Thanks for the Love

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Sorry to hear the world’s not being kind to you Mike x

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Awww :(

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So true

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Oooohhh! Lovely!!!!

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Lovely and naked soul.. Pure heart

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This really speaks volumes to me. The tone is perfect.

Good after morning to my wonderful friends and thank you for all the love.  Ruthie, a special thank you for your concern, but I’m fine today.  I did a romantic sexetry poem, one about a friend, one about angst, and the one you commented on.  I love to write about feelings and I’ll leave the brilliance and eloquence to someone more qualified.    Actually, I hope this isn’t mean, but when someone sends me a that’s so sad note, my inner writer says got ya.  ;)

My friends simply because it’s Sunday
I’m sending love and hugs your way
(I have to do this, it’s in my contract.  LOL)
and if no one’s told you yet today
please allow me be the first to say…

I love you all,
Mike <3

Your Rejects

We don’t do this, like ever. But sometimes people get surprised that I’m a member of this things called Rejects Corner, despite the fact I was here from the beginning. My fellows put a lot of work (much more than me) into making sure that people get seen that might not get seen otherwise. So I’d like to give them a quick shout out.

Sanam, aka alfaazkibarsaat

Josh, aka ramblememoirs.
He didn’t provide any information. Because he’s a cunt. 

Honor, aka honorj

I’m 19, I’m new, and the newly dubbed ‘rejects-corner’ really did help me find my way here. Now? Totally absorbed by the ever changing narrative in the words, poetry, prose, of Tumblr. 

Ellen, aka afinermess.

New. 20. Tanzanian (East Africa). Laid back about pretty much everything. Love giving love and a good conversation. I’m always curious about shit. Anything that makes me think, that I can relate to, or that makes me wish I came up with will attract me. 

Lauren, aka anacoluthiac.

20, and also new. I’m the insane weird Canadian filmmaker who writes short poems and tells bad, vulgar jokes. But I’m also a good listener and too empathetic for my own good. Make me feel something (anything), or charm me with your quirks, and I’ll make you famous. Not really. I’ll probably reblog it though. And love you forever.

Feta, aka itsallthereisleft.

21 year old, tumblr vet, I’d say. Used to be called undevelopedapathy. Names mean a lot to me, and I am very political. I have an obsession with writing about the sea, and I love poetry a lot more than I do prose. I used to hate love, or writing about it, but somehow it keeps following me around and trying to mold me. And I am terribly excited to be a reject. :)

And well. Then there’s me.

Dan/Cooper, aka nykyos

I’m a 28 year old American. I’m sick and tired of the normal and average so if you want me to like something make it different. I don’t consider myself good enough to know what good poetry is, it’s all about the prose for me. It doesn’t have to be dark. It doesn’t have to be depressing. It can be light and happy. Just make it different. 

Secret secretion

When he can trace it with his lips
On my face, my spine.
When it crushes into his waiting hands
as he struggles with the fluid words
Of curves and heat.

When it flows as perspiration
waves between our skin.
When i’ve poured myself into his longing eyes,
traced thought with tongue along his jaw,
etched it in his back.

Then. Why keep asking?

by honorj.tumblr.com