learning korean atm! (hmu bout bangtan)

So far, some of my favorite studblrs include @tbhstudying @studeying @xiotetudes @lostlxmb @somestudy @arystudies @studysthetics @studeity @study-ings

I would really like to meet a lot of cool people here ! (if you’re a studyblr could you like/reblog this post so we can be friends maybe?! nice :)

The Seven + Friends in School

Percy: Loud and weird, but somehow popular. Plays several sports. Average grade: D+

Annabeth: Serious, but fun too. Loosens up after a while. All honors, Science Team, Math Team, ext.
Average grade: A+

Jason: Surprisingly not popular. Likes to read fantasy (and being a fanboy and total geek) and is infamous for getting hit in the head in gym. Plays baseball, student council representative.
Average grade: A-

Piper: Moderatly popular. Keeps a low profile for the most part, but speaks up when need be. In pep squad.
Average grade: B-

Hazel: Semi-popular. In Cheer team and choir. Rarely raises hand and is failing technology class.
Average: C+

Frank: Quiet and flunks biology because apparently, the frogs don’t want to be dicected.
Average grade: B-

Leo: Prankster. Loves his friends, but only has half-hearted conversations with other people.
Average grade: D+

Calypso: Sassy to everyone. Acts like she rules the world. Hot tempered, but still really hot. Cheer team and pep squad.
Average grade: A-

Nico: Cuts class often. Seems to have all the answers but shows no effort. Excells in Socil studies. Gets teased (and hit on but were not going there) alot but shrugs it off.
Typical conversation between a jerk and Nico:
“Go to Hel.”
“Been there, thanks. Wanna arrange a visit?”
Average grade: C+ (no one knows how he’s not failing)

Reyna: Calm, raises hand a lot. Lots of haters, but deals with them similar to how Nico does. Student council’s president.
Average grade: A

Erasing INTP Stereotypes

Submitted by sansaofwinterfelll

I hadn’t seen one done for INTPs yet, so here we go. 

We love math and science.

That’s a good one. While math in general comes fairly easy to me- I was always on the math honors track since the 6th grade and took AP Calculus in high school- it doesn’t mean we particularly enjoy it if we’re not math-type people. In fact, having to stick to math and science for long periods of time, which are purely logic and formulaic-based studies, can get exhausting. While Ti is our fallback function, the other three need some exercise too. On top of that, we tend to get distracted easily when we’re not fully interested in what we’re supposed to be paying attention to. Doing the same math problems over and over gets boring, even if we know we’re doing them wrong and have more to learn. 

We’re super logical all the time and therefore smarter than everyone else.

I’ll be the first to admit that I like to think I’m smarter than everyone around me. While I have a tendency to easily pick out logical fallacies in some arguments, many things go right over my head. Take a look at Brian from the Breakfast Club. He owns a fake ID for the purpose of voting, not so he can buy alcohol. The prospect of buying alcohol most likely went in one ear and out the other because voting. When we’re not particularly interested in certain areas, we don’t tend to notice when things are off or when there are other possibilities. While we might be incredibly smart and well-read in subjects that we enjoy, INTPs tend to unfortunately be a little empty-headed when we just don’t care.

INTPs are emotionless drones.

Yes, being emotional can be difficult at times, especially when those around us are sad and we simply aren’t. We’re terrible at comforting people and we dislike emotional confrontations. But we have that Fe… buried there somewhere. We’ll look at Luna Lovegood as an example. She’s a thinker- when Harry sympathizes with her about losing her mom she doesn’t get emotional about it, she simply says that yes it was sad. She’s gotten over it and logically it doesn’t make sense to grieve anymore. But in the 7th book we get a look at Luna’s room, where she has painted a mural dedicated to the friendship she has found with her Hogwarts peers. She cares deeply about them, and while she doesn’t make extravagant acts of showing it Luna is one of the most loyal characters in the series.

INTPs are lazy, atheists, live in their parents basements, and can tell you every detail of Star Wars from memory.

Ok, so there are definitely some of us who have the potential to become fedora-wearing neckbeard bronies. Unhealthy INTPs can have little to no social skills and it’s said that INTPs are the most likely to be diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. But.

INTPs can be incredibly hard working when they want to be. While it feels to us like other types come by the hardworking gene naturally, it takes a lot of self-control for us to sit down and actually work hard, which means we have to want it badly enough. And while our type has a tendency to be atheists, (and I cringe while I write this) not all INTPs

The Star Wars thing is just a perk.

anonymous asked:

Hey Appsademia do you have any advice on acing Honors Pre-Calculus, cause lets just say I'm not a math person.

Here’s my best advice:

  • Memorize theorems and formulas. “But my teacher said the formulas be provided on the test.” “But I’ll never need this theorem.” “Yada yada yada.” I don’t care what you say, it will never be a bad thing to know mathematical theorems and formulas by heart.
  • Learn your freaking unit circle. Know how to convert from radians to degrees, and know the sine, cosine and tangent, of all the major angles.
  • Practice practice practice. Find extra problems in the textbook and/or online. Drill yourself to make sure you fully understand each concept.
  • Get a whiteboard. Honestly the best decision I ever made for my math grade was to buy a large whiteboard off craigslist. I hung it up in my room and used it to hash out math problems. After a few failed calculations and scribbled arithmetic, I figured out the solution, and copied it neatly onto my homework.
  • Change your mentality. It’s so, so easy to excuse your math fails as “I’m not a math person.” (I would know; I’ve been doing it for almost four years now.) But instead of thinking “I’m not a math person,” try thinking, “I struggle with math.” When you make statements like the former, you subconsciously give up on yourself. Whereas if you focus on the latter statement, you’ll see that although you admit that you might struggle, you can also have room to change.