GRYFFINDOR: “We know how you and your clan have always loved and protected and shielded us from harm, Dances on Clouds. But the time has come for that to change, and we do not choose to be kittens forever. If you would guard us, then we will guard you, and if we die as Far Climber did, as Climbs Quickly almost did, as Laughs Brightly has almost died for you and you for him, then we will die. But we will not hide.” - David Weber (Sorrow Singer: Honor Harrington: A Rising Thunder)

I Don’t Like Your Girlfriend

Not a request.  This is just a little something I wrote a few months ago.  Never took it any further than this and it has just been sitting.  Not sure exactly how I feel about it, but I figured I would post it.  As always, comments and reblogs greatly appreciated.

Pairing:  Marty Scurll/FC

Category:  Suggestive

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there was a flare in the atmosphere, quiet & humming, & the dust
choked all of us up. i wouldn’t say it was grief that held me off

from seeing you burn so completely you become saturn, but rather
that i couldn’t bear to see something i can never touch to just–die.

58 minutes before we could even snatch the final signal you
were already silent. & oh God, star-smelting, planet-crushing God,

i can’t believe we were here just to see a machine spark into white
& silence & then
                 nothing. here, for a final breath that we couldn’t even witness.

but who am i kidding? cassini, you would laugh at me. the hands
who pulled you to hum would tremble,                but they would

also join you. i’m being selfish, really. yes, you were only machine but
you were also our shred of hope. you were humanity, gnashing gravity

with its teeth & saying, we will not be held back by this bullshit. we
will not stay rooted here, when we know what fuckery this universe

is capable of. fuck, you laughed at us, didn’t you. still, you said, sure.
i’ll do exactly that.
then you plunged into a darkness that no other metal 

                                                  could ever dream to know,
a silence none of the skin that made you could ever touch.

cassini, you broke apart into hope-hush, 
                    into the proudest nothing we could ever see.

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(my friend sent me this picture on facebook and I can’t find the original image to source it, sorry. but it’s hella cute…)


Not a request.  This is another one that has been sitting for a while.  Not sure if I should do a continuation or not.  Was thinking about a second part involving Marty, Kenny and Y/N. Let me know if interested.  

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Wrestling Thursday - 21/9/17
Kenny Omega v Tyler Black v Bryan Danielson - November 8th 2008.

On the new WWE 2K18 video game, people are no doubt going to be creating non WWE wrestlers and making their dream matches. Little do they realize that some of these matches already exist. This is one of those matches.

The current Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins and the man still known as Kenny Omega participated in three way dance in Ring of Honor and it was every bit as great as you can imagine. It’s amazing to think what each of these men have achieve in the intervening nine years. The standout here is Danielson showing just how smooth and innovative he was at the time.

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Azula is Navani or Dal?

I’d lean more towards Navani bc Dalinar’s on his integrity kick, and also Navani is brilliant and petty

She’s a lot better at flirting than Azula tho. Dalinar’s got the bad flirting thing down

“That’s a sharp outfit, Navani. Careful, you could puncture the hull of an empire-class Alethi battle ship, leaving thousands to drown at sea. Because… it’s so sharp.”

too soon with the drowning jokes Dalinar

Oh hey we get new mythic outfits this week.

Knights get Arcadia’s Champion, with a green color scheme and Oak Leaves effect

Vikings get Loki’s Dream with a purple/teal color scheme and Bone Reaper effect

Samurai get Furiously Fast (how cute) with an orange/yellow color scheme and Over 9000! effect (also cute)