Why aren’t the real perils of fat athleticism ever shown in print or video?

I mean, raise your hand if you’re fat and you’ve ever been disrespected while innocently exercising. Um, me too.

Don’t know what we’re talking about? Close your eyes and imagine our fat woman du jour, smiling while standing next to an elliptical machine. Or maybe she’s gleefully jogging through a random park, bundled up in unnecessarily bulky sweatshirts and baggin, saggin’ sweatpants.

But quick- what’s left out of these shots? How about the other gym patrons, who are usually quick to rudely ogle and/or offer unsolicited advice to our fat heroine. Also left out of the spotlight? The passerby who decides that it’s appropriate to cat-call our heroine while she finishes her jog in the park. On a regular basis, fat athletes are mocked, discriminated, and emotionally assaulted.

So what’s the deal? Are fat women supposed to be grateful for the opportunity to be disrespected? Nah, I don’t think so. Instead of waiting around for the rest of the world get with the program, I’m just going to continue embodying the worst living nightmare of fat shamers and haters.

I will continue to wear sport bras (like this very comfortable and functional little number from Catherine’s) while exercising outdoors. I will continue to show my stretch marks. I will continue to wear cute, form fitting leggings that show off my curves. I shouldn’t have to hide my body because it makes other people uncomfortable.

Furthermore, I don’t need weight loss as a goal in order to enjoy a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. Wellness isn’t about body size- it’s simply  a commitment to being  a happy and joyful creature, both inside and out. So even when the gym patrons gawk and passerby cat call, I resolve to decline the opportunity to be disrespected. I’m gonna hold my head high and know that I don’t need the approval of people who hate happiness and want to breed negativity. Everything I need in order to be happy and healthy is inside of me.

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Last June vs today. I remember how I felt when I first bought this, “fatkini”. I was so scared to wear it out in public, even though I felt somewhat secure in myself, due to what people that aren’t affected by my body at all would think. I did it anyway and I continued to all summer. I felt like the most strong individual in the world because I was fat, happy and vibrant af. You couldn’t convince me otherwise. I look at these photos today and I still feel happy when I look back and see how excited I was but I also have realized that I was not strong at all. I had become content with who I was and how I looked because I felt like I was stuck and that was who I was and who I would continue to be. I’m proud of how far I’ve come and how I’ve managed to love myself throughout the whole entire process and no one will ever be able to convince me that I am worth any more in my current body than my past body. A body is just a body but now I am treating mine like I truly am happy to be alive and exist. Needless to say, I’ll need to invest in a new bikini this summer.

Ps: I don’t need the, “you were beautiful then, you’re beautiful now,” comments because I never said that I wasn’t and fat isn’t synonymous with ugly. Cool, thanks.


You’re not in competition with the girl next to you on who’s prettier, because you both are stunning. You don’t have to discourage others in order to make yourself feel better. You’re beautiful in your own way, and so is she! XD


I don’t need someone to make me feel wanted. I’m conceited enough as it is


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