honors defense

When you trynna kill

But your sensei makes a knot with your limbs

ace attorney
  • defense: your honor i have proven that my client has an alibi and literally could not have committed the murder
  • prosecution: okay, but, your hair is really fucking stupid
  • the judge: the prosecution makes a good point. your hair is pretty fucking stupid. now, unless anyone who isn’t enough of a main character to have their own objection voice clip has any last-second testimonies they want to give that they could have given an hour ago, im going to have to give my verdict. I find the defendant,
  • someone who isnt enough of a main character to have their own objection voice clip: [OBJECTION but it's just the ping noise while the objection word bubble flashes across the screen]
  • me: [rapidly and exasperatedly jamming the A button as it shows the shocked face of Every Fucking Character In The Courtroom Except The Person At The Witness Stand at the World's Slowest Pace]

For #darkmatterweek I have compiled an aesthetic collage of Four/Ryo Tetsuda.

Day 1: Favorite Character

Five/Ryo Tetsuda

Ryo is driven by revenge, a revenge so deep that it twists him in moments to a force of rage as yet unseen on the show. Otherwise presented as a calm and intelligent character, he is shaped most by his upbringing as a prince of the Tetsuda empire. We see in memories gleaned from Five that Ryo was trained rigorously-and mercilessly-by a father that taught him cold justice over warm regard. Even within his family structure, Four could not find a familial bond. Juxtaposed against his experiences on the Raza, Four finds caring, argument, affection, and protection. Although written as a character that does not see the other crew members (most of them) as his equals in some regard or other, Four has found more than that. A deeply caring person as evidenced by his defense of honor and doing the right thing, Four shows complexity for his wants and desires. Torn at times between doing the just thing and the hypocrisy of wanting his own form of justice played out on those who have wronged him. He has wit but it is outweighed most of the time by a propensity to focus on the practical thing. When his focus is on something, it appears as electricity, in sudden bursts that leave everything singed clean or destroyed completely. As Season 2 rolls around, I hope to see more of this silent character revealed.


Gif source:  Barba

Imagine being involved in one of Barba’s cases and the opposition tries to use his relationship with you against the case.

——— Request for anon ———

“Are you in a relationship?” the defense attorney questions, and you find yourself pausing for a moment, realizing how he’s trying to make it look like you’re testifying for the prosecution only because of your relationship with Barba.

“Objection, relevance?” Barba barks from his seat, the judge pursing her lips at the defense as well.

“Where are you going with this?”

“Your honor,” the defense smirks, “I assure you I’m about to get there.”

I know we all love Matt Murdock and would love it if he represents Bucky in any kind of Winter Soldier trial, but also consider as the very last scene of Civil War: 

“Jennifer Walters for the defense, Your Honor” [screen fades to black] Jennifer Walters will return in SHE-HULK

and that’s how they announce one of the mystery MCU movies

watch that larrie getting sued decide to defend themselves and be like “your honor, the defense would like to present their first witness” and RBB be up there on the stand ready to testify